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  • Thando Phakela
    Thando Phakela 5 hours ago

    The Boys brought me here😀

  • TekNiiCaLz
    TekNiiCaLz 5 hours ago

    Just finished the first season and wow!! Amazing fuckin series

  • srikanth neerudu
    srikanth neerudu 12 hours ago

    If mermaid kisses you ...then You will get Call of Duty mask skin

  • MrVercettti89
    MrVercettti89 13 hours ago

    The last ever episode of Doctor Who imo

  • Coaster Globe
    Coaster Globe 21 hour ago

    This season is hated on wayyy too much I enjoyed it because it was action packed and had some good twists.

  • Patience Love
    Patience Love Day ago

    Came here after Lala breakfast club interview. It looks interesting

  • J D
    J D Day ago


  • Helle Fyre
    Helle Fyre Day ago

    I tell you what, a cop did that to me and my daughter, I'd find out where he lived and kill the cunt.

  • Emjay Jose
    Emjay Jose Day ago

    you will enjoy the greatest adventure of all... Sex? 60% of the trailer has nude girls so yeah sex it is

  • Riski Febriyanto

    The only series that germany win their war

  • Didactic
    Didactic Day ago

    This tv show is crazy, i think i saw an alternate dimension of season 7, whatever i watched it was not this, man what a trippy show!!

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle Day ago

    Can someone explain to me why this tv series is a big deal? I've watched 5 episodes and all that's happened is everyone searching for a lost kid and random monster attacks. This show is boring and going nowhere.

  • Brooke Litton-Shebiel

    you laugh at this mess now, however, john mulaney himself has won 2 emmy’s, has 3 successful netflix specials, was the voice of spiderham in ‘spiderman: into the spiderverse’, is the voice of andrew on ‘big mouth’, and had a broadway show with comedian nick kroll. yeah, ‘mulaney’ was a mess, but john also found out about two episodes in that this was not what he wanted to be doing with his comedy career. his stand-up special ‘the comeback kid’ is essentially john’s comeback after ‘mulaney’ got cancelled. also, on a completely unrelated note, i absolutely hate that he changed his real parents’ names from charles and ellen mulaney to tom and patty mulaney. yeah i get it’s not his real life but still! i know the real joke and it just makes me mildly uncomfortable. so yeah. maybe ‘mulaney’ was an unsuccessful show, but john mulaney is a highly successful person. you cannot doubt that for a second.

  • Madman Dave1
    Madman Dave1 Day ago

    Best season ever

  • Cheerio
    Cheerio Day ago

    I don't know why everyone likes this show so much lol acting is terrible and the story was predictable, so may more shows out there that are wayyyyy better

  • amna ahmed
    amna ahmed Day ago

    This was the bestttttttttt season of lucifer ever😍

  • Michelle Williams

    I miss Billy 😭😭

  • Robert Hackett

    Without question they should start in the 1st Age. Before Sauron was Sauron. Start when he was corrupted by the original Dark Lord. Then continue through the ages with all the pertinent characters of elves, dwarves, men, and the Maiar !!

  • K.C.O. JoUrNeY!!


  • Cyber life
    Cyber life 2 days ago

    Come season 8

  • may vo
    may vo 2 days ago

    Perhaps a remake would be nice

  • Dogtor Colmillo
    Dogtor Colmillo 2 days ago

    Jesse Pinkman again? is like the rock doing the rock in every movie... but the rock is funny... a crying and hysterical character is not fun

  • lightskinari
    lightskinari 2 days ago

    "wanna stay for breakfast keisha"😂😂

  • John B
    John B 2 days ago

    Making SOA with latinos isn't going to improve the shit acting, and unbelievable storytelling, and mass shoot outs in broad daylight every 5 minutes. Pass.

    HBO NETFLIX 2 days ago

    hands down one of the best shows of today.

  • No DAD Not Tonight
    No DAD Not Tonight 3 days ago

    who is here after watching the last episode of Ballers

  • Ismail khan Umerzai


  • iamrgenius
    iamrgenius 3 days ago

    How is this show not HUGE?! It’s the best show in TV it’d be a shame if it’s canceled. I was hooked the first time I saw it season 1. Do yourself a favor and watch this, you won’t regret it.

  • Like A Sambu D
    Like A Sambu D 3 days ago

    I cant believe this is the context and setting of the show. I always thought this was some victorian dontown abbey type bullshit but it actually sounds sikck

  • M W
    M W 3 days ago

    World needs more Mr. Inbetweens!!!!

  • 21st Century Crusader

    the walking dead is not about zombies anymore. it's about the stupidity of humankind.. the hell. i'm happy i stopped watching this. it gives me tons of stress.

  • Liquor Hole
    Liquor Hole 3 days ago

    Sorry but this song didnt fit the trailer at all lol

  • Islam is a mental illness

    Dumbest season yet

  • Dessdg Dffsfg
    Dessdg Dffsfg 3 days ago


  • chaoschief
    chaoschief 3 days ago

    Van Helsing is a women o.O?

  • C. Ændino
    C. Ændino 3 days ago

    I was enjoying the show until everything was about being jew, I know many producers, actors and directors are jews but why the f to put that crap on our faces, I mean, wtf, so I stopped watching it

  • BlueBell
    BlueBell 3 days ago

    I'll honestly watch anything with Justin. He killed his role in Maniac

  • Vishal Choudhury
    Vishal Choudhury 3 days ago


  • w1ndrn8ts
    w1ndrn8ts 4 days ago

    Season 2 pls..

  • Tea .A
    Tea .A 4 days ago

    Like who's here after season 4

  • aquablushgirl
    aquablushgirl 4 days ago

    Loved it.

  • Duke Devlin
    Duke Devlin 4 days ago

    its the little mermaid

  • w
    w 4 days ago

    When I heard Retrograde I knew this was gonna be good

  • Cypher King
    Cypher King 4 days ago

    Nobody thought that it would be as great as trailer

  • April Pedemson
    April Pedemson 4 days ago

    Remind me in 2020 when season 4 is out

  • keroroslayer
    keroroslayer 4 days ago

    El Camino 2 x The 100 x Prison Break XDDD

  • Spencer Hastings
    Spencer Hastings 5 days ago

    Oh,how I wish Iran wasn't fucked over. How I wish MY future wasn't fucked over.

  • guillepankeke
    guillepankeke 5 days ago

    Great series. By one the biggest evil corps out there in the real world :D amazon.

  • Tommy ballhead
    Tommy ballhead 5 days ago

    Only tv series that made me cry.......

  • Northo Boggo
    Northo Boggo 5 days ago

    Homelander seeking redemption 🤔🤔

  • Jaye
    Jaye 5 days ago

    Why say its an Amazon original or Amazon series? Its not, its a Sky original production of Sky Atlantic.

  • Fundinq
    Fundinq 5 days ago

    So I’m guessing Gotham issssss Chicago or New York

  • exeuroweenie
    exeuroweenie 5 days ago

    I just finished the book (twice).About a decade ago(between jobs)I worked part time at a Walmart.Handmaid's Tale had sinister terminology/platitudes like "unbaby,econowife,gender traitor." The Aunts implemented slut shaming. Fartmart corporate (so called) culture used catchphrases resulting in a creepy parallel.Being bitched out or written up was getting "coached".Straightening shelves and picking up litter was "zone defense/zoning".As if you don't hear too much about football off the clock.Their (ineffectual) sexual harassment hotline was dubbed the "open door policy".If an employee-err-associate was caught filching so much as a pack of gum,they were paraded down each aisle(shades of slut shaming).

  • Jarod Farrant
    Jarod Farrant 5 days ago

    I was obsessed with walking dead so I didn’t watch it but know I’m gonna start and also read the comic.

  • Jivy
    Jivy 5 days ago

    A story about a boy who got an ass face and then sent to hell becuase of the friend zone. Then a town gets leveled by a literal mushroom cloud of cow shit. Rorschach wins and church, a guy gets his dick shot off by a preacher who has genesis aka the geass power from the anime code geass except the preacher doesn’t have to make eye contact and he could do it as many times as he likes on the same person. Soo genesis is objectively way better than the anime version. Also a shit ton of people die horribly. It’s like supernatural just without the homosexual undertones and the autistic rabid fanbase of obese teenaged girls and unsatisfied middle aged women who write fanfics of incestual gay sex. Soo 10/10. Preacher is the best thing AMC has to offer ever since Walter White got cancer, threw a pizza on the roof and died in pain and alone.

  • Gaming KnockeR
    Gaming KnockeR 5 days ago

    Is that the guy norton got killed?

  • Jonjo Senna
    Jonjo Senna 5 days ago

    Anybody got any Vicodin, for house?

  • Karim Mohamed
    Karim Mohamed 6 days ago


  • CloveR
    CloveR 6 days ago

    Eline Powell ( ˘ ³˘)❤

  • Lilbird
    Lilbird 6 days ago

    Why don't you add to your stories in the series the epic tail of "Jim the wonder Dog"? It's a story like lady the wonder horse only jim was a english setter dog. He was world renown for his predictions of the future and answers of any question that was always right. A university did a lot of study about his abilities and could not figure out how he did it. Royality even visited him. He rests in marshal, Missouri. A statue of him is in the cente of town. 1925-1937. A beautiful story.

  • goduskychris Chris Godusky

    Target has season 1 and 2 for 5dollars

  • Destiny Smith
    Destiny Smith 7 days ago

    I hate Lori

  • Elena MG
    Elena MG 7 days ago

    I just watched this season and i just dont understand what did maggie mean when she said "we'll show rick" in the last ep !!! If she try to hurt rick in season 9 i hate her and i hope she dies if she try to hurt my rick !!!😑i didn't expect daryl to support her to be against rick !!

  • oliver belmonte
    oliver belmonte 7 days ago

    This show has more respect than animes like zipang and deep blue fleet. Here...not all the Japanese are bad.Some have a conscience. The Empires of Japan and Germany fall....The free world resistance arises after over 20 years of infamous defeat. The final season of man in the high castle states one thing.for the free's liberty or death.

  • Match HD
    Match HD 7 days ago

    Damn... Man in Black , Cedric Daniels and Marlo Stanfield together. Sheeeeeeiiiiittttttt

  • Magical Powers
    Magical Powers 7 days ago

    Hi guys just wanna ask what was your age when u started watching this

  • CptWesker07
    CptWesker07 7 days ago

    Any easter eggs of the Stand?

  • Mikko Lodeon
    Mikko Lodeon 7 days ago

    im planning to binge this series. is it ok to watch it with kids? like less than 13yr olds? thanks..

  • m g
    m g 7 days ago

    It was an amazing show with outstanding acting and portrayal of emotions .

  • Chad Sabourin
    Chad Sabourin 7 days ago

    Here's my review of the Handmaid's Tale from season 1-3. Spoiler FREE, of course. Let me know how you like it!

  • Massimo Giordano
    Massimo Giordano 7 days ago


  • Vox Nihili
    Vox Nihili 7 days ago

    Why can't I have HBO? Oh yea, I am poor :(

  • opal
    opal 8 days ago

    su'icide numbers spiked when this came out. to all the younger people watching this or anyone who is uneducated on the topic of suicide, this girl is clearly victimizing herself and the show is portraying it so badly, it's horrible

  • M. Afri Sandi
    M. Afri Sandi 8 days ago

    Where is Cyborg?

  • Ranu Garg
    Ranu Garg 8 days ago

    I wanted to see this show , very interesting .

  • Stones Jones
    Stones Jones 8 days ago

    I rather watch Last Chance U, then this cliché shit

  • andrew carson
    andrew carson 8 days ago

    So Ash Vs The Evil Dead but hey looks interesting

  • Алексей Громыко

    I thought that Stasi is one of the strongest intelligence that trained professionals, and they broke their fingers and kidnapped ordinary people, is it normal when they show mentally undeveloped East Germans scary Russians and good Americans, sodomy, Solzhenitsyn’s ban? you really read it already in the ussr at that time for the book of Orwell sent to jail what kind of nonsense, of course what the East Germans think about it, they generally remember that there was such a country as DDR.

  • Eduardo Corrochio
    Eduardo Corrochio 8 days ago

    Was the show any good? I really like the Frank Darabont movie. The novella was cool. I just can't believe they could do an entire series based on a tale that's so short. Someone said there was a severe lack of monsters in this show. That'd be a deal breaker for me.

  • Devin Weeda
    Devin Weeda 8 days ago

    Who’s here after season 10 episode 1

  • José Eduardo Perotoni

    Alguém Br por aqui?

  • Christoph Schneeweiß

    Saul we need a lawyer now.

  • An Paul
    An Paul 9 days ago

    Super good movie ....

  • marco brenni
    marco brenni 9 days ago

    A masterpiece of a documentary! Absolutely worth to watch!

  • Burh Binita
    Burh Binita 9 days ago

    Where can I see all the episodes 😊 pls can I get the information.

  • A B
    A B 9 days ago

    Respect black Muslim

  • Kai Diego Dias Bergheim

    This is honestly speaking my favourite series ever, maybe alongside The Expanse. Super good dark humour, well-developed characters and a great story. Finally, it comes across as natural and unpretentious.

  • Nickolay Semenov
    Nickolay Semenov 9 days ago

    Actors are not that bad, but cinematography and script overall are pathetic.

  • Ahmed Alnemer
    Ahmed Alnemer 9 days ago

    I feel like someone is missing ??

  • AlexReynard
    AlexReynard 9 days ago

    Y'know... I don't think this has anything to do with science fiction _whatsoever._

  • Chris1970
    Chris1970 9 days ago

    Great series. I only discovered it in 2019. Watching Deutschland 1986 right now and waiting the end of the trilogy somewhere between 2020 and 2021.

  • Gwynnfevar12
    Gwynnfevar12 9 days ago

    Western anti-white propaganda. Doesnt work in Eastern Europe. I see such craps easily. They think up things that never exist in white countries. So they make fictional movies with bad white men. In reality its opposite or exist only in muslim countries.

  • ms connolly
    ms connolly 9 days ago


  • quete inrpot
    quete inrpot 9 days ago

    0:02 fire the sounds guy.

  • This Account has been deleted

    90% of the shots in this trailer is just in the first episode.

  • Nathasha De la Rosa
    Nathasha De la Rosa 10 days ago

    I’ve been to the set in marydell it’s sick

  • BlueColeman
    BlueColeman 10 days ago

    Imagine watching this when you're high.

  • Mxxna
    Mxxna 10 days ago

    Kinda sucked I could barely watch the end of episode 8 due to the excessive amount of light flickering and my medical issues.

  • Terrell Cunningham
    Terrell Cunningham 10 days ago

    Just started this omg awesomely awesomeness

    • 4:20class
      4:20class 6 days ago

      yeah me too just can’t believe they killed tom cruise so fast xd

  • Donna Cabot
    Donna Cabot 10 days ago

    Bloody fuqn brilliant 👍👍👍👍