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Time To Boost My Maxima
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Big Secret Revealed!!!
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Where is the Gold Digger
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Maxima Vs G37
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Time for a tune up!!!
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Guess who's back!!!
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Progress with my car
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She's coming home
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She's Alive!!!
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Sports Camera Unboxing
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2017 5K Subscriber Update
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Kia Winter Mode!!!
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Maxima Vs Altima SER
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Kia Optima Vs Ford Mustang
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Boosted Hybrid
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GTR Rims On A Maxima!!!
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Prepping for paint Pt1
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Reason why I'm not racing
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GTR Rims Test Fit
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What are those???
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Replacement parts teaser
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Sorry guys
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Assessing The Damages!!!
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I can't catch a break
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Mods Before My Retune
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Need Some Advice
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Time to get her home pt2
Views 1.2K3 years ago
Time to get her home.
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Coming soon!!!
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Quick update
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Truck Vs Honda Civic
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VQ35DE Revs
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Mod List Update
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Still working on bae
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  • L J Sanchez
    L J Sanchez 3 days ago

    For windshield mounts as of 2019: Radenso pro M Escort redline ex Uniden r1/r3 Installed: Escort max360ci Radenso rc m These are the only safe ones to run that are RDD immune/resistant

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle 4 days ago

    Welcome too the G family 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 been watching your vids which made me get a maxima....then my maxima ran into issues and I got a G coupe 6 speed

  • Smoky
    Smoky 4 days ago

    See, now this is a pretty quick car, good think you’re not in that Kia anymore

    • MrJasonlyrics
      MrJasonlyrics 4 days ago

      What? I still have the KIA 🤣 #reliable #daily

  • Smoky
    Smoky 4 days ago

    It’s a 215 hp mustang that’s over 20 years old 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • MrJasonlyrics
      MrJasonlyrics 4 days ago

      Who cares? You don't even know what's in there. Who cares, it's just a race.

    G MONEY 4 days ago

    Sweet ride👍

  • Elias VQ35LAG
    Elias VQ35LAG 5 days ago

    Get the speed force racing From TIM

  • Raini Hernandez
    Raini Hernandez 6 days ago

    Damnn. R.I.P GoldDigger, but for sure made the right choice. The G37 already looks dope, imagine when you hook it up

  • John Aiken
    John Aiken 6 days ago

    Hi, do you have a link please ? :-)

    • John Aiken
      John Aiken 6 days ago

      @MrJasonlyrics great thank you

    • MrJasonlyrics
      MrJasonlyrics 6 days ago

    • John Aiken
      John Aiken 6 days ago

      @MrJasonlyrics ok no problem, thank you :)

    • MrJasonlyrics
      MrJasonlyrics 6 days ago

      Sorry I bought it locally.

  • Geno Gambino
    Geno Gambino 6 days ago

    Absolutely made the right decision my next move is a G35S/G37S 6speed

  • Black Goku
    Black Goku 6 days ago


  • Todd Johnson
    Todd Johnson 7 days ago


  • Shaun Persaud
    Shaun Persaud 8 days ago

    Big moves! Congrats bro!

  • F Griffiths
    F Griffiths 8 days ago

    Congrats my youth! I’m a Maxima guy but I’m loving that infinity yo. Bless up yuhself! Can’t wait to see when you hook it up 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • jay brooks
    jay brooks 8 days ago

    So you got the luxury maxima good choice

  • dajhonify
    dajhonify 8 days ago

    Excellent choice my guy. I went with the two door for the looks when I upgraded 😏

  • Motor Toys
    Motor Toys 8 days ago

    Jason, proud of you bro! This is badass! Nice upgrade and stay in the same family! Can't wait to see you doing your thing out there 👍👌🤙

    DNALI 8 days ago

    Congratulations man. Car looks great can't wait to see what you do with it

  • tyr180 plus
    tyr180 plus 8 days ago

    As an g37x s owner for the past 5 years i can truly say she looks hard off the top.. Heads upp look out for water leaks at the sunroof drains and the roof molding i had both😠..

  • Elton Thomas
    Elton Thomas 8 days ago

    Yes; you made the right move!! You have more options for aftermarket parts now

  • Manny787
    Manny787 8 days ago

    Car is lovely man... congrats. In my opinion better if you stick with the dual exhaust it will look an sound good also. It looks like you have rev hang my old 09 Si sedan had that put flash-pro an it eliminated that issue.. Enjoy the ride man.

  • Winn3r
    Winn3r 8 days ago

    Congrats on the new machine and especially getting a S. 🤦🏾‍♂️jmax get the dual exhaust back much cleaner look. Change the plugs, clean throttle bodies, rear diff fluid, tranny fluid, hawk 5.0 brake pads, intakes, test pipe or hfc, tune, diodes turn signal module for the rear taillights, change cabin filter, interior lights to led, led front turn signal, 5k-6k low beam bulb, strut bar, sway bars, coilovers, license plate light to panel led, last but not least get a custom plate. These are some ideas for u man this will definitely get you more content. Congrats again wish you the best on this new journey.

    • Winn3r
      Winn3r 7 days ago

      Motor Toys had a 08 g37 rwd coupe and 2014 q60 awd coupe. Did all the maintenance on them. I’m subscriber that wants him to grow and i rather Share my experience so it can help him with direction.

    • Motor Toys
      Motor Toys 7 days ago

      Damn dude nice advice. Sounds like you know what's what 👌👍

  • AUTO S
    AUTO S 8 days ago

    Welcome 🙏🏾 to the vqvhr that engine won’t disappoint.

  • Hosea _b6
    Hosea _b6 8 days ago

    Real fans knew this for days now

  • AO tv
    AO tv 8 days ago

    Sexy ass car

  • Wayne m
    Wayne m 8 days ago

    Good choice bro..I still have my gold digger 06 and work on it on a regular bought a 2011 fx37 and couldn't be happier. I'll be watching this build to get some ideas for my fx. Salute!

  • illicit racing Everett wa

    Congrats my brother 👊,keeping it nissan so much potential with uprev tuning already more hp than the maxi plat forn, downpipes from z1 or any other bro, u made the right move so much available upgrades so happy u went the right way, can u refer me some wisdom with my 05 Maxima headlight output situation the projector lights are not that bright can I get some help my brother, thank u so much

  • michel joseph
    michel joseph 8 days ago

    Nice bro I’m definitely looking forward to build

  • Vince Beaud
    Vince Beaud 8 days ago

    Good choice you will like it. I had a 04 maxima like you and now I also have a white g37 sedan lol

  • WRX Gabe
    WRX Gabe 8 days ago

    Sad farewell to the Maxima but a welcoming moment for the G37. Nice bro ! Looks clean !

  • michel joseph
    michel joseph 8 days ago

    That’s cool cause I got a q40

  • michel joseph
    michel joseph 8 days ago

    I was close I said q50

  • Wiz Ahmad
    Wiz Ahmad 8 days ago

    Video intro needs an upgrade now lol. Hmu with some clips bro, I’ll be happy to make something better. 👊

  • Tony Garrett
    Tony Garrett 8 days ago

    Dope bro congrats... Gonna miss the gold digger but we all have to upgrade sooner or later lol!

  • SupraNova
    SupraNova 8 days ago


  • Enzor Lee
    Enzor Lee 8 days ago

    Congratulations bro!

  • Anthony ϟ
    Anthony ϟ 8 days ago

    Ahhh slap sum 22s on this one🤣

  • Kathie S
    Kathie S 9 days ago

    Good to know, thanks

  • john duynh
    john duynh 13 days ago

    Did you do this upgrade yet?

    • MrJasonlyrics
      MrJasonlyrics 13 days ago

      @john duynh you'll have to wait for that 😈

    • john duynh
      john duynh 13 days ago

      @MrJasonlyricsi have a nissan as well. What car are you driving now?

    • MrJasonlyrics
      MrJasonlyrics 13 days ago

      I didn't, I've parted ways with the car and moved on. New video coming soon.

  • Shaun Persaud
    Shaun Persaud 16 days ago

    Can’t daily your project car bro

  • MrDanielT1234
    MrDanielT1234 16 days ago

    Next project car is g37 Sedan 6spd

    • MrJasonlyrics
      MrJasonlyrics 16 days ago

      Well damn you just spoiled it for everyone 😔

  • e l
    e l 16 days ago

    stock looked better now but if you lowered the car and did more mods the prple would become better looking

  • VQ_PWR
    VQ_PWR 18 days ago

    Thank you for inspiring others and for taking the time to share all that you've done to the max...may she R.I.P.!

  • Matt Minicucci
    Matt Minicucci 20 days ago

    Sick whip ! Iv got an 06 that’s decked out . What kinda kit you use for the lambo doors???

    • MrJasonlyrics
      MrJasonlyrics 20 days ago

      No clue, it was a really long time ago. Don't do it. Lots of work and it gets annoying

  • jay brooks
    jay brooks 20 days ago

    How parts do you have left from the gold digger

  • Gammer 23
    Gammer 23 21 day ago

    The Volkswagen won nissan is trash everyone knows that

  • Ca milo
    Ca milo 22 days ago

    How much for bumpers

  • Rogue Video Productions

    Never launched a manual. And I don’t currently own one anymore. But my next one. Imma practice n have some fun with it.

  • Cody Welter
    Cody Welter 23 days ago

    Is pa legal

  • Vince Taylor
    Vince Taylor 25 days ago

    They are legal period, if we can be scanned and all that which falls under entrapment laws, we are allowed to use radar detectors.

    • MrJasonlyrics
      MrJasonlyrics 23 days ago

      Dude I live in Canada, the laws in every country are different. It's 100% illegal her in Ontario Canada.

  • J hill
    J hill 26 days ago

    mine is rusting in the same spot .

    DJROYALFRESH 26 days ago

    Sad to see her leave she will be missed but by watching you over the years I would say 350, g37, maybe a Hyundai/Kia

  • shawn bone
    shawn bone 26 days ago

    Gtr injectors and front clip prices bro. I hate you're calling it quits though. Real're the reason that I got into this whole Max customizing life. You helped me a lot on mine, and inspired me to put my stamp of individualism on her. Thanks for the ride bro.

    • MrJasonlyrics
      MrJasonlyrics 26 days ago

      Injectors are gone, I wanna sell the lip with the bumper and grille.

  • shawn bone
    shawn bone 26 days ago

    You should ditch the engine and drop in an 11 and up engine. Much cheaper, and its a much better engine.

    • MrJasonlyrics
      MrJasonlyrics 26 days ago

      Or just get a better car with a better engine and never have to worry about losing throttle ever again.😈

  • MaddRich Staks
    MaddRich Staks 27 days ago

    Say it ain't so..J. You 1 of those Ppl that set the standard for 6th Genz..i feel your pain..its hard to let go..Hope it gets a good home! question..what was the issue with the throttle..asking for future reference..and did you have that problem before mods..(What's your take on the Stinger since you've owned a optima)# I've always like the EVO#

  • 2009pistolero
    2009pistolero 28 days ago

    How much for the headlights

  • Tyquan Hemdrickson
    Tyquan Hemdrickson 28 days ago

    How much for the gtr wheels

  • F Griffiths
    F Griffiths 28 days ago

    Sad 6th gen is going! You did a lot on her and it’s time as you said. Blessings mi yute! Can’t wait to see your next ride

  • Vernon Burns
    Vernon Burns 28 days ago

    How much for headlights

  • Bryan Villeda
    Bryan Villeda 28 days ago

    Hr 350

  • Michael Raya
    Michael Raya 28 days ago

    I would check the E.C.M, engine control module, cars computer chip, located by glove block, smell it if its burnt you can tell, open it up you can see... i know trust me...

    • MrJasonlyrics
      MrJasonlyrics 28 days ago

      All those connections have been cut and replaced, it's something else. I'm done.

  • jacob shelton
    jacob shelton 28 days ago

    Email me im intrested in trunk lid front clip and maybe interior and exhaust. System from headers back and a list of pic and asking price on parts

  • jacob shelton
    jacob shelton 28 days ago


    • jacob shelton
      jacob shelton 28 days ago

      Them are fun my boy had 1 when i was 15 it was a 1991 si thing was sick

    • MrJasonlyrics
      MrJasonlyrics 28 days ago

      Bruh 😅

  • Mr. G1982
    Mr. G1982 29 days ago

    Get a mustang 😅😅😅

  • Sam S
    Sam S 29 days ago

    I'd buy it if I lived by I still. List the things they replaced at the mechanic

    • Sam S
      Sam S 29 days ago

      @MrJasonlyrics I moved across country and I got a tired ole 5.5 gen I'm contending with lol

    • MrJasonlyrics
      MrJasonlyrics 29 days ago

      Come get it and save her. RU-clip will be greatly appreciated. Hmu on IG

    ROKER 29 days ago

    Bello bello yo quiero uno

  • Jon
    Jon 29 days ago

    This might be annoying to hear, but isn't your trans LSD? if so how much would you want for the transmission? hard to find a 6spd lsd on these things

  • WRX Gabe
    WRX Gabe 29 days ago

    Get a WRX bro !! AWD for the snowy conditions you’re in, 6-speed, already boosted ! And fantastic community !

    • MrJasonlyrics
      MrJasonlyrics 29 days ago

      No I don't need a newer car, just wait a little, I'm sure everyone will like it.

  • 70malcolm
    70malcolm 29 days ago

    Man, I've been subbed for 7 years. Sorry to hear that bro. Cant wait to see what's in store next.

    • MrJasonlyrics
      MrJasonlyrics 29 days ago

      Appreciate the support brother 🙏🏾

  • MP J
    MP J 29 days ago

    Thanks for posting this. Never thought it could happen

  • MP J
    MP J 29 days ago

    Good you see you making another video bro. You still driving the Optima?

    • MP J
      MP J 28 days ago

      @MrJasonlyrics I remember seeing the video you posted when you got it. It got me hyped when I was looking for reviews when I was shopping for my Optima.

    • MrJasonlyrics
      MrJasonlyrics 29 days ago

      Yup, that optima been solid since 2015.

  • dajhonify
    dajhonify 29 days ago

    Rough buddy. Left mine behind recently too. Got a G37 coupe tho. Still kinda weep a little when I see another Max drove by tho :( lol

  • AO tv
    AO tv 29 days ago

    I recently lost my 6gen max too:'(

  • jay brooks
    jay brooks 29 days ago

    Can I buy your headlights and the grill I have a 2008 maxima

    • MrJasonlyrics
      MrJasonlyrics 29 days ago

      It won't work unless you change the entire front end. My headlights are for the 04-06, yours is for the 06-08

  • bossguy
    bossguy 29 days ago

    Noooo! :'( ...I'm guessing you'll get a honda 🤔

  • Mr bg20021981
    Mr bg20021981 29 days ago

    I still miss my 6th gen maxima....

  • Ben Valenzuela
    Ben Valenzuela 29 days ago

    Time to get a TL 6 Speed 😂

  • SnakeDoctor5104
    SnakeDoctor5104 29 days ago

    I'd move on to a Q50 3.0t.

    • MrJasonlyrics
      MrJasonlyrics 29 days ago

      Beautiful car but it's outta my price range as I already have a car payment. Two car payments with two insurance and two maintenance bills is just not how anyone should live life.

  • Keenan Evans
    Keenan Evans 29 days ago

    07-08 350z

    • MrJasonlyrics
      MrJasonlyrics 29 days ago

      Good guess. I actually went to buy a boosted twin turbo Z last month. It had a salvage title and it had problems building boost. So I turned it down.

  • Jp2295
    Jp2295 29 days ago

    Time to get into a v8

  • Elton Thomas
    Elton Thomas 29 days ago

    You gave your best through thick and thin, bro. RESPECT!! 💪 Try a 4th or 5th gen Maxi next

    • Sam S
      Sam S 29 days ago

      @MrJasonlyrics I hear that. Shops firing off the parts Canon is what made me start working on cars. To many can't be trusted to diag their way outta a bad o2 sensor.

    • MrJasonlyrics
      MrJasonlyrics 29 days ago

      @Sam S I can't do this anymore brother. I'm moving on 😭

    • Sam S
      Sam S 29 days ago

      Trust me they're no better. Keep the car find a better mechanic who has and knows how to use a Snapon veris scantool

    • MrJasonlyrics
      MrJasonlyrics 29 days ago

      Not a fan of them.

  • Motor Toys
    Motor Toys 29 days ago

    I gave it a like but I really dislike. Lol jmax why is the Maxima going away? You been dormant and now she's gone?

    • Motor Toys
      Motor Toys 29 days ago

      @MrJasonlyrics I'm sure I will.but damn still sad! Didn't know about your throttle issue. Do u have another vid explaining? I would love to know and learn

    • MrJasonlyrics
      MrJasonlyrics 29 days ago

      Because it doesn't matter how much money I spend, that throttle issue isn't leaving. I gave up. You'll like the new whip, promise.

  • Hosea _b6
    Hosea _b6 29 days ago

    BMW, Audi,VW , Volvo ?

    • MrJasonlyrics
      MrJasonlyrics 29 days ago

      I like German but I won't buy it. Too expensive to mod and too hard to tune.

  • Black Goku
    Black Goku 29 days ago

    Sad but understandable. Can't wait to see what's next!

  • Sanchez12 Garage
    Sanchez12 Garage 29 days ago

    370z is next

  • michel joseph
    michel joseph 29 days ago

    Infinite q50

  • michel joseph
    michel joseph 29 days ago

    I know you got this

  • michel joseph
    michel joseph 29 days ago

    Dam bro your still alive... las I heard from you had family problems but what’s next

    • MrJasonlyrics
      MrJasonlyrics 29 days ago

      Yeah man, it's been a rough one. But it's going to get better.

  • chrisiztheman1618
    chrisiztheman1618 29 days ago

    Damn. Curious to see what’s next for you...hopefully you can make some fresh content with the new car.

  • Spike Razzor
    Spike Razzor 29 days ago

    Say it ain't so bro 😔

  • Luis Chavez
    Luis Chavez Month ago

    Have you ever had issues with your Tcs , brake and slip lights coming on. I haven’t had my 06 maxima long but have had these lights on since I bought it.

    • Luis Chavez
      Luis Chavez Month ago

      MrJasonlyrics I’ll look into it thanks.

    • MrJasonlyrics
      MrJasonlyrics Month ago

      I don't have traction,, I'd assume it's your abs module or sensors

  • madeitafterall
    madeitafterall Month ago

    First of all old as mustang n/a vs a turbo kia c'mon you know any car with a turbo gonna win dont be dumb now. My honda vtec will gap both them cars tho lol

    • MrJasonlyrics
      MrJasonlyrics Month ago

      You sound ignorant. Old cars are still fast, it's what you do to it. Why you Honda guys always gotta be so annoying man? Like fuck it's just a race.

  • marky hernandez
    marky hernandez Month ago

    Were did u get the double tips

  • J, Louis
    J, Louis Month ago

    Sorry bro , nice tho ,hope u still got it ,that body is old school , I got a 05 apple candy bro ,

    • MrJasonlyrics
      MrJasonlyrics Month ago

      Yes, but it might not be for long. Electrical issues is costing me and arm and a leg

  • J, Louis
    J, Louis Month ago

    Stop bragging bro yea we got it , 💨

    • MrJasonlyrics
      MrJasonlyrics Month ago

      I stopped bragging 9yrs ago, that's when the video was made 🤔

  • Eric Moffett
    Eric Moffett Month ago

    Nismo gtr lmao 😂

  • Dernard Terry
    Dernard Terry Month ago


  • Cameron Gettman
    Cameron Gettman Month ago

    What size wheel and offset are those?

    • MrJasonlyrics
      MrJasonlyrics Month ago

      18X9 all around. I think it's a +20 offset.

  • Motor Toys
    Motor Toys Month ago

    Got his ass in the max!

  • Godzylla 1
    Godzylla 1 Month ago

    At the 10 sec Mark did he just say RS Rally Sport Mustang. Never seen one of those track guy. 🤬