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Eagle Island - Versus
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  • the guyman
    the guyman 14 hours ago

    Tyler:says back massages to keep it PG Jepson: w**re

  • Atlas
    Atlas 15 hours ago

    Im late as fuck but i just wanna know to anyone here do you watch the flash?

  • Wiimote Cat
    Wiimote Cat 22 hours ago

    why does your page say Joined Sep 25, 2005?

  • Atlas
    Atlas Day ago

    Piranha DD also has Daniel Panabaker in it

  • Reden Prudente
    Reden Prudente 2 days ago


  • Reden Prudente
    Reden Prudente 2 days ago

    He looks like a Dragon 0:51

  • pokeperson1000
    pokeperson1000 2 days ago

    Seeing this again, I once again mourn for the loss of annotations.

  • Tommy Gilmore
    Tommy Gilmore 2 days ago

    Welp. Time for my bi-annual viewing of this and every other Versus.

  • Nova Lynn
    Nova Lynn 5 days ago

    I know I watched this as it came out but I can't remember jack shit so it's time to re-watch!!

  • NekoCiel :
    NekoCiel : 7 days ago

    This is 2019 and earlier this year, in Ohio, gas prices were as low as $1.89... You guys must have really expensive gas prices where you both live 😂

  • Logan Williams
    Logan Williams 7 days ago

    Thank you for playing one of my favorite childhood games on a versus

    MN CHAVEZ 8 days ago

    36:47 Josh: YES I WON THE LOTTERY SO I CAN BECOME THE MOST FAMOUS PERSON IN THE WORLD!!!!! Tyler: NOO!!!!! BOWSER MADE ME LOSE MY CHANCE TO BE RESPECTED!!!!!!!! No offense guys just wanted to say something about ur reactions

  • louis webster
    louis webster 8 days ago


  • Talez Gaming
    Talez Gaming 9 days ago

    Can you guys do a kingdom hearts versus?

  • Jersh37
    Jersh37 11 days ago

    Anyone watching in 2019 lmao

  • MrLine
    MrLine 11 days ago

    I suddenly remembered this Aaah memories

  • MajorasMaskMailman
    MajorasMaskMailman 12 days ago


  • reyalsnomeD
    reyalsnomeD 12 days ago

    Oh the good old days when minecraft was king of gaming and people had no idea what fortnite is... why couldn't it stay like tthis untill i die? fortnite sucks!

  • Temp Porary
    Temp Porary 13 days ago

    The commentary this time is disgusting.

  • TheDarksaphira
    TheDarksaphira 13 days ago

    I swear to god they're having some conversations like three times... and it irritates me because I am binge-watching versus playlists right now.....

  • Minegamer
    Minegamer 13 days ago

    13:08 Tyler predicted the future!

  • Minegamer
    Minegamer 13 days ago

    “Once upon a time, not long ago, I was a hoe” -Tyler 2018

  • Owen Y
    Owen Y 13 days ago


  • The_Ciester
    The_Ciester 13 days ago

    I was playing along with the versus and found a shiny geodude a couple parts ago in mount moon

  • JoCoBrony
    JoCoBrony 14 days ago

    30:29 Wow, this whole time I thought Josh said "Lucy!" I thought he was yelling at someone in the background or something.

  • Tim Martin
    Tim Martin 14 days ago

    What happened to Mario Odyssey versus?

  • ganondorj2
    ganondorj2 14 days ago

    08:40 that whole conversation was just the Anju and Ballsacks conversation all over again

  • Tottosmile
    Tottosmile 14 days ago

    I really want Bayonetta versus now

  • TheDarksaphira
    TheDarksaphira 14 days ago

    I know this series is four years old, but the song in the intro was soooo amazing! I loved it :D

  • CrazyDK96
    CrazyDK96 15 days ago

    VS in Shovel Knight EP 4 Totals;This Episode Tyler|Josh : Life Bubbles Lost : 243;70|183.5;48 Deaths : 36;10|27;4 Gold Spent : 38500;14000|57950;17500 Gold Lost : 11829;5052|12189;2950 Items.used : 922;358|716;266 DOUBLE K.O!! : 1;|0;

  • ChuckBatman5
    ChuckBatman5 15 days ago

    This game looks super cool and I've never even heard of it before! Thanks for showing it off!

  • Liannakanzacki
    Liannakanzacki 15 days ago

    Tyler thank you for this. It makes me smile xx

  • Sarukana
    Sarukana 15 days ago

    You can control owls?!?!?!?! I AM SOLD! No but seriously this game looks so fun! I'm definitely get this game! <3

  • mickeyallister
    mickeyallister 15 days ago

    I saw people livestreaming a concert I was at last night. It was a free concert too so no big loss to the band

  • GiggioGamer
    GiggioGamer 15 days ago

    This is a cool concept for a Versus

  • DrJayPepper
    DrJayPepper 15 days ago


  • Neo VS Nintendo
    Neo VS Nintendo 16 days ago

    Ah, yes. The end game of Pokémon Fire Red and its final bosses Lorielle Bruno Mars Agatha the bug princess (with no bug types) Lancer from Deltarune And Gary the snail

  • That1 Person
    That1 Person 16 days ago

    2019? Also to achieve 30 fps, this game lowered the resolution to 286×214.

    MZAAO 16 days ago

    wow what an ending

  • Tony Ponce
    Tony Ponce 16 days ago

    Wait, wtf, Tyler is roomed with Fearsome?

  • Tony Ponce
    Tony Ponce 16 days ago

    Yoooo, you guys just disappeared off u feed for so long. Just thought to look yall up. Glad to see this channel is still running.

  • 9yearold captain jackypo113

    I didn’t realize Tyler was in this!

  • Nester
    Nester 16 days ago

    AVGN Versus

  • Dylan Sturdivant
    Dylan Sturdivant 16 days ago

    Bayonetta versus when?

  • Wiimote Cat
    Wiimote Cat 16 days ago

    im sorry tyler buy gay guys cant "have kids"

    • Wiimote Cat
      Wiimote Cat 16 days ago

      @louis webster but are you really male without a dick?

    • louis webster
      louis webster 16 days ago

      unless they were a woman at birth and switches to male then maybe they’ll still have a uterus. it’s happened before

    • qa lacquerton
      qa lacquerton 16 days ago

      @Wiimote Cat Gooooood English skills. You sure are the expert.

    • Wiimote Cat
      Wiimote Cat 16 days ago

      @qa lacquerton closer the na gay guy

    • qa lacquerton
      qa lacquerton 16 days ago

      ​@Wiimote Cat That's not HAVING a kid

  • HeliosAlpha
    HeliosAlpha 16 days ago

    Things that are normal today but will probably been seen as strange and barbaric in the future would be stuff like using fossil fuels and eating tons of meat every day. The stuff that really isn't sustainable for 100 more years

  • Rasz
    Rasz 17 days ago


  • Kyle Moseby
    Kyle Moseby 17 days ago

    Part 2 when?

  • That One Pikmin
    That One Pikmin 17 days ago

    Super cool game. Ever considered doing a pikmin 2 versus?

  • Infectionform
    Infectionform 17 days ago

    Speaking of Crypt of the Necrodancer, you guys should definitely do a VS of Cadence of Hyrule!

    • ChuckBatman5
      ChuckBatman5 15 days ago

      Ooh that would be fun, I wonder how bad they'd be at it though

  • CrazyDK96
    CrazyDK96 17 days ago

    Eagle Island VS(One-Off) Tyler|Josh Hits : 22|37 Death : 0|1

  • CrazyDK96
    CrazyDK96 17 days ago

    15:37 Thank you Colton.

    • ColtonKP
      ColtonKP 17 days ago

      Tyler edited this episode, not me. :P

  • Nick Reynolds
    Nick Reynolds 17 days ago

    Nice Layout guys!

  • Undead Wolf Emilia
    Undead Wolf Emilia 17 days ago

    heck ya

  • therogers33
    therogers33 17 days ago

    Bayonetta is the best game trilogy (soon to be since 3 hasn’t came out yet) in platinum games

  • Lior Btion
    Lior Btion 17 days ago

    Cant wait to see more

  • WikiThis
    WikiThis 17 days ago

    First versus where I’ve never heard of the game.

  • Rainbow Sylveon
    Rainbow Sylveon 17 days ago

    They spelled Tucan wrong in the game

    • MaskedImposter
      MaskedImposter 16 days ago

      It's also supposed to be attacking!

    • louis webster
      louis webster 16 days ago

      Runningon Cylinders H-K-P-O-Q-J-J

    • Ultra _
      Ultra _ 16 days ago

      Tyler probably spelt tucan wrong because according to josh in sm64 he is an idiot from a family of idiots (This is a joke if it isn’t obvious already)

    • omegahippe
      omegahippe 16 days ago

      @Runningon Cylinders q-r-s-t-v-x!

    • Runningon Cylinders
      Runningon Cylinders 17 days ago

      I wonder how they'd spell pqrlfet? B-A-N-A-N-A-S?

  • Sergio Gonzalez
    Sergio Gonzalez 17 days ago

    You guys should play a Cuphead Moose

  • Dragon 113
    Dragon 113 17 days ago

    Yeet em

  • Carsrock987
    Carsrock987 17 days ago

    im on team tori for this one. hey versus, can you guys talk about "inspired by true events?" i'll like the video on all 5 of my youtube accounts if you do

  • Sammy Boy
    Sammy Boy 17 days ago

    Cuphead versus

  • Caitlyn. .Harder
    Caitlyn. .Harder 17 days ago

    You should do a cup head versus

  • ShadowedNight
    ShadowedNight 17 days ago

    I'm sad that you aren't doing the full game. C'mon guys

    • Versus
      Versus 17 days ago

      This is just a one off versus video!

  • S.A.D. BOYS
    S.A.D. BOYS 17 days ago

    A new Versus less than a month after the last? Looks like Christmas came early! Thanks papa Josh and Tyler!

    • Versus
      Versus 17 days ago

      you're welcome my child

  • N64 Girl
    N64 Girl 17 days ago


  • Mystic Khalessi
    Mystic Khalessi 17 days ago

    Let’s go jep squad and tuclan all the way plz sub I need the money

    • louis webster
      louis webster 16 days ago

      Skywolfhd20 eww a jacksfilms fan

    • Skywolfhd20
      Skywolfhd20 17 days ago

      stop promoting your own channel in the comments it's obnoxious unrelated and a Bore when you're promoting your own channel in the comments well it's not really a comment anymore

  • Ultra _
    Ultra _ 17 days ago

    Can you continue sm64 online versus

    • louis webster
      louis webster 16 days ago

      they’re making us make memes of odyssey’s hiatus

    • Dylan Vs Comics
      Dylan Vs Comics 16 days ago

      Sm64 online was cancelled (I forget the reason). Odyssey is on hiatus.

    • Ultra _
      Ultra _ 17 days ago


    • Devin
      Devin 17 days ago

      Ultra _ And Mario Odyssey

  • Stephen Stone
    Stephen Stone 17 days ago

    Merica 🇺🇸

  • Levi Beam
    Levi Beam 17 days ago


  • Agent 7
    Agent 7 17 days ago

    I'm a middle schooler😃

  • MemeLord 21
    MemeLord 21 17 days ago


  • loubob
    loubob 18 days ago

    this video is a CLASSIC

  • Tinncy
    Tinncy 18 days ago


  • ZeldaGamingPro
    ZeldaGamingPro 18 days ago

    I remember flat Stanley. I did that in my elementary school a long time ago. I’m laughing so hard right now that I’m crying 😭

  • Versus
    Versus 18 days ago

    Here is a playlist for the full race!

  • Pokemaster 121
    Pokemaster 121 18 days ago

    15:53 thanks for being honest Tyler go Josh

  • GalaxyFoxie
    GalaxyFoxie 18 days ago


  • Gaston Fourt
    Gaston Fourt 19 days ago

    Can you guys do a luigi's mansion 3 versus and dark moon versus please!!!???? You guys did a versus on the first game but never did a versus on the second game!!!??? So please do the third and second game pleeeeeeaaasseee!!??

  • Branden Church
    Branden Church 20 days ago

    Do a banjo tooie versus!

  • kobii mac
    kobii mac 21 day ago

    I keep on farting and there's nowhere for the air to go now it really stinks in here signed Zelda

  • CerealCat449
    CerealCat449 21 day ago

    Now I remember why I was hesitant to go back and marathon this series. RIP headphone users.

  • Poishy
    Poishy 21 day ago

    Yeah Sonic unleashed isn't the worst, secret rings takes the cake for the worst in my books. Sonic 06 has the redemption of one of the best soundtracks in 3d sonic. Still terrible, but the soundtrack puts it above secret rings. Unleashed is like, maybe fifth worst? It's no Sonic colours or generations sure but, with boom out, we can safely put all of the boom games below unleashed.

  • CerealCat449
    CerealCat449 22 days ago

    Tucan Sam is a famous tucan

  • Dustin
    Dustin 22 days ago

    Wait tucans is gay?

  • JoCoBrony
    JoCoBrony 22 days ago

    I'm disappointed that you talked about Nintendo sex positions and didn't even mention the Screw Attack.

  • Marshmallow Doom
    Marshmallow Doom 22 days ago

    Can’t have galaxy vs without donnabellez

  • Temp Porary
    Temp Porary 22 days ago

    The playlist is missing the finale

  • King Brent
    King Brent 23 days ago

    Fire up that loud, another round of shots....turn down for what

  • King Brent
    King Brent 23 days ago

    I heard that Japanese actually dont like tips

  • Legend Pierce
    Legend Pierce 23 days ago

    Lov it 😘😍😜😊☺

  • CerealCat449
    CerealCat449 23 days ago

    I was told a plant fetish is called botanality

  • Rosè Denatre
    Rosè Denatre 24 days ago

    Yes please do the other dlc I would love to see that

  • CrazyDK96
    CrazyDK96 24 days ago

    VS in Shovel Knight EP 3 Totals;This Episode Tyler|Josh : Life Bubbles Lost : 173;53|135.5;45 Deaths : 26;12|23;13 Gold Spent : 24500;6000|40450;13150 Gold Lost : 6777;4583|9239;4917 Items.used : 564;203|450;170 DOUBLE K.O!! : 1;|0;

  • Bielka Molina
    Bielka Molina 24 days ago


  • CrazyDK96
    CrazyDK96 24 days ago

    VS in Shovel Knight EP 2 Totals;This Episode Tyler|Josh : Life Bubbles Lost : 120;80.5|90.5;65.5 Deaths : 14;10|10;8 Gold Spent : 18500;13000|27300;17800 Gold Lost : 2194;1934|4322;3724 Items.used : 361;361|280;224 DOUBLE K.O!! : 1;|0;

  • JoCoBrony
    JoCoBrony 25 days ago

    Hey, how come nobody's noticed the weird cross-fade on Tyler's side at 29:14?

  • HiFiveMaster
    HiFiveMaster 25 days ago

    Why is it that Tyler even said that he can't talk about Anne Frank and the Josh says to keep talking about Anne Frank and he does and loses lol

  • Bielka Molina
    Bielka Molina 25 days ago

    They forgot about the matrix series

  • Para
    Para 25 days ago

    I haven’t heard an “I am 12 and what is” joke in forever