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  • JB Lewis
    JB Lewis 2 hours ago

    Foureyes Drinking Game: Take a drink every time Chris is wearing a different pair of Air Jordans

  • Kor Jay
    Kor Jay 2 hours ago

    This as a desk would be cool too.

  • Terry Dyck
    Terry Dyck 2 hours ago

    For a couple of 'Block Heads', you do good work. Great video.

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 8 hours ago

    Fantastic job mate !But you should get yourself a router.

  • Eder Silva Costa
    Eder Silva Costa 10 hours ago

    Very radical would be a Brazilian friend with opportunities for knowledge and unforgettable travel and business investments. Come invest in Brazil guys!

  • Kyan Schroeder
    Kyan Schroeder 11 hours ago

    What protection did you put over the wood? Or did you just stain it?

  • Raf Lievens
    Raf Lievens 12 hours ago

    Love the get hands dirty T-shirt :)

  • Clairvoyant81
    Clairvoyant81 17 hours ago

    Damn... my usual excuse that everything I want to build is way too complicated for someone who has no experience is really wearing thin by now.

  • Kor Jay
    Kor Jay 18 hours ago

    nicely done dude!

  • Jabu the Dj
    Jabu the Dj 18 hours ago

    hold on.......42 sec into the vid are your caps A and B ....just asking :-)

  • Randy Hos
    Randy Hos 22 hours ago

    Well said there at the end my friend but you should not have to be apologetic for having what you have I live in the third world and I am gratefull for people like you helping me make more informed decisions

  • Charly Krau Maker Luxembourg

    Your voiceovers are so smooth but on the other hand also quite fun!

  • Awesome Dave
    Awesome Dave Day ago

    Like red tools huh? I see your not using a Milwaukee drill lol and definitely not setting the clutch right. Sink em deep!

  • Lane Argent
    Lane Argent Day ago

    Air powered brad Nailers are the only way to go when your in the shop.

  • Екатерина Екатерина

    Уже видно было, что ткань зацепилась за шершавую поверхность торца фанеры и оставила на ней волокна. Визуально - класс. Практически - сомнительно.

  • Americo Alexandre novo Cadilhe

    Great video thanks for the video 👌👌👌 a hug here from Portugal 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

  • Adriaan Schol
    Adriaan Schol Day ago

    good build and nice story

  • Spencley Design Co.

    Amazing project Chris!

  • Spencley Design Co.

    Seems so simple, but it's super elegant at the same time! Nicely done Chris!

  • Ben Taggart
    Ben Taggart Day ago

    Dharma & Greg FTW!!!!

  • Balbuseo Patucara

    Chris for some reason I thought I was washing Donut Operator at one point. What program do you use to design? And that is a vacuum connect to the orbital sander?

  • Sean Andrew Chen

    You always have the best music. Especially love the Space Navigator one. Oh, and your designs are *out of this world*

  • Gabrifigo3o2
    Gabrifigo3o2 Day ago

    do you like cleutus fish?

  • aloosh alshammari


  • coventgardenmartin

    Just discovered your channel. Needed to know what the piece was between the legs, "stretcher" thanks! (and you're really cute btw :) New subscriber.

  • Mark Y
    Mark Y Day ago

    What’s the name of that countersink?? Love the music , occasional dry humor, and general feel to your videos. Keep it up man.

  • sidadoes x
    sidadoes x Day ago

    👀 👅

  • Casual Builds
    Casual Builds 2 days ago

    That ending was hilarious! Great job guys!

  • sween187
    sween187 2 days ago

    Looks good like that, just put some clear coats on it. 👍

  • Money Making Mike G.

    Not only are you guys always building some cool a$$ sh!t, but you guys also kill me too!!! But, all joking aside I'm just sooooooooo glad no one lost a limb during the filming of this video. I hope that made you laugh a bit... Hoping all is well, Dirty Jersey out!!!!

  • glittermytimbers
    glittermytimbers 2 days ago

    The complex order of operations is so familiar with me as a sewist. I have to force my brain to think inside out and backwards, and 12 steps ahead. One of the great mental challenges of making!!

  • Myballsitchsomethingfierce

    I thought he attached the top part to wall studs and slid the base underneath it, lol. This way is more creative.

  • Felipe Dominguez
    Felipe Dominguez 2 days ago

    Wait so if Shaun is part of the channel now, does that mean... it’s “eight eyes furniture?”

  • MakerDP
    MakerDP 2 days ago

    I sold two table saws and bought the Kreg ACS Master System. The reasons I LOVE the Kreg ACS... 1) Safety. Woodworking is a hobby, guitar is my passion. I no longer live in mortal fear that I will lose a finger off my left hand. 2) Accurate, repeatable cuts done quickly. 3) Portability. Folds up against the wall when not in use. I am loving this system. Once you get some practice and figure it out you will be churning out quality work in no time.

  • Rob Strad
    Rob Strad 2 days ago

    I'm new in woodworking and one of my biggest mistakes always comes with 45 degree bevel cuts, It is a little frustrating. But now, thanks to your video and your method I have clean and almost perfect cuts!! Thank you again!

  • Bloody
    Bloody 2 days ago

    Subscribed because of the Jordan’s

  • MinimaLinsitCt
    MinimaLinsitCt 2 days ago

    Without intruding your privacy, can we some day have a house tour? It would be so interesting and inspiring. Thank you for the elegance you provide! Greetings from Greece

  • Spencley Design Co.

    Beautiful bench Chris!

  • Spencley Design Co.

    The 60FPS is very unlike you Chris! :) Great video as always!

  • Spencley Design Co.

    Do the hamburgers ever play live shows?

  • John Lewis
    John Lewis 2 days ago

    What is your go-to ts blade? It looks to be flat bottom and there are never any burn marks. Also love the "case bra" and the lazy coffee table namer. Lol

  • WaffleWar Head
    WaffleWar Head 2 days ago

    He looks a lot like Mike Dirnt

  • Clairvoyant81
    Clairvoyant81 2 days ago

    I actually prefer the piece without the additions, i.e. the "temporary solution".

  • Hugo Danilo
    Hugo Danilo 2 days ago

    Hm. Looks like four eyes might turn into queer eyes. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Dylan Cheung
    Dylan Cheung 2 days ago

    14:10smooth transition👍👍

  • Darin Beard
    Darin Beard 2 days ago

    And I loved me some Dharma and Greg and I am not ashamed to admit it.

  • Darin Beard
    Darin Beard 2 days ago

    I enjoyed this. It looks good and you guys entertained me.

  • ReferenceThisObject


  • Anny vlogs lunabella

    Hello I was wondering how much would you charge for this bed frame??

  • Erik Rapoport
    Erik Rapoport 3 days ago

    Rocker, Woodpeckers, Inventables, Squarespace... any other sponsors that I'm missing in this video? The project looked boring, but the final product looks nice. Like something my wife will want me to make, I hope she never sees this, because I don't like built-ins

    • Shaun Boyd - Foureyes
      Shaun Boyd - Foureyes 2 days ago

      You missed Use the code FOUREYES15 at check out for 15% off.

  • Ima Fool
    Ima Fool 3 days ago

    Very nice!

  • Gustav Holmström
    Gustav Holmström 3 days ago

    I see pills 💊

  • Jordan Frank
    Jordan Frank 3 days ago

    I'm going to figure out how to turn this into a woodworking sitcom. Someone needs to.

  • Mark Geary
    Mark Geary 3 days ago

    I'm unfollowing because Chris ruined limerick bit at the end. Know your audience guys! ;)

    • Shaun Boyd - Foureyes
      Shaun Boyd - Foureyes 2 days ago

      Haha! I'll have to take him to Ireland next time I go so he can brush up on his poetry.

  • Komar Project
    Komar Project 3 days ago

    That’s a big undertaking guys!! Great job

  • Willem Gr
    Willem Gr 3 days ago

    Tis is by far the best build Chanel, keep making things

  • Under the Water Wood Works

    Excellent video and excellent enlightenment.

  • Kingston Lane Workshop

    Go team bonehead

  • Spencley Design Co.

    Beautiful project Chris!

  • Spencley Design Co.

    gnyachty boards :)

  • dnodmi
    dnodmi 3 days ago

    Hey, what Sketchup Plugins are you using?

  • Steve Stennett II
    Steve Stennett II 3 days ago

    You two are an extremely hilarious duo! Great video as always!

  • David Waller
    David Waller 3 days ago

    I'm so glad that I have found a new RU-clip page that I can binge watch now. For some reason, this one guy named Shaun Boyd used to make a lot of videos but he merged with someone else and now I'm lost without him. You should look him up. I think you would like his videos. Well, now I got Foureyes to get my RU-clip fix. That will show Shaun Boyd for merging with some other RU-clipr. Obviously this is an old video and you've figured everything out but I love the videos because of the music and ease of a narration. Don't ever change it! You are like the Andy Rawls of peaceful videos but with power tools....or maybe Andy Rawls is the FourEyes of hand tools. Who knows.....keep it up

  • David Waller
    David Waller 3 days ago

    great piece of furniture.

  • John Made it
    John Made it 3 days ago

    Liking the interaction between you two in the video. The ad spot was done nicely.🤣

  • 지나가던한 시청자

    Good to play nintendo switch by TV :D

  • Mark Simoneau
    Mark Simoneau 3 days ago


  • Joshua Eury
    Joshua Eury 3 days ago

    😂😂😂 you guys are AMAZING together! I love how well your styles compliment each other. Not just your design and building styles but your humor as well! I don’t think I’ve laughed so much during a build video EVER! Keep up the great work guys!!

    • Shaun Boyd - Foureyes
      Shaun Boyd - Foureyes 2 days ago

      Right on! Thanks Joshua! It is a little weird how well our styles in just about everything (except shoes) match so well.

  • Edgardo Latorre
    Edgardo Latorre 3 days ago

    que bonito chris , te felicito por el proyecto , chauuuu nos vemos

  • Cthulhu 404
    Cthulhu 404 3 days ago

    I always see people putting a rod inside the neck, what's that for?

    • Evan Brinkerhoff
      Evan Brinkerhoff 3 days ago

      It’s called a truss rod. It adjusts the bend or bow of the neck in order to adjust intonation, fret buzz, or string height.

  • Marco Antonio
    Marco Antonio 3 days ago

    Great job.... Thank you for the video....

  • Clairvoyant81
    Clairvoyant81 3 days ago

    The design is great, but thank you for pointing out the issues it has. That makes the whole video a lot more instructive.

  • NY ZEN
    NY ZEN 3 days ago

    Love the dynamic duo of woodworking. Always a pleasure to watch. 🔨

  • Bianca Brooks
    Bianca Brooks 3 days ago

    Had to watch this 3 times, cuz y’all’s voices are TOO soothing!! ☺️

    • Shaun Boyd - Foureyes
      Shaun Boyd - Foureyes 2 days ago

      Thanks Bianca! I'm used to people saying that about Chris' voice, but I appreciate being included this time.

  • Phillip Priolo
    Phillip Priolo 3 days ago

    you guys... Chris stealing the sit/stand/lay on the furniture and poem at the end? Classic. If the build had ups and downs, it's rad to see there's still humor and fun in the final edit.

    • Chris Salomone
      Chris Salomone 3 days ago

      Thanks Phillip. The project was rough...but if I had to build this thing alone it would be an absolute nightmare. I'd still be working on it.

  • StanCrafted
    StanCrafted 3 days ago

    Took me a bit before I had time to watch this one, but man was it worth it! You two make me wish I was taller :-)

  • Jay Brandsma
    Jay Brandsma 3 days ago

    Ha! Loved the sponsor bit...almost as much as I loved Jenna Elfman in Dharma & Greg.

    • Jay Brandsma
      Jay Brandsma 3 days ago

      Ha! Mission accomplished. The only thing I remember from Alf is, “Be careful, they have a cat!” and of course, “No problem!” Also, sharing the confusion part of creating something is a boost to creatives everywhere - thanks. You guys are like ‘92 USA Dream Team of woodworking and video production.

    • Chris Salomone
      Chris Salomone 3 days ago

      haha.. I actually never watched it. It was just the first thing I could think of that had good name recognition, a weird name where you immediately knew what I was talking about, and wasn't known for being a classically great television show. Like say an "Alf" or something of that caliber :)

  • Miles Kushin
    Miles Kushin 3 days ago

    I love these new videos with you and Shaun! Good stuff.

  • Parkhead Workshop
    Parkhead Workshop 3 days ago

    you gotta rename this channel Eight Eyes

    • Chris Salomone
      Chris Salomone 3 days ago

      I would, but the logo work is too expensive :)

  • Percy Phelps
    Percy Phelps 3 days ago

    It must be amazing to have access to flat, straight, and defect free faced plywood.

  • Isaac Alfaro
    Isaac Alfaro 4 days ago

    Are you related?

    • Isaac Alfaro
      Isaac Alfaro 3 days ago

      @Chris Salomone LOL

    • Chris Salomone
      Chris Salomone 3 days ago

      -I'm sure we share a common ancestor. Monkeys or Adam and Eve. You take your pick. Or wait, how did we start producing after the flood? Maybe Noah is our common ancestor?- not to my knowledge

  • Micah Eckenfels
    Micah Eckenfels 4 days ago

    Beautiful furniture piece and very nice craftsmanship! May I ask what design program you are using at the end when you draw the piece and then transition to the finished product?

    • Micah Eckenfels
      Micah Eckenfels 3 days ago

      @Chris Salomone Thanks for the reply! Again, really nice work. I'll check out Photoshop options. I also do much of my design in Sketchup

    • Chris Salomone
      Chris Salomone 3 days ago

      That was in photoshop. But I do all of my actual designing in sketchup

  • Frank B
    Frank B 4 days ago

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, blah, blah blah. Reshoot the whole thing and this time, at the end, Shaun lies on the cabinet. That's HIS thing. It's why we watch. Seriously guys, great individually and just as good together. Thanks for sharing. It's been a fab year, Hope next year is even better for you.

    • Chris Salomone
      Chris Salomone 3 days ago

      I'm stealing all of Shaun's moves in this one :)

  • LordPadriac
    LordPadriac 4 days ago

    That move at the 4:10ish mark is the most insanely dangerous way to make a rabbet on the edge of a large panel of plywood I've ever seen; not to mention a method almost guaranteed to make less than ideal cuts. A stacked dado set, a router with a rabbeting bit, even just running the piece of plywood over the single blade several times incrementally until the desired rabbet depth is achieved would all be preferable to that nonsense. Please, no one watching this video EVER cut a rabbet in plywood like that. Just more of the cavalier safety attitude the Saw Stop inspires.

    • Matthew Bennett
      Matthew Bennett 2 days ago

      Love the passion for safety. I am constantly amazed at the community that is around woodworking online. Because of that I think you probably could have handled it in another way with a better effect LordP. Simply saying "Hey Chris, could you talk me through how you felt about safety on that cut" would have got the same result but everyone would be feeling supported. This isn't a competition after all. It's just a passion we share. Besides if you want to give Chris stick I think his weak spots are woodpecker and Hitachi tools. He needs to talk about them and show them more in his videos. I'm not sure if he prefers them or DeWalt or the Home Depot own brand 😂

    • Juan C. Iracheta
      Juan C. Iracheta 2 days ago

      LordPadriac though I agree with the point that he should have some level of accountability for people’s safety, I hate this sense of entitlement people have nowadays that empowers them to fuck with a man’s livelihood. Hope you realize that reporting his channel to RU-clip doesn’t make you some kind of hero to the woodworking community, youre just taking food off one man’s table lol

    • Andrew Robertson
      Andrew Robertson 3 days ago

      josh kinkead agreed! Did not see anything wrong with that! Yes it was risky, but was under control. @chris keep doing what your doing!

    • josh kinkead
      josh kinkead 3 days ago

      Hey @lordpadriac , i can see why you may think cutting a rabbet this way is dangerous. If the piece is narrow and long, standing it on end without using a proper jig can be a recipe for disaster. However, i didnt see anything really wrong with what he did as long had he felt stable with the material in that position. I'm a full time custom woodworker/joiner/cabinet maker of 15year (journeyman for the last 7) and i cut rabbets like this all the time. Its just another way that someone who is comfortable with a saw may mill material. Also, i dont use a sawstop to do this procedure, just a regular 12" cabinet saw with a zero clearance throat plate.

    • Chris Salomone
      Chris Salomone 3 days ago

      @LordPadriac You said you were done. Be done. You are so petty. "I'm telling my forums, I'm telling RU-clip" Grow up. Here is what I'm going to do. I'll use this discussion to be a better person, and make something good come from it. I'm going to try putting a header on my videos that says: "These videos are meant to (hopefully) entertain, and (possibly) inspire. You should know and understand your equipment, and only do what you think is safe. Just like you, I am still learning. Please do not assume that what you see me doing in these videos is the only, or even correct way of doing things. And above all else. Be safe"

  • Andrea's Workshop
    Andrea's Workshop 4 days ago

    I see I'm not the only one getting hexagonal countersink bores 😂😂😂

  • Dominic
    Dominic 4 days ago

    For an Italian boy and an Irish boy y'all are WAY to skinny....your grannies need to fatten you boys up...LOL As always, great video guys.

    • Chris Salomone
      Chris Salomone 3 days ago

      Trust me...there is no lack of eating going on. And I definitely was practically force fed by my Nunny.

  • RomusTaglius YT
    RomusTaglius YT 4 days ago

    People have too much time on them...

  • Mr MC 392
    Mr MC 392 4 days ago

    *Puts it into a TV*

  • Tim Bogdanov
    Tim Bogdanov 4 days ago

    "wanted to offer affordable furniture" $1,500 book shelf...

    • Chris Salomone
      Chris Salomone 3 days ago

      to give you a frame of reference, to build this as a one off commissioned piece is about 3 times as expensive.

  • ZoopLoopWhoop
    ZoopLoopWhoop 4 days ago

    Truly inspiring! I love your videos and the way you explain what you do!! Honestly, this has to be one of my favorite channels! Also what's the song at 23:00?

  • Rocco Booysen
    Rocco Booysen 4 days ago

    What software do you use for the drawings and cut list?

  • jribolla
    jribolla 4 days ago

    Love the Tigers hat. :-)

  • Hey I'm a Maker
    Hey I'm a Maker 4 days ago

    The perfect room for Dr. Mario!

  • Paul Frederick
    Paul Frederick 4 days ago

    Q: Table Saw vs Track Saw vs Circular Saw! Which Should You Buy? A: Yes

    • Paul Frederick
      Paul Frederick 3 days ago

      @Chris Salomone that depends on how much you have and what you want to do. Or it could come down to availability. I bought a table saw for $20. But they don't show up at that price every day. Last week I bought a worm drive circular saw because they only wanted $10 for it. I already have a pile of circular saws but I didn't have a worm drive one yet so why not?

    • Chris Salomone
      Chris Salomone 3 days ago

      haha...all of them eventually. But in what order?????

  • Franck SAMLED
    Franck SAMLED 4 days ago

    une réalisation esthétique, design et minutieuse. Superbe travail Chris. Thank You

  • Jeff Forbes
    Jeff Forbes 4 days ago

    Great build and collaboration. Somehow, I always learn something from you two gumbys. I'll bet you're a real trip during happy hour! Thanks for posting.

    • Chris Salomone
      Chris Salomone 3 days ago

      I would be the only sober guy in the room, but I'd still probably be a trip. Shaun (AKA pokey) would throw back a few though.

  • iarumas74
    iarumas74 4 days ago

    Nice 4 step rolling ladder, Cotterman by any chance?

    • Chris Salomone
      Chris Salomone 22 hours ago

      Dude...I looked today and it was a Cotterman!!!! :)

    • Chris Salomone
      Chris Salomone 3 days ago

      ...I wouldn't trust any other name for my rolling ladders :) JK. I actually have no idea. Now I'm interested to look next time I'm in the shop. Which will probably be tomorrow :)

  • Arnav Pande
    Arnav Pande 4 days ago

    What type of wood did you use here?

  • Stewart Finley
    Stewart Finley 4 days ago

    Love the Christina get hands dirty T shirt!!

  • James Quattlebaum
    James Quattlebaum 4 days ago

    i'm really digging all these collaboration videos. Did Shaun lose a bet?

    • Chris Salomone
      Chris Salomone 3 days ago

      Not with me...but I'm sure he's lost several :P