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  • Max Hawko
    Max Hawko Hour ago

    I went on the same water slides

  • Bella yutube Kasna
    Bella yutube Kasna 3 hours ago

    Aquapark Wrocław is nice!!!

  • Bella yutube Kasna
    Bella yutube Kasna 3 hours ago

    I from Poland is Wrocław

  • Parker Mollink
    Parker Mollink 7 hours ago

    Great ride

  • raydickos
    raydickos 8 hours ago

    Brought back some good memories

  • Loopo
    Loopo 10 hours ago

    Wieso nicht beide gleichzeitig runterlassen? die Boote würden sich sicher nicht berühren...

  • luke y
    luke y 11 hours ago

    Why do i wanna slide this thing?

  • Penguinfull
    Penguinfull 11 hours ago

    Ok i am watching this in 2019 and if you dont know know on the last slide they knocked it down i wish i could go on that one🙁🙁☹️

  • Euflopapark
    Euflopapark 12 hours ago

    Die zwei Eingänge machen voll keinen Sinn, aber die Idee mit zwei Ausgängen gefällt mir. Man könnte hinter jedem Ausgang ein total anderes Layout gestalten. Also ein entfernter verwandter der Aqua Choice von Aquarena.

  • Amtrak Productions
    Amtrak Productions 12 hours ago

    Too bad the old colony one was closed as well :-/

  • sab smurf
    sab smurf 15 hours ago

    0:23 <look at the hole, if you continued you would be killed by pennywise

  • Andrew Waddell
    Andrew Waddell 15 hours ago


  • Wheels Wills
    Wheels Wills 15 hours ago

    I went on all of those slides so fun

  • Jenny Ortiz
    Jenny Ortiz 16 hours ago


  • the epic world
    the epic world 17 hours ago


  • Maddox021 - Comedy and More

    a really underrated ride

  • Jonas _
    Jonas _ 17 hours ago

    Die turbo Rutsche im Tropical islands bin ich schon gerutscht und hätte nicht gedacht das sie in den top 5 ist aber ist echt zu empfehlen

  • Tosia Bednarek
    Tosia Bednarek 17 hours ago

    Ja jutro jade

  • Jule _kuh
    Jule _kuh 18 hours ago

    Nachdem ich diese Wildwasser rutsche 10000 Mal gerutscht bin hat mir alles wehgetan

  • Soccerprokid gg
    Soccerprokid gg 18 hours ago

    Jag åkte den här baklänges på ryggen 😨😨

  • Mitchell Ries
    Mitchell Ries 19 hours ago

    I've never heard of such a slide. Is this the only one in existence or are there others like this out there?

    • Tony Delaware
      Tony Delaware 11 hours ago

      There is in fact another bowl slide with two entries, the 360 Rush at Spring Valley Beach in Blountsville, AL. There are, however, some differences to the slide shown in this video: the one in Alabama is a body slide and both sliders start their journey simultaneously in trapdoor capsules. Also it is one of those weird bowls where you sort of skim out in the middle and exit via a spiral staircase. :)

      TUBERIDES 18 hours ago

      I think it's the only one.

  • FunThomas78
    FunThomas78 19 hours ago

    Sehr schöne Rutsche

  • Brooke Whittle
    Brooke Whittle 19 hours ago

    This is deffo the best water park I’ve been to so far I love it

  • Ondina matos
    Ondina matos 20 hours ago

    Well is it new know??? No it isn’t its from 2017

  • Themeparkfanatic
    Themeparkfanatic 20 hours ago

    That certainly is a unique water slide with two entries and exits.

  • GoPro Gabe
    GoPro Gabe 20 hours ago

    What kind of ride is this?

  • OraiiAnnie Plays
    OraiiAnnie Plays 20 hours ago

    Who sees these vids Gifting next 10 subscribers if u sub me

  • Squidward Tentacles
    Squidward Tentacles 20 hours ago

    Made by splashtaclar

  • Hcr play 2.0
    Hcr play 2.0 20 hours ago

    Second :/

  • Riskiis
    Riskiis 20 hours ago

    Gg bro

  • Devil Warrior
    Devil Warrior 21 hour ago

    Soo umm how did he get out 😅

  • CGIThomasFan 12345
    CGIThomasFan 12345 22 hours ago


  • Lea Christmann
    Lea Christmann 23 hours ago

    Trobien Miramar

  • Lea Christmann
    Lea Christmann 23 hours ago


  • excel unsu
    excel unsu Day ago


  • lexa bybl
    lexa bybl Day ago

    я чью. ЪЪЪЪ

  • lexa bybl
    lexa bybl Day ago


  • Secondzin
    Secondzin Day ago

    I went to that one! What an experience..

  • Alexis Calloway


  • Vyrymian GD
    Vyrymian GD Day ago

    Adrenaline water park: exists Me who is afraid of fast water slides: *chuckles* I'm in danger.

  • Unknown pepper’s

    I remember riding this!!! Ahh the memories

  • Syd Rohrbacher

    my name is sydney

  • Wasted Time
    Wasted Time Day ago

    ich war da die war sooo schnell.

  • Cat Man
    Cat Man Day ago

    How the heck do you not scream that ride is scary and I screamed so loud I think I lost my voice

  • spillerxxxxx
    spillerxxxxx Day ago

    Dieses Schwimmbad... Damals ( Anfang der 90er ) mit dem Kiosk gegenüber auf der anderen Straßenseite der Burgstraße. Dort holte ich mir nach der Schule immer eine gemischte Tüte OHNE LAKRITZ!! für 2-.DM :D... Schon früher war die Wasserrutsche für mich Stöpsel ein Highlight gewesen. Doch heute finde ich dieses Bad zu kalt ( Ich friere mir jedes mal den Ast ab ) und zu verkommen. PS: NIEEEEEMALS auf den Knien rutschen!! :D ..Bei stellen wo kein Wasser fließt kann es schnell Weh ´tun :D Und Damals waren die einzelnen Elemente nicht bündig aneinandergebaut gewesen, so hat man jeden Übergang gemerkt.

  • Fynn Pruski
    Fynn Pruski Day ago

    Ich mach jedes Jahr da Urlaub


    Who else really wants to visit her e my friend we u to Italy and I sign I found I have come with get so I could go here


    Who else speaks English here

  • Drtt Hossin
    Drtt Hossin Day ago

    رائع جيدا

  • Lacey Summers
    Lacey Summers Day ago

    I have bin on some of the slides

  • Sylwia Komorowska

    Kto był w tatralandji like

  • Aneet Nová
    Aneet Nová Day ago

    Je to tam tak super jak na videu??

  • Maddox021 - Comedy and More

    Did you visit all 6?

      TUBERIDES Day ago

      Yes we did. But there are just five.

  • Jacob Dimidik
    Jacob Dimidik Day ago

    I almost completed the challenge

  • Jacob Dimidik
    Jacob Dimidik Day ago

    Went on it with my friends and the drop was scary

  • DIY Bait&Tackle Diybaitandtackle

    War da schon 🙃🙃

  • Arti
    Arti Day ago

    Wieder mal ein gelungenes Video Jungs! Macht weiter so!👍👍

  • NTX Sirenvators

    Oh these lights still work. The one in the colony is now a pipeline ride

  • Aish Aish
    Aish Aish Day ago

    wtf why are you not saying truth it's in spain

      TUBERIDES Day ago

      No, it's in Florida. Please stop posting nonsense, thank you.

  • Aish Aish
    Aish Aish Day ago

    wtf I went Benidorm ,spain . and there we went to same like this but more dangerous and big

  • Simon P
    Simon P 2 days ago

    When I went on it the water was so cold .

  • Jillian Hayden
    Jillian Hayden 2 days ago

    I probably have watch this like 10 times

  • Just A Person 700
    Just A Person 700 2 days ago


  • Diego Correa
    Diego Correa 2 days ago


  • __ __
    __ __ 2 days ago

    The one in wroclaw poland (turbo slide) is one of the best and scariest u go at 60-125kph

  • Løgãn
    Løgãn 2 days ago

    that kid who said "I know your RU-clip channel"

  • Robby S
    Robby S 2 days ago

    7th, apparently.

  • the golden dubya
    the golden dubya 2 days ago


  • Legendary Dragon
    Legendary Dragon 2 days ago

    This is (probably) the first boomerang slide that does not have a bump hill section.

    • Mark FitzSimmons
      Mark FitzSimmons 12 hours ago

      Follow me falls at island h20 doesn't have one either

    • icon shook
      icon shook 2 days ago

      TUBERIDES whats the point of the hill though lol

    • Kaspersetz Slide Studios
      Kaspersetz Slide Studios 2 days ago

      There is a boomerango less than an hour from me that was installed in 2011 as well that doesn't have a bump hill. I've yet to visit this place, its so small and off the map

    • Legendary Dragon
      Legendary Dragon 2 days ago

      @TUBERIDES I never saw one so this is the first of this kind for me

      TUBERIDES 2 days ago

      There are a lot of boomerang slides without a bump hill, e.g. Atlantis Boomerango @ Mount Olympus Wisconsin Dells WI.

  • idont evenknow
    idont evenknow 2 days ago


  • GoPro Gabe
    GoPro Gabe 2 days ago


  • Ferdinand Fischer
    Ferdinand Fischer 2 days ago


  • Hcr play 2.0
    Hcr play 2.0 2 days ago


  • Chloe Hand
    Chloe Hand 2 days ago


  • Kristina Wåger
    Kristina Wåger 2 days ago

    I love it

  • Philipp Kruppa
    Philipp Kruppa 2 days ago

    Da zu rutschen ist echt gay

  • Maddox021 - Comedy and More

    possibly the only raft slide on a kids tower

  • black
    black 2 days ago


  • Ałįêñ From Árëæ 51

    That’s a PipelineWAVE

  • AzMaN Gamer
    AzMaN Gamer 3 days ago

    Its got the famous doublebowlseye there

  • paris lawless
    paris lawless 3 days ago

    Been there it was fun as hell

  • Kackstift Moppelkotz

    Mein Kopf so: Jaaaaaa Meine Bandscheiben: Alter, wag es nicht!

  • jessica wild
    jessica wild 3 days ago

    Eszz zombie apocalypse and the weather

  • Kelly Sloan
    Kelly Sloan 3 days ago

    I’m going there this Sunday lol

  • Jacob Dimidik
    Jacob Dimidik 3 days ago

    Probably my favorite slide

  • Mitchell Ries
    Mitchell Ries 3 days ago

    Ladies and gentlemen, RU-clip is proud to present what is possibly the shortest All Slides video in the history of TUBERIDES!😃😀

  • Mitchell Ries
    Mitchell Ries 3 days ago

    I have a question for anyone reading this comment. Is Epic Waters just a stand alone indoor waterpark, or is it part of a resort like Kalahari or an entertainment venue like a World Waterpark at West Edmonton Mall in Canada? Either way, it looks epically fun (no pun intended).

  • Mitchell Ries
    Mitchell Ries 3 days ago

    5 Hawaiian Falls waterparks, and they're all in Texas? Hmmm. I guess the founders thought they were in Hawaii or something.🤔

  • Mitchell Ries
    Mitchell Ries 3 days ago

    This waterpark is definitely one of two things I will be sure to do next time I go to Vegas. The other one of course will be Wet 'n' Wild. There are other things I'd do as well down there, but they're not waterpark related so that'll have to wait for another video.

  • Unknown pepper’s
    Unknown pepper’s 3 days ago


    • AzMaN Gamer
      AzMaN Gamer 3 days ago

      Unknown pepper’s OMG WHAT A BIG BOI

  • Dedham Mass
    Dedham Mass 3 days ago


  • Guenevere Eves
    Guenevere Eves 3 days ago


  • Rafael Henrique Kroessin


  • IntroTeam2nd - Extra Second Intro Videos

    Love the SixFlags Fright Fest Add!

  • lixat
    lixat 3 days ago

    i live in flowerda and i live really close to the water park ;-;

  • S A
    S A 3 days ago

    You know how when you're scared to go on something for the first time whether it be a rollercoaster or this and then you feel fine afterwards. This scared me when I went on it in April so much that I'm not sure if I'd be able to go on it again lol.

  • Susanne Fricke
    Susanne Fricke 3 days ago

    Seid ihr schon mal in einer turborutsche stegeneblieben

  • Noah Kessler
    Noah Kessler 3 days ago

    What happened to aquatica

  • Bloxy_ e
    Bloxy_ e 3 days ago

    Omg I love this in very sooo cool