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  • Mohammed Tabrez
    Mohammed Tabrez Hour ago

    Hai what game name thank you

  • M4DG4M3R6977
    M4DG4M3R6977 3 hours ago

    So what you should do now is, do this same thing with ash’s Pokémon from every region. Then bring back all the winners and have a final battle. Please please please. Madgamer signing out 👍👍

  • Victor Dauteuil
    Victor Dauteuil 3 hours ago

    Cant beat the classics

  • M4DG4M3R6977
    M4DG4M3R6977 3 hours ago

    Why all of the trade outs? If your going against the same team and you know they are gonna trade out, use moves super effective to the Pokémon of your Pokémon’s weakness. This battle was good but could have ended way sooner.

  • Davin Lie
    Davin Lie 3 hours ago


  • Goom Mooster
    Goom Mooster 3 hours ago

    Do Steven Universe the movie special Steven = Keldeo Garnet = Infernape Pearl = Virision Amethyst = Ditto (referencing how much she shapeshifts) or Zoura/ Zourark I’m gonna continue soon

  • Rhea Silverstorm
    Rhea Silverstorm 4 hours ago

    I admire the efforts they went through to make sure this ended 1-0

  • Davin Lie
    Davin Lie 4 hours ago

    Somebody hold Tauros' beer! Muk: I will.

  • Kiba Zych
    Kiba Zych 6 hours ago

    Chansey without soft-boiled?? Rly?

  • Kiba Zych
    Kiba Zych 6 hours ago

    Giga drain is a good move... Really... trust me... So is air slash... or Stealth rock- Something you underestimate

  • Kiba Zych
    Kiba Zych 7 hours ago

    I think that you haven't played none of that pokemon before. You surely don't know how to play Lugia and Ho-oh, also Entei, raikou and Suicune have worse abilities. Where's raikou's hidden power, that can beat thundurus? Where's Lugia's roost you shoild use in first minutes of battle? The same problem with Ho-oh. I'm sorry, but your "strategy,, gave me cancer in some moments....

  • Gage Blackard
    Gage Blackard 7 hours ago

    So obvious misty would win

  • The Goldzz
    The Goldzz 8 hours ago

    Could u do my vs ash

  • Naomi Seifu
    Naomi Seifu 9 hours ago

    does it work

  • Clever One
    Clever One 9 hours ago

    I would prefer ×30 Taurus Vs ×30 Taurus

  • Frasby KH
    Frasby KH 10 hours ago

    Can you do a blitz tournament with Ash's first six Pokémon? Pikachu,butterfree, Pidgeot bulbasaur, Charizard, Squirtle. Or another blitz tournament with Brock, Misty or Gary's Pokémon to see which is the strongest.

  • Glaceon5628
    Glaceon5628 10 hours ago

    Can there please be an alolan tournament? Alolan Sandshrew Alolan Sandslash Alolan Vulpix Alolan Ninetails Alolan Diglett Alolan Dugtrio Alolan Meowth Alolan Persian There was alot of alolan form pokemon so I chose the ones that first came to my mind.

  • Ighor Souza
    Ighor Souza 12 hours ago

    Liked it! Also make Ash Pokemon from one generation against another generation! In this style of fighting would be great!

  • You-Know-Who
    You-Know-Who 12 hours ago

    So only I noticed that Tauros won and yet his icon turned grey whilst Muk's icon remained coloured as the winner? Like if you missed that the first time

  • Richard Angri
    Richard Angri 12 hours ago

    Next Ash's Johto Pokemons Blitz Tournament

  • Tyrannosaurus Acrocanthosaurus

    A suggestion: Ultra Beast blitz tournament

  • LibraWarrior 2004
    LibraWarrior 2004 14 hours ago

    Yes! Tauros is the winner! I knew it all along. Yahoo!

  • Christian Garvey
    Christian Garvey 14 hours ago

    decidueye and torterra are dope

  • supercooldiego
    supercooldiego 15 hours ago


  • Kevin Rojas
    Kevin Rojas 15 hours ago

    Pidgeot eats Pikachu, it was the battle of the Pokemon ignored by Ash

  • supercooldiego
    supercooldiego 15 hours ago


  • Pravin Khobarkhede
    Pravin Khobarkhede 15 hours ago

    You. Make. Nice. Video

  • Rexyjp123
    Rexyjp123 15 hours ago

    Arceus vs mega mewtwo x (the small one)

  • Shang Sung the New and Old

    pretty shure alan is on another level with pokemon fighting

  • Blackmamba4798
    Blackmamba4798 16 hours ago

    Ash seriously go get Pidgeot back she probably thinks you're dead.

  • Jorge Montes
    Jorge Montes 16 hours ago


  • Diaz Jasarevic
    Diaz Jasarevic 16 hours ago

    Charizard is the best

  • Ian Chen
    Ian Chen 16 hours ago

    Nice battle

  • 王裕安
    王裕安 16 hours ago

    Where are squirthe and lapras

  • Mary grace Hilario
    Mary grace Hilario 17 hours ago

    The battle between the original team rocket pokemon is about to begin 7:37

  • Diego 64
    Diego 64 17 hours ago

    Ash won the Alola league ladies and gentlemen

  • yukito shiino
    yukito shiino 18 hours ago


  • yukito shiino
    yukito shiino 18 hours ago


  • rongpipi ganga
    rongpipi ganga 18 hours ago

    What game is it

  • yusei fudo
    yusei fudo 18 hours ago

    Pokemon lovers, watch this ru-clip.com/video/pD5YHcqUCi0/video.html

  • seema shedge
    seema shedge 18 hours ago

    Why you not taken Lapras,Snorlax,Haunter and togepi

  • Kitty Wombat
    Kitty Wombat 18 hours ago

    Nice :3

  • seema shedge
    seema shedge 18 hours ago

    My Favourite is Charizad,Tauros

  • seema shedge
    seema shedge 18 hours ago

    My Favourite is Charizad,Tauros

  • simiabraz Frensh infernape

    Bulbasaur my boi would have destroyed them in the anime except for charizard 😁

  • Master Roshi 69
    Master Roshi 69 18 hours ago

    Why there aren't Squirtle, Lapras, Snorlax and Primeape? But the way great video bro👍

  • Lucas Caldas de Carvalho Ferreira

    The 3 best pokemons are the one Ash put in the lab

  • Wild Pizza Eater
    Wild Pizza Eater 18 hours ago

    Vid idea: pls make Legendary pokemon battle

  • Lucas Caldas de Carvalho Ferreira

    My favorite is Bulbasaur, but it have 0% win

  • Bibha Kumari
    Bibha Kumari 18 hours ago

    very nice video mainly ash's tauros was his powerful pokemonthat in his first battle he defeated venusaur

  • Blackstar Suner
    Blackstar Suner 19 hours ago

    No squirtle 😭😭

    FAZE XD KAY 19 hours ago


  • kishan Talpada
    kishan Talpada 19 hours ago

    Balbsaur is my favourite pokmon

  • bry L
    bry L 19 hours ago


  • VS Network
    VS Network 19 hours ago

    Which is your favorite Kanto Pokémon of Ash? Tell me down below!

  • Ilona vee
    Ilona vee 19 hours ago

    I'm glad Tauros won!

  • Arpan Chauhan
    Arpan Chauhan 19 hours ago

    Pikachu , charizard is best

  • Dablu Sharivistav
    Dablu Sharivistav 19 hours ago

    Great idea

  • Epica Minemator
    Epica Minemator 20 hours ago

    My big brother dreams come true. Thanks versus...

  • Rebels
    Rebels 20 hours ago

    Ash vs Alder Muk Glalie Krookodile Infernape Noivern Snorlax

  • Daniel Dyer
    Daniel Dyer 20 hours ago

    Why didnt his blastoise know ice beam or ice punch? Wouldnt that have obliterated decidueye instead of using surf?

  • sontosh gajurel
    sontosh gajurel 20 hours ago

    I love delfox but it got out at the first. 😂😂😂😂

  • Wilma Veeken
    Wilma Veeken 20 hours ago

    Ash speelt vals

  • Pratik Kumar
    Pratik Kumar 21 hour ago

    Great battle. Thank you so much for starting the blitz tournament again. According to Pokemon anime In kanto Ash charizard is best. Not only in kanto but it's one of best Ash overall all generation Pokemon across all region.

  • Prashant Kumar
    Prashant Kumar 21 hour ago

    Great idea. In anime Charizard is strongest Pokemon in Ash Kanto team. Also Charizard is strongest Pokemon of Ash's team after Greninja and Infernape.

    • Blackmamba4798
      Blackmamba4798 16 hours ago

      Nah I think Charizard is stronger then Infernape. The former took on three legendaries and while it only beat one that's still impressive.

  • Blauer Fasan
    Blauer Fasan 21 hour ago

    If there wasn‘t Arceus the Kalos Region would be the better one.

  • helmut
    helmut 21 hour ago

    The hoenn guy Played bad

  • gguruji99 duude
    gguruji99 duude 21 hour ago

    No Pokémon can beat arecus

  • Ryan McGlade
    Ryan McGlade 21 hour ago

    Pikachu vs. Butterfree! Bulbasaur vs. Muk! Kingler vs. Tauros! Charizard vs. Pidgeot!

  • Ryan McGlade
    Ryan McGlade 21 hour ago

    My money's on Charizard as usual!

  • Ash Ketchum
    Ash Ketchum 21 hour ago

    Ash versus hau

  • Johnny12575
    Johnny12575 21 hour ago

    Go originals! Beat those cheap ripoffs! (Seismitoad is definitely a ripoff of Swampert who's a ripoff of Quagsire though. Nothing to do with Poliwrath)

  • Rebels
    Rebels 22 hours ago

    Ash vs Alder Muk Glalie Krookodile Infernape Noivern Snorlax

  • Muhammad Anus
    Muhammad Anus 22 hours ago

    Next jhoto's pokemons blitz tournament

  • Muhammad Anus
    Muhammad Anus 22 hours ago

    Where's Snorlax,squaritle

  • Muhammad Anus
    Muhammad Anus 22 hours ago

    Why squaritle is not here

  • Muhammad Anus
    Muhammad Anus 22 hours ago

    Ash's jhoto pokemons blitz tournament pleaseeeeeeeeee😭😭😭

  • Crafter Noah21
    Crafter Noah21 22 hours ago

    Ist das eigentlich immer ein CPU oder ein menschlicher Spieler?

  • Crafter Noah21
    Crafter Noah21 22 hours ago

    wow ist das stumpf

  • Anjana Pramodrai
    Anjana Pramodrai 22 hours ago

    And also Ash best Pokemon tournament Pikachu Charizard Secptile Infernape Krookidle Green ninja Lyancroc Swellow or straptor

    • Anjana Pramodrai
      Anjana Pramodrai 16 hours ago

      @seema shedge yes l forgot

    • seema shedge
      seema shedge 18 hours ago

      You not Know that Goodra is ash pseudo LEGENDARY POKEMON and also ash power house

  • Wild Pizza Eater
    Wild Pizza Eater 22 hours ago

    #TeamBulbasaur #TeamCharizard #TeamPikachu

  • Anjana Pramodrai
    Anjana Pramodrai 22 hours ago

    Next blitz tournament Ash jhoto Pokemon tournament Pikachu Hearacross Baleff Totodile Cyandquill Noctwol Ash hoenn Pokemon tournament Pikachu Swellow Secptile Corphish Torkal Glalie Ash sinnoh Pokemon tournament Pikachu Staraptor Tortera Infernape Buizel Gliscor Ash unova Pokemon tournament Pikachu Oshawatt Krookidle Levanny Snivy Pignite Ash kalos Pokemon tournament Pikachu Grenjina Talonflame Halwalanch Noivern Goodra

  • Anjana Pramodrai
    Anjana Pramodrai 22 hours ago

    Muk vs Bulbasaur Muk wins Pikachu vs Pidgeot Pikachu wins Tarous vs Charizard Charizard wins Kingler vs Butterfree kingler

  • Anjana Pramodrai
    Anjana Pramodrai 22 hours ago

    Go Pikachu and Charizard!!!!!!

  • Zodiac Quartz
    Zodiac Quartz 23 hours ago

    1 sentence. Gigantamax Alcremie is bigger than Wailord.

  • Ashvin Shah
    Ashvin Shah 23 hours ago

    Charizard shouldn't have been affecred by that brave bird so much

  • mister koala 2.0
    mister koala 2.0 23 hours ago

    go kingler and pikachu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashvin Shah
    Ashvin Shah 23 hours ago

    Go charizard

  • Strandvag Tornschure
    Strandvag Tornschure 23 hours ago

    The final score will declare the winner, mispelled!

  • Raj Mishra
    Raj Mishra 23 hours ago

    No snorlax, lol

  • Pro Gamer
    Pro Gamer 23 hours ago


  • glaze instant
    glaze instant Day ago

    Is this a game??

  • Lily
    Lily Day ago

    Yay!! Unova battles are my favorite!!

  • Gaming Prohead

    *Epic Racism.*

  • Trae Hignight
    Trae Hignight Day ago

    Ash would win especially if his pikachu and solgaleo where included

  • OliV 86
    OliV 86 Day ago

    It should’ve been kanto vs johto and hoenn vs sinnoh and then so on but this is still pretty cool

  • Math Camargo
    Math Camargo Day ago

    Johto version please!!!!!

  • Darrell Saunders

    Your battle was horrible bruh

  • 1venemousnake1

    Surprised jhoto won. The Hoenn starters are all OP haha

  • samrat singh
    samrat singh Day ago

    Furret is my hero. 😂