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iPhone Drivers LIcense Hack
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Wemo Switch Home Control
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  • basspig
    basspig 5 hours ago

    I just got a tear today and I'm testing them out. I was not quite that impressed with the base as was another reviewer on RU-clip. It does sound more neutral throughout the middle and high range though. Although I'm not sure that you can get really good bass out of a 43 mm driver. I have to do more testing in order to make a decision whether to replace the new Sony headphones that I bought which are the MDR xb950 and one or stick with my four-year-old JBL e50bt which don't quite play loud enough.

  • burningknuckle26
    burningknuckle26 15 hours ago

    I read this chair cuts off blood circulation on your legs

  • Sunny Bibra
    Sunny Bibra 2 days ago

    Incoming random weird youtube comment You kinda sound like Joaqin Phoenix

  • D Esco
    D Esco 2 days ago

    Hi, great video, just found out gray does better for lit rooms

  • vishal patel
    vishal patel 2 days ago

    Very helpful n useful review..... others RU-clipr wasted their review on unboxing....they didn't review property .... about sounds quality....but this review is best

  • Jake Young
    Jake Young 2 days ago

    Go hawks!

  • Rookie Restoration
    Rookie Restoration 2 days ago

    Is porn again good on this

  • baleyeths
    baleyeths 2 days ago

    yeahhh let Roomba pay for the development and when the Chinese Regime rip it off, we give THEM the money.

  • Gayle Grant
    Gayle Grant 3 days ago

    in a room about 11' wide, and a screen centered, can I mount this projector off to the side of the room and get a decent picture? Ideas? thanks much!

  • Suhia
    Suhia 4 days ago

    Projector with Ambilight

  • Daniel Hennis
    Daniel Hennis 4 days ago

    nice review. thanks dude

  • navanski
    navanski 4 days ago

    Please don't use the specs on the box. Generally anything written on the box regarding frequency range is totally meaningless particularly the upper limit as that is usually beyond human hearing anyway. Should have considered the Superlux HD668b and the Phiilips SHP9500.

  • jet0577
    jet0577 4 days ago

    Also how do you get around getting some apps that REQUIRE you to have a major provider? Seems like you can't really watch Starz, HBO, etc live without a major provider.

  • jet0577
    jet0577 4 days ago

    Cuttin the cord. Was deciding between Sling, Fubo, & PS Vue. Went with PS because they offered ALL the local stations. Ha! I'm in San Antonio.

  • Andreas Moyseos
    Andreas Moyseos 4 days ago

    Thank you, good video! Seeing you are a big fan of the apple screensaver, just noting that the same screensaver is available in kodi on the shield. Another note: the shield doesn't support Dolby Vision, whereas the apple tv does.

  • TheSkepticSkwerl
    TheSkepticSkwerl 4 days ago

    this one i'm in has 7 tilt lock positions...

  • Danut Chirila
    Danut Chirila 5 days ago

    If you open in browser, then the sound it will be only stereo! You can play it 5.1, or 7.2 in browser?

    J WTFUW 5 days ago

    No they r not.

  • Jimmy Harrelson
    Jimmy Harrelson 5 days ago

    Not all black mixes are the same keep that in mind. I have several mixes myself and website but dont really do many utube videos. I have many shades and 4 different blacks and my ultimate black which theres nothing else like it. Here are a couple links showing couple mixes using 60 dollar projector fro. Walmart which has 33 lumens max. The one on left is my ultimate black. The next link is my standard black which is still incredible and for an amazing price, showing usung same 33 lumens projector I also have a diamond, platinum and silver mix. These videos are recorded with phone looks so much better in person but still shows how incredible they work Check out these and my other videos from a year ago and see how good they were then and are now even better If interested in info on any mixes and pricing, you can subscribe to my page and message me. Im gonna start doing many videos with new camera and projector. Or can email me at also we running a special if u refer 3 people that purchase or if u purchase 3 items, u get a mix of your choice free or can jave mix pre spraid on a 120 inch fabric which works perfect for travel or diy screen.

  • Saleem Khan
    Saleem Khan 5 days ago

    What is your feedback after using it over the long period? Now it’s almost 1 year so you can be in better position to tell your updated view.

  • MarkZeds
    MarkZeds 5 days ago

    Does each movie have to be in it's own folder within the main movie folder.

  • Amanda Bull Chafin
    Amanda Bull Chafin 5 days ago

    Thanks for the review! I have a Roomba and I love it! I will definitely always own a robot vacuum from now on. I forget which specific model ours is, as we received it as a holiday gift, but the Eufy looks pretty great for less than half the price! I don't recall the Roomba coming with extra brushes or a cleaning tool. We don't need a remote because ours interfaces with Alexa and is voice controlled, and ours is scheduled to run at 11am every day. After your review, though, the Eufy looks like it is the same or better than the Roomba. Maybe I'll try this brand if/when my Roomba breaks down! We tend to run ours every day. We still run the regular vacuum once a month or so - to get edges or pet fur or hair that the Roomba has missed. Our pets shed quite a bit and we have mostly carpet, so it doesn't quite do everything. We run it every day, so we also empty it every day. It does keep our house a lot cleaner, though. First, the carpet almost always looks freshly vacuumed. Second, knowing the Roomba will roam around while we're gone makes us keep stuff up and off the floors. The only trouble is that it likes to get trapped under the couch. It also terrifies our dog! Now, if only they had one of these for upholstered furniture - and a vertical one for the windows and shower wall! The "push a button and something gets cleaned" aspect of it is, as you said, absolutely amazing. Makes me feel like I'm in a sci-fi movie when I say, "Alexa, run the vacuum" and a little robot pops out to go to work!

  • Thanga Saravanan
    Thanga Saravanan 6 days ago

    you make this day very beautiful from this video. thank you man. love from India.

  • Sayori
    Sayori 6 days ago

    "really good ergonomics"... with the head so far forward and rounded shoulders? Hell no.

  • xTrmVelocity
    xTrmVelocity 7 days ago

    The suction on the Roomba i7+ is not strong enough, many times we have had to pull out the regular vacuum to get the dog hair that the roomba just curled up. Seems like they sacrificed power for quiet which is a poor trade off. I wish there was a way to point to spots you want the robot to go over again, using a laser pointer would be ideal.

  • CC CC
    CC CC 8 days ago

    This video is the best in the world

  • Funny Funker
    Funny Funker 8 days ago

    You better have a hell of a system to run a Plex server.

  • Pritesh Saxena
    Pritesh Saxena 9 days ago

    Hi .. thanks for the great video. My question is - can we stream my paid IPTV service via PLEX ? Or in other words can I add my m3u file and get my IPTV right there ?

  • Charles Silva
    Charles Silva 9 days ago

    HI man, Could I run bluestack android emulator ?

  • Anthony Barefoot
    Anthony Barefoot 10 days ago

    Am I only curious about what Jarvis does

  • Mohamed Warsame
    Mohamed Warsame 11 days ago

    Good explanation

  • Vietnam Vet
    Vietnam Vet 11 days ago

    How do you keep the movie from not covering the whole screen?

    VANHUSSEN 11 days ago

    How to upload the videos to my plex media server?

  • Mickey Vidakovich
    Mickey Vidakovich 12 days ago

    I just got these. I think they're stunning. Silky smooth sound that doesn't distort even at high levels. Stands, I've found are bass killers. I put mine on two pieces of absorbant foam to dig down to the bass freqs that they put out. I get none of the white noise you're talking about and I have them hooked up to a cheesy HP Pavillion with no DAC. And they are LOUD. A good sound demo for these is Eldorado by ELO.

  • Generic Username
    Generic Username 12 days ago

    @techfreshness Hey, just found your channel. I found several of your videos pretty interesting, especially the PC and smart home ones. Hoping you're still around and looking forward to future uploads. Subscribed!

  • Michelle Nite
    Michelle Nite 12 days ago

    Great video! Thank you

  • John Cockram
    John Cockram 12 days ago

    Cool I like it

  • Wolfinspire ·
    Wolfinspire · 12 days ago

    Apple sucks

  • Henry
    Henry 15 days ago

    will it miss any spots?

  • French- It-Up
    French- It-Up 15 days ago

    Patiently waiting for a cat or dog to jump on the new screen while resting on the floor. Nice research and worth while suggestions.

  • Yeriko Liem
    Yeriko Liem 15 days ago

    nice house btw

  • John Patrick Cabantugan

    Yes I guess that is the cardinal rule when it comes to projectors... Control ambient light

  • Kneedeepinbluebells
    Kneedeepinbluebells 18 days ago

    " ... shit streaks everywhere ... " There's A Thought

  • Jay Hernandez
    Jay Hernandez 18 days ago


  • Techytech
    Techytech 18 days ago

    The key for plex to run smoothly is for the device that runs the server must support hardware encoding. So if your running the server from a beefy system any device will playing the media will be amazing. Which the Apple TV would win as the interface is slick. This is not a straightforward question.

  • Andrea Kerti
    Andrea Kerti 18 days ago

    This worked!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fishandbike
    Fishandbike 19 days ago

    why would you ever buy a 700$ monitor if you have a 980ti... you are bottlenecking the gpu a ton and wasting money on a screen that gets you refresh rates you can only see consistently on either low graphics or games from 10+ years ago...

  • ProtieuS
    ProtieuS 19 days ago

    Would be nice if you add oak. Grey flooring. Great video.

  • James Caprio
    James Caprio 20 days ago

    Love this video, and all the lights. I have Hue lights all over my house and I'm getting ready to buy the outside lights. My problem is everyone keeps turning the light switches off and the I cant reach them. Other things I have in my house: Honeywell Thermostat, MyQ Garage, Wemo: Netcams, Mini Outlets, Wall Switches Ring Doorbell Pro, Arlo security cameras outside, August Lock, Harmony, Kasa Plugs, Nest Smoke and Carbon-monoxide, Apple TV, B-Hyve Sprinkler system, Sonos.

    GUPTA DVSJ 20 days ago

    very useful to installation projector & screen

  • Worthington
    Worthington 21 day ago

    I got the 15C Max on the strength of your review which I think is the best on the Net. Well done, I've just subscribed. The 15C Max is similar to yours and has the links with Alexa and and iPhone (as well as lesser phones, etc), extra boost and longer battery life for 25% more. One thing I've found is the Eufy seems to keep track of where its been and where home is located. Even if in another room, sending back home via Alexa or remote control and the Eufy navigates there quite easily.

  • Chore With Me
    Chore With Me 21 day ago

    Just got the Eufy robo vac 30c. LOVE it!

  • snowy matrix
    snowy matrix 21 day ago

    RU-clip at its best - thank you!👍🍺😎

  • Akupara
    Akupara 22 days ago

    "unloosen"? Shed skin through trousers? 😂

  • A P
    A P 22 days ago

    Can you play source 1 to speaker 1 and source 2 to speaker 2?

  • 69Dartman
    69Dartman 22 days ago

    Bought the newer 11+ on Woot about 4 months ago for like 100 as a refurb and I love it. We set it to run every day at 1pm while we're working and it randomly cleans surprisingly well on the low pile carpet and vinyl floors our 1400sf 4br house has. The main areas stay clean and I later picked up a nice Shark ionx2 duo clean cordless with 2 batteries I use to cover the places the parrot keeps dropping his crumbs all over and occasional missed spots. All the main parts are available and reasonably cheap so you can replace and repair as needed. I think new ones come with a year warranty and they are very responsive. I had to replace the roller brush cover after a few months as it kept running over cords and things tearing up the rubber strip. I think I paid 8 to 10 bucks and it showed up quickly and is a slightly stronger design. I'd say whatever you buy make sure it has the roller power brush as they works so much better than the ones with just the dual edge brushes, especially on low carpet. If you want to spend big money get one with the laser room mapping sensors as it actually sees the room and obstacles and builds a map as it goes till it knows the layout and avoids things it has found. I have a couple of nice old school metal Royal vacuums and I hardly need to run them now. It does get stuck or trapped occasionally and it beeps and eventually shuts off till you rescue it and start it again. It usually eventually finds the charging dock as well but not always. We have learned to pick up cables and obstructions so it doesn't grab things or get stuck as often. We close doors where it doesn't need to go or setup blockers on the bad places for it.

  • S Sing
    S Sing 23 days ago

    Streaks..... I didn’t think I would be laughing so hard at a robot vacuum video. Oh boy what a world we live in..... haha

  • yaz
    yaz 23 days ago

    here from tfue

  • Jas Wal
    Jas Wal 24 days ago

    Your house is empty as fuck you broke bitch


    I want 140 above inch

  • Shahzayn
    Shahzayn 24 days ago

    what about the bassS ?

    • Mickey Vidakovich
      Mickey Vidakovich 12 days ago

      If you're playing modern music, and you're using them as home stereo speakers, you'll probably feel like you need a sub. I use them as desktops hooked to a laptop where I'm sitting maybe three feet away. In that situation, there's no way I need a sub.

  • ItsMyParty 87
    ItsMyParty 87 24 days ago

    Direct TV isn’t even a thing anymore. It was bought bought by AT&T. I started paying $50 and now I pay $70 and not all the channels I started with are available anymore.

  • wa wa.31
    wa wa.31 25 days ago

    benQ are the best since 20 years

  • Dioxide Playz
    Dioxide Playz 25 days ago

    this card still holds up like a beast in 2019

  • Dan
    Dan 25 days ago

    Alexa, cancel Ghilaine Maxwell's illuminati subscription. Alexa.."Cannot cancel, Ghilaine is Mosad CIA"

  • Austin TxGalFromCali

    So the manufacturer has a video showing EMPTY rectangle rooms which is not reality. I have a 2500 sq ft home with a dog and between my 8 dining room chairs and other furniture where it continuously gets stuck, unlike this videos living room furniture that the Roomba can go under it, is not realistic for most homes. I have no carpet. Only tile and hardwood floors but the time it takes me to get it unstuck from under furniture I could have dusted my floors in 10 minutes compared to the time you have to babysit this vacuum. My daughter-in-law almost moves all their chairs and obstacles to another room just to get it to not get stuck and clean well. Way too much effort! Yes, it picks up a lot of excess but it definitely misses so many places and often totally ignores areas (like a large kitchen?!!!). This definitely cuts down on using several dusters, like a Swiffer floor duster, so that is a plus. Do not think this totally replaces having to dust your floors before cleaning them with a mop. Why? Trying using a Swiffer duster or whatever you currently would use, I end up with a lot of remaining dust, hair, dirt. So time spent babysitting it added to the time spent needing to then manually dust the floor before mopping is not worth my time so I only use it in my master bedroom. My dog does not go in there. Also, it sometimes ignores the towers to block access to a room. It is not consistent. Some days it does and others it doesn't.

  • bjjbrawler1
    bjjbrawler1 26 days ago

    Is your room.. located.. in..... heaven?

  • Bone Stock Garage
    Bone Stock Garage 27 days ago

    Ive owned robot vacuums since the Roomba Discovery series. I had 4 Roombas fail on me (under warranty) like a car brand, I avoid Roomba. They cleaned, but didn’t impress me. Skip ahead 10 years and the robot vacuum market had improved. I bought the Dyson 360 Eye, despite many bad reviews. I was impressed with the power, cleaning pattern, and build quality. Dyson no longer offered parts for the 360 Eye and offered reimbursement, so I accepted. I’ve tried the Neato Botvac, and Shark Ion since then. I miss my 360 Eye and can’t wait for their next version to hit the USA.

  • The Big Game Theory
    The Big Game Theory 27 days ago

    100Hz trash that I dont give two shits about.

  • Viktor Moreno
    Viktor Moreno 29 days ago

    Can you put a gps tracking device on this?

  • Zefram Seane
    Zefram Seane Month ago

    Love This

  • ann smith
    ann smith Month ago

    does anyone know how long the last i mean what their life span

  • tyler griggs
    tyler griggs Month ago

    Weird flex but ok

  • Warren Mcaleny
    Warren Mcaleny Month ago

    Hi - anyone help me set up shopping list to Wunderlist?!?

  • Nancy Bennett
    Nancy Bennett Month ago

    I have had an Eufy for a year. It does a better job than I thought it would. It can navigate under most of the furniture without a problem. It will tangle into cords so we had to tie wrap those. There is one place in the kitchen it will get stuck. If I hit the backup button it will dislodge itself. It does a very good job picking up dog hair off the carpet and hardwoods. I've been very satisfied with this product.

  • Christian A
    Christian A Month ago

    Thanks for the idea.

  • Matt Garcia
    Matt Garcia Month ago

    You still use it?

  • jjj pap
    jjj pap Month ago

    how long does it charge for

  • CC CC
    CC CC Month ago

    Dog 💩 in the house lol 😂

  • Oscar Does it!
    Oscar Does it! Month ago

    What are the measurements for the screen inches? not diagonal but vertical and horizontal? I want to see if a 100 inch screen will fit in the family room downstairs. thanks

  • Tekboy 808
    Tekboy 808 Month ago

    dumbest comparison ever. the sheild is a much better device than apple tv. i know, i have both. the nvidia sheild does so much more, has better hardware, why someone would even try to compare the two is beyond me. it's like comparing a cheap hyundai to a lamborghini or something

  • random weird YouTube channel

    Definitely not competing with the diamondboxx XXL or the soundbokks

  • CC CC
    CC CC Month ago

    Did it break yet

  • jorge ordonez
    jorge ordonez Month ago

    how can I hide the wire for your home theater

  • RonsoloXD
    RonsoloXD Month ago

    Holy shit.... Ive been sittin on this chair for 5 years... And didnt know it was worth over 1k

  • GrannySlasher101
    GrannySlasher101 Month ago

    techfreshness:hey alexa tur on the basement light's on to 70 alexa:ok

  • Doug N
    Doug N Month ago

    Where did you get the remote?

  • Ellie Finn
    Ellie Finn Month ago

    Are vac slaves worth it YES I have two I purchased with money given to me for my birthday. One lives upstairs one remains downstairs, I make sure their paths are clear ie pick up anything you know will get in the way or stop them operating (I sussed that out the first couple of times of using them. ). I click them on and leave when I come home the vacuuming is done and both are back in their docking stations the house always looks clean, its a pleasure to come home knowing its all done I LOVE MINE. I have now added more bots 😂 😂

  • R Tex
    R Tex Month ago

    If I ever buy a projector, I'd want surround sound speakers to enhance the video.

  • Eli
    Eli Month ago

    How tall are you and that size chair is it?

  • Sean T
    Sean T Month ago

    Trying to find a list over supported Nvidia Shield apps, turns out it's harder than doing a backflip.

  • Radu Simionescu
    Radu Simionescu Month ago

    isn't fps also important?

  • Deborah McGann
    Deborah McGann Month ago

    Where do you get your internet?

  • Sunil Kolekar
    Sunil Kolekar Month ago


  • Rinde R show
    Rinde R show Month ago

    How do you download the movie? Bluray RIP or?

    • S_Joy
      S_Joy Month ago

      He probs torrented the movies

  • Boots mcgee
    Boots mcgee Month ago

    Can someone tell me if these projectors have replacement bulbs? Thanks

  • The Donz
    The Donz Month ago

    Apple TV isn’t even as good as the $100 Android TVs. Just so limited what you can do on it

  • ⃠
     Month ago

    Bur I have LIFX

  • Micheal Bee
    Micheal Bee Month ago

    I bought one, used it a few times, then I gave it away.

  • Mattias Kasparian

    Robot shit streaks LOL