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  • PlayBud101
    PlayBud101 34 minutes ago

    57:31 NO DON'T DO IT

  • dan smith
    dan smith 45 minutes ago

    18:06 A brilliant display of AI abuse.

  • Dave Johnson
    Dave Johnson Hour ago

    Fighting mechanics look more responsive than GTA 5

  • Marlon Sanchez
    Marlon Sanchez Hour ago

    Why would a robot cry in pain, right?

  • Оксана Монич

    Windows 5.0

  • Seph Yorke
    Seph Yorke Hour ago


  • Jose Angel Lamas Rodriguez

    recuerdos de mi adolescencia

  • OldSchoolBoi
    OldSchoolBoi 2 hours ago

    Another strange flaw with the music is that if a sound effect plays on one of the channels, the waveform doesn't go back to how it was for the song so for the next few seconds afterwards it has the sound effect's waveform

  • Justin Santo
    Justin Santo 2 hours ago

    Type 3 was my favorite music

  • juan jose rosa
    juan jose rosa 2 hours ago

    daytona??? la musica es muy parecida la de ridge racer

  • Jay Black
    Jay Black 2 hours ago

    Loved Stage 2 & 3 music. Level design for Stage 3 is no joke. A lot of talent poured into this little gem. Great video . . .

  • Vectrex28
    Vectrex28 4 hours ago

    Who are Youuuu? You're the man whoooo...

  • IAmNoRookie
    IAmNoRookie 4 hours ago

    I loved this game but could never pass it. Either the disc froze (sega cd) or it just took forever for the dialog to end. So glad that you uploaded this!

  • Bunker Baku
    Bunker Baku 4 hours ago

    Yaşlandık bee ((

  • Jarek
    Jarek 4 hours ago

    You should be payed to play this garbage not the other way around

  • Chris
    Chris 4 hours ago

    this game is still so fun. busting out the nes right now

  • Levi Johansen
    Levi Johansen 5 hours ago

    Love this game. Played it all the time when I was a kid

  • Fino de garagem
    Fino de garagem 5 hours ago

    Torture game.

  • Андрей Чубайс

    Что это за хуйня?

  • Pope missopan
    Pope missopan 5 hours ago

    You need to be smart to beat this game.. I never got very far..

  • Michael Richardson
    Michael Richardson 5 hours ago

    The ghost with the most deserves a better game than this.

    • NintendoComplete
      NintendoComplete 3 hours ago

      The Game Boy game was much better, have you seen it?

  • petinek1
    petinek1 6 hours ago

    Too fast

  • Mr Mike The Gamer
    Mr Mike The Gamer 6 hours ago

    *snes online with the switch is here, so ill finally be able to play this game in 720p*

  • Luis Enrique Piedra Hernandez

    Bay... zzzzZZZZZzzzzZZZZzzzzzzZZZZZZZzzzzzz

  • Karl Walker
    Karl Walker 6 hours ago

    Holy shit this game is still fantastic and you sir are a legend at this, I played a copy of this in the days of the U.F.O cartridge copying era and never had the Skill to complete. Thank you for your upload I shall place your video in a folder with my game (snes emulator) and use it as a tutorial:) PS if you are unemployed contact Nintendo! If you are employed then show this to your BOSS, PHENOMENAL SKILL,SIR:):)

  • John Coffey
    John Coffey 6 hours ago

    This was one of my favorite games that I ever worked on. I spent months of my life in this game. John Morgan was the lead programmer.

  • Hanferd
    Hanferd 7 hours ago

    Back then, I always thought Musashi was a woman in the game but look manly in the Cutscenes.

  • Yahia App Do
    Yahia App Do 7 hours ago

    How mant sports games

  • Lucie Bureau
    Lucie Bureau 8 hours ago

    I heard of Neo Geo but i never heard of Neo Geo AES. It never came out in my country. This looks nice.

  • M a l i d e n t u m
    M a l i d e n t u m 8 hours ago

    че за хуета

  • Dork n' Beanz
    Dork n' Beanz 8 hours ago

    Holy crap! This is even more butchered than I thought it would be lol

  • Cyclonejd 81
    Cyclonejd 81 8 hours ago

    2:24 dropping them like it’s Kung Fu on the NES

  • Shemarlos Scott
    Shemarlos Scott 9 hours ago

    Good game

  • NintendoComplete
    NintendoComplete 9 hours ago

    Ninja Combat is in no way a classic Neo Geo title, but its hyper-campy presentation goes a long way in making it an entertaining game to play through.

    • Vee Clark's NothingButTruth
      Vee Clark's NothingButTruth 8 hours ago

      I like how they are bringing back lots of the titles on Xbox one

    • David Richard
      David Richard 9 hours ago

      NintendoComplete for some reason I never realized this game had other playable characters besides blue guy and red guy 😂 but I haven’t played it in like 20 years and I was only like 8 at the time so I probably just sucked at it and never got far heh

  • Aleana Fernando
    Aleana Fernando 9 hours ago

    Shit this is legit the only game we played on our Gameboy advance and the rest were a couple demo games This is bringing back memories for real

  • J.A.M
    J.A.M 9 hours ago

    This was the very first video game I ever had, it was on Sega.

  • Dave Baniassi
    Dave Baniassi 10 hours ago

    Why this bus cannot go straight but it turns to right all the time?

  • Atcera
    Atcera 10 hours ago

    The best shit, used to laugh my ass off whenever we got to hurdles and someone fell flat. And what are those pathetic long jump attempts xD

  • Lord Iheanacho
    Lord Iheanacho 10 hours ago

    2:55:47 - Hey! Get a room! For three! We'll make it a threesome!

  • zambot3
    zambot3 11 hours ago

    I want this game

  • Albzz Mazzken
    Albzz Mazzken 12 hours ago

    I can see where UNDERTALE got it’s influence. Very intriguing yet interesting!

  • Manny G. Forever
    Manny G. Forever 12 hours ago

    Wow! Im 13 years old all over again. This took me back! Thank you for the memory!

  • Daniela Ventura
    Daniela Ventura 12 hours ago

    By far one of my NES favorite videogames. It took me one night to finish it. 🍅✨

    PETE PIRAHÑA 13 hours ago

    Nice Fucking GAME NINTENDO 1986 and the music is real, fantastic inspiration

  • Scott Borden
    Scott Borden 13 hours ago

    Jubei sounds just like vegeta only in samurai mode lmao lol

  • Stirner's Retrowave
    Stirner's Retrowave 13 hours ago

    I can definitely see the developers of the 2015 Mad Max game took some inspiration from this, especially in regards to resource collecting.

  • Nenner KN
    Nenner KN 13 hours ago

    1:55 God has vomited on the sky Seriously, WTF is that background?!

  • wazzock1983
    wazzock1983 13 hours ago

    Thanks alot for uploading.

  • Captain Quyết
    Captain Quyết 14 hours ago

    The comments are better than the game. And adventure island on hudgames is pretty good. :-)

  • Captain Quyết
    Captain Quyết 14 hours ago

    adventure island on hudgames - how exactly are you supposed to get the gold on lvl 12 if the last enemy keeps rolling into the water

  • Captain Quyết
    Captain Quyết 14 hours ago

    Great soundtrack, funny gameplay, derpy ball as a hero. Too bad it's so short - adventure island on hudgames

  • WarriorZ ToyZ
    WarriorZ ToyZ 15 hours ago


  • Artem Gubert
    Artem Gubert 16 hours ago

    JonTron review please?

  • Christopher Noel
    Christopher Noel 16 hours ago

    This video could have been captured and uploaded better; almost hurts the eyes the video quality is so poor.

  • game-sweetchaos Fox
    game-sweetchaos Fox 17 hours ago

    omg i still have this game too pc 😂

  • ManoloLimache
    ManoloLimache 17 hours ago

    Tengo recuerdos con este videojuego Taz-Mania. Lo jugué en 1998, más de un año después que nos regalaron la consola Super NES en la Navidad de 1996. Hasta el día de hoy tenemos el juego y la consola como objetos de culto.

  • James007HungerZone
    James007HungerZone 18 hours ago

    The Sega Channel version of this game had the two missing characters Lion and Shun

  • Fruitcake Floyd
    Fruitcake Floyd 18 hours ago

    I only heard of this growing up in Ohio when I was Kid in 1980's I missed out on the game so this is made by Technos the same Company that the NES Double Dragon games - Cool I may buy this and check it out soon.

  • springtrap pooper
    springtrap pooper 18 hours ago

    Cast : Batman Robin Commissoner Gordon Barbara Gordon Joker Harley Quinn Poison Ivy Penguin Catwoman Two faces Scarecrow Riddler Clayface Man Bat In vaccation Mr freeze Killer croc Mad hatter Killer moth Bane

  • Star Wars Fever
    Star Wars Fever 19 hours ago

    It would be great if fans made a mod to Monopoly plus with Expanded universe characters. And have the colored properties signify a sector of the galaxy instead of "colonies ".

  • Waxing Nostalgic
    Waxing Nostalgic 19 hours ago

    Is this played on an emulator or real fds system?

  • The Coolest Coolie Adesh Mahabir

    I remember playing this on my Sega Genesis with the three button controller and I mastered it.

  • bboyhanvzla
    bboyhanvzla 20 hours ago

    It's funny how they always add the blood type in the profile, maybe just in case you want to donate some blood to one of your opponents after beating the s**t out of him/her.

    BBF ENT DURHAM NC 20 hours ago

    I use to love this game Bird really was a great shooter

  • Soma Cruz
    Soma Cruz 20 hours ago

    Simon: Yay! I'm married \^-^/ Dracula: I'll be taking this ^,...,^ **kidnaps Simon's bride** Simon: Dude, not cool \0_0/

  • Agustin Farray
    Agustin Farray 20 hours ago

    A Hideo Kojima game

  • Christian Fragoso
    Christian Fragoso 20 hours ago

    You got tyere Problems go to PITSTOP

  • Luciana Fretez
    Luciana Fretez 21 hour ago

    Este lo estaba jugando hoy je

  • eva angelina
    eva angelina 21 hour ago

    Hermosos recuerdos. 10 de 10

  • Luciana Fretez
    Luciana Fretez 21 hour ago

    Yo lo tengo pero no sé cómo hacer los poderes 😬

  • SlimeBallGuy
    SlimeBallGuy 21 hour ago

    I played this game as a kid. I would fake illness to get out of going to Catholic mass (they're pedophiles). Anyways, I beat this shit in like 1996 or 1997. It was so fun. My buddy Steve HATED this game. He made fun of me for liking it as much as I did. Today Steve's in prison for arson. Looks like he got his. Fuckn' Steve, am I right? Anyways, this game is beautiful.

    • Steve DeJohn
      Steve DeJohn 19 hours ago

      Dude why the fuck are you bringing up my criminal history? That's no one's business! Plus the jury ruling was VERY sketchy. And yes this game SUCKS.

  • vanxx
    vanxx 22 hours ago

    Pacman's voice sounds much BETTER & cuter here in the genesis. He sounds annoying in the Snes. I remember renting this from Blockbuster and played it on the genesis way back

  • Isaac Ibarra
    Isaac Ibarra 22 hours ago

    29:50 Alubias: ¡Buen trabajo! ¡Nos salvaste del Dr. Robotnik! Jugador: ¡Si, lo logre! [Robotnik escapa]

    • Isaac Ibarra
      Isaac Ibarra 22 hours ago

      Esto es por parte de mi imaginacion. =)

  • SoulStreak 64
    SoulStreak 64 22 hours ago

    *Reads description* Huh, so this game played a dangerous game and somewhat successfully does a good job?

  • Sheldon Cooper
    Sheldon Cooper 22 hours ago

    You could improve your blackjack play by looking up a basic strategy generator and entering the specific rules provided: 1 deck, stand soft 17, split to 2 hands, double after split, late surrender allowed (on the earlier levels). Add 0.1% for the blackjack bonus when splitting aces (unusual blackjack rule). Utilize that strategy perfectly. No exceptions (unless you become a card counter, like me). Because this is a video game, the blackjack rules are so generous that perfect use of basic strategy alone (without counting) gives you a long term advantage over the house. Don't rely on luck and checkpoints alone. Develop your skill!

  • まりおぐでた
    まりおぐでた 23 hours ago

    Nice job !

  • alan hunt
    alan hunt 23 hours ago

    I had this on the Amiga 600. It was on about 18 floppy discs and every now and then you had to swap the discs in random orders to carry on playing. The problem too was that floppy discs would occasionally reformat themselves randomly, so you might end up with blank discs. This game came in a quite big box, and a book. I absolutely loved coming home on the bus and I looked forward to opening the box and playing it. Was an amazing time that was. The only other games I enjoyed this much were cannon fodder and escape from monkey island.

  • Japh urtecho
    Japh urtecho 23 hours ago

    This game made me happy and when I played it I felt sad when pac man got hurt and stuff like that But I feel so happy Idk why *_this game is a good adventure game better than the adventure game that namco do now a days_*

  • 川端栄一
    川端栄一 23 hours ago


  • The Real Sean W. Stewart

    While it certainly baffles me a little bit that they would make a sequel to a 3D 32X game...on the older, less powerful 16-bit Genesis system, especially this late in the console’s life, but it’s important to remember that many people still didn’t yet own the 32X or CD, so I guess it made sense to play it more safe of Sega to make a Genesis version as obviously more people owned the Gen and its games were much more commercially successful than those of either of its expensive add-ons.

  • SuperPanoply
    SuperPanoply Day ago

    Apparently Namco gives zero fucks about the epileptic.

  • TheEVN7
    TheEVN7 Day ago


  • Stephen Manuel

    They tried super-hard with this, and I think it's a modest success.

  • shooting smoke

    The controls don't seem quite as broken as avgn said but you can tell that they are not great

  • Marlon Sanchez

    I was in my early 20's when I beat this game, for over a decade I could not beat it but I did and I even man cried like Matthew McConaughey in INTERSTELLAR .

  • Marlon Sanchez

    For an 8bit game, it has the best detailed image of Shredder, huh??

  • Pablo Daniel Herrera

    5:07 dark Queen is that you ?.

  • Carlos The Shadow

    WTF 😂

  • Genesis Tanael

    Nostalgia that was 1990’s

  • Señor Bolainas

    Oh no thank u, I prefer walking alone.

  • Lotus Petal
    Lotus Petal Day ago

    I spent so long playing the 32X version of Virtua Fighter that I developed blisters and callouses on my fingers. This game looks like it's as fun as that one. One question: is the input for Wolf's throw move still as complicated as it was for the 32X, since you did it as Dural? I was only able to pull that off once, but it was so worth it!

    • Lotus Petal
      Lotus Petal 16 hours ago

      @NintendoComplete I remember the instruction manual had it listed with arrows instead of a circle and an arrow so it was this hilariously long-looking input command. I still wonder if that manual is lying around somewhere in a box.

    • NintendoComplete
      NintendoComplete Day ago

      Iirc it's done the same way, half circle forward + punch

  • jason morgan
    jason morgan Day ago

    It's very.....Un virtual. I call the 💩 Emoji out on this well polished Turd lol.

  • Greg Eckermann

    overrated garbage due to being too easy. Story was fine, and graphics where okay. but being too easy and not enough of the insanity stuff.

  • Luzur
    Luzur Day ago

    I had this game back in the 8-bit days, but never got further then 3rd planet

  • Dookie
    Dookie Day ago

    Jurassic park logic, "Collect or destroy all the eggs to get the password" Really?

  • Good Good
    Good Good Day ago

    Играл на пк в эту версию намного лучше в плане графы и анимации!

  • Yellow 13
    Yellow 13 Day ago

    At the end of the game you should get $60

  • Insatiable Landon S.

    I never knew this existed. Wow.

  • Shemarlos Scott

    Excellent Game

  • Jerry Schafer IV

    Sounds like Journey did the soundtrack! 😍😍😍