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432 Hz Meditation Music
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432 Hz Healing Music
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  • Fan girl created lover friendship fandom

    When I did this my eyes started to feel like they were burning btw this is not a hate comment my eyes actually felt sour or something

  • Gammeli
    Gammeli 3 hours ago

    I just discovered that this exists BUT WHY IS IT SO EXPENSIVE JESUS

  • Sonniah Bozunin
    Sonniah Bozunin 4 hours ago

    Excelente, para podemos nos desligarmos de tudo e focar nos ESTUDOS. Gratidão.

  • jason anderson
    jason anderson 4 hours ago

    binaural beats have been used to help induce OBE, at the Monroe institute. you may have something good here. during deep meditation and energy work my sinuses click open. I listened to this for less than5 minutes and just focused and it happened, record time. i will definitely be experimenting with this, thank you

  • vbhv yadu
    vbhv yadu 5 hours ago

    Even though im feeling anxious, stressed, depressed,lost,clueless,lonely right now. I know that I'll do whatever i need and i can to feel that happiness, love, comfort, the feeling of fulfilment,self love,confident. I will keep myself tough like a mountain and let life happen. I am ready. Love to all.

  • Alice Jackson
    Alice Jackson 7 hours ago

    Wow amazing as the comments, think i found inner earth. This just doesn't happen, gives me tremendous hope and joy. Peace on earth.

  • Erotico Studios
    Erotico Studios 7 hours ago

    Oh shit! Now, THIS Gamma Binaural Beats is definitely going in my archives........... I can just imagine what it's going to do to me, for me, and thru me!!!

  • mick
    mick 7 hours ago

    Resonate to the vibrations of the universe and nature, we are the centre of everything. It all revolves around and out from each of us, and in to us. We make our own prisons, so we can unmake them. TRUST IN NATURE and aline to the natural flow of thr universal conciousness. LOVE is nature, so give love, and love will find you. I send you all my love!

  • hadse1234
    hadse1234 8 hours ago


  • govind kushwah
    govind kushwah 9 hours ago

    Who is here in depression? Friends, we are with each other, we shall "never give up".

  • Taha Pamuk
    Taha Pamuk 9 hours ago

    Yes I finished my work but this music is just effected me psychologically; in fact, it has no use. Still, gets the job done.

  • Janet Swain
    Janet Swain 9 hours ago

    So soothing and calming. Recently had to let my guy go. Just couldn't take any more of his wandering eyes.

  • User01010
    User01010 10 hours ago

    To everyone how see's this we have to wake up and i know we can do it!

  • Sidewalk Citizen
    Sidewalk Citizen 10 hours ago

    May the spirit of this music bless someone TODAY!

  • Lili Maki
    Lili Maki 10 hours ago

    I cant focus on studying when im listening to any music oder sounds. Do i have adhd or something?

  • Queen Kaye
    Queen Kaye 11 hours ago

    I am not sure if I left a comment here before but I just want to say that love is the most powerful thing I have experienced this year!! How?? Bc I love myself so I can love others!!!! I am all about positive things and peace!!! Everyone who reads this, God has helped me love myself more and more each day so that the world may feel more love!!! I love you!!!! Keep loving yourself, keep encouraging yourself, continue to reinvent yourself, challenge yourself, YOU CAN DO IT! If you are capable of loving yourself, you are capable of ANYTHING my love!!! Remember that person in the mirror needs the most love from you!!!! Be kind to them!!! Love ❤️ peace ☮️ & light 💡 my loves P.s this music is the best and the comments here are life changing!!!!!

  • Daniel Kok
    Daniel Kok 12 hours ago

    the pain will end ,the happiness will come,your life will be fulfill with joy,everybody loves you,especially,God,your family loves you.Nothing is impossible,God always have his plan for us

  • Sim's Imagination
    Sim's Imagination 13 hours ago

    Thank you!!

  • khairul fahmi
    khairul fahmi 15 hours ago

    Wtf ..when i listen to this it feels like the video is moving a little bit

  • Angela Thomas
    Angela Thomas 16 hours ago

    how important is this test anyway??? I just wanna go to sleep

  • Noris Espinosa
    Noris Espinosa 17 hours ago

    I love you I just had type this in be positive and never give up on yourself

  • Volt Prime
    Volt Prime 17 hours ago

    The image looks exactly how this stuff feels in your ears, at least for me.:)

  • mayra Azcona Azcona
    mayra Azcona Azcona 20 hours ago

    Yo sola en español

  • Kaido Q
    Kaido Q 22 hours ago

    Holy carp this made me feel warm and fuzzy inside like no joke

  • Harman Kaur Maan
    Harman Kaur Maan 22 hours ago

    i was just going to sleep while doing study

    SKULLY D 23 hours ago

    Within us true happiness lies if we are willing to look, we look for it everywhere but from within may everyone find that happiness in their hearts

  • ilecast
    ilecast 23 hours ago

    This is so beautiful it literally made me cry - in a good way ❤️

  • コメント太郎


  • Serenity777 Mylonas

    Anyone who is reading this. You are loved. You are special and adored in your own unique way. Every different piece of you is precious and very incredible. You have many blessings to give to others. We all do if we work through the pain. Not one person has an easy life. We all suffer behind closed doors. It’s how you choose to respond to what happens to you that makes or breaks you the most. God loves you. You are uniquely made to his perfection. You are already perfect. If no one has told you today that you are loved then I LOVE YOU. You matter and god loves you deeply and profoundly. 🙏🏼🌅🌅🌅🌅💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Maryam Mk
    Maryam Mk Day ago

    God bless this comment section

  • Драгон Бол

    Hey you. Yes, you! Hey from Big Russia, we also have a problems in the selflife, our heart can be broken, and we also can feel ourself so empty. But u have to remember, that everybody of us are so happy, somewhere inside, we came to this planet with some reason to do, and all our problems are so little and actually they doesn't meter for our reason. Just enjoy this life, hard moments are a part of our life and we ought to pass this, cuz it's making us alive.

  • adriana castronovo


  • adriana castronovo


  • adriana castronovo

    i sleep for your musuc

  • Andrew Mooney
    Andrew Mooney Day ago

    The first time I listened to this I had dreams that I’m a woman. The second time I listened to this I had a dream that I am gay sissy shopping for women’s clothes. I’m not sure if I should listen to it a third time.

  • Sola Soo
    Sola Soo Day ago

    It works and helps actually.

  • Ed
    Ed Day ago

    To everyone here depressed. Get sugar, caffeine and wheat out of your life. When I stay off these I'm fine. 'Potatoes Not Prozac' is a wonderful book I strongly recommend.

  • Sushant More
    Sushant More Day ago

    This pic man what is name .

  • Mahelia Campbell

    So nice and chill and relaxing also peace thank you

  • Mahelia Campbell

    this helped me for my HOMEWORK. THANK YOU

  • I am Sustainable Planet.

    I love the creation of God. I love you. Have faith and courage. Always do your duty and rise from ignorance to knowledge. The knowledge of self. Everything is happening for your good. U are amazing. U are awesome. You are so awesome that i can sit in front of you and keep saying it all day. You are blessed. Universe is with you.

  • Shubham Patil
    Shubham Patil Day ago

    Love u all.. Just got a feeling of family with u all

  • Emoxx Anurag
    Emoxx Anurag Day ago

    Good night

    BEAUTIFUL Day ago


  • WhiteKeys007
    WhiteKeys007 Day ago

    Okay. Someone send me a link to Elliot's video please.

  • Andy Riegel
    Andy Riegel Day ago


  • lowpresssure
    lowpresssure Day ago

    beautiful <3

  • Diana Cadry
    Diana Cadry Day ago

    You Know what I Love about THIS Handpan Video? 1) Its 2 hrs and 2) You can Actually Hear The Drum better on it. Ty. Really Nice Job and Music♡♡♡

  • clifton moore
    clifton moore Day ago

    i would be putting this music in malls and every damn grocery store.😂😀

  • 90's Kids
    90's Kids Day ago

    How this musical work

  • Silvia Malheiros


  • One in all A.R

    Really good

  • JhadeSagrav
    JhadeSagrav Day ago

    this is the perfect music to play along with "Scary stories" like HellFreezer Glitches.

  • Alicia Bolaño

    To quick

  • Apoorv Deshmukh

    Who came from facttechz Hit the like but and make it blue

  • Alice Leyva
    Alice Leyva Day ago

    Minute 8 and I started to feel relaxed and in the present moment, even doing a lot of things at the same time.

  • Alain Archambault

    Imagine a car accident, the vehicle rolls over an embankment down 30 metres after overturning three times. The car comes to a rest amidst trees in a light drizzle and twilight. A bloodied hand is seen sticking out from a window, as silence returns. Life ebbs...

  • Urmila Patil
    Urmila Patil Day ago

    Who is here after watching fact techz

  • lunatic soul
    lunatic soul Day ago

    does it still work if something else is playing simultaneously , like idk some lo-fi ??

  • Gwenda250297
    Gwenda250297 Day ago

    Merci 🙏🏻

  • American Patriot

    As the crying spirits covered wet eyes see into the darkness They hear a voice come from the mist calling Them home.. Lucifer strums His cello in just that Breif moment His friends haven't come home. They are lost. He continues to play and calls for more spirits to come home hoping They are not next to be lost.

  • BariumBo
    BariumBo Day ago

    This music is the one that plays in movies when she breaks up with him and now he's about to jump off the 8th floor of some building. isn't it

  • Felmore Flores

    who is listening there and doing there work? 2019 here!

  • Baby Angelic
    Baby Angelic Day ago

    This is beautiful. I had in playing in the background very low in the living room and my family instantly fell into a happy, joyful relaxing state. They didn't even realise it was on but must have changed their frequency to the relaxing vibe. And believe me, my fam are quite manic and loud with Angelica normally singing to the top of her voice (which I love but not 24/7). So thank you for an hour of low volume crazyiness....! x

  • Empowered Crystals

    I really enjoyed this. Thank you so much for sharing

  • Chen Xi Yu
    Chen Xi Yu Day ago

    I think is toooo scary for me...

  • Rebekah Scheible

    Remember that Simon Says 80's ligh-up-sound cooy device...this is like the far more elegant analogue version.

  • Rebekah Scheible


  • John John
    John John Day ago

    my dog doesn't seem to like it. Now should i trust his sixth sense 🤔 ?

    • John John
      John John Day ago

      he has no pre perceived conditioned influence of ego.

  • Emily Kenner
    Emily Kenner 2 days ago

    Sending love to those who are having trouble loving themselves Healing to the hurting Joy and peace to anyone anxiously hiding their tears and packing down feelings to seem normal You are normal If we spoke out loud when we were overwhelmed you’d see just how many like you are surrounding you Be a light to those silent suffered when you can Accept the help of that concerned coworker When your friend asks you, before you give your “I’m fine” just know that people love you and want to be a light for you right back Sending ❤️❤️❤️❤️ You may be in a valley now but keep walking, for their are no valleys without hills and the view is beautiful for the strong ones who walk :)

  • Aedan Scharf
    Aedan Scharf 2 days ago

    Just remember....your problem is temporary....suicide is forever

  • clark quattirrochi
    clark quattirrochi 2 days ago

    Does this audio actually work?

  • Pixl
    Pixl 2 days ago

    Little flower, keep your petals to the sun, for you are soon to bloom. 🌱 Stay strong. I know it may be hard, but flowers cant bloom without a little rain, right? I believe in you, and you should believe in you too.

  • Pixl
    Pixl 2 days ago

    Little flower, keep your petals to the sun, for you are soon to bloom. 🌱 Stay strong. I know it may be hard, but flowers cant bloom without a little rain, right? I believe in you, and you should believe in you too.

  • Bonnie's World.
    Bonnie's World. 2 days ago

    💿💻📦🗞 the spirit, all and ingite

  • Massiel Walker hola Sa

    Why is everyone else telling us to go study again because obviously if they are writing a comment they are not studying

    • Audtreee
      Audtreee 2 days ago

      TRUEEEE, I got done studying and now im just reading the comments lol

  • Lord Arthur
    Lord Arthur 2 days ago

    love the effect

  • Nocturnal
    Nocturnal 2 days ago

    Walking the empty streets of Whitechapel, London and listening to this in the Dead of night. I feel like Jack the fackin Ripper. Ahh my knife is so sharp, I want to go to work right now. Hehehe.

  • Rhiannon Hofer
    Rhiannon Hofer 2 days ago

    “What is life’s greatest illusion?”

  • Moises Vasquez
    Moises Vasquez 2 days ago

    practice how you want to perform.

  • Kayla Girley
    Kayla Girley 2 days ago

    Have my second Organic Chem Exam in four days. Did well on the first one but I want to maintain my momentum. Hopefully this actually helps.

  • Alyssa John
    Alyssa John 2 days ago

    I'm 31 and never been able to work. Would like to be a police officer. I've been depressed and anxious as long as I remember. I've been abused over and over including this year. I'm in constant pain and long to feel something good. I want to have hope for a future.

  • dixiehellcat
    dixiehellcat 2 days ago

    excellent music for writing :)

  • Psychedelic Superbeast

    Deus Ex Mankind United: Neo Mumbai Chronicles DLC

  • Sterrelinde
    Sterrelinde 2 days ago

    For everyone who left a comment: Thank you! It is just what i needed today <3

  • Daniel Frohlich
    Daniel Frohlich 2 days ago

    This is really good it works!

  • M. Ruth
    M. Ruth 2 days ago

    Before I listen to this, tell me what frequency it is running on. You really should list that in your info description, that's a must.


    My results are coming please pray for me guys

  • Ed balvin
    Ed balvin 2 days ago

    I love this channel so much 😊😊 All the music is effective 😌😌😌😌😌

  • Marcus Sir
    Marcus Sir 2 days ago

    tomorrow is your exam and you are reading comments,,,asshole read book

  • Loret Stagg
    Loret Stagg 2 days ago

    So soothing, comforting. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

  • Taylor Marie
    Taylor Marie 2 days ago

    it would make sense God found a way without all those pills to "help cure" people and increase our energy back to positive- which creates positive thinking, which it return will promote homeostasis within the body! you can heal yourself but you have to stay AWAY from negative things and people-if you get that negative "LITERAL_VIBE" they are carrying to much negativity, surround yourself with Positive people and Godly things -Thanks Jesus for these eye openening experienced we Must encounter to be built back up into your soldiers-we got this! Come back soon!

  • Santo Senhor
    Santo Senhor 2 days ago

    I do not believe it does not have fade out

  • João Marcos
    João Marcos 2 days ago

    Eu precisoooo desse negóciooo

  • Maritess Burgos
    Maritess Burgos 2 days ago

    I forget that love is so giving and so gentle. This page would have never been forced on me, I had to open my heart to accept that I do not have to feel pain, hurt, or suffer. To all the Peaceful Warriors out there struggling to remember how much our empathy, kindness, and gentleness is a gift and strength much needed in the world. To be reminded I am not alone, that there is more love and support than ever thought possible, I just have to open the door to my heart for it, for love will not force or barge, but will be patiently there always when I am ready to receive. The dark seems stronger, because that fear, fears love itself, it knows Love, light, and truth is the ultimate power we each carry within to chose to share or not share with others or ourselves.... I love this page so much, thank you my friends, brothers, and sisters, when you think you are alone, you have cheerleaders right here....and then some!

  • Robert Liu
    Robert Liu 2 days ago

    I feel not only happiness, I feel love. Watch the comments let me feel more love from peaceful and open people. Thank you! Our world will be better !

  • Pere Serra
    Pere Serra 2 days ago

    Molt Bé..!!!

  • Jhoshua Loyosen
    Jhoshua Loyosen 2 days ago


  • Vaibhav Kumar
    Vaibhav Kumar 2 days ago


  • Antonio Armentano
    Antonio Armentano 2 days ago

    Thanks so much GreenRed Productions!! So much peace :)