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  • Eddybarrett84
    Eddybarrett84 8 minutes ago

    15k to live in Germany, maybe if you live in rural area and and some how get a government subsidizes

  • Spectral X
    Spectral X 3 hours ago

    Mangosteen is just a Jewish mango

  • Karren Kuddlesberg
    Karren Kuddlesberg 5 hours ago

    Robots are fine, but human enchantments might be forbidden? Like Maybe cyborgs are okay, but not mutants, brutes, genetics, planet destroyers or other "supers" for being beyond government control?

  • ImAcurtain !
    ImAcurtain ! 8 hours ago

    Roman played GTA before

  • whoyoukidding1
    whoyoukidding1 9 hours ago

    My Father was born in South Jersey and my Mother in Brooklyn. I grew up in Brooklyn and then we moved to Long Island. Not too interesting.

  • Vicki Barnard
    Vicki Barnard 9 hours ago

    I love to watch the video of the golden retriever I had a great golden retriever she was my therapy dog she passed away I'm looking for another golden retriever I was in a bad car accident that left me with one leg.i really need to get another golden retriever I'm on a fixed income if anyone wants to help me get a golden retriever I can pay some money for the dog maybe I can make payments you can reach me at vickibarnard6@gmail.com I hope to hear from you soon god bless you all

  • I amcarbonandotherbits.

    The advert at the beginning was chuffin brilliant.

  • jay fox
    jay fox 10 hours ago

    IS anybody going to buy peace in the world?

  • Raquel Sofía Moncada Colonia

    Where's Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Liam Hemsworth???

  • shadow wereWolf
    shadow wereWolf 11 hours ago

    My name is princess

  • V M
    V M 14 hours ago

    All these ppl are white. Next lol

  • Tea Infinity
    Tea Infinity 15 hours ago

    Lemme go on Google Earth since I'm to lazy to go these places

  • Michael Campbell
    Michael Campbell 15 hours ago

    How there raised

  • DKLGalactus5
    DKLGalactus5 15 hours ago

    Mel makes some great movies.

  • Chris Cholewa
    Chris Cholewa 15 hours ago

    Norway ! Absolutely!

  • EllyB1104
    EllyB1104 16 hours ago

    2:17 The fire was eventually 'distinguished' LMAO

  • Junior Statie
    Junior Statie 16 hours ago

    it is missing the flight between Dutch Sint Maarten to Anguilla.

  • Liz Morris
    Liz Morris 17 hours ago

    I got so scared/sad watching this

  • Lemex Haokip
    Lemex Haokip 17 hours ago

    Hopeless also not hanving

  • Aziz Ben Soltana
    Aziz Ben Soltana 17 hours ago

    5:53 Anders Breivik is still alive. He's in prison.

  • Abdul Sami Khan
    Abdul Sami Khan 17 hours ago

    Where is Pakistan 🇵🇰 top 15 Richest Countries in World

  • Bonnie Lockwood
    Bonnie Lockwood 18 hours ago

    Loved Hugo Weaving in Priscilla. Edit. I don't know the lovable Isla Fisher.

  • Mark Baldwin
    Mark Baldwin 19 hours ago

    This video is delusional.

  • Calvin Hodge Lake
    Calvin Hodge Lake 21 hour ago

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  • Edith Komes
    Edith Komes Day ago

    There are a few mistakes in the video. Bruce Willis was not born in Kassel but in the small town of Idar-Oberstein in Germany. And the actrice who plays Herminie in Harry Potter does not have an English laywer as a father but her dad is actually a Dutch acteur.

  • enver Iljazi
    enver Iljazi Day ago

    Ti policaj i faik u loto ne dirajte

  • NellanBellan Bus

    sorry but that's not the real Titanic story. The Iceberg wasn't the problem. It was a fire in the machineroom that made the boats wall weaker. So if the fire didn't break out, The ship would have sinked of the Iceberg.

  • Asha Lewis
    Asha Lewis Day ago

    I know about jackfruit, soursop and physalis already.

  • Moa Tupua
    Moa Tupua Day ago


  • Charlotte Hite

    And I’ve had pit bulls all my life

  • Charlotte Hite

    A pit bull and rotwiyer and a Doberman is not mean and neither are sibireyon husckys. And I no that Because I have all foure of them

  • k cost
    k cost Day ago

    This sucked it was clear whoever made this doesn’t know shit about these beads, there’s was a lot of wrong information. Specially about pit bulls.

  • Shirly
    Shirly Day ago

    #12 is called kachiman in Haiti and soursop is called corosol. Both very delicious and healthy for you

  • Unotch
    Unotch Day ago

    Doesn't everything they do confuse the rest of the world??

  • Lucky Charm
    Lucky Charm Day ago

    I only saw the video to learn why my dog is following me in the bathroom!

  • vedran ohm
    vedran ohm Day ago

    what a piece of shit video

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  • Dubby
    Dubby Day ago

    who still believes these stories in 2019?

  • Toina Nwachuku

    They are still plain white dudes......

  • Gacha Cupcake
    Gacha Cupcake Day ago

    3:54 Me: *reads ‘Ugli fruit’* Me: But it isn’t ugly D:

  • David V
    David V Day ago

    Why is she dressed like obi one kenobi?

  • Jay Cole
    Jay Cole Day ago

    What about when a dog goes in and out thru your legs and does a figure 8 around thru and around your legs. Our female German Shepherd does this all the time. Why?

  • Jay Cole
    Jay Cole Day ago

    My cat follows me to the bathroom and sits by the door like she is watching the door for me . And then follows me out

  • Sam Martin
    Sam Martin Day ago

    MY doggies were the greatest !

  • Sam Martin
    Sam Martin Day ago

    They are our friends

  • Carla Thomas
    Carla Thomas 2 days ago

    What about Amy Adams who was born in Italy.

  • creator Space
    creator Space 2 days ago

    That's a good one. blog.naver.com/7heppy7

  • Mick Davey
    Mick Davey 2 days ago

    It's how you bring them up i have husky and a pitbull both female awesome with my kids and other animals cats dogs its how you bring them like children

  • Luisa Canedo
    Luisa Canedo 2 days ago

    Spain is first 😡🤬👺🇪🇸🤮🇮🇹

  • MrDachshund99
    MrDachshund99 2 days ago

    when tf did i subscribe to this channel?

  • Fiona Nettlefold
    Fiona Nettlefold 2 days ago

    Who was waiting for the Costa concordia

  • 5000 subscriber without videos

    Guys the beetles are going to get nerfed next patch no worries

  • xverticlz
    xverticlz 2 days ago

    Gorillas can’t be that strong? They don’t even eat meat! How does that make sense? Maybe humans were never meant to eat meat. I mean humans are most identical to gorillas biologically compared to animals on this list and all animals in general. We are primates and if all gorillas don’t eat meat it would make sense us humans shouldn’t either.

    PREPFORIT 2 days ago

    The Grizzly's in Canada are bigger than the ones you mentioned.

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    These beetles are op

      PREPFORIT 2 days ago

      John Lennon made them the best.

  • Step Tart
    Step Tart 2 days ago

    Pound for pound my Jack Russell is the strongest animal alive that's why they only give them powerful names like Thor, Hercules, Apollo, Zeus.My dog weighs 20 pounds,2 pounds of teeth and 18 pounds of muscle.

  • Sunita Fisher
    Sunita Fisher 2 days ago

    🌸 they are twin flames, they recognise each other and usually there is an age gap So romantic they way he knew his future wife ✨💖

  • Exitz
    Exitz 2 days ago


  • Steven Austin
    Steven Austin 2 days ago

    The Akira and the great dain are just Irish wolf hound and English sooner pit killer

    • Steven Austin
      Steven Austin 2 days ago

      Rottweiler people think there big hard dogs but if they got bit by the hardest dog in the world by fare they tried it all thy Crosse every dog with every dog and it took over a 10000 years and the be and the hardest by fafr

    • Steven Austin
      Steven Austin 2 days ago

      Now core cashen shepherds are deeply breed in orbull Russell snow and have a crap life but still nic bulllmastifft used to be fast agail and hard now we've almost killed them ibreedinf

    • Steven Austin
      Steven Austin 2 days ago

      Bull terrier nice danger looking like satire mouse

    • Steven Austin
      Steven Austin 2 days ago

      Might bee bevy big bit not to strong

    • Steven Austin
      Steven Austin 2 days ago

      Pussycat very norty if not working so are fault

  • Jo Brown
    Jo Brown 2 days ago

    PLOS one is a journal. They did not do the actual study. I appreciate you attempting to cite your study. You should say "a study published in PLOS one". Thanks!

  • A.M.C. S
    A.M.C. S 2 days ago

    Abuse of dog's and cat's happen much more than people are aware of. I propose that all people should be required to pass an exam in order to receive a permit to have that dog(s). This would be managed by the SPCA and should be included in the price of a dog license. This should be especially enforced more to those cultures of people who consider a dog as just another form of security equipment, or for sports type entertainment. The penalties for abuse or neglect to all animal's need to be updated and enforced more than they are currently being done. The penalties should also include jail or prison time, for those animal's who are in a situation where drugs have been found to be used or sold. Too many times it is the animals who go without food, because their owners choose to make drugs (or alcohol) the priority. The true number of house pets who have died because they have found human medication or street drugs that were dropped on the floor of their surrounding's and then eaten by them will never be known but this happens more often than the public is aware of. The Opioid epidemic and the sky rocketing use of Meth in this, the United States, not only affects humans, but their animals too.

  • riplstrip
    riplstrip 3 days ago

    Not the Sydney funnel web as I live in Perth

  • Frances McCollum
    Frances McCollum 3 days ago

    You missed Durian, snake fruit, dragon fruit, elephant fruit...

  • Binyam Mahari
    Binyam Mahari 3 days ago

    Eritrea 😍😍😍😍

  • Zenas Starchild
    Zenas Starchild 3 days ago

    I think the narrator is working with old information. If you talk to tourists who come from Europe or Southeast Asia, ask them which place is cheaper, US or their country. If they say their country, put it on your list. India is a cheap place to live, if you don't mind the Monsoon season and air pollution. South Africa is disintegrating, so please avoid. If you are able to, The Netherlands would be cool place to move to, Just learn Vocabulary and now you know dutch. South Korea is a beautiful place if you like Asian peninsulas. Ireland is good for any Irish descended Americans or artists. If you like edgelord dictators, try Russia.

  • Willie Striggs III MT

    I believe its how they're raised. Yet cross-breeding w/o full knowledge of the 2 or more sets is the problem we have in our society. Hold owners accountable for any unauthorized dog attacks

  • Richard Pinnolet
    Richard Pinnolet 3 days ago

    How they are trained take total control that will be a great dog.

  • Michael Dowd
    Michael Dowd 3 days ago

    look like great places but his pronunciation of every single one made me not want to go

  • Dee
    Dee 3 days ago

    Why doesn't she ever smile? I've seen her so many times on tv and in pics, but I don't remember ever seeing her smile. Odd, considering that her husband is always smiling.

  • Shaylyn Ariana Elizabeth Crain

    Was that the same cult rose mcgowan was in??

  • Mary Wang
    Mary Wang 3 days ago

    It is more of pettiness rather than just. Rich or poor all are Vanity2x.........in the Bible Ecclesiasticus, this all will vanish when JESUS CHRIST COMES FOR HIS SECOND TIMES>

  • Rameshlh Ramesh
    Rameshlh Ramesh 3 days ago

    No 1India

  • Kim Keller
    Kim Keller 3 days ago

    I do not want to go on the titanic

  • Bella Angel
    Bella Angel 3 days ago

    STRANGE hardly! More like lucky Lisa 💃🏻🥳😁

  • Pam Parent
    Pam Parent 3 days ago

    Is a Jack Fruit and a Durian related? They look so similar.

  • stevestojan
    stevestojan 3 days ago

    Great video, but some of the images are perplexing. “Homeless and hungry?”

  • leqves
    leqves 3 days ago

    Indonesia : Rambutan : Rambutan Mangosteen : Manggis Soursop : Sirsak Cherimoya : Srikaya

  • Coyote Rx
    Coyote Rx 3 days ago

    This video should be retitled, “Everything you’ve seen discussed in every top about dog behaviour ever.”


    I hate boats and cruises PERIOD

  • daniel bucket
    daniel bucket 3 days ago

    Rich people don't watch this video either

  • Ethan JS
    Ethan JS 3 days ago

    The voice when it says number 11 😂😂😂😂

  • Jasmine Lewis
    Jasmine Lewis 3 days ago

    My puppy Leo has a windixie smile❤️

  • Kurt Pedersen
    Kurt Pedersen 3 days ago

    One of my friends teased me for buying a Nokia 6, called it "A cheap Chinese phone" I took her Iphone X and my Nokia 6 in each hand and asked if she would like to make a crash test, to see how cheap it is. -She refused - LMAO

  • Thomas Brown
    Thomas Brown 3 days ago

    Ummmmm, Africa is the wealthiest country in the world....THE NATURAL MINERALS AND RESOURCES IS WHY EVERY MAJOR COUNTRY FINDS ITS WAY TO AFRICA....STOP THE B.S....

  • amree15
    amree15 3 days ago

    Have you ever tried DURIAN?

  • Fatemeh Ghafari
    Fatemeh Ghafari 4 days ago

    I can't wait to have my own dog in my own house.

  • Vivek Singh Panwar
    Vivek Singh Panwar 4 days ago

    Where is zayn malik and Hrithik Roshan

  • George P
    George P 4 days ago

    What about Durian

  • Rajgangmei Gangmei kalauna

    1:02 guess why her husband cheated!!

  • Dopex Boi
    Dopex Boi 4 days ago

    flying ship anyone? 4019?

  • S. Terris
    S. Terris 4 days ago

    In Vietnam there are many more fruits I'd never tasted! Fresh jackfruit is yummy, sweet; rambutan has a scary exterior yet is sweet like lychee. I look forward to trying Cheramoya!

  • • M i l k y T e a •

    Or they lick you bc you have crumbs on you

  • Paul Barrett
    Paul Barrett 4 days ago

    Stop using the Union Flag 🇬🇧 when referring to England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿. 😠😠

  • Sam P
    Sam P 4 days ago

    Nothing shocking about real nationality. I want shocking ethnicity like how Ariana Grande is actually white not latin haha.

  • Minh Pham
    Minh Pham 4 days ago

    Durian is still the King

  • Verity Owens
    Verity Owens 4 days ago

    It depends in what they have been bred for, if it's for killing other animals then yes. The reason the pitbulls kills so many people is that if it bites you, there is no second chance. It's jaws are very strong and it will go for the throat. Many other big dogs will bite but don't have the same jaws or go for the kill. I think they need to be licenced to stop irrasponsible people getting them. With the tight owner and training they are more likely to be safe. Many stupid people think its good to make them aggressive. Nice dogs but as I said if they do attack the consequences are terrible.

  • Simon Iburg
    Simon Iburg 4 days ago


    JJV MEDIA 4 days ago

    custard apple is also found in India, along with rambutan.

  • Raisa Nayyara
    Raisa Nayyara 4 days ago

    "Rambutan" Indonesian: *gasps*

  • charles dave
    charles dave 5 days ago

    we have that all fruit in philippines