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  • Syed Imran
    Syed Imran 8 hours ago

    xeon 3550 price

  • INFORMATION Technology

    Heelo sir plz make video on gaming laptop .?

  • AH Gaming
    AH Gaming 9 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂we got 750ti in 8000

  • Arabian Luxuries
    Arabian Luxuries 11 hours ago

    I can polish you any kind of whole gpu just like new And about fan don't worry that is my left hand game I can make them brand new due to the some alignments and lubrication 😉🥂

  • Technical every things

    lo bahi

  • Darth Goku official

    Plz review bloody keyboard

  • Darth Goku official

    Bhai ps4 pe review karein

  • Danyal Ejaz
    Danyal Ejaz Day ago

    Is ke motherboard ka name ke hai

    • GuyThatDoesEverything
      GuyThatDoesEverything Day ago

      Dell T3500 ka apna motherboard hota hai jo alag se nhi milta because this is a branded machine.

  • Gaming Lounge
    Gaming Lounge Day ago

    i need this pc without graphic card

  • Hassan Brothers


  • shayan asim
    shayan asim 2 days ago

    Nice man totally loved it you stopped making videos??

    • shayan asim
      shayan asim Day ago

      Can you please tell me about a graphic card for playing gta 5 and prices of different cards affordable

    • shayan asim
      shayan asim Day ago

      @GuyThatDoesEverything right you were one of the finest advisor about pc especially for a 18 yr old like me who doesnt know a thing about pc but like gaming

    • GuyThatDoesEverything
      GuyThatDoesEverything Day ago

      No I haven't stopped making videos, currently working on few of the new videos but that will take a bit of time.

  • Junaid Unar
    Junaid Unar 2 days ago

    Im using Gigabyte RX 470 4G since mid 2017, and it's doing pretty well even in 2019. Alhamdulillah im very happy with it so far.

  • Muhammad HASNAIN
    Muhammad HASNAIN 2 days ago


  • zain subhani
    zain subhani 2 days ago

    yar pakistan ma tum hi sab sa achi vedio bnata ho yum pakistan ka dave 2 D ho just keep it up

  • zain subhani
    zain subhani 2 days ago

    rx 580 ka sath i5 ka combination theak ha ka xeon bhi isi thara chala ga

  • skull crusher
    skull crusher 2 days ago

    what is your graphic card model.

  • shayan asim
    shayan asim 2 days ago

    Hey bro i want a graphic card for mid if you can sell one to me

  • Underrated Guy
    Underrated Guy 2 days ago

    Your voice is amazing.

  • Ibrar Mughal
    Ibrar Mughal 2 days ago

    Jo ek achy time tak chal saky 35000 se 40000 b ho Jay to masla ni help me

  • Ibrar Mughal
    Ibrar Mughal 2 days ago

    Bhai mere pa's 35000 h is me mujy acha pc batay gaming k liay mian itna parha b ni hn cpu bata de help me plz

  • Nadir Ali
    Nadir Ali 2 days ago

    Bhai yaqeen jano boht help mili apki video se, wrna aksr aisa hota hai k hm jate hn market kr kuch pta nh hota bs log chuna laga k chale jate hn

  • Hatim Saifuddin
    Hatim Saifuddin 3 days ago

    Does everything only in gaming

  • UltraZigg
    UltraZigg 3 days ago

    cool vid dude there is really no vids with this kind of testing can u explaine how did u connect the mini dso to test the voltage stability? thanks

  • Rizwan Irfan
    Rizwan Irfan 3 days ago

    I was amazed by the fact that Indus Tech are selling at cheaper price than Czone and Indus tech have 5 stars review on Google And Czone has only 4.2 stars review on Google

  • shahzad noman
    shahzad noman 3 days ago

    So nice voice yr

  • Waqar Ahmed
    Waqar Ahmed 3 days ago

    Bhai r7 260x ka review kary thanks

  • MiX DhAmAl
    MiX DhAmAl 3 days ago

    ye kaha se kharid sakte hai

  • MiX DhAmAl
    MiX DhAmAl 3 days ago

    your voice very nice i like

  • MiX DhAmAl
    MiX DhAmAl 3 days ago

    nice man

  • Chaudary Usama
    Chaudary Usama 4 days ago

    The channal who deserve more subscribers but alsi (sust) banda

  • saboor hussain
    saboor hussain 4 days ago

    Jub bc kaha to ma whi soch RHA tha😂😂

  • AW asay
    AW asay 4 days ago

    Bhai fix price kya hai?

  • Uzma Batool
    Uzma Batool 4 days ago

    Can it play gta 5

  • Govinda Subudhi
    Govinda Subudhi 5 days ago

    Bhai Kounsa Yug Me Rehete Ho i5 9th Gen Ay Gaya Hai.....Aaap 4th Gen Ki Baat Kar Rahe Ho....Aur Itna Costly.....

    • Saif Khan
      Saif Khan Day ago

      india k 18000 bante hyn ye

    • Saif Khan
      Saif Khan Day ago

      pehli baat ye used pc khareed rha hai is liye middle range me 4th generation hi milega or dusri baat aap india k 40k mat samjho currency rate different hyn

  • Hasnat Ahmad
    Hasnat Ahmad 5 days ago

    Bhai mai ny i5 2 gen li hai 8gb ram 320 power supply 500 gb hard GTX 750 ti 20000 mai Lkin RGB kitny ki li

  • AGツkhalid hussain

    ap ka phone no chayi kam hi bro

  • Chaudary Usama
    Chaudary Usama 5 days ago

    Bhai sound problems ko fix karna agli videos ma

  • Chaudary Usama
    Chaudary Usama 5 days ago

    Video quality dakh kar subscriber kar diya ha kitna khayal ha muja bhai ka

  • khurram k f
    khurram k f 5 days ago

    Bhai motherboard ka to bata do konsa ha

  • Umair Naqvi
    Umair Naqvi 5 days ago

    Marvellous effort Best Job

  • Ubaid xD
    Ubaid xD 5 days ago

    I bought Asus Gtx 750Ti For 8k from naz plaza. And I recently bought Rx 570 4GB for 15k.

      FAWAD ALI 5 days ago

      Bhai duniya main sari galatian karo magar used GPU kabhi mat khareedo mainay ye galati ki thi abb pasta raha hun

  • Hawk Eye
    Hawk Eye 5 days ago

    you are awesome bro...InshAllah you will grow like Linus Tech Tips

  • Varun Khanna
    Varun Khanna 6 days ago

    gtx 760 better hai

  • Umais Bin Sajjad
    Umais Bin Sajjad 6 days ago

    Lo bhai lutt k agey

  • Delta Mani
    Delta Mani 6 days ago

    A power supply review rm 750x and 850x

  • Raja M Tahir Khan
    Raja M Tahir Khan 6 days ago

    Love from india bhai

  • Ibrahim Bukhari
    Ibrahim Bukhari 6 days ago

    Yar PLZ Pc To Ho Gya Ab Bas AChe Monitor Pr Videos Banao Jo Under 15K Ke Hon Plz With 1 ms Response time IPS With 1080P PLZ BRo !!!! LUV UR VIDS

  • Asif Mumtaz
    Asif Mumtaz 7 days ago

    I trying to buy some products from this site and I don't know i i can trust this app, can you please assure me that it's safe

  • Adee Khan
    Adee Khan 7 days ago

    Plz upload more content 🙏 .. once a week ..

  • Adee Khan
    Adee Khan 7 days ago

    Very helpful bro ..

  • Adee Khan
    Adee Khan 7 days ago

    Sir in products pe video kb baneygi ????

  • saira tarique
    saira tarique 7 days ago

    Give me the rgb please i love it im very interested in gaming

  • Khan s.t Janu
    Khan s.t Janu 7 days ago

    Plzz make a video on editing PC,under 35 to 40k. Aftereffects aur all extensions easily handle kr skta ho...

  • Khan s.t Janu
    Khan s.t Janu 7 days ago

    So stable vid I have ever seen even with clean audio... Thanks for the information

  • dm ki vine
    dm ki vine 7 days ago

    you can play pubg mobile emulater

  • Shaheryar Ahmed Tv
    Shaheryar Ahmed Tv 7 days ago

    Bro adobe premiere pr video kee rendering mai kitna time lega ye?

  • Mustafa Zia Siddiqui

    this is lit 😍

  • Zain Habib
    Zain Habib 7 days ago

    Yaar aesa quality content har week banane ki koshish kro hamara dil bagh bagh ho jaey ga

  • Jazib Nadeem
    Jazib Nadeem 8 days ago

    Kindly review of 1060 3gb vram

  • Jazib Nadeem
    Jazib Nadeem 8 days ago

    Kindly connect PS3 controller to PC window 10 and review if you buy please send link

  • Hasan Khan
    Hasan Khan 8 days ago

    I've 30-35k PKR Networth!! Can i buy Gaming laptop (used)? i'll highly prefer gpu & processor first later on i'll upgrade ram & storage?

  • Plays彡Ezzi 彡pizzi 彡

    me ne z400 w3550 13k me liya 4gb 250gb ? ye price normal he?

    FLASH SARIM 8 days ago

    Do a budget MOUSE and KEYBOARD Under 5k

  • Shehryar Khan
    Shehryar Khan 9 days ago

    Hahaha samajh kuch nahi aya specs ka bas ram hardware or processor bhi kuch samajh nahi aya magar subscribe bro ajaega samajh

  • Umair Naqvi
    Umair Naqvi 9 days ago

    MashAllah Awsome sir INSHALLAH ap 1 Million Subscribers cross kren gay inshAllah i pray for Û

  • Rais Ali
    Rais Ali 9 days ago

    Nice video


    Every mobile phone and pc/laptops market dialogue Market ghomo🤣😂

  • Ali Zain Vlogs and Music

    Great Man Yar! I was always searching for pc builds in Pakistan and bro you nailed it

  • Maharib Haroon
    Maharib Haroon 10 days ago

    I just wana ask you that ka Kya hum dell t3500 ko koi Gaming case ma fit car sack ta h?🤔🤔

    • GuyThatDoesEverything
      GuyThatDoesEverything 10 days ago

      No you can not! T3500 branded system hai us ka motherboard just apne case main he fix ho skta hai.

  • yusra aleem
    yusra aleem 11 days ago

    Bhai issue behtar 20k gaming PC wali video thi

  • hash 57
    hash 57 11 days ago

    Doee it worth for video editing?

  • Farhan Ali
    Farhan Ali 11 days ago

    Bro GPU is not good

  • brilliant boy
    brilliant boy 11 days ago

    hi brother when will you upload your next video!!!!!!!

  • Mustafa Sheikh
    Mustafa Sheikh 11 days ago

    I will build it

  • Ahmer Jutt
    Ahmer Jutt 11 days ago

    Zotac GTX 750 Ti 128 bit ya 256bit ha

  • Mohit Baghel
    Mohit Baghel 11 days ago

    Bhai i3 8th gen lelena chy tha na

  • Sabeen Nadeem
    Sabeen Nadeem 12 days ago

    Please 26000 pc biuld

  • Ibra 9
    Ibra 9 12 days ago

    Streaming kar sakty hain????

  • Nafay Abbasi
    Nafay Abbasi 12 days ago

    Resident evil 2 remake add karo games plz

  • Nafay Abbasi
    Nafay Abbasi 12 days ago

    Bhai mafia 3 be Add karo games me

  • ARMAN ecdmay
    ARMAN ecdmay 13 days ago

    Is shop ka no kya hy bhai

  • Danco Graphy
    Danco Graphy 13 days ago

    50k gaming pc plzz make a video on him