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One Million.
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📢 I'm Back!
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📢 I'm On The Move!
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The Future of Minecraft...
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  • Leprial
    Leprial 18 minutes ago


  • Pragya Jaswani
    Pragya Jaswani 50 minutes ago

    i will give you my pro helmet

  • QuifMunch
    QuifMunch 2 hours ago

    2013: naaa 2014: nvm maybe next year 2015 actually the next 2016 Ok maybe a few 2019 Perfect recommendation

  • X Row
    X Row 2 hours ago

    When I hear a cave noise I turn around sprint

  • JuanMAN 231
    JuanMAN 231 2 hours ago

    I need your videos

  • Lolek Xdelek fortnite

    1:20 Creative

  • Onur Kılınç
    Onur Kılınç 3 hours ago

    Started in 2014 i started playing on ps3. I lost all my friends.. all switched to pc or ps4 2019 and still playing. Psn:OnurKilinc80 Add me if u still play on ps3!

  • abigail foote
    abigail foote 3 hours ago

    Why am I watching this at 1am :( I've never had the stare one, am I able to turn it off? Notch would not approve

  • Charax X Akuji Bleh
    Charax X Akuji Bleh 3 hours ago

    I listened to this at night, im SO "smart"

  • Mary Karen Bolado
    Mary Karen Bolado 4 hours ago

    Thanks for giving tips for shields subscribe Cubey because he is Cool

  • Jeepypooh WJ
    Jeepypooh WJ 4 hours ago

    I've played Minecraft for years and never heard these sounds

  • Mac TDG
    Mac TDG 4 hours ago

    Me:what is the scariest sound? Cubey:disc 11 Me:hold my demons

  • Chloe Nickell
    Chloe Nickell 5 hours ago

    As a kid I made the mistake of playing creative and then I never played survival until 3 years later. So I dont have good memeris

  • Samuel Austin
    Samuel Austin 5 hours ago

    Minecraft will always be the game that never gets old or dies. Best game ever.

  • Kalil Berry
    Kalil Berry 5 hours ago

    Dude I swear I always see squids dying because they go on land

  • Tony Llunado
    Tony Llunado 5 hours ago

    Everything you did't know about illigers

  • Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher 6 hours ago

    Every end city I've been to has had an end ship

  • Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher 6 hours ago

    I spawn next to woodland mansions like a lot

  • BC. Hydrolus
    BC. Hydrolus 6 hours ago

    8/10 I got Q3 and Q8 wrong. 🙃

  • Noam Jaffe
    Noam Jaffe 6 hours ago

    Everything you need to know about zombie and skeleton horses in Minecraft

  • CanadaLynxGaming
    CanadaLynxGaming 6 hours ago

    Fort it’s ain’t got NOTHING on Minecraft

  • sympyz gg
    sympyz gg 7 hours ago


  • Zhuali Lim
    Zhuali Lim 7 hours ago

    Do a life of a samurai

  • Water Hoshigaki
    Water Hoshigaki 7 hours ago

    Do Everything You Need to Know About Foxes

  • Broken Kandi
    Broken Kandi 8 hours ago

    Wow! You are a pure observation genius

  • UnderGachaTa!e
    UnderGachaTa!e 9 hours ago

    Humans are such..SUCH...

  • Shaan Hussain
    Shaan Hussain 9 hours ago


  • Mastered UI
    Mastered UI 9 hours ago

    I grew up with Minecraft, not Fortnite.

  • Takshab Dahal
    Takshab Dahal 9 hours ago

    I survived 50 charged creeper with full protection armour

    TRC SC0RP1ON 9 hours ago

    Is no one gonna talk about what he said at 3:38?

  • James Aviation
    James Aviation 9 hours ago

    The most scary is your dog yelping while you mine by lava

  • John Doe
    John Doe 10 hours ago


  • Lucca Airoldi
    Lucca Airoldi 10 hours ago

    What's this seed????

  • dark shadow steve
    dark shadow steve 10 hours ago

    Do everything about food

  • Coco Miñoza
    Coco Miñoza 10 hours ago


  • Justin Hacker
    Justin Hacker 11 hours ago

    The World Is So Beautiful

  • MrMcFishy
    MrMcFishy 12 hours ago

    Everyone skipped the first 5 min LoL

  • kaleb toscano
    kaleb toscano 12 hours ago

    Magma musen is better

  • hayvan bilimcisi
    hayvan bilimcisi 12 hours ago

    Bu videonun çekildiği tarihe geri dönmek istiyorum.

  • neednojacket 30
    neednojacket 30 12 hours ago

    Goodbye, see y’all in ten years when this will be recommended again !

  • Dolphin 002
    Dolphin 002 13 hours ago

    Me: *Finds a mushroom biome after making a nether portal in a random place*

  • radko bashev
    radko bashev 13 hours ago

    Well good god they always drop the shell,i made my self a pretty nice conduit that helps me breathe underwater. Pretty good.

  • Dolphin 002
    Dolphin 002 13 hours ago

    My list: 5. Guardian 4. Elder Guardian 3. Ender Dragon 2. Wither 1. Drowned with trident

  • Bob Kuceba
    Bob Kuceba 14 hours ago

    How is the end an item????

  • flip yodip
    flip yodip 14 hours ago

    this is why i play minecraft with sounds and music off

  • Ben Leman
    Ben Leman 15 hours ago

    what about rotten flesh

  • Dayday 6297
    Dayday 6297 15 hours ago

    You forgot the mention that when its day the skeleton will try to find a tree and hind from the sun so they don't burn alive

  • Romeo Krüger
    Romeo Krüger 15 hours ago

    This is enough to make a man cry

  • Ella Robb
    Ella Robb 15 hours ago

    Je lucky I’m still subscribed! It doesn’t even work! I did everything perfectly and I hear the piston but it doesn’t do anything! I spent so much time and energy on it!!<:(

  • Michael D
    Michael D 15 hours ago


  • Falcoウラジミール

    Actually the only thing rarest for me is a Woodland Mansion -_-

    LYIAH GACHA! 15 hours ago

    Whither storm??

  • Amy V
    Amy V 15 hours ago

    I only have 6 emeralds and diamonds in Minecraft ;-;

  • Mr BrownYT
    Mr BrownYT 15 hours ago

    This totally most definitely did NOT make me cry

  • 336 x
    336 x 15 hours ago

    Im 15 and i still play Minecraft and STILL Scared of Herobrine.😐

  • Pizza Clock
    Pizza Clock 15 hours ago

    Yeah disc 11 is scary but have you ever hear a hissing next to you

  • master skull
    master skull 16 hours ago


  • Enchant Wolfard {1-47}

    Hey how about a video on everything needed to know about Villagers? Or Pillagers?

  • Enchant Wolfard {1-47}

    When you’re taking a Minecraft trivia test but you binge watch Cubey’s channel *The Expert*

    JORDAN J COOPER 16 hours ago

    What is the item holding the torch in the end of the video?

  • Dakota_Dark_Evil Gamer

    Ugh keeps exploding the intire cannon it won't launch the tnt

    PATRICK MARTIN 16 hours ago

    If you are using 1.13+ and in creative, you can use /give @s minecraft:debug_stick to give yourself a debug stick so you can make powered rails go in any direction.

  • Jay B
    Jay B 17 hours ago


  • fak
    fak 17 hours ago

    Please Seed!

  • SoapyTitan
    SoapyTitan 17 hours ago

    Uh you can get it from raids

  • codex
    codex 17 hours ago


  • D R
    D R 17 hours ago

    1.14 has arrived and 1.15 is arriving

  • Daniel gaming
    Daniel gaming 17 hours ago


  • Daugzy
    Daugzy 18 hours ago

    6 years later 🙌🏼

  • Vampiregamez
    Vampiregamez 18 hours ago

    Minecraft is my childhood so glad I grew up with crouch dancing and not fortnite emotes

  • Dale Hodgkins
    Dale Hodgkins 18 hours ago

    I've found the fossil things once on the side of a swamp in ocean

  • Minecraft Soldier
    Minecraft Soldier 18 hours ago

    I got one wrong

  • Ppp
    Ppp 18 hours ago

    2019 yeah me to

  • Bludix Elite
    Bludix Elite 19 hours ago

    Who remeber 1.8 broken boat

  • Bludix Elite
    Bludix Elite 19 hours ago

    RU-clip is smoked e make this video recomanded in 2019:/

  • Mikey H.
    Mikey H. 19 hours ago

    Some day... just someday. a masterpiece like this won't get a single dislike. I don't care if it's tomorrow or the day RU-clip dies. some day... some day

  • Tin Cheng
    Tin Cheng 19 hours ago

    Why is Minecraft so popular? Mentally unstable person: MEMES Everyone: **le clap and gives award to mentally unstable person**

  • Lucy Vlog and Art
    Lucy Vlog and Art 19 hours ago

    I got 2 correct 😫😂

  • Hamza Otaibi
    Hamza Otaibi 20 hours ago

    It doesn't work 😭😠😠😠😠👹👹👹

  • blue theone
    blue theone 20 hours ago

    Scariest noise is When you find diamond near to lava and hear shoting shound

  • Eqoural
    Eqoural 20 hours ago

    It’s crazy how most of us did exactly what this video did.

  • Leandro dangalan Pinot

    sees belike *Searches Herobrine art*

  • Tung Tran
    Tung Tran 20 hours ago


  • Szymon Dudek
    Szymon Dudek 20 hours ago

    1:18 gm 1???

  • Abby Rose
    Abby Rose 20 hours ago

    Wait I found a fossil in survival the other day and didn’t even take a picture f***

  • jannat firdous123
    jannat firdous123 21 hour ago

    15 people say everything you need to know about armor

  • Aidan Hill
    Aidan Hill 21 hour ago

    What is the seed to this world

  • Christian Gaming
    Christian Gaming 21 hour ago

    “Your game are your memories”

  • Dellou Naser
    Dellou Naser 21 hour ago


  • Oscar Solis
    Oscar Solis 21 hour ago

    Only og’s remember When zombies dropped feathers

  • Dalida’s Fun toys!


  • Rania Najeeb
    Rania Najeeb 21 hour ago

    This house is perfect for the swamp !!

  • Jolandi Bokelmann
    Jolandi Bokelmann 22 hours ago

    Life of the jungle book

  • A Game's Channel
    A Game's Channel 22 hours ago

    Shopkeeper: Hi! Do you have people that you hate? Is there anyone that you just want to absolutely destroy? I have the solution! Lv55 Zealot 13000/13000, $500 Okay I know this video has nothing to do with skyblock but whatever

  • A Game's Channel
    A Game's Channel 22 hours ago

    honestly crossbow enchantments should be available to regular bows too. also you cant put power or flame on crossbows. this makes no sense

  • Mika Yasaka
    Mika Yasaka 22 hours ago


  • Cosmin Royt
    Cosmin Royt 22 hours ago


  • haked bishzhh its kehleemh baybey

    Scariest noise your diamond pickaxe broke

  • Maylene Josol
    Maylene Josol 23 hours ago

    But it didn't work

  • Maxemo Olorvida
    Maxemo Olorvida 23 hours ago

    My olderbrother see that bundle of boneblock