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Farm Update
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Real Update!
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Important Update
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Sly 2 | Part 6: Hippo Drop
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Sly 2 | Part 5: *SQUAT*
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Sly 2 | Part 1: The Wizard
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  • ForkTuTwTT /AJ
    ForkTuTwTT /AJ Hour ago

    Bolo is best boy

  • DragoSonicMile
    DragoSonicMile Hour ago

    He looks like he doesn't want to be bothered by the rest of us looking at him.

  • Spiced Lotus
    Spiced Lotus 3 hours ago

    What a good boye

  • YangTheInsane
    YangTheInsane 3 hours ago

    Cute gingy kitty

  • DarkhelmFx
    DarkhelmFx 3 hours ago

    Good cat

  • Xan dan
    Xan dan 3 hours ago

    I have a cat allergy but i still love them. I have birds.

  • Pandarin
    Pandarin 3 hours ago

    Oh man I remember that moment in Suikoden! Now I finally get to see the cute little culprit! XD That game was always one of my favorites to watch you play, right up there with Phoenix Wright. I hope I can see you play the sequel sometime soon! I just started it myself, and would love to have one if my favorite let’s players to play alongside with!

  • Ametislady
    Ametislady 3 hours ago

    Funmy,bolo means cake in portuguese

  • SwagJames
    SwagJames 4 hours ago


  • Peachy Miku
    Peachy Miku 4 hours ago

    Aww, cute kitty!

  • 24TechGamer
    24TechGamer 4 hours ago

    bolo is good cat good update max

  • Drake Darkest
    Drake Darkest 4 hours ago

    I have the same breed of cat. His name is tony.

  • Bradley Boy
    Bradley Boy 4 hours ago

    He's so COOT

  • Ultrabot Ultimus
    Ultrabot Ultimus 4 hours ago

    That is one weird dog. But cool none the less.

  • Bee-Zee Soul
    Bee-Zee Soul 4 hours ago

    I had a cat just like him. That cat passed away unfortunately. Yours is super cute

  • Weston Pickering
    Weston Pickering 4 hours ago


  • Sero Hanta
    Sero Hanta 4 hours ago

    Coot Cate!

  • Keir Armstrong
    Keir Armstrong 4 hours ago

    That is a mega cute cat.

  • TheEternalSheep
    TheEternalSheep 4 hours ago


  • Carlos Perez
    Carlos Perez 4 hours ago

    That is indeed a cat

  • delia zota
    delia zota 4 hours ago

    Cute cat and first

  • SomeRandomDutchGuy

    6:38 Some company's have people hand out tissue packets which have the company's information on them. Their reasoning is that people would hold on to these "business cards", because everyone needs a tissue sometimes.

  • Vulanus
    Vulanus 2 days ago

    Hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahah 69 hahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahah

  • minecraft pro gamer

    What's the point of trees in space?!?

  • minecraft pro gamer

    That ghost almost gave me a heart attack! 😨

  • minecraft pro gamer

    What happen to his face?! 😕

  • minecraft pro gamer

    He dabbed! 😮

  • Irma Edwards
    Irma Edwards 3 days ago

    I wish that he review the last episode every time

  • Tommy Ettinger
    Tommy Ettinger 4 days ago

    I think King K Rool was more like Dr Claw from inspector gadget in this game with those cutscenes lol

  • The Many Scribbles
    The Many Scribbles 5 days ago

    This dude laughs like Scratch from The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog and I love that.

  • 300-I.Q. Prower
    300-I.Q. Prower 6 days ago

    People who start with Yakuza 0: No way in heck is Majima gonna seriously kill her people who know what Majima is normally like: ....she might legit be about to get slaughtered like an animal.

  • 300-I.Q. Prower
    300-I.Q. Prower 6 days ago

    "I've got the deepest knot in my stomach right now" okay so I wasn't the only one who felt that at this part of the game

  • DeadlyHoneyDew_
    DeadlyHoneyDew_ 8 days ago

    way too loud D:

  • Castle of Fiction
    Castle of Fiction 9 days ago

    Hey, Max, did you ever post the finale of Smash Ultimate?

  • X Gamer
    X Gamer 10 days ago

    Not so much eerie as you are insane

  • Lars2015
    Lars2015 12 days ago

    So... Who can? TRASH CAN!!!! XD

  • Dave - RalinAura
    Dave - RalinAura 12 days ago

    Hmmm, not gonna lie, this was always one of the most memorable and enjoyable parts of the game for me, even as a kid. I was surprised that you didn't remember it, and even more surprised at how much you disliked it...

  • Cameron Friedrich
    Cameron Friedrich 12 days ago

    13:32 I would've LOVED to have seen the look on your face as you slowly realized what's going on. XD

  • Jean Galavis
    Jean Galavis 14 days ago

    This is truly a spectacular update, Max. It doesn't get better than a quaint farm with lovable animals.

  • Samuel Shock
    Samuel Shock 15 days ago

    *AW MAN!*

  • Michael MaxAndCoral
    Michael MaxAndCoral 15 days ago

    Chicken wut

  • Little Lo Gamer
    Little Lo Gamer 16 days ago

    I have been watching this playlist for 2 years now when i very first found it and haven't stopped since and i wanted to thank you for the inspiration you gave me when i started my channel exactly 2 years ago after i watched this series it gave me the information and inspiration i needed to do the lets plays that i have created to this day and i wanted to thank you from one retro gaming completionist to another.

  • Zachary Aziz
    Zachary Aziz 16 days ago

    These type of videos would be great to upload during the gaps between your Lps

  • Kibanekowolfboy
    Kibanekowolfboy 16 days ago

    Max let me say this your pixellation would not matter remember how people found a flag on a farm yea there no point you can't hide it.

  • LP Finale
    LP Finale 16 days ago

    Oooh, goats. An uncle of mine used to raise those. The little goat kids would always jump on your legs if you sat down. It was like being a mobile climby toy.

  • YangTheInsane
    YangTheInsane 16 days ago

    Casper the friendly Goat. You sir earn my respect for that glorious Pun.

  • Defender Of happiness!

    the animals are so adorable max!🥰

  • Danny Dolan
    Danny Dolan 16 days ago

    More farm updates! I wish I could have that life.

  • ᵗʰᵉNight★Star

    Real Life Stardew Valley up in here.

  • DrMrProfessorPatrick

    Buncha cuties :p

  • Human_ That_Much
    Human_ That_Much 16 days ago

    That was amazing

  • Xan dan
    Xan dan 16 days ago

    You have a pool. My envy levels are now maximum. Keep being you dude👍🏼

    • Xan dan
      Xan dan 16 days ago

      Oh boi one of my other sins is rising fast. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

    • MaxOfFewTrades
      MaxOfFewTrades 16 days ago

      Oh man, I better make sure to not tell you I've literately never used it.

  • Carlos Perez
    Carlos Perez 16 days ago

    Casper the friendly goat. To whoever thought of that pun, i salute you sir/Madame

  • Danny Jacobo
    Danny Jacobo 16 days ago

    You know Max I really liked this video. It shows us more of your life which is nice since I wanna say this is a chill community.

  • dante copy
    dante copy 16 days ago

    So you do live on a farm neat

  • Weston Pickering
    Weston Pickering 16 days ago

    Is this a joke

  • Daniel Llanos
    Daniel Llanos 16 days ago

    I wish I had goats. They’re just so goofy.

  • BROmeliad1
    BROmeliad1 16 days ago

    Which Harvest Moon is this? :P

  • XtremeGamer97
    XtremeGamer97 16 days ago

    Prometheus and Bob? Haven't heard those names since the old cartoon and I would love to live where you do it seems peaceful and I could certainly go for peaceful right now

  • Elijah Walker
    Elijah Walker 16 days ago

    Old Max Donald had a farm

  • 300-I.Q. Prower
    300-I.Q. Prower 16 days ago

    God I wish I could be surrounded by animals. I got that reference btw

  • Keir Armstrong
    Keir Armstrong 16 days ago

    Out of all places where Max would live, a farm wasn't what I was expecting, I also love that beard he's got.

  • FictionRumble
    FictionRumble 16 days ago

    Goat face

  • ForkTuTwTT /AJ
    ForkTuTwTT /AJ 16 days ago


    • Luke Username
      Luke Username 16 days ago

      I guessed that too when he mentioned on stream how he lives out in the boonies, and that goats make good pets

  • coolbond2
    coolbond2 17 days ago

    i know this is old but potatoes is not the staple food of japan unlike the west, rice is

  • Andy Blanton
    Andy Blanton 18 days ago


  • Sad_Meat
    Sad_Meat 18 days ago

    Max gets the JSchlatt funny mic

  • Sophia .Chung
    Sophia .Chung 19 days ago

    i hate fighting pauline

  • Edward Armstrong
    Edward Armstrong 22 days ago

    Ah, it feels good to be the WEISS mage!

  • Spider Clans Film Production

    was here for school work but this is not educational

  • 300-I.Q. Prower
    300-I.Q. Prower 22 days ago

    having now played Yakuza 0 i am flbbergasted by how godly max's dancing skills are. The timing for that minigame is frickin evil and he got level 3 voltage on hard without even using dancing fever

  • Sophia .Chung
    Sophia .Chung 23 days ago

    i know f zero from 4kids GP Legend

  • Danny Jacobo
    Danny Jacobo 24 days ago

    Can't wait to play this on my switch!!

  • red rubeus
    red rubeus 24 days ago

    Max: You're a terrible mother! Also max: if there was a baby on a plane that was crying i probably kick it like a football as opposed to actually calm it down... (Im late...)

  • Xan dan
    Xan dan 26 days ago

    Ooh power ponies

  • YangTheInsane
    YangTheInsane 27 days ago

    Your computer room looks much cleaner than mine.

  • Daniellox17
    Daniellox17 27 days ago

    cool 8)

  • Elijah Walker
    Elijah Walker 27 days ago

    I thought the update was that your girlfriend said yes to your proposal.

    • Elijah Walker
      Elijah Walker 9 days ago

      Well that sucks. I've never had a girlfriend before either.

    • MaxOfFewTrades
      MaxOfFewTrades 27 days ago

      ...What? I don't have, and in fact, have never even had a girlfriend.

  • DragoSonicMile
    DragoSonicMile 27 days ago


  • Onyx Steel
    Onyx Steel 27 days ago

    Your chair is still better than Shane Holmberg's. (Only barely though. Please save it soon.) PS: I don't expect you to understand the reference but I'm not going to explain it. I will however say that it's from a certain law RU-clip streamer who is covering a certain case somewhat related to your waifu.

  • Joshua Schluter
    Joshua Schluter 27 days ago

    0:16 I will not ignore those ponies. Best pony will not be ignored.

  • Hunter Hendry
    Hunter Hendry 27 days ago

    I'm making that smile at the end my background

  • The Nerd-Bot
    The Nerd-Bot 27 days ago


  • Girthy knuckles
    Girthy knuckles 27 days ago

    *aggressively jealous of weiss merch*

    • MaxOfFewTrades
      MaxOfFewTrades 27 days ago

      Now you know my pain from when I didn't have any.

  • 24TechGamer
    24TechGamer 27 days ago

    Are you telling me the glorious trash can was not a _real_ update!? How dare ye.

  • Spiced Lotus
    Spiced Lotus 27 days ago

    In Area 51 we’ll find what max does with dryer sheets 😳😳

  • Dark Speed
    Dark Speed 27 days ago

    m o p

  • Spiced Lotus
    Spiced Lotus 27 days ago

    Awesome! I was just rewatching your p4 let’s play for like the one millionth time when you uploaded this lol, hype for new content!

  • Noah Monnier
    Noah Monnier 27 days ago

    Hmm this cool more maxoffewtrades content

  • Weston Pickering
    Weston Pickering 27 days ago

    What is your guess on how long it will take.also can you give us a clue on your next lets play?

    • Weston Pickering
      Weston Pickering 27 days ago

      @ᵗʰᵉNight★Star thanks

    • ᵗʰᵉNight★Star
      ᵗʰᵉNight★Star 27 days ago

      I can give you a clue, but it still won't provide any answers. All he'll tell me is it's something i've been requesting for a while now. But it's entirely possible that it's something that many OTHER people have been requesting, too. But i've said a lot over the years, so it really could be anything. ANYTHING. But I do know he said this much to me. Though he still doesn't wanna ruin the surprise, and I didn't want him to ruin it FOR me, either.

  • ForkTuTwTT /AJ
    ForkTuTwTT /AJ 27 days ago

    We finally got to see Max’s murderous chair! And his mop

  • Bubs Quintero
    Bubs Quintero 27 days ago


  • Zexalcraft
    Zexalcraft 27 days ago

    “Big bad bag of bed bugs” Say that five times fast.

  • Fang1st
    Fang1st 29 days ago

    How do you know you're an easily entertained, simple minded viewer? You think this is AN AMAZING VIDEO!!!

  • ساره العريمي


  • SquigglyDigg
    SquigglyDigg 29 days ago


    • MaxOfFewTrades
      MaxOfFewTrades 29 days ago

      Oh, wow! Uh, never thought I would see you here! I hope you enjoy yourself for however long you stick around.

  • Janae Pickett
    Janae Pickett Month ago


  • kayokango
    kayokango Month ago

    "why couldn't he put Mallow to sleep, he's not as useful as Bowser" Mallow's been singlehandedly keeping the entire team alive the whole fucking battle... Also, you're selling Geno extremely short. He's every bit as good as the rest of the team.(if not better)You complain about him (and formerly Mallow) dying frequently, but you 1: didn't fully equip Geno with defensive gear despite being able to afford it and then some. 2: you don't stock up on enough items, particularly Pick-Me-Ups. 3: you're holding on to all of your flower items and never using them when you're low on flower points,(a dumb and overrated strategy anyway) your lack of FP is going to start biting you in the ass soon if you don't start raising it at every opportunity. And 4: you constantly skip the overwhelming majority of the battle encounters in the game, making you incredibly under leveled. And you wonder why some of your characters are seemingly dropping like flies... I mean sheesh man, get a clue!

  • yohann perez
    yohann perez Month ago

    Go watch death battle king dedede vs wario

  • YangTheInsane
    YangTheInsane Month ago

    I’ll name her, Dumpling