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Zendaya Is Iconic
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  • Ralf Calma
    Ralf Calma Hour ago

    Ladybug needs this

  • Saroj Sarita
    Saroj Sarita Hour ago

    Lil Tay and angle are you insane

  • Melissa Solimani
    Melissa Solimani 2 hours ago

    I think stormi is a cute name and beautiful for a kid i dont see its wrong and it a normal name to me!

  • Charlie Evans
    Charlie Evans 2 hours ago

    the biggest take away from this video for me is how pathetic tabloids and journalists are. Making controversial situations out of complete nothing.

  • Predatory Mistress : TAP ON MY PHOTO

    this is like, dude

  • Sharmella Krishnasamy

    There are many complications that you need to prepare your mind before tying the knot with a spouse with huge age difference. 1. Maturity in thoughts and behaviour 2. Expiry date of your too old spouse (what are you going to do next, if he or she passes away of old age but you are still very young), 3. health and physical condition of your old spouse. Marriage must offer a fair and equal share for both husband and wife. If one person end up sacrificing too much, there are chances for the marriage to break apart at later years. They way ladies think and behave in her 20s and 40s would be very different.

  • Abdulnasser Dimnang
    Abdulnasser Dimnang 2 hours ago

    Some people are insane..They are following people who are not even happy for themselves..

  • Virgil Pine
    Virgil Pine 2 hours ago

    Me-Gain is trashifying [yes, I know that it's not a word, but it fits what she's doing to a "T"] the British Monarchy and it started from the getgo when she brought in all of those American celebrities to the wedding. You see, Me-Gain was a C-list actress who couldn't make it to the A-list that she yearned so much to belong to, so she went at it through an unconventional way, by marrying a Prince. Overnight she became the toast of the town and even A-Listers like Jay-Z and Beyonce now bow down to her. Needless to say Jay-Z and Beyonce wouldn't have had time for Me-Gain before her association with Harry. Now, the newly minted DIVA wants things her way and she's acting like one of these spoiled American starlets who wants her privacy, etc... No respect at all for her new country that does things differently than in the USA and her besotted prince is going along. Hopefully, Harry [who is still in the honeymoon stage] will get tired of her soon as she continues to alienate everyone with her antics.

  • Kishore Tewari
    Kishore Tewari 2 hours ago

    I 💗 billie eilish she is amazing!!😍

  • cilla jendar
    cilla jendar 2 hours ago

    To be succeed in US you need to Showing your Anus not your talent, i never seen US people care about talent only shaking anus

  • Shadow_ Wolfy
    Shadow_ Wolfy 2 hours ago

    100 likes and I'll ask my crush out

  • yuna park
    yuna park 2 hours ago

    USA has beautiful ppl

  • Altyn Tachmedowa
    Altyn Tachmedowa 2 hours ago

    Dua Lipa The Best 😎💕

  • AngeliAiko
    AngeliAiko 2 hours ago

    My crush is in Taiwan and I’m in Cambodia... BRUHH

  • Santi Boonyarat
    Santi Boonyarat 2 hours ago


  • Maria Membreno
    Maria Membreno 2 hours ago


  • ShanaMoe
    ShanaMoe 3 hours ago

    😂 stuff that have a lot of folds like sponges. Also people touching my neck

  • Maria Membreno
    Maria Membreno 3 hours ago

    She is beautiful ❤️❤️

  • janna_riego mercadejas

    I’m fucking poor period!

  • Louise Vanessa
    Louise Vanessa 3 hours ago

    He's Normal, and she's a Madonna wanna be.

  • Crazzy Stuff
    Crazzy Stuff 3 hours ago

    Is it just me. Or she looks ugly. She used to look better. Now too much botox or fillers yikes!!

  • sarah moo
    sarah moo 3 hours ago

    some things they said about the celebs were quite rude

  • michael Blevins
    michael Blevins 3 hours ago


  • Abenlei Zeliang
    Abenlei Zeliang 3 hours ago

    I love him

  • Joan Miss Quizzical
    Joan Miss Quizzical 3 hours ago

    Once again, Talko....PH and MM are the Sussexs . William and Catherine are the Cambridges. @8:41

  • Keira Jensen
    Keira Jensen 3 hours ago

    The Basics... Phones and Heath Insurance. Not like food or anything...

  • All Abored
    All Abored 3 hours ago

    White on white crime

  • Fungus Face
    Fungus Face 3 hours ago

    Game Reserve=canned trophy hunting.

  • waitingfortheworldtoburn nrubotdlroehtrofgnitiaw

    1:13 girl on the left is STUNNING - id follow her makeup utube if i just knew her name

  • JuNgKoOkiE XD
    JuNgKoOkiE XD 3 hours ago

    How could dat bish touch Ari like dat?????? Brush he disgusts me

    FRMONSIVAIS 3 hours ago

    I agree with Cameron. The theory of Evolution is shit. And homosexuality is unnatural.

  • Holly Preston
    Holly Preston 3 hours ago

    We love you Ariana don’t let people make you upset and sad we all love you I have all your perfumes and your music so don’t let people tell you what you can’t and what you can do do the right thing be your self every one is different in there way I hope you get this I hate it when people make you sad if your sad I’m sad if you are happy I’m happy ❤️❤️❤️

  • kong xiaoli
    kong xiaoli 3 hours ago

    Nicole is ready for an engagement, and Clay says he's starting to fall in love with her, but he's not there yet and wants more time to explore their relationship.

  • Chris Dolmeth
    Chris Dolmeth 3 hours ago

    I don’t understand why cheating on your significant other would be career suicide. It’s quite a common thing.

  • Tara the cat
    Tara the cat 3 hours ago

    Go with faux fur and our pockets will thank you but more importantly go with faux fur and those animals they use to kill to make the furs get to live is more important. Can you imagine on another planet if those beings on that planet had a thing for wearing human skin for fashion or to keep warm smh.

  • Gacha Spark
    Gacha Spark 3 hours ago

    "She speaks four languages including english and hindi!"

  • آرین احمدی
    آرین احمدی 3 hours ago

    They work for company so they are innocent.

  • Kim Reid
    Kim Reid 3 hours ago

    Not so full of glee now are they

  • একটি লুকানো লোক এল

    I think trump is better!

  • Scarlet Hausladen
    Scarlet Hausladen 4 hours ago

    I dont care for Prince Harry , Since he married Meg, and things he and her are doing, Nope,

    • Scarlet Hausladen
      Scarlet Hausladen 2 hours ago

      @Barbie Rae wa wa I dont like either one, and so there , do you eat with that mouth hahha its my comment suck it up Barbie hahah and reads all believe that and his monkey face meg hahahha

    • Barbie Rae
      Barbie Rae 3 hours ago

      I don't think Harry gives 2 Fcks if you like him🤣

  • Cody Luzuriaga
    Cody Luzuriaga 4 hours ago

    Well shit they don’t Faking like me🥺🥺😢😭😤☹️🙁😕😟😔😓😥😰

  • All Abored
    All Abored 4 hours ago

    She killed her mother

  • SEAN S
    SEAN S 4 hours ago

    I love these girls equally.

  • Yoandri Reyes
    Yoandri Reyes 4 hours ago

    ??? wash your hand before touching her baby what about someone who smoke weed and that smell stick to everything including cloths according to kylie on Ellen's hot questions I know babies are delicate but come on.

  • Lisas forehead
    Lisas forehead 4 hours ago

    I could careless about Khloe but I'm actually gonna miss jordyn and Kylie's friendship

  • M T57
    M T57 4 hours ago

    Sonia and Fzyna Ali look alot like Kylie and Kim

  • Irma DeWeese
    Irma DeWeese 4 hours ago

    When in Rome do what the Romans do. She made her bed, so she should lay on it.

  • sanser singh
    sanser singh 4 hours ago

    Do You Know who Is most the Beautiful person In the world ? Read the second word 😘😘😘😘😘😘🙄

  • Gloria Timothy
    Gloria Timothy 4 hours ago

    She created those judgement by the choices she made. She's a "tough" woman she shouldn't complained about the media & people's judgement of her. Her attitude is disgusting.

  • quwh0t lyrics
    quwh0t lyrics 4 hours ago

    What is disney curse?

  • Jamie Brown
    Jamie Brown 5 hours ago

    Her annoying voice!

  • Sandra MacMillan
    Sandra MacMillan 5 hours ago

    With the exception of a similar hair cut, they look nothing alike. Totally different features.

  • Ain't no half steppin!

    I didn't know Robert Kardashian wa a pedophile.

  • Get IT J
    Get IT J 5 hours ago

    It is really troubling that they expect a woman to come out the day or next day for pics. That is problematic. I've never really cared

  • Zechariah Price
    Zechariah Price 5 hours ago

    "no modesty rules for shoes" +1 for the foot fetishists

  • birdie
    birdie 5 hours ago

    dear Lord she’s become so stunning

  • CPR
    CPR 5 hours ago

    Was not he on tv in the early nineties?

  • Johana Tamo Ina
    Johana Tamo Ina 5 hours ago

    Never heard Normani name in my life before but Camilla Cabello. This narator.sounded so stupid. Its end of 2019. And where is her name at ???

  • OhgirinSH
    OhgirinSH 5 hours ago

    I wish the best for both of them and their children.

  • Declaration of Independance


  • Autumn O
    Autumn O 5 hours ago

    Just a small tip for Jojo's mom she should put her on some ADHD meds , trust me she needs them😂

  • London Girl
    London Girl 5 hours ago

    Confusion at its finest

  • Autumn O
    Autumn O 5 hours ago

    Ha instead of lil tay spending that money on trash why dont she spend it on those wack teeth of hers😂

  • 30yavash mooor
    30yavash mooor 5 hours ago

    I'm happy for these rich kids .. I was going to say that I have been unemployed for 4 years though I'm an electronics engineer, I can't find a job anywhere And at the age of 35 , I'm single and have no any money left.. I am happy for the rich kids and I wish their lives were always happy..

  • Cindrella Gomez
    Cindrella Gomez 5 hours ago

    Personally i don't like wendy

  • momo bb dd
    momo bb dd 5 hours ago

    people who think that khloe have a bad luck are so funny as if she can ruin the game 😂 i mean i think the girl who say this news is dramatic when she said that everyone in the game couldn’t stop keeping their nails away LOL and the stupid shit about kim is even funnier , there’s no wrong with her dating 6 months after she split kris Humphries !! i mean you want her to wait 1 year ?? 😑😂

  • Addison Mielke
    Addison Mielke 5 hours ago

    I was watching liv and maddie on my tv while watching this

  • derpy
    derpy 5 hours ago

    You could be caring about global warming, the amazon rain forest, the world dying but you guys spend your time pointing out Kim 'copying' Kylie

  • Katya Zach
    Katya Zach 5 hours ago

    To be honest, it wasn't Caitlyn's fault that she answered the question awkwardly. I mean, that much stress can't lead to good, right? Also, it really is a very weird question for the judjes to ask so she wasn't prepared.

  • Laura Martinez
    Laura Martinez 5 hours ago

    In my opnion I GUESS SHE WANT BE KHOLOE!!! 🧠

  • eze bentivegna
    eze bentivegna 5 hours ago

    A guy is not gonna buy this type of music why they are nude in the cover

  • Yeo Joanne
    Yeo Joanne 5 hours ago

    Spoiled kids

  • Blitz Gacha100
    Blitz Gacha100 5 hours ago

    Not even a month into school and I already like someone 💀 he prolly won't like me back cuz Everytime I have I crush they don't :(

  • Holly Golightly
    Holly Golightly 5 hours ago

    She looked much prettier before all that awful plastic surgery.

  • Sam
    Sam 5 hours ago

    Demanding extravaggant gifts for the child on her b'day is not a rule made out of care & love, it is just a way to loot ppl. (some comments on this video make me unsure about this particular claim tho) However, i can understand why she has such a tight security, a weird contract for guests, a strict rule regarding hygiene and for nanies who can't wear jewelleries, and i can also see why she is so particular about mobiles not being anywhere near her child. Prolly bcos she doesnt want ppl to make weird rumours about her, leak pictures, harm her/her child, or steal anything from her, these concerns at least are well rooted (and these are also things which i dont feel are exaggerated as celebs do have such rules for security related purpose, in general)

  • cyber reaper
    cyber reaper 5 hours ago

    Give it a few months they"ll be back together again

  • gacha girl
    gacha girl 5 hours ago

    Kylie wins

  • madison deslatte
    madison deslatte 5 hours ago

    my crush sits next to me in one of my classes and we’re always paired for partners. everytime he talks to me he makes eye contact but it’s very short. we both smile the whole time we talk to each other :)))) i wanna show him that i like him without saying it maybe but idk 😂

  • Athalia Gonzales
    Athalia Gonzales 6 hours ago

    I wasnt even born for the whole introduction

  • Mandy D.
    Mandy D. 6 hours ago

    Mom: "Money don't grow on trees" Me: "But mom..."

  • vanessaa
    vanessaa 6 hours ago

    Kylie a queen.

  • paradoxical
    paradoxical 6 hours ago

    Kris really made that whole family.

  • Theanimebaker
    Theanimebaker 6 hours ago

    The comments backing Amber Heard did not age well

  • Benjamin Rogers
    Benjamin Rogers 6 hours ago

    She said she liked me but I don’t know cause she likes my best friend sooooo I was mad but tamed my anger

  • nise Charles
    nise Charles 6 hours ago

    so because Rihanna wore something no one else can't wear it. steups. #TotalBullshit#

  • Martin Snee
    Martin Snee 6 hours ago

    American rumour monger, your research is faulty. Your presentation is based on gossip and hear say.... CRAP.

  • tripy cruz
    tripy cruz 6 hours ago

    Jordyn was so lucky being loved by kylie.

  • Wands Buerge
    Wands Buerge 6 hours ago

    Caitlyn drama queen

  • Mizz Wicked
    Mizz Wicked 6 hours ago

    Kate is the next queen. Meghan ain't shit

  • Lulu Arredondo
    Lulu Arredondo 6 hours ago

    I love Billie her style and the way she is I lovvveeeee heeerrrr 😍😘

  • Joseph Roessler
    Joseph Roessler 6 hours ago

    And Meghan & Harry have right to Privacy and to protect their kids because of what happened to Diana own traditions let her be who Meghan is back off . Rest in Peace Princess Diana you should have gotten justice & still haven't.

  • Lexi Tuttle
    Lexi Tuttle 6 hours ago

    Is the voiceover Alexa penavega

  • Snowball The Doggo
    Snowball The Doggo 6 hours ago

    Don’t make that your thumbnail respect jonghuyn

  • ‰•Neko OokamizStudios•‰

    I feel like most people don’t get it they only see Jordan’s success but to get that she fed off a already super successful family and then betrayed them for what??? For some cheater And plus she CHEATED WITH HIM KNOWING IT WAS CHLOE’S AT THE TIME BF NOT TO MENTION THE *FATHER* of her KID

  • Say it Ain’t so
    Say it Ain’t so 6 hours ago

    Who cares? Blah blah blah

  • Jackson marshall
    Jackson marshall 6 hours ago

    Fu your the best What’s the second letter

  • Bts LoveYourself
    Bts LoveYourself 6 hours ago

    What so only one person can were a peice of clothing now without it called copying?

  • Bryan Lariviere
    Bryan Lariviere 6 hours ago

    Shameless is barred from the fault of using child actors in adult situations as that is part of the plot of the show. It wouldn't work if everyone was of age. At least when Laura Wiggins was playing Karen, she was of age, but you can't always have people who look underage when they are of age.

  • Ashle Beusch-patrick

    Pink is by the same designer/owner as Victoria secret...

  • Kieran Stark
    Kieran Stark 6 hours ago

    Welp, to be fair, Lady Gaga used to copy Madonna. Just all of us wait until the 2030s, Ava Max will be copied by a future celebrity! 😂🤣😁 In all seriousness, though, the celebrities over time “copied” the ones from generations back because they are inspirational to them.