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  • Viv Randolph
    Viv Randolph 23 hours ago

    Susanna missing the point as usual!

  • L D
    L D Day ago

    Not a massive fan of Piers but I liked this

  • AMBGS7
    AMBGS7 Day ago

    Mr Morgan, may I donate some blue Panadol for your mental stability?

  • TheOffroader7458
    TheOffroader7458 2 days ago

    You the man 👍

  • Richard Webster
    Richard Webster 2 days ago

    Sussana is the biggest snowflake. I liked her pre strictly but unfortunately strictly brings out the inner cunt in people

  • Carlos Correia
    Carlos Correia 2 days ago

    1:10 Hahahahahahahhahaha

  • Monish Kumar
    Monish Kumar 2 days ago

    Extremely good, I compleatly enjoyed it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird - Death Blow', channel link ru-clip.com/channel/UCv_x5rlxirO-WKjLIyk6okQ , doo check :)

  • Kennis
    Kennis 2 days ago

    Piers Morgan is a fascist

  • Paul Thomson
    Paul Thomson 3 days ago

    the planet is fine...people are fucked.

  • Homer Simpson
    Homer Simpson 3 days ago

    This video will be valuable history 30 years from now when the movie about him comes out and people look into it

  • why me why not
    why me why not 3 days ago

    How dareee you 😂😂

  • RW
    RW 3 days ago

    Piers Morgan is absolutely correct. I completely agree with him

  • Oculos Aperi
    Oculos Aperi 3 days ago

    That female host is an idiot.

  • Phil Phil
    Phil Phil 4 days ago

    Why is that plump woman in a fake tan sitting next to the master piers MORGAN?

    • kaci jada
      kaci jada 2 days ago

      she is literally thinner than piers

  • Angel Halo
    Angel Halo 4 days ago


  • Jannis Kr.
    Jannis Kr. 4 days ago

    bitch, first of all, learn how to spell hypocrisy. Second of all, the woman showed exactly why Piers Morgan is the one being hypocritical, because he claims that Greta doesn't do enough for climate change, while doing absolutely NOTHING to contribute to it himself.

  • Christopher S. Pitson

    Piers ist ja auch ein Hurensohn Piers halt die fresse

  • Uma Naidu Jonnareddy


  • terryv
    terryv 5 days ago

    This clown is a complete and total huckster. Anybody who believes anything he says is an idiot.

  • Ant Dawg
    Ant Dawg 5 days ago

    I ❤ global warming!

    • Wolfsschanze
      Wolfsschanze 4 days ago

      Love warm weather myself too, as a matter of fact.

  • AlienSpaceDrugs
    AlienSpaceDrugs 5 days ago

    I would have shot the dog in the head after that

  • ozmond2600
    ozmond2600 5 days ago

    Greta Thunberg is a useful idiot.

  • Leather Neck
    Leather Neck 5 days ago


  • nick shires
    nick shires 5 days ago

    That woman is a dunderhead

  • Maxx Grey
    Maxx Grey 6 days ago

    Haha Piers is classic. Who is this dumb female on there with him? Stupid idiot. That Greta is a damn terrorist and a moron. Mental and retarded. Well done to Piers for speaking the truth.

  • Dana Red
    Dana Red 6 days ago


  • Dulcie Park
    Dulcie Park 6 days ago

    He is very imature


      RNW sort yourself out! She’s fucking 16 years old 😂 do you have nothing better to do than insult her for fighting for what she believes in?

    • RW
      RW 3 days ago

      He's making a point while being funny. She doesn't understand what she's saying. She's wasting the lives of a lot of people

    • RNW
      RNW 5 days ago

      @ComaBerenices Hes mocking her appalling acting skills and ludicrous accent...and rightly so.. stupid 'Children of the Corn' looking bitch.

    • ComaBerenices
      ComaBerenices 5 days ago

      Paying money to McDonalds (a big world polluter & promoter of CO2-heavy beef industry) while crying about climate change - is even more "immature". Morgan is right about this one. It is hypocrisy. It's like if I told you to lose weight while I'm stuffing my face with BigMacs :)

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez 6 days ago

    Oh Piers as always he is a clown, a bad Joke!

    • tia elisha
      tia elisha 4 days ago

      Catfish Billy thank you

    • Catfish Billy
      Catfish Billy 4 days ago

      You are a member of the snowflakes I see. She’s a jumped up little privileged girl being wrongly guided by her extremist parents. He’s having a little joke. Grow a thicker skin pal

  • Pierre Michel
    Pierre Michel 6 days ago

    Ha ha. I like Piers. He’s intelligent and rational. How dare you !! lol.

  • Fungustech
    Fungustech 6 days ago

    Is a Hippocracy something like a technocracy but run by hippos?

    • j.denino57
      j.denino57 2 days ago

      Fungustech I fixed that lol

    • Brynden Avenue
      Brynden Avenue 3 days ago

      It's like the Hippocratic oath "thou shalt do no harm", except in this case it is "do no research"

    • Etrur
      Etrur 3 days ago

      Happy to help👍

    • Fungustech
      Fungustech 3 days ago

      @Etrur Thank you for confirming and easing my confusion.

    • Etrur
      Etrur 4 days ago

      Fungustech with today’s world where we can identify as penguins I think that’s the definition

  • jack wilson
    jack wilson 6 days ago


  • jack wilson
    jack wilson 6 days ago

    We need to Save the planet from GRETA and her ZOMBIE CLAN .😵😨

  • MGTOW Survivalist
    MGTOW Survivalist 6 days ago

    People like Gweta and her family need to be extinct.

  • Ian Fernando
    Ian Fernando 7 days ago

    Child abuse.

      RYUJIN秘SAIYAN 3 days ago

      @Catfish Billy if she visits McDonald's regularly enough the prophecy might come true😂

    • Catfish Billy
      Catfish Billy 4 days ago

      RNW Her extremist parents have this poor girl thinking the world is actually going to end in 15 years and she’s going to die

    • RNW
      RNW 5 days ago


  • Patrick-Roger Ray-Paul

    She’s a fucked in the head thick bitch

  • steve lyle
    steve lyle 7 days ago

    Have just laughed out loud at my work. Brilliant How dare you!!!!!

  • Easy Crypt
    Easy Crypt 7 days ago

    Meh him mocking her gives her credit

  • Shadi Hanna
    Shadi Hanna 25 days ago

    The dog was just playing .. stupid dogo .

  • falcons655
    falcons655 25 days ago

    That dog is a fucking dick

  • matthewakian2
    matthewakian2 Month ago

    Good points.

  • Robert Briones
    Robert Briones Month ago

    Are thoe Contractors from an actual company

  • Robert Briones
    Robert Briones Month ago

    He hired White people here?

  • Grete
    Grete Month ago

    Imagine being poured all over with cold water and then bitten by a pitbull too 😿💀

  • IIjAqUeZ sTuDiOsII


  • Bertha Spencer
    Bertha Spencer Month ago

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  • Susan Belcher
    Susan Belcher Month ago

    Sue Shifren is a very disliked woman. She has made a fool of herself online. Being drunk and acting like a two year old. Admitting she was taking pain pills while drinking wine, laughing and thinking it's funny while filming it live. She is a disgrace to the Cassidy name.

  • Mark Owens
    Mark Owens 2 months ago

    Hey Fedo " lay off the Steroids !!!! How about that cry baby !!!!

  • j.denino57
    j.denino57 2 months ago

    Hahaha FOX NEWS just played a CLIP of Cuomo calling himself "FREDO" on an old radio show from 2010, Curtis Sliwa. LOL

  • Phfat cat
    Phfat cat 2 months ago

    No wonder the Food Channel has higher ratings than Fredo's does...

  • Ser S
    Ser S 2 months ago

    Shut up, Fredo

  • Thulsa Doom
    Thulsa Doom 2 months ago

    I was hoping someone would chincheck that fucktard already.

  • Dana Kaboom
    Dana Kaboom 2 months ago

    Trump is an impotent, angry, blubbery old coward. I would like to see Trump try to insult Chris Cuomo to his face. Chris would leave that cowardly, tiny-pecker'd fat fkr in a jiggling, whimpering lard pile on the floor, crying for his daddy to pleeeeease stop beating him...

  • GT OP
    GT OP 2 months ago

    Fredo Cuomo?? I had no idea that was an insult.

  • MrJoeyBoombotz
    MrJoeyBoombotz 2 months ago

    CNN's Fredo Cuomo needs to be 'red-flagged' for lack of emotional control and violent behavior. He has broken our hearts. He is not as 'smahht' as he thinks he is.

  • Jose Monclus
    Jose Monclus 2 months ago


  • TTT Prank Calls
    TTT Prank Calls 2 months ago

    Translation: Biden is for Democrat party tyranny.

  • Nonah Yobusiness
    Nonah Yobusiness 2 months ago

    Joe Biden and his family are criminals. I hope Joe Biden receives the wrath of justice before he gets to die. Sadly, he will probably get away with his crimes.

  • Steve Harris
    Steve Harris 2 months ago

    But you will give up your armed guard protection? Of course not! I have as much right to be an armed guard to protect my family.

    BOB INCH 2 months ago

    Keep it up and you will wake up the sleeping giant. We are the PEOPLE who have the RIGHT to KEEP and BEAR ARMS!

    • Steve Harris
      Steve Harris 2 months ago

      @TTT Prank Calls But it will sure keep the bad guys from coming in my house unopposed.

    • TTT Prank Calls
      TTT Prank Calls 2 months ago

      @Steve Harris Bare arms won't protect you from government tyranny.

    • Steve Harris
      Steve Harris 2 months ago

      BOB INCH It is still incorrect, my friend. It should be, "Bare Arms".

    • BOB INCH
      BOB INCH 2 months ago

      @j.denino57 thanks for correcting me. I fixed it 👍

    • j.denino57
      j.denino57 2 months ago

      THAT'S "BEAR ARMS" !!!!

  • Mick Russom
    Mick Russom 2 months ago

    this is sedition and treason. biden should be in prison. biden is a chinese asset as are many of the democrats, hooked on chinese money.

  • j.denino57
    j.denino57 2 months ago

    ru-clip.com/video/fEWhnkWebd8/video.html FULL CLIP IS HERE, my camera malfunctioned

  • sal been
    sal been 2 months ago

    Trump hates blacks

  • Chibi_ Wolfi
    Chibi_ Wolfi 2 months ago

    Can relate. When I was 9 years old, that attack was right next to my school. I still go there. I’m 10 years lad now, that was traumatic

  • SC Vandy
    SC Vandy 2 months ago

    This Season Hubley fan says thanks for posting, j.denino57. The expense and preparation and logistical complications for location filming by Screen Gems TV at the airport was well worth it. The footage is quite effective. The bright southern California sun; the wind blowing hair, especially David's. Sight and sounds of the private jet. Nice how the princess -- and the camera -- provide us viewers with each of the Partridges a solo moment. And, another indication of the admirable warmth characteristic inherent in her. Finally, most importantly, the emotions clearly conveyed: Keith and the princess have developed strong enough feelings that they'd definitely like to see each other again. What a treat that would have been if only the producers had developed a follow-up episode in Year Four.

  • STX iBeast
    STX iBeast 2 months ago

    I’m not here to argue but I see some people saying that’s the breed should be extrimanted which I do not agree with yes pit bulls can be aggressive but if u did you’re reachserch and we’re not prepared if something like that were to happen I should not have kept or owned the dog in the first place and I own a pit bull and what a supprise I don’t live in the hood and am not a drug dealer they are similar to humans in which if u raise them bad they will be bad but if there raised well there will be no issue unless there is a altercation where it tryes to protect the owner.

    • Grete
      Grete Month ago

      Thanks for putting it in words 😉

  • G. Confa
    G. Confa 2 months ago

    They are potencially dangerous. But God's sake that behaviour triggers any dog.

  • Sony Suarez
    Sony Suarez 2 months ago


  • Planespotting Ringway
    Planespotting Ringway 2 months ago

    Great video mate.i have liked and subscribed.sub back possibly

  • Skull Duggery 2
    Skull Duggery 2 2 months ago

    God Damned White employers who hire illegals never get deported. Scumbags!

  • Tyler Knox
    Tyler Knox 2 months ago

    That was certainly a sad story when it happened to RAMBO!!!

  • j.denino57
    j.denino57 2 months ago

    The house was owned by the Post cereal heiress before Trump bought it.

  • rip industries
    rip industries 3 months ago

    Shoot it

    • Eagle Eyes
      Eagle Eyes 28 days ago

      It's not the dogs fault It's hers for screaming and flailing now the dog will probably get put down just because it was confused about something

    • IIjAqUeZ sTuDiOsII
      IIjAqUeZ sTuDiOsII Month ago


    • Gabriel Gradney
      Gabriel Gradney 2 months ago

      No you sick fuck

  • Bruce David
    Bruce David 3 months ago

    Is that the Narcissist Duo Team of Stephanie Ruhle and Stephen J. Cloobeck? There isn`t enough intelligent Brain power between these two idiots to make static...

  • Colton Yenne
    Colton Yenne 3 months ago

    I love my pit ❤️ can’t wait to see the comments

  • Cap G
    Cap G 3 months ago

    Those dogs are natural killers not household pets

    • Last_yness
      Last_yness Month ago

      That’s not true, I’ve had many, and seen many who are so sweet, it’s how they are raised and treated, and what triggers they have , all animals have triggers .

    • _ÊRrøR_
      _ÊRrøR_ 2 months ago

      That’s not true but believe what you want ;/

    • Dawson Willis
      Dawson Willis 3 months ago

      No you fuckin idiot it's just another dog in the world I have 3 of em you ignorance

  • Steve Eddy
    Steve Eddy 3 months ago

    Season Hubley.... ❤️

  • Paul William
    Paul William 3 months ago

    The boy was never confirmed to be Safechuck, so WTF does this news clip prove. Plus, here's an La Times articles that states what was bought at the time--> www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1989-05-03-mn-2482-story.html

    • j.denino57
      j.denino57 3 months ago

      That is so James Safechuck. TMZ confirmed it. Also, James filed in his complaint that he went shopping in a Zales with MJ before this video re-surfaced a few years ago.

  • Lauren Bodenstab
    Lauren Bodenstab 4 months ago

    Latoya backing up big time now. Why has Rebbie and Janet not said anything?

  • Danny Lee
    Danny Lee 4 months ago

    They should have dated !! 💙

    NYCTMTA KID 4 months ago

    And I blame United

    NYCTMTA KID 4 months ago

    I lived in The Bronx but my family wasn’t in nyc yet. They were still in Dominican Republic

  • Sir Vincent
    Sir Vincent 4 months ago

    I fucking hate pit bulls, same thing happened to me in second grade

  • j.denino57
    j.denino57 4 months ago


    ROXXI GLITTER ANGEL 5 months ago

    I would grab a gun and shoot it. 😠

    • Eagle Eyes
      Eagle Eyes 28 days ago

      It's not the dogs fault It's hers for screaming and flailing now the dog will probably get put down just because it was confused about something

    • Gabriel Gradney
      Gabriel Gradney 2 months ago

      @•Wolf Fox• Gal ok buddy

    • •Wolf Fox• Gal
      •Wolf Fox• Gal 2 months ago

      @tahniyah Allen stop bragging b****

    • Jessewoord YT
      Jessewoord YT 3 months ago


    • tahniyah Allen
      tahniyah Allen 4 months ago

      ROXXI GLITTER ANGEL did you subscribe to your self

  • James Creamer
    James Creamer 5 months ago

    The dog was just protecting the kids. It could since they kids were nervous about what they were doing, granny probably spanks them from time to time.

    • nonofyour business
      nonofyour business 25 days ago

      @IIjAqUeZ sTuDiOsII oh Jesus, seems like an overreaction. It's to me like where both in a bar, I'm talking shit and you knock me out. I come back the next day and pour gasoline on you and light you on fire. I mean if you're dog attacks you, you can put it down at the vet or shoot it but that... Ihr

    • IIjAqUeZ sTuDiOsII
      IIjAqUeZ sTuDiOsII 25 days ago

      @nonofyour business nope the dog

    • nonofyour business
      nonofyour business 25 days ago

      @IIjAqUeZ sTuDiOsII you meant grandma right?

    • IIjAqUeZ sTuDiOsII
      IIjAqUeZ sTuDiOsII Month ago

      I would burn that monster alive

    • j.denino57
      j.denino57 5 months ago


  • nail affaneh
    nail affaneh 5 months ago

    Wow what a little pussy I do this for a living he should go make some cake. Fucking fruitcake

  • Rendy De Schryver
    Rendy De Schryver 6 months ago

    trucker5933 i hope you go to hell and secondly pitbull is a nice dog it's how you treat the pitbull mean you make it a nice one or a wild one! your all dog haters and i hate dog haters

    • Eagle Eyes
      Eagle Eyes 28 days ago

      All of you are wrong but not

    • Cool Clorox
      Cool Clorox Month ago

      It's in their DNA, you don't have to agree or believe me but it's just the facts

    • MemerWennier
      MemerWennier 3 months ago

      Rendy De Schryver says the dude with a void over the American flag, you’re so fucking stupid it’s unbelievable...look it up it’s biologically in there bread to hunt, kill, and other predatory deeds, do your research before wishing someone to go to hell. You’re fucking dumb

    • sebbspato2
      sebbspato2 4 months ago

      +Rendy De Schryver Piss off! The Staffordshire Terrier aka Pitbull, are genetically aggressive dogs. Look at the statistics of dog attacks, its often Pitbulls!

    • Kyaiaia Kyaiaia
      Kyaiaia Kyaiaia 6 months ago

      Pit bulls might be cute n all cuz of how they r trained but here you see y bite her face? It tells ya something, she was kinda shouting n turning her head touching her face and the dog that is led by its instics its blood thirst rises n attacks cuz it's aggressive it torned off an owners arm cuz she tried to stop him from attacking a guest. So stupid things or whatsoever could arose it's blood thirst when it's stronger than anything else they don't care they could eat their owners.

  • Golift79
    Golift79 6 months ago

    You hear the media saying Trump could lose millions? No Trump was Mike’s genuine friend. I don’t think businesses operate like that and say he’s innocent. More like we don’t associate with so and so nor do we uphold their values.

  • Jim Pie
    Jim Pie 6 months ago

    This is the craven who criticized other peoples military service . What an insult this pathetic coward is to those who served in Vietnam . Comparing his whoring with whores to combat .

  • foreveryoung
    foreveryoung 6 months ago

    And you know what? Here in Italy only a little piece of news was given without any stress on the gravity of what could have happened!!! Our children didn't burn alive just for a miracle and nobody here finds it incredibly scaring and alarming!!!

    • j.denino57
      j.denino57 6 months ago

      I am sharing this with Fox News, I hope they show the video, this is SERIOUS!!

  • Adam Kuisian
    Adam Kuisian 7 months ago

    35:00 all stupid liberals (meaning all of them) should use Trump Tower as life logic. Wall makes everyone safe and keeps the bad out. Also more importantly a wall serves the mind as an understanding of laws and policies that are in place for those on the other side of it and not for you (the criminal and stupid)

  • Adam Kuisian
    Adam Kuisian 7 months ago

    Stupid Liberal. But awesome for him to say he didn't feel comfortable when he arrived without a wall. Now he feels safe with a wall. 35:00 all liberals should understand the same way using the construction of Trump Tower as logic.

  • DJ Lamb
    DJ Lamb 7 months ago

    Wow and no one listened to her.

  • Axel H
    Axel H 7 months ago

    Okay this has 300 views, gonna blow up soon?

  • buckeyeshine
    buckeyeshine 7 months ago

    Yup..she's the only authentic, sensible and brave one in the family . big respect for her. I was wrong about her , years ago. Her family are pedophile defenders .

  • Truthmonster
    Truthmonster 7 months ago

    lol look at the face on this dumb, lying chug. Aye buddy!!!

  • Daniel Fite
    Daniel Fite 7 months ago

    this is the first liberal to work an actual job and it was only for "his" show, because liberals aren't business owners either.