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  • Yuuki Takemoto
    Yuuki Takemoto 5 months ago

    Why would TOM do that to Swayzak? You know Swayzak is a good guy too? He's just doing this for funsies.

  • Yuuki Takemoto
    Yuuki Takemoto 5 months ago

    I wish TOM never got the hyperdrive under control... feels for Swayzak, ya know?

  • hijhiysonikku
    hijhiysonikku 11 months ago

    0:37 what do you mean that's not Him from the Powerpuff Girls

  • Roo Mika
    Roo Mika Year ago

    0:49-0:52 What does he mean by "Good luck, hero" and OH MY GOD I TOLD YOU IT IS LIKE THE ATARI SPIDER-MAN COMMERCIAL

  • Yuuki Takemoto
    Yuuki Takemoto 2 years ago

    I hated this part. I remember being so angry for the rest of the day. Only SpongeBob and Samurai Jack could calm me down.

  • Mindcluster
    Mindcluster 6 years ago

    jajajaj the money is needed, WE NEED JOBS IN iSPAIN

  • Ongansan
    Ongansan 6 years ago


  • Ongansan
    Ongansan 6 years ago

    Oh, look! Nudity in Legend of Dragoon!

  • UnidentifiedLifeform

    I love how the "red eye dragon" has green eyes

  • cease2xst
    cease2xst 7 years ago

    To get the Dragoon Spirit Of The Golden Dragon (which of course belongs to Kongol, and the element of earth) early; remain on the second chapter. Kongol's Dragoon Spirit is located on the streets within the town known as Lohan. And no, Lindsay Lohan is NOT in that town; just because it says Lohan.

  • doreignify
    doreignify 7 years ago


  • ThePOKOkitty
    ThePOKOkitty 7 years ago


  • Ismael Ibanez
    Ismael Ibanez 7 years ago


  • Dylan Green
    Dylan Green 7 years ago

    The most bad-ass dragon for the most bad-ass character.

  • Dylan Green
    Dylan Green 7 years ago

    A dragon's a dragon. You know someone's screwed when you use the spell to summon one.

  • Jake Martin
    Jake Martin 7 years ago

    playstation allstars please

  • WickedKnightAlbel
    WickedKnightAlbel 7 years ago

    Good news, everyone. LoD has been the best-selling PS1 Classic on the PS Store for 3 months running. Last June, Sony renewed the copyright on the title, meaning they still have some mysterious use for the license. Fingers crossed on a sequel.

  • wizard105able
    wizard105able 7 years ago

    Who needs healing items when you have Shana's White Silver Dragon

  • Viviana
    Viviana 7 years ago

    Meru is the best character in the gamee,Love her transformation and magic. I lovee her hair color :D

  • tsume12
    tsume12 7 years ago

    I'm about to go check it out

  • AxelFive
    AxelFive 7 years ago

    They have their own kind of dragons. :P

  • Rottz112
    Rottz112 7 years ago

    it just was released on psn yesterday im downloading it now!!

  • Katsuya89
    Katsuya89 7 years ago

    That was Feyrbrand. I think the Jade dragon that Albert and Lavitz can summon is a different dragon that probably died during the Dragon Campaign. I was always confused of this too, cause the dragon Meru summons is not Regole, the dragon you fight with Lenus. So i am guessing the dragoon spirits are all from dragons that died during the dragon campaign with the original Dragoons, like Dart's dad.

  • Domonic Ramos
    Domonic Ramos 7 years ago

    Jack in! Tom! Power Up!!!

    • Yuuki Takemoto
      Yuuki Takemoto 2 years ago

      Is that a MegaMan reference? My friend had that game and I sucked at it.

  • Silver Garmore
    Silver Garmore 7 years ago

    Meklord Emperor Granel?

  • GreenSpyro
    GreenSpyro 7 years ago

    @HINDERIZATION Your are so right, he took part in our hearts with just ONE DISC of adventure......man im still pissed of with that fact xD.

  • FallenRaeLi21
    FallenRaeLi21 7 years ago

    I hate it when people call her useless, she WAS useful in my game -_- she leveled up way faster in her Dragoon form than the others.

  • HeadHunterX
    HeadHunterX 7 years ago

    @CheapAssMediaProd Tom couldn't even beat a sludge monster in one round.

  • Matt Peters
    Matt Peters 8 years ago

    This game was so much fun. :)

  • Sesshyru Hanma
    Sesshyru Hanma 8 years ago

    @filipeflower Sup? How has this year been to you? $p

  • Sesshyru Hanma
    Sesshyru Hanma 8 years ago

    @lifeiaskedfor Overheal much?

  • GreenSpyro
    GreenSpyro 8 years ago

    @Keiji9234 but the armor could have been more aerodynamic dont you think? xD?

  • paperboy204
    paperboy204 8 years ago

    i wonder if a 24 years old male human and a 50 years old girl wingly would go out, people would just say that the human that he is a pedophile... LOL

  • alvinash
    alvinash 8 years ago

    @carooomargheee naked in the brimming light XD

  • leadintea
    leadintea 8 years ago

    @MrDentalFloss1108 Miranda does have a digital image.

  • AxelFive
    AxelFive 8 years ago

    That doesn't look like the jade dragon I beat the hell out of back in the forest!

  • Daxam XV
    Daxam XV 8 years ago

    @#$% MIRANDA!

  • swordlunge
    swordlunge 8 years ago


  • Guan Yu
    Guan Yu 8 years ago

    imagine this remastered in HD!

  • Shumankingsnake
    Shumankingsnake 8 years ago

    red guy is cnreal isn't it

    • Yuuki Takemoto
      Yuuki Takemoto 23 days ago

      Nope, just J'onn J'onzz's oddball brother removed.

  • SloaTheDemon
    SloaTheDemon 8 years ago

    overkill much?

  • Kyriakos Chatzisavvas

    its stupid that he hasnt the dragoon earlier, i didnt include him in the party just because of that :/

  • Kyriakos Chatzisavvas

    when i was asked to take meru with me, i said no the first time... Meh

  • defunct32
    defunct32 8 years ago

    Meru has the best transformation and magic animation ever, esp. the last Dragon Spell so awesome!

  • CraftyPanda
    CraftyPanda 8 years ago

    ok i always h8ted shana but that dragon pwns ass

  • KingOfAnime2005
    KingOfAnime2005 8 years ago

    Gold dragon: Like a boss

  • Mindcluster
    Mindcluster 8 years ago

    @Ghostman7777 you sold this game for 330 eur, you have lucky.

  • Monkey J. Luffy
    Monkey J. Luffy 8 years ago

    tom went into the matrix lol

    • Yuuki Takemoto
      Yuuki Takemoto 2 years ago

      Nah he didn't. (I never saw The Matrix lmao)

  • renchon
    renchon 8 years ago

    @LazyBoy159741 Who cares, he has a freaking cannon as an arm.

  • Ananda Reyleigh
    Ananda Reyleigh 8 years ago

    (In Gaara's voice) DESERT FUNERAL!!!

  • Zamochy
    Zamochy 8 years ago

    Lead Designer: K guys, it's the last fight and Dart obtains the Divine Dragoon Spirit, let's brainstorm some ideas for it. Lead Designer: Ok, so I heard a giant sword, his arm becomes a cannon, he gets armor that makes Kongol feel puny, and he has 7 wings... You know what... put it in, it's the last fight, who cares if he can't move.

  • Mariku Junrei
    Mariku Junrei 8 years ago

    Now theres a trandormation that would piss sephiroth off hah

  • filipeflower
    filipeflower 8 years ago

    They could have remade it for the PlayStation 2, but since that console is now loosing its popularity, I don't think the Sony company will be interested in that anymore.

  • Daniella Canjura
    Daniella Canjura 8 years ago

    this would make a bad ass movie but hollywood would find a way to screw it up. What they should do is remake this for the ps3! how effin epic would that be!

  • Ivan Nierez
    Ivan Nierez 8 years ago

    i wish he had the power of kanzas like in the dragon camping video when he selfdestruct *.*

  • Drago Ridley
    Drago Ridley 8 years ago

    Not one of the dragons looked like a fricking DRAGON!!! But at least they owned just about everything in sight. Still the best combat system I've seen from any video game, new or old.

  • CraftyPanda
    CraftyPanda 8 years ago

    miranda dislikes this

  • CraftyPanda
    CraftyPanda 8 years ago

    lets all beg anime producers to make this an anime

  • Tomas Moralez
    Tomas Moralez 8 years ago

    Despite the fact that they don't look like the dragons we're used to seeing, I think that's what made them all the more interesting and unique. I always thought they were cool.

  • Neko San
    Neko San 8 years ago

    @ddrpros too bad she didn't finish the game.

  • WishesQQ
    WishesQQ 8 years ago

    @ddrpros ahahahah miranda is a hot sexy chick )) and shana shy girl

  • Lasair Gan Dath
    Lasair Gan Dath 8 years ago

    I'm playing it as we speak... Just got my last character to max Dlvl!

  • salvador8702
    salvador8702 8 years ago

    @TJandChey puberty

  • salvador8702
    salvador8702 8 years ago

    "why are you doing this?' *serious face*" ...for fun!...bwhahahahah{" lol

  • Jineya
    Jineya 8 years ago

    @godhand033 by the time she got sick she still doesnt know that shes the moon child ... does shE?

  • godhand033
    godhand033 8 years ago

    @jinell14 she is trhe moon child thats why she got sick

  • Ghostman7777
    Ghostman7777 8 years ago

    @SpaceChaos If I sold my game for 3x the cost I wouldn't forget it either...

  • Ghostman7777
    Ghostman7777 8 years ago

    I remember the first time she transformed, I thought she was butt-naked so I turned off my PS1, lost my save, and never transformed her again (I was 7) I really didn't want my parents to take this game away like they did with Duke Nukem... ;)

  • Filipe Freitas
    Filipe Freitas 8 years ago


  • Brian Campuzano
    Brian Campuzano 8 years ago

    @PrincessLelouch the legend of dragoon an old game made in 2000 ownly for ps1

  • Brian Campuzano
    Brian Campuzano 8 years ago

    @Zanmatsuken a tirage!!!

  • Jineya
    Jineya 8 years ago

    @elegantaudistah99 i think shana got sick and stuff that she cant handle the white dragon spirit .. thats why the spirit chose miranda as its new master.. on disc 4 i think ..

  • fujianprince
    fujianprince 8 years ago

    Imagine shana in 3D graphics...he-he-he.

  • han rash
    han rash 8 years ago

    hahaha i never use her as my fighting squad.i need OFFENSIVE!!!

  • Adrillionaire
    Adrillionaire 8 years ago

    How does Tom2 become Tom3?

  • LilDemon147
    LilDemon147 8 years ago

    @yuffielover top 5? theres only 7 o.o top 5 can still be bottom 3

  • Mindcluster
    Mindcluster 8 years ago


  • Tj Riley
    Tj Riley 9 years ago

    @elegantaudistah99 Miranda later becomes the the light silver dragoon.

  • ericZ17
    ericZ17 9 years ago

    shana can assist well. she actually make the game more thrilling as its goes on. talking about demon's dance. the damage is as high as the omni sweep.

  • PrincessLelouch
    PrincessLelouch 9 years ago

    Hey, what game is this? It looks really epic.

  • Trent Hollingsworth
    Trent Hollingsworth 9 years ago

    This always made me laugh.

  • Serge Magnavox
    Serge Magnavox 9 years ago

    @popertop or a turbo controller... :3

  • popertop
    popertop 9 years ago

    @finalfantasy3001 her magic attack stack is actually one of the highest, and the items that you use on the enemy go off that stat, so she can actually deal colossal amounts of damage with the right items and a fast finger.

  • Camelslayer
    Camelslayer 9 years ago

    This was a great game, though I hate what they did to the dragons...

  • AtemusQueen234
    AtemusQueen234 9 years ago

    DUDE now I need to replay this game

  • filipeflower
    filipeflower 9 years ago

    Why are you replying to a 2 year old comment ?

  • Yellow13Firestorm
    Yellow13Firestorm 9 years ago

    oh noes! he's breaking the fourth wall!

  • Yellow13Firestorm
    Yellow13Firestorm 9 years ago

    @filipeflower they ALL look like that.

  • Japanese Businessman


  • zzzfabfabzzz
    zzzfabfabzzz 9 years ago

    I thought it was supposed to be Michael

  • wamspride
    wamspride 9 years ago

    Im on disk 3 and ive never transformed shana or miranda because they both fail compared to albert's gust of wind and rose's demon dance

  • MSephi
    MSephi 9 years ago

    This remind me : Pegasus! Ryu Sei Keeeen!! :p

  • GalacticBloopy
    GalacticBloopy 9 years ago

    @djlee025 Yeah, we saw what his insides looked like when he was torn to pieces in Endgame.

  • GalacticBloopy
    GalacticBloopy 9 years ago

    @sasuke428 Tom 4 is Tomino (Tom In Name Only).

  • GalacticBloopy
    GalacticBloopy 9 years ago

    @SKATINGISFUN18 In my fanfic, he's gonna get his ass kicked by TOM.

    • hijhiysonikku
      hijhiysonikku 2 years ago

      Swayzak gets his own N64 game 7 years later after that. He's no longer the bane of the Toonami Faithful. In fact, he's right up there with TOM and SARA and may even be the most successful out of the Toonami ensemble and the most well known.

  • GalacticBloopy
    GalacticBloopy 9 years ago

    @LONGTAIL15 Google "Toonami Endgame"

  • GalacticBloopy
    GalacticBloopy 9 years ago

    @ziberteck a guy called Obsidian Productions had that idea. He incorporated it into an awesome story of fan fiction dot net

  • GalacticBloopy
    GalacticBloopy 9 years ago

    Looks like Sara's creepy ex-boyfriend. Can anyone tell what she says after "I don't know"?

    • Yuuki Takemoto
      Yuuki Takemoto 23 days ago

      Swayzak can't be Sara's boyfriend, he's too busy being a Clone Trooper! (Swayzak had a New Zealand accent in the game for this in case you don't get the joke)

  • xZZxTakedown
    xZZxTakedown 9 years ago

    A channel called Toonami and shows all of the shows that were aired on it. BRILLIANT!!!!

  • tsume12
    tsume12 9 years ago

    I have a ps3 and its begging for this game to the 10th level!