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  • Adnan Latif
    Adnan Latif Month ago

    ye movie release ho gayi hai ya nahi agar Ho gayi hai tu Kahan se download ki jaye

  • umesh rai
    umesh rai Month ago

    ms tyrewala u rock.u have every bit of goodies which many big directors lack of nowadays.eagerly waiting for your next project.

  • Rana Kashif
    Rana Kashif 2 months ago

    Koi link send kr dy

  • Rana Kashif
    Rana Kashif 2 months ago

    Koi btaye ga kb release hogi ye movie

  • Sukh Veer
    Sukh Veer 3 months ago

    Film ta flop ho gyi 😰😰😰

  • Nakul Korpal
    Nakul Korpal 3 months ago

    2019 14 june

  • Guri Singh Sunami
    Guri Singh Sunami 4 months ago

    Sarvann punjabi movie you tube te upload kr do

  • Kiran Riar
    Kiran Riar 4 months ago

    Hit like for Amrinder Gill

    ANIKET SINGH 4 months ago

    nyccc movie👌👌👌

  • Ravi Sh
    Ravi Sh 4 months ago

    Please upload full movie, it's been a long time since this release...

  • Tenji Lama
    Tenji Lama 4 months ago

    Reall good movi

    TRANSPARENT MAN 4 months ago

    its just like watching anime with subtitles

  • jai guru
    jai guru 4 months ago

    Priyanka Chopra is a Christian whore every church father fuck Chopra

  • Rajiv dixit ji ka krupa

    Iss film main reality toh nahi dikraha he👎 .sacch yahi baat hamare samaj main hota sab religion bhai bhai taraha rahathe😒😒

  • Mohammad Naushad ali
    Mohammad Naushad ali 4 months ago


  • Mohammad Naushad ali
    Mohammad Naushad ali 4 months ago


  • Bunny Kalra
    Bunny Kalra 5 months ago

    Who is here after watching Kapil Sharma show with Priyanka Chopra.

  • Shah Yazdan
    Shah Yazdan 5 months ago

    yr ae film kithon labe di???

  • Muhammad hamza
    Muhammad hamza 5 months ago

    Bhai result ee ni aya abhi iska

  • Arwinder Chahal jatt
    Arwinder Chahal jatt 5 months ago

    It's very best movie

  • Ayesha Siddiqua
    Ayesha Siddiqua 5 months ago

    I love Shan voice

  • Mary Rozario
    Mary Rozario 5 months ago

    I never knew this is a Nepali film, would love to watch this movie. I am not sure whether this was released in Indian theatres or not.

    SHEHRYAR KHAN 5 months ago

    that shows a little face of syria , somehow i feel like it really do,

    ROBIN GEE SINGH 5 months ago

    Loveable movie CRSLY

  • Sonam Sherpa
    Sonam Sherpa 5 months ago

    no words. I cried , i laughed . The most important thing I enjoyed this movie so much.

  • Prerana Nimbark
    Prerana Nimbark 5 months ago

    You look so beautiful Priyanka Chopra 😍😍😍😍😍❤

  • Attock Tv
    Attock Tv 6 months ago

    Downloading link hy kisi k pas?

  • kuanlimputera
    kuanlimputera 6 months ago


  • Bismita gurung
    Bismita gurung 6 months ago

    movie bichama kina sound chaina

  • Bismita gurung
    Bismita gurung 6 months ago

    ramro cha

  • Future is now
    Future is now 6 months ago

    Chor Builder

    HONEY VERMA OFFICIAL 6 months ago

    Hd link send kardo

  • Varsha Kumari
    Varsha Kumari 6 months ago

    I want the lyrics can anyone write it for me

  • Raghu
    Raghu 6 months ago

    Can you post the Marathi Lyrics (in English)

  • Anahi Sanatha
    Anahi Sanatha 6 months ago

    Qual o nome da musica por favor

  • Arun Sinchury
    Arun Sinchury 6 months ago

    awesome movie i have ever wat c😍😍😍hed before

  • vuvlp 07
    vuvlp 07 6 months ago

    Me from the other side of the world eating popcorn while reading these indian nepali etc fight on comment section claiming their film.

  • Kavish jayanthinathan
    Kavish jayanthinathan 6 months ago

    Nice movie

  • Vicky Gill
    Vicky Gill 6 months ago

    Yarrr I like this movie ,,, love from Pakistan punjab ,hamesha kamyab howe apna Gill pra,

  • jiten lama
    jiten lama 6 months ago

    Kina Nepali ma banako hola.. Indian ma banako vaye hunthyo...😔😔😔

  • spykat
    spykat 6 months ago

    PC married to a Christian and here she is producing a film where the Christians are shown as villains. Wow! what to say.

  • Pramod Bhatt
    Pramod Bhatt 7 months ago

    Thats why we love Shaan sir voice....kisi bhi language Mai gaate hai always beautiful....#KingofMelody #GoldenVoiceOfIndia

  • Pramod Bhatt
    Pramod Bhatt 7 months ago

    Shaan sir voice 👌❤............

  • Philippe Forest
    Philippe Forest 7 months ago

    Namaste ! Merci pour ce film touchant ! Excellents acteurs. Merveilleuses chansons et musiques. Bravo !

  • Shalini Verma
    Shalini Verma 7 months ago

    Only Because of Priyanka chopra

  • Muhammad Adeel Gujjar
    Muhammad Adeel Gujjar 7 months ago

    How to buy this movie online?

  • Shaan Forever 🎵
    Shaan Forever 🎵 7 months ago


  • Mahindra kanwar
    Mahindra kanwar 7 months ago

    I loved movie pahuna...

  • Sabina Dyola
    Sabina Dyola 7 months ago

    Thank priyanka chopra

  • Abhishek
    Abhishek 7 months ago

    Thanks Priyanka for producing this movie 🙏

  • Laxmi Gurung
    Laxmi Gurung 7 months ago

    Great movie. kid acting was fantastic. ..overall easy to understand because of our language 👏👏👏

  • Rachilung Rai
    Rachilung Rai 7 months ago

    Really loved the movie....lots of love from Nepal....Its so amazing 💜💜

  • Lovepreet kaur Bajwa
    Lovepreet kaur Bajwa 7 months ago

    This movie is the best movie 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • Swastika Rai
    Swastika Rai 7 months ago

    wow movie

  • Dipen Rai
    Dipen Rai 7 months ago

    I literally love this movie

  • Dipen Rai
    Dipen Rai 7 months ago

    Wow so nice movie

  • Day ghost
    Day ghost 7 months ago

    Last one Nepali song..j me just wow😍😘

  • Mayura Purja
    Mayura Purja 7 months ago

    I lop this movie and cry alot

  • Hem Rai. Rajalim
    Hem Rai. Rajalim 7 months ago


  • jagat khadka
    jagat khadka 7 months ago

    Super movie

  • jagat khadka
    jagat khadka 7 months ago

    Pune 2

  • swastika shrestha
    swastika shrestha 7 months ago

    Nepali director le ni eti ramro film banako tyena 😍

  • thelonemoon
    thelonemoon 7 months ago

    DON'T WATCH THE TRAILER! This trailer kind of gave away too many special moments/spoilers. I watched the movie on Netflix first and then came here. Movie was great!

  • Swastika Rai
    Swastika Rai 7 months ago

    i like this movie wows

  • Ti mon
    Ti mon 7 months ago

    I call for a sequel! This movie is so great!

  • Karma Yang
    Karma Yang 7 months ago

    Very nice

  • Riyaz Thapa
    Riyaz Thapa 7 months ago

    This was amazing movie thanks a lot #team for ur great effort ❤️🇳🇵

  • Aaweski Rai
    Aaweski Rai 7 months ago

    Both kids 💕💕💕

  • bahing र्‍वदि

    This movie is being too much, pairate on you tube, please check

  • Sudha Sudha
    Sudha Sudha 7 months ago

    *Priyanka promoting christianity in this movie after getting married with Nick Jonas. Leave Nepal alone. And stop pormoting illegal conversions.*

  • Sudha Sudha
    Sudha Sudha 7 months ago

    *Priyanka promoting christianity after getting married with Nick Jonas. Leave Nepal alone. And stop pormoting illegal conversions.*

  • Binita Chamling
    Binita Chamling 7 months ago

    so talented both child

  • short hilight
    short hilight 7 months ago

    Heart touching movie Remake Hindi version

  • MsLostandProfound
    MsLostandProfound 7 months ago

    Just watched this on Netflix. Simple and warm storytelling. Nice.

  • Sanju Pun
    Sanju Pun 7 months ago

    Ki ta marincha ki marincha.. those were the brave words from that little girl. Really loved it

  • Saskriti Lama
    Saskriti Lama 7 months ago

    that little boy and girls are nepali or hindi

  • Gail Remudaro
    Gail Remudaro 7 months ago

    Watching it now. So happy I found this gem on Netflix. Need more content like this. I’ve never heard of Sikkim before. I’m so glad to learn something new. Now back to crying and finish this awesome movie. The kids are amazing.

  • santosh rai
    santosh rai 7 months ago

    this movie is uploaded in A-Zz channel...???? y

  • shishir official
    shishir official 7 months ago

    Dhoti haru k va Hindi film re yo Sala madhise benchot mother fucking indian bitch dhoti

  • Chaehuyoung Rai
    Chaehuyoung Rai 7 months ago

    I love this movie😍❤

  • Nagwang Tamang
    Nagwang Tamang 7 months ago

    This film is nice

  • syaani magar
    syaani magar 7 months ago

    I love this move😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Ranjit Rai
    Ranjit Rai 7 months ago

    both kids so beautiful........ummmma

  • J Mo
    J Mo 7 months ago

    Priyanka, you should fire your lazy research team.

  • Satej Dangol
    Satej Dangol 7 months ago

    Its would be an honour to respect you for the movie PAHUNA thank you very much for such a movie for whole squad and special thanks to @priyanka

  • Randhir Gurung
    Randhir Gurung 7 months ago

    So nice video

  • Rani Gupta
    Rani Gupta 7 months ago

    Wow😍😍💕I loved this movie I loved the act of these cute kids .They are so innocent😊💙Just loved it💓

  • Neha Gurung
    Neha Gurung 7 months ago

    I am so happy for them

  • Prasansa Rai
    Prasansa Rai 7 months ago

    Pahuna full movie is out now You can watch link is here ru-clip.com/video/2MJQjocFy6E/video.html

  • killer instinct
    killer instinct 7 months ago

    ru-clip.com/video/2MJQjocFy6E/video.html please do take necessary action

  • killer instinct
    killer instinct 7 months ago

    ru-clip.com/video/GwyvV1GZCRQ/video.html look they are pirating your content

  • Sweta Karn
    Sweta Karn 7 months ago

    Amazing ❤️

    ANTIC PRESENTS 7 months ago

    Here Is the Full movie Guyz Do Watch ru-clip.com/video/2MJQjocFy6E/video.html

  • Archan
    Archan 7 months ago

    This is not the movie you sold by $$$$$$$$ just guys want to promote Krishna religious

  • सुरज छेत्री

    Priyanka😃😃😃 awesome 💜💛💚💙

  • trap king
    trap king 7 months ago

    Best actor ever👌🏻👍🏻❤

  • trap king
    trap king 7 months ago

    Lots of love from sikkim ❤

  • Leeja Manandhar
    Leeja Manandhar 7 months ago

    Brave sister and.brother I liked the story Mostly journey and when they were standing for each other and their love.

  • bishal bro
    bishal bro 8 months ago

    Nice child ctor

  • Greater Nepal
    Greater Nepal 8 months ago

    Sikkim was freedom country and it will freedom again.Low Down india. #Freedom_sikkim