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  • Bhushan Raheja
    Bhushan Raheja 32 seconds ago

    Bhai jab itna acha kam karke garib ko khana khilate ho to MURGE (chicken) ko kyo marte ho......

  • Yen C
    Yen C 2 minutes ago

    He always deserves the respect and appreciation. His Channel doesn't showcase arrogance and pretentions. This kind of Channel should be one prospering.

  • ღAndrea 7u7ღ
    ღAndrea 7u7ღ 2 minutes ago

    "Leiben" "Teilen" "Sorgen" Rest in peace: Chamelecon Honduras

  • S. R. Dupree
    S. R. Dupree 4 minutes ago

    This broke my heart. I started watching "grandpa" a year ago & watched faithfully until a couple of months ago. I decided to watch him tonight and saw this. It took me totally by surprise. I CRIED. What a man of grace. When a total stranger far away somehow moved into your heart. When he said "This is your grandpa".....You felt a kinship. Somehow grandpa was able to drawn you in through his incredible kindness & caring for the oprhans. A man life is not measured by his wealth as it relates to money but through his ability to love. Grandpa imparted values to all that viewed him upclose and from afar. Grandpa life was an inspiration for us all. It was much more than a cooking video. He took you in & provoked thoughts on how we should help others. He gave not only recipes but food for the soul. God blessed this earth by sharing this GIFT with us. The lesson he lived should live on through those that was fed the art of compassion and love as he modeled it before us. BYE GRANDPA....YOUR JOURNEY IS OVER BUT YOUR LEGACY AND THE LESSIONS TAUGHT LIVE ON. RIP.

  • La flame. Reviews.
    La flame. Reviews. 5 minutes ago


  • Диас Морзе
    Диас Морзе 7 minutes ago

    Grandpa RIP????? No???

  • karthik thevar flims
    karthik thevar flims 7 minutes ago

    Unaku tamil theriyatha ethuku evvalavu padam poture

    TAKUKUNAVARA 7 minutes ago


  • Azriel Aidid
    Azriel Aidid 9 minutes ago

    The future grandpa

  • Aneokame
    Aneokame 9 minutes ago

    Can you please introduce us to you and your helpers? You all do so much and we don't even know your names!

  • gun gano
    gun gano 10 minutes ago

    Rip grandpa❤😣

  • Best CombLAT
    Best CombLAT 10 minutes ago

    He's cooking in heaven and feeding to angel, god, and everyone in heaven.

  • llSkunkyDaemonll Lor
    llSkunkyDaemonll Lor 10 minutes ago

    I still can’t get over the death of grandpa. 😢

  • Netra Pradhan
    Netra Pradhan 10 minutes ago

    RIP Gp

  • MaximilianMus Is Daddy
    MaximilianMus Is Daddy 12 minutes ago

    not even proper fish n chips youve tainted our legacy you senile okd fuck

  • Rashid Shah
    Rashid Shah 13 minutes ago

    please bta den carvey kya hota hai

  • Lượng Nguyễn
    Lượng Nguyễn 13 minutes ago

    Very good

  • Cecy G
    Cecy G 14 minutes ago

    Hermosos videos

  • kocu sampantao
    kocu sampantao 14 minutes ago

    Grandpa Salam Dari Indonesia

  • Farzana Islam
    Farzana Islam 15 minutes ago

    💜💜💜 from Bangladesh

  • aditri pawar
    aditri pawar 15 minutes ago


  • JanFromRussia
    JanFromRussia 16 minutes ago

    "Leiben" "Teilen" "Sorgen" Rest in peace: Russia, Saint Petersburg

  • joti ROY
    joti ROY 16 minutes ago

    miss him

  • Guinea Pigs Are People, Too and Birbs

    I’ve been going back and watching these videos again. You are all such kind men. Bless you.

  • Cat In the hat
    Cat In the hat 19 minutes ago

    I really love how they’re carrying on their grandpas legacy , but it’s just not the same without grandpa :(

  • Venus van Story
    Venus van Story 19 minutes ago

    I love his smile 💕 great job guys love seeing things cooked makes me want food all the time

  • Joe Biden
    Joe Biden 20 minutes ago

    40 years later, this lad becomes Grandpa, and the channel "Grandpa Kitchen" can be renamed as "GrandpaS Kitchen"

  • Utkarsh Domane
    Utkarsh Domane 21 minute ago

    grandpa loking healthy .... lets join weight loss program.......

  • Stanley Vi
    Stanley Vi 22 minutes ago

    RIP 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Susana Vasquez
    Susana Vasquez 24 minutes ago

    Aww, so happy to see this continue!! It's so beautiful to see all this for the benefit of children.

  • Cat In the hat
    Cat In the hat 24 minutes ago

    My heart is heavy :(

  • JÖYの貓
    JÖYの貓 26 minutes ago

    Follow his legacy..

  • Nguyên Tran
    Nguyên Tran 26 minutes ago

    Liệu 2 năm sau quay lại đây có được 10 like

  • JÖYの貓
    JÖYの貓 28 minutes ago

    I'm sorry.....

  • donnybaandz
    donnybaandz 28 minutes ago

    Rest In Peace Grandpa, real legend 🙏🏽❤️

  • trigun kawle
    trigun kawle 29 minutes ago


  • Albino Priego
    Albino Priego 30 minutes ago

    Gente como el va al cielo :v

  • Yen Tran
    Yen Tran 30 minutes ago

    Mix well

  • Oriana Cosmique Christ Sylvanus

    Les videos etais mieux avec grandpa j'espere qu'il est au paradis

  • Sheree Morgan
    Sheree Morgan 30 minutes ago

    Blessings to you and your family!

  • Rajz Vlogs
    Rajz Vlogs 30 minutes ago

    The best grandpa ever...😞😢...Why left us...Ur heart so soft and pure💕...Where ever u are grandpa...we love you🥺😢

  • Paula Orozco
    Paula Orozco 30 minutes ago

    "Lebein" "Telein" "Sorgen" Rest in peace:San Luis Argentina

  • Roblox’s Aviation
    Roblox’s Aviation 31 minute ago

    Is it me or does every recipe contain oil?

  • Nicolas _z
    Nicolas _z 31 minute ago

    "Lebein" "Telein" "Sorgen" Descansa en paz lima- Perú

    LISA THE_NINJA 33 minutes ago


    ITS REVIEW TIME 35 minutes ago

    I still miss grandpa 😣😢

  • Sammi SB
    Sammi SB 35 minutes ago


  • Core
    Core 35 minutes ago

    I love you

  • Abhishek dorugade
    Abhishek dorugade 37 minutes ago


  • Wira LKSN
    Wira LKSN 37 minutes ago

    U need to smile even more, because it will make us happier :)

  • Beauty Talks by Me
    Beauty Talks by Me 37 minutes ago


  • praem BRC
    praem BRC 37 minutes ago

    กราบขอบพระคุณ คุณปู่ผู้ใจบุญมากๆเลยนะคะ

  • Marissaa Vlogs
    Marissaa Vlogs 38 minutes ago

    "leiben" "Teilen" "Sorgen" Rest in peace: Trinidad and Tobago🇹🇹🏟️

  • Sammi SB
    Sammi SB 38 minutes ago

    Wow 😢

  • Ghar Da Dhaba
    Ghar Da Dhaba 38 minutes ago

    🙏 pls Subscribe ghar da Dhaba ese hi achche video ke liye....

  • Leandro Dosreis
    Leandro Dosreis 38 minutes ago

    R.I.P grandpa i love tou Chanel

  • Sammi SB
    Sammi SB 39 minutes ago

    Where is Grandpa? 😟

  • Ghar Da Dhaba
    Ghar Da Dhaba 39 minutes ago

    Ese hi video dekhne ke liye Ghar Da Dhaba channal ko Subscribe kare.....

  • Ithamar Leon
    Ithamar Leon 40 minutes ago

    Oh! Que buena idea. Una botana mas .... me imagino con queso derretido. Que rico!!


    "Lebein" "Telein" "Sorgen" Rest un peace: Acapulco, Guerrero

  • praem BRC
    praem BRC 42 minutes ago

    อาหารน่ากินสุดๆ เลยค่ะ รักคุณปู่มากๆนะคะ อยากกินมากๆเลยค่ะ สาธุ สาธุ สาธุ ค่ะ

  • Mark Mushana
    Mark Mushana 44 minutes ago

    MIX WELL..... don't forget

  • Ricardo Diaz
    Ricardo Diaz 44 minutes ago


  • EDGAR 117
    EDGAR 117 45 minutes ago

    Miss grandpa u.u

  • Frank Rawr
    Frank Rawr 45 minutes ago

    You all are amazing! Thank you so much for keeping up Grandpa's Legacy, and delicious food!! Love from the states!!

  • IpM丶Madyr FF
    IpM丶Madyr FF 46 minutes ago

    Chúc ông an nghỉ hạnh phúcc :(((

    • Core
      Core 35 minutes ago


  • Me Ho
    Me Ho 47 minutes ago

    Miss you Grandpa😭😭

  • Mohd Yasmeen
    Mohd Yasmeen 49 minutes ago

    Good job Guy's god bless u bro

  • THUG Gaming Nepal
    THUG Gaming Nepal 49 minutes ago

    Rest in peace grandpa 💔

  • jade the dark princess
    jade the dark princess 50 minutes ago

    that looks so delicious ! grandpa must be super proud of you ! 😁👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Queen_ A
    Queen_ A 50 minutes ago

    Omg this is so sad but he left as a Hero thought about other people more than himself Fed kids that didn’t have family’s i am so sad for he’s lost feel like to cry right now😢

  • Mohd Yasmeen
    Mohd Yasmeen 50 minutes ago

    We miss u grand paa

  • f u r r e t
    f u r r e t 51 minute ago

    I’m curious what it tastes like, it looks really delicious!

  • 雪雅
    雪雅 52 minutes ago

    特意从B站过来的,,唉可惜老爷爷仙逝了 国内很多人都喜欢老爷爷的。逝者安息吧…往后小哥视频我也打算搬运回去

  • Prince nchupang
    Prince nchupang 53 minutes ago

    Too much chillies though

  • Cecy G
    Cecy G 53 minutes ago

    😭😭 murio

  • Dolly Thakuria
    Dolly Thakuria 55 minutes ago

    miss you 😭😭

  • Joy-Ann Hut
    Joy-Ann Hut 55 minutes ago

    I need to take the food processor into the backyard more often 😂

  • Naren Shashank PALLI
    Naren Shashank PALLI 56 minutes ago

    Grandpa and me speak the common tongue and I see there are people here admire him and miss him from all over the world. And that love towards him is really keeping grandpa alive .

  • praem BRC
    praem BRC 57 minutes ago

    อาหารน่ากินสุดๆ เลยค่ะ ขอบคุณมากๆนะคะ รักคุณปู่ที่สุดเลยค่ะ สาธุ สาธุ สาธุ ค่ะ

  • Esra Cetinturk
    Esra Cetinturk 57 minutes ago

    He was such a sweet and amazing guy he cooked for many and that helped his community. He touched many and will always be remembered. Rip grandpa thank you for helping the community

  • Сейран Давтян

    "Lebein" "Telein" "Sorgen" Rest in peace:Blagoveshchensk,Russia.

  • Vishal Sridhar
    Vishal Sridhar 59 minutes ago

    This is our family, Very nice

  • Kid behind the door

    10:08 the little girl 👧 face 😄

  • Cassie Persha
    Cassie Persha Hour ago

    I love the way them kids smile when they receive they food their smiles are priceless and precious 😘😘😘

  • Cecy G
    Cecy G Hour ago

    Mis respetos señor lo veo desde California.

  • Janice Gordon
    Janice Gordon Hour ago

    the ketchup

  • LucKie
    LucKie Hour ago

    You forgot "mixwell"

  • Cecy G
    Cecy G Hour ago

    I love your videos although I don't understand anything but I see the charity of giving food to people 👏

  • John Patrick Bangcot

    "Lebein" "Telein" "Sorgen" Rest in peace: Cebu, Philippines.

  • Farjan Billah
    Farjan Billah Hour ago

    How I’ve fallen so in love with someone I’ve never met. Love you grandpa. Your legacy is soo strong !!

  • praem BRC
    praem BRC Hour ago

    สาธุ สาธุ สาธุ ค่ะ รักคุณปู่ผู้สุดแสนจะเมตตาผู้นี้สุดๆเลยค่ะ กราบขอบพระคุณมากๆ นะคะ

  • Paula Camila
    Paula Camila Hour ago

    Bom não fogo


    Lo lamento mucho grandpa 😥💓

  • Ana Clariza Gervacio

    I heard "Red-eu velvet" hehe who gets this? Hi Reveluvs 👋

  • jo jo zx
    jo jo zx Hour ago

    Where is grandpa

    • Suraj Goyary
      Suraj Goyary 35 minutes ago

      Bhagvan k pass chala gaya bhai

    • jo jo zx
      jo jo zx 38 minutes ago

      @Suraj Goyary mujhe pata hai grandpa ko fever aya lekin fir aya tho atsa lagtha hai

    • Suraj Goyary
      Suraj Goyary 41 minute ago

      Channel KO dekta reheta toh pata chalta naa ...Grandpa kidar hain

  • momof2
    momof2 Hour ago

    Grandpa must be so proud of you ! Thank you for continuing his legacy

  • KARAN Sharma
    KARAN Sharma Hour ago

    I respect you from deep of my heart. God bless you bro with all the happiness and success of life.

  • Hawaii GAL
    Hawaii GAL Hour ago

    So incredibly sad, RIP Grandpa Kitchen

  • praem BRC
    praem BRC Hour ago

    สาธุ สาธุ สาธุ ค่ะ รักคุณปู่ผู้เมตตามากๆนะคะ กราบขอบพระคุณมากๆค่ะ