Are Sounds Electrik?
Are Sounds Electrik?
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Remembering Harvey....aahh
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70s Future Space Moves
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Heart Beats
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Odysseus' Dream
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80s Bass
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1975 Flat Screen Heaven
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I Feel Space
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BBC Goat News
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Another Dimension
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Synthèse Canadien
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Are you calling Tina B lame!
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We Aren't Glass
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Come And Get Your 80s Love
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We Like You 1979
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Click Click Drone
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House batteries included
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Give Me Your Name
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Follow Me
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Retro Italo Feast 1983
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Perpetual Moment
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Gina X - No GDM
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Behind the Leather
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Mr Cold Wave
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Parallel World
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Movie Breakthrough
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Eighties Things
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Voyager (CCCP Purple Ball)
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Soviet 80s Beats (Estonia)
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Space Age Romantics
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ODW live 1982
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Star Machine Disco 1979
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Blue Horizon
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Black Live
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1991's most beautiful song
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Old Skool Ahh
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Kraftlie Minmoog
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Russian Europop 1990
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NoUvellE aCID
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Quixotic - Elan
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Polish Dark Synthpop
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Nilbog - Thirst
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Don't be a Dummy
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Bjoko - Superstar
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Dance Fade To Grey
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Slovak Rave (1994)
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90's Space
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Italo-Disco Classica '83
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The Heidi Synthesis (1982)
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Czech Italo-Synthpop 1986
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Eternity Sequence
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Space Fracture
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26 miles
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Bass line in a box
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Per Ohlson - In My Eyes
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Vince & The Floating Keyboard
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Random Shapes
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Berlin 1979
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    LLIP DER 45 minutes ago

    Slowing playback is like doing Xanax speeding it up like large dose Aderrall.

  • Anthony DiNocco
    Anthony DiNocco 54 minutes ago


  • Confused Wolf
    Confused Wolf Hour ago

    Human League : being boiled alive...

  • Данила Ишин

    ГНК уже рядом))))

  • playlist ideale
    playlist ideale 2 hours ago

    Your videos of vintage disco (or TOTP dancers) synced to quality italo/future disco/etc.. are audio/visual blueprints for the ideal world. Nothing more enjoyable online.

  • Oleg Ivanov
    Oleg Ivanov 2 hours ago

    Аллаху акбар!

  • Rick STEWART
    Rick STEWART 2 hours ago

    no rap in them places no fooling around talking and sleeping folks worked in those days.

  • Matt Sterling
    Matt Sterling 2 hours ago

    What about bananrama?? They were huge

  • David Ellis
    David Ellis 3 hours ago

    I'm Not In Love Is An Amazing Production ! The Harmonies Are Out Of This World ! Just What Is That " Nasty Stain " ? 😆

  • Kristomancy
    Kristomancy 3 hours ago

    Its a time machine that drags you in

  • Кот Де Ла Муэртэ

    Смотрите на глаза он читает по телесуфлеру

  • Trevor Random
    Trevor Random 3 hours ago

    ♥ 10CC Whip it real good ☺

  • leftylimbo
    leftylimbo 3 hours ago

    Exquisite! Pretty crazy transition from a future funky tune to a total slow number! But definitely a great throwback to those good ol' days...thanks!

  • Peter Campbell
    Peter Campbell 3 hours ago

    Invasion of the sex dolls! 🤣🤣

  • Are Sounds Electrik?


  • PetStuBa
    PetStuBa 3 hours ago

    your channel is AWESOMMEEEEEEEE :D I think you will love my favorite band also

  • Luis Hernando
    Luis Hernando 4 hours ago

    Excelente Añoooo 1983***

  • Individual Elder
    Individual Elder 5 hours ago

    Sure a lot of them look like their trippin, but at least they are all having fun, enjoying themselves!

  • nishant singh
    nishant singh 6 hours ago

    this is all weirdly satisfying

  • Asia Szczęsnowicz
    Asia Szczęsnowicz 6 hours ago

    he is absolutely amazing

  • Richard Edwards
    Richard Edwards 6 hours ago

    during vietnam war it was18 to buy, drink alcohol thru out U.S., it jumped to 19 in some states (florida was one of them) in 1981, then to 21 in 1984 and if you were already 19 or 20 in 1984 you were grandfathered in. but when it changed from 18 to 19 and you were 18 you had to wait till you were 19, no grandfathered in, my older brother got caught in that one, LOL!! he was 18 when law passed and they took it away his right to drink.

  • Flint`s house
    Flint`s house 7 hours ago

    лайк за доброту

  • Paddy Ohara
    Paddy Ohara 7 hours ago

    Wicked 🔯 🔱 🔯

  • JackOfAllTrades
    JackOfAllTrades 8 hours ago

    Soviet Variations on Rockit

  • Honey Sweet
    Honey Sweet 10 hours ago

    Cuando escucho las dos primeras canciones, me entra un sentimiento (quizás de emoción) y me dan ganas de llorar, es muy hermoso =(

  • Paddy Ohara
    Paddy Ohara 10 hours ago

    Rushing.. Pass the Poppers 🔱

  • Newdy Kingforwan
    Newdy Kingforwan 10 hours ago

    **Smell like Russian*

  • demoned ed
    demoned ed 10 hours ago

    Glad not to had this chance to listen to such shitty music!

  • merdantm87
    merdantm87 11 hours ago

    Dude you deserve millions, your channel is like synth heaven. I actually brag with your channel to my friends. Ty and greetings from balkans.

  • christo792
    christo792 11 hours ago

    What a blast through the memory banks that was! But, paradoxically, *1983. If You Can Remember It, You Weren't Really There.* What a session 1983 was. Non-stop. Of course, it's shit to be an old fart, and to be honest it's dragging on a bit, but it was great to be young then.

  • Сергей Сергеевич

    Подоила корову и на сцену в клуб колхозный .

  • Ricky
    Ricky 12 hours ago

    1988 upfront Electronic music

  • The GK Front
    The GK Front 13 hours ago

    What is a 'plugger'?

    • dan4466
      dan4466 15 minutes ago

      The GK Front The song plugger is the person behind the scenes pitching a songwriter's composition to producers,

  • stevo mcneill
    stevo mcneill 14 hours ago

    P.A. - Vincent Gallo ??? wow.

  • Darryl Stubbs
    Darryl Stubbs 14 hours ago

    Great video lots of memories

  • herrgolf
    herrgolf 15 hours ago

    What a great track though... what is it?

  • Lana Is My Daddy Maria Is My Mommy

    had this on full blast, at 2:49 a.m, alone in my room after coming back home from seeing a scary movie. scared the piss out of me. i love it.

  • FletchLind
    FletchLind 18 hours ago

    При чем здесь видеофрагмент фильма "Берегите женщин"? Дизлайк за мошенничество!

  • I Love the 80s
    I Love the 80s 18 hours ago

    Wow! Where does Tubeway Days perform? The music is spot on! Excellent! What year was this recorded?

  • Freddy Marcel-Marcum
    Freddy Marcel-Marcum 19 hours ago

    Gloster Meteor 80, beautiful aircraft. As a former US Navy aircraft aviator I gotta say early 1940-70s British aircraft were stylish. Ours were lethal, we didn't put much effort to dress ourselves as it was, but the RAF did.

  • garnet winter
    garnet winter 20 hours ago

    love it those were awesome times i was a teen in

  • Senator107
    Senator107 20 hours ago

    Nice try Communists. ;)

  • Astro Mars
    Astro Mars 21 hour ago

    Compared to the shit that the USA and the UK have been shiting out in the last 20 years....This is gold!

  • Astro Mars
    Astro Mars 21 hour ago

    This shit is goooood! So gooood!

  • Qb Sting
    Qb Sting 21 hour ago

    Where did she go?

  • glenny oc
    glenny oc 22 hours ago

    Tony hadeley had the safe look of a solicitor by day.

  • Kelly O'Donnell
    Kelly O'Donnell 22 hours ago

    I'm eternally grateful to whoever put this video together.

  • Norbert The Nark

    i love they're playing guitars when there is no guitar on the fucking track!

  • Wbirk8000
    Wbirk8000 Day ago

    Hahaha. Love how '81 in Russia looks like 1964 in Britain. Good stuff.

  • Isaias Lima de Souza

    what is her name?

  • Bel
    Bel Day ago

    1:22 where is this from

  • daddyjankie
    daddyjankie Day ago

    *Wait Till They See Tony Montana*

  • crnylous
    crnylous Day ago

    Yeet what has led to me watching some aliens do weird stuff

  • Niurka Marcos Viuda de Osorio larios

    Silvester,Isora,Martha Dance Disco Heat

  • Rob Jones
    Rob Jones Day ago

    Mac, Morrissey, Marilyn......those were the days! 35 years have passed by in the blink of an eye but there was some great pop music back then. Let's not forget the another wonderful M.....Billy Mackenzie.

  • Jo Bckts
    Jo Bckts Day ago

    Cortney luv stole Nancy identity. Trainwrecks.

  • Von Vongnaphone

    Girls: Russian synth pop? Lame. Boys: 0:41

  • Vitoko skullerx

    Rusia en la era Soviética parecía otro planeta, otra raza de humanos, su sistema, el idioma, todo tan diferente al resto del mundo sobretodo Occidente.

  • Treevial
    Treevial Day ago

    Ох, Форум.... Волшебные звуки, космический голос и все это на кассетах

  • Тигренок Андрей

    More Psylocibe in our forests

  • Alex Mercer Gaming

    What the hell their speaking russia lol

  • audiotrax2000
    audiotrax2000 Day ago

    This is fantastic in every way!

  • Home Boy
    Home Boy Day ago

    Oh my god! Janice Long was only 28! The bitch looked as though she was in her mid 40s!

  • RetroGaming
    RetroGaming Day ago

    Че там за аппарат в конце был?

  • Freddy Marcel-Marcum

    Trabant Kombi 601, I used to rock that one😌

  • Z M
    Z M Day ago

    Какой то сюр...

  • Simon Byrd
    Simon Byrd Day ago

    Why did they even make Peel do it? Such a sourpuss.

  • 888rogermoore
    888rogermoore Day ago

    I listen to non stop via iTunes these days. It’s got to be in the top ten albums of the 80’s.

  • zavinullava
    zavinullava Day ago

    The decadence!

  • Аполло Бой


  • Echomen Stain
    Echomen Stain Day ago

    Очередной, низкий поклон до земли A. S. E. за уникальные видео кадры и редкий аудио трек!!!! Я очень рад, что ваш подписчик!

  • Amanda Victoria

    They really knew how to do this

  • Mar Vee
    Mar Vee Day ago

  • Edie Woodman
    Edie Woodman Day ago

    Wow. I love this so perhaps I don’t need it explained to me anyway

  • dTom Stamps
    dTom Stamps Day ago

    Psychedelic disco.

  • fred chet
    fred chet Day ago

    stupid junkies !!!

  • Marat Dusembaev

    Чот не понял, для чего стёрли оригинальную песню из фильма и вставили какую-то узбекскую песенку?

  • margus kiis
    margus kiis Day ago

    0:37 pre-fame Marc Almond

  • Arkxam S
    Arkxam S Day ago

    Rave massacre

  • Paddy Ohara
    Paddy Ohara Day ago

    Vodka and Snow 🔱

  • Rick Ogden
    Rick Ogden Day ago

    53 years old now and this music scared the shit out of me as a child...even now listening to it in 2019 makes me cringe in fear

  • José Ancapdolf Hidler

    1980 swedish wave 2020 African wave

  • Zamorrah
    Zamorrah Day ago

    Can you change category from pets & animals to music please? Thank you!!

  • Strappa Plank
    Strappa Plank Day ago

    5:15 buying Dig the New Breed


    What a mf vibe this is Time travel is the only acceptable answer

  • Radio Missing Hits

    AWESOME !!

  • Miron Kamenev
    Miron Kamenev Day ago

    Никакая это не Ольга..это просто романтика..мы все так живём и умрём...

  • merlinulg
    merlinulg Day ago

    Как будто кусочек "Утренней почты" конца 80-начала 90-х посмотрел :)

  • dacanesta
    dacanesta Day ago

    3rd speed ive heard this record in. This is the middle speed, and the best I reckon!

    • dacanesta
      dacanesta 21 hour ago

      And why hasnt this got more views on this channel?!!?

  • hejdiklump
    hejdiklump Day ago

    this is realy good..greetings from slovenia

  • glenny oc
    glenny oc Day ago

    Nick Rhodes did a lot for getting bands recognized. The dance troupes were awful too much like soul train.

  • bigfatpear
    bigfatpear Day ago

    ooo mark is it handbags at dawn.what a bitch.

  • Nothing here
    Nothing here Day ago

    *T E L E P H O N E*

  • Sean Ingram
    Sean Ingram 2 days ago

    Rain Forest is what got me listening to Paul Hardcastle back in 1985 when I heard it on a local radio station here in Richmond/Petersburg, Virginia, (USA) called "Magic 99" (99.3 FM / WPLZ). This was during my early years at Amelia County High School :) And the next time I had my cassette deck on, I had the pause on with the rec/play on standby and released it before it started and after that, I started playing that song over and over. Later, I would go to music stores, like Peaches and Sam Goody and try to find that album :) I still have the 45 RPM of "19" and "Fly By Night" on the B-side :)

  • MarcusGL
    MarcusGL 2 days ago

    OMG , that is really nice , that girl has the voice of an angel and looks like a model, Love from Germany

  • Freaky Ricky
    Freaky Ricky 2 days ago

    Porcoddiooo la Lancia Tempra!!!

  • Freaky Ricky
    Freaky Ricky 2 days ago

    Abductions are just some free drugs-party.

  • Matthew Bauer
    Matthew Bauer 2 days ago

    Sounds like the chorus from Mondlicht a bit: