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  • barr3
    barr3 8 seconds ago

    Deluxo was also 20k every time you destroy it so when you were poor it su**.

  • Paul Merry
    Paul Merry 3 minutes ago

    I'm struggling to get alot of money and dont really have any people to play with. I'm on xbox one gt is Paul wall 0521. Please help if possible. Tried of doing missions just to get my product destroyed. I normally find a low pop server just to get money.

  • Legendary 117
    Legendary 117 5 minutes ago

    So It Begins

  • Lucas de Leeuw
    Lucas de Leeuw 6 minutes ago

    So I still always use the hydra

  • Luke Bellmason
    Luke Bellmason 13 minutes ago

    The Anti-Aircraft trailer was obsolete the day it came out

  • Gijs Henzen
    Gijs Henzen 14 minutes ago

    you didn't sey the names great. he is the next that reach the milion subs. ( i am ducht) i dont wach him but i now his name. the elterns say dat they dont like what he did.

  • Logan P
    Logan P 19 minutes ago

    Ur rich

  • Six pest
    Six pest 23 minutes ago

    oh no; the 20th is on a Friday. that means some drunk guy is going to go wayyyy to far.

  • Ggitko Network-Official
    Ggitko Network-Official 23 minutes ago

    Fix AI Aim

  • saskiot
    saskiot 27 minutes ago

    Plito bunker is free if you pay for the enterprise dlc that's why so many including myself have it. I'm saving up a d waiting for a sale to move

  • cavlitos
    cavlitos 35 minutes ago

    Entity Zentorno and APC

  • oofar
    oofar 38 minutes ago

    i got ddosed in 2016 because i didnt know what an iplogger was, like Grabify. someone sent me a message on minecraft saying Google is under attack, and I clicked on the link he provided and I got DDosed. My internet was cut off. Now I learn my mistakes and I use NordVPN online

  • Some Random creature stolen from Area 51

    I use oppressor to help ppl

  • HUGEkidsY2K
    HUGEkidsY2K 42 minutes ago

    I've heard Rocket Launcher Mk 2 with Ruiner Missiles thrown around by maybe you or another RU-clipr and still think that'd be one of the best solutions.

  • x5illent_kill4 p
    x5illent_kill4 p 47 minutes ago

    Same i was on cloud screen for 30min cuz i was a noob then

    F0RR3X EXTREME 50 minutes ago

    Look the bunker you have tattoo Shop barber Shop LS customs u can buy a house, a garage basically😦😦😦

  • Larkis Ahhh
    Larkis Ahhh 51 minute ago

    I get on this shit game like once a month for a few cars. I get them with shark cards because I don’t want to grind. I play the game for like 30 mins then get off for a month

  • BigMobe
    BigMobe 55 minutes ago

    How to balance the Oppressor MKII: Players shouldn't be charged or get bad sport for destroying another players vehicle, & homing missiles should only lock onto it when it is: -equipped with explosive resistant armor, bullet proof windows, and/or weapons -being driven by an mugger -occupied by a player that has a bounty -occupied by a player that is participating in a PVP based free mode event -occupied by a player that has recently attacked you, anyone in your organization or business assets -spawned in an invite only, friend only or crew only session

  • Gugall Diznii
    Gugall Diznii Hour ago

    I loved the Hydra. I remember it from San Andreas and when I saw it again when heists released, i got excited and grinded the hell out of contact missions for that 3 mil lol. But i hate that it was hated. I was worried that r* would make it not fun to fly anymore, but i mean i swear it's more sluggish now than it was before gunrunning and smugglers run but I still use it. At some point i also learned its real life counterpart can do short take offs i was all hey... Smh but like who cares about it's low acceleration; i can get around that.

  • BigMobe
    BigMobe Hour ago

    GTA Online Top 5 Things That Used To Be Overpowered, But Are Worthless Now Thanks for wasting your time and money buying them. 5) Rhino tank armor nerfed, homing missiles now lock onto it, unique map icon added (Status: under powered) 4) Passive mode no longer allowed in weaponized vehicle, massive cool downs added (Status: pointless) 3) Oppressor no changes, had a kid with the Deluxo (Status: over powered except vs Oppressor MKII, Stromberg & Fully loaded Ruiner) 2) Deluxo no changes, had a kid with the Oppressor (Status: over powered except vs Oppressor MKII, Stromberg, Fully loaded Ruiner, & Avenger) 1) Hydra armor and VTOL nerfed (Status: forgotten) Starts smoking & turns off after a minor impacts or getting shot few times by NPCs

  • Charles Leonard
    Charles Leonard Hour ago

    I think it’s time for professional to make a 3 hour griefing stream. Let’s see how many pvp kills he can get.

  • RosweII
    RosweII Hour ago

    The piece of shit that started it didnt think what would happen if someone gets shot and killed over it, if they do i hope they hold him accountable for it.

  • CryoCraft
    CryoCraft Hour ago

    Only OG’s remember when this video was called ‘GTA Online’

  • Simon Willis
    Simon Willis Hour ago

    Cargo griefers pain in the ass I always check if anyone sellin I’ll go help if they look like in trouble I like grinding for cash running my company

  • Euuejrnrmdm Dvdgdb

    Zentorno and ruiner 2000

  • Richard L
    Richard L Hour ago

    How not to go broke: play bogdan problem heist finale over and over.. I am never broke and own pretty much everything on warstock page

  • Jacobo 951
    Jacobo 951 Hour ago

    can you give me a shout out i am going to be making a video soon

  • Jacob Long
    Jacob Long Hour ago

    If you could transport regular cars that would make getting import/export cars so easy

  • Rednadeshot69
    Rednadeshot69 Hour ago

    You did attack him first he was just at the airport spawning a jet why would he give a shit about you pvping somebody else

  • Serious_as_Fck *

    Hi love the channel just stop by saying it was a blast blowin up your supplies tonite end killing u with a rocket 😉😉😉 psn serious_as_fck can u sign my snapshot photo of me killing u if i print and mail to you lmk on psn thnx 😎😎😎😎

  • Arvin Rambo
    Arvin Rambo Hour ago

    Very Cool Idea and would be an amazing feature added to the game. Like the dog was added on to the camp part as protection for the "Trader" role, give players (either to the bounty role and collector role or the player entirely) the option to catch a bird (Eagle, Falcon, Owl, Vulture/Condor) with some type of bird trap. Then with this give us the option to train/bond with the bird like the horse. Once trained to a certain level the bird can be used as another form of "Eagle Eye" or "Keen Eye" as an ability. The player will have the option of have the bird; Attack on command Follow the player Rest/Perch on the players arm or shoulder. Retrieve small prey once killed Give the player the ability to "Fly" or get a "Bird's Eye" view of the surrounding area, help with spotting enemies and also help find collectables or misc items. This is a feature like the RC bandito in Grand Theft Auto Online. I also believe God of War has a similar feature like this. The bird will on be allowed a certain range from the player and can also be killed by rival players. This was just a random thought I had while enjoying the game. What do you all think? Give me some feedback on this. Like and comment so Rockstar can look at this and give this a go! Xbox GT: DaPR0d19y Add me I play GTA, Red Dead Redemption Online, Battlefield 5 and more!

  • I'm Jeffery
    I'm Jeffery Hour ago

    Top 5 most unnecessary patches by rockstar

  • Bye Felicia
    Bye Felicia Hour ago

    Im not a troll never been one but I do find days I love going after trolls... I think everyone needs to chill with whats OP and whats not... death is gonna happen in GTA... Quit complaining and enjoy... None of us have everything in the game plus 800+ million... Id complain about that before ever getting killed 😅 But I cant play 15 hrs a day either I have to work...

    • Bye Felicia
      Bye Felicia Hour ago

      And thats not a shot at you professional... Absolutely love the content otherwise I wouldnt be here.. but I will always be honest 🤘🇺🇸

  • Ray Afgrond
    Ray Afgrond Hour ago

    just a question, i haven't found any answer for it... you cannot store the Rhino Tank in a hangar, right? it'd be cool to be able to paint it... I used to have this tank when i played on the ps3, years ago... but now on the PC, i didn't really bother Although i remember there was a glitch where you could store a Rhino Tank inside your garage, making it a personal vehicle, and also painting it

  • Prince Santhosh
    Prince Santhosh 2 hours ago

    Hey Prof, Buy Every warehouse in Los Santos Everything 16×7 42×7 111×?, buy em all, fill them with crates, sell it all and try to hit w r

  • Exotic proxi
    Exotic proxi 2 hours ago


  • Isaac Henshaw- Young

    top 5 weapons to use in combat?

  • Gucci Donn
    Gucci Donn 2 hours ago

    When the player icon stayed a circle on the map and you pull up on a tank

  • Titanium
    Titanium 2 hours ago

    An amusing story: Police Chase Car Steal, I'm in a Buzzard, and didn't expect the police chase until i got too close. I jumped out the Buzzard and parachuted down, the target car drove under me, and i somehow managed to shoot the guy driving it with an AP pistol, while parachuting, and (By Some Stroke of luck) not damage the car I'll never get this kind of luck in the Casino ever again

  • ViralJ
    ViralJ 2 hours ago

    Damn, I just now remembered how bad the Hydra was back in the day. Only way to defend yourself was either shooting it a million times with a sniper, doing the RPG trick or getting a jet yourself and fighting them. None of these were ever reliable. I remember I had a friend that was actually really good at the game. He was decent at ground combat before Heists came out. When I got mad at him, I cut ties and a few months later, Heists got released and when I decided to get my “revenge” on the dude, he had devolved into a pathetic Hydra spammer. It was the only way he got kills on me and my friends, and I remember being extremely disappointed. Once the guy crashed, he was essentially a noob when it came to PVP on ground. I easily wrecked his ass 20-7 and he ended up ragequitting. That’s probably the only real noteworthy memory I have of the Hydra.

  • The Gaming Blanket
    The Gaming Blanket 2 hours ago

    Wait there is a kdr

  • YaboiPlank
    YaboiPlank 2 hours ago

    Pro made more money with his bunker than I have in all the time I've played GTA Edit:Same with any one of his MC businesses too

  • Captain Underpants
    Captain Underpants 2 hours ago

    Hydra Try-Hards: Were “unstoppable.” GTA5: Releases Explosive Sniper Hydra Try-Hards: Aight I’m Head Out

  • Mace-Yoshiman
    Mace-Yoshiman 2 hours ago

    *I've quit GTA.* Until the Mk.2 and EWO get fixed I'm done. And if they're never changed? So be it. I'm never coming back. Love your work Pro, you always provided quality content and showcased better ways to play the game. Hope you keep doing well 🤘

  • A ChilliDog
    A ChilliDog 2 hours ago

    Where is the zentorno.

  • John Longback
    John Longback 2 hours ago

    Or get a 2 bill moded account for 7 dollars lol

  • Aidan Birch
    Aidan Birch 2 hours ago

    dude. just call lester

  • Tommy Morris
    Tommy Morris 2 hours ago

    For #4, I find that I am able to do this with any military jet ( later hydra pyro exc) all you have to do is spin in a hard circle

  • Water xddd
    Water xddd 2 hours ago

    glitched RE7B in races

  • Kemzik 19
    Kemzik 19 2 hours ago

    No one understands the unfairness of grand theft auto online back in 2013/2014. The Rhino was unkillable. Ah the memories

  • Mary Grace
    Mary Grace 2 hours ago

    GTA is getting new marked two weapons

  • Mini_mikey
    Mini_mikey 2 hours ago

    This is the try hard I hate. Where they use bst and armour and if they get shot once they kill them selfs oh and when they use a combat mg in 1st person

  • Nik Solic
    Nik Solic 2 hours ago

    2013 gta buzzard and rhino were the wave

  • Sam Harriman
    Sam Harriman 2 hours ago

    This guy is mega sus

  • xxxjahseh gekyume
    xxxjahseh gekyume 3 hours ago

    They can see my visits to the strip club hehe nervous look ...

  • Wilbert Martin
    Wilbert Martin 3 hours ago

    What happened was???

  • Lucky Louie Luciano
    Lucky Louie Luciano 3 hours ago

    The text doesnt pop up

  • Myron Ayden
    Myron Ayden 3 hours ago

    i wish that the rhino stayed overpowered 🥺

  • Austin A
    Austin A 3 hours ago

    I remember when you'd see a guy with a bounty moving incredibly slow on the minimap... "Oh, he must be on foot. Easy kill" *turns the corner only to see a tank* Now it's just "meh, a tank. No match for my oppressor"

  • malosi rodales
    malosi rodales 3 hours ago

    I dont know why but i have no problem dropping a mil on a car but when it comes to buying a business or something useful I debate on whether I should do it

  • Lanzter's Gaming
    Lanzter's Gaming 3 hours ago

    Excuse Me but How can i join your Gta online Crew?I May need help selling some stuff as i only have 700k.I will Help you if needed as well

  • Corvette4ever Randomness

    My one friend is buying a Opresser MK2 just because they're getting sick and tired of being killed by a person on a Opresser MK2 so it's a "fair fight" but let's be honest it's like you said the battle is determined by who spawns the Opresser MK2 first

  • Harley Coulter
    Harley Coulter 3 hours ago

    Top five cheap weaponized vehicles

  • Kyle Skinner
    Kyle Skinner 3 hours ago

    Ik this is from a while ago and I haven’t finished the video yet but the fact that you can’t run businesses from your penthouse isn’t that big a deal when you can just walk outside and run them from your terrorbyte

  • Goon Gang
    Goon Gang 3 hours ago

    They need to deal with easy way out chumps

  • Daniel Boozer
    Daniel Boozer 3 hours ago

    PSN Funnyballhack anyone feel free to add me

  • Daniel Boozer
    Daniel Boozer 3 hours ago

    PSN Funnyballhack anyone feel free to add me

  • qwertyop
    qwertyop 3 hours ago

    the wastelander is just fun to drive. It's fast and can go over everything!

    ELITE INF1N1TE 3 hours ago

    I think they released Arena Wars in an attempt to force modded money to be wasted

  • Daniel Boozer
    Daniel Boozer 3 hours ago

    PSN Funnyballhack anyone feel free to add me

  • Distorted ToeNail
    Distorted ToeNail 3 hours ago

    I love watching the Professional and drinking my ripoff Big Red

  • Nethrex
    Nethrex 3 hours ago

    Wow, find this video at random and feel like I recognize two of the names in the video. Turns out I was in the same lobby as you Polish_mercenary yesterday lmao Also, why not just get him banned for his name?

  • Joaquin Cordero
    Joaquin Cordero 3 hours ago

    Does the moc do the same thing as terrorbyte?

  • UnexpectedKeks
    UnexpectedKeks 3 hours ago

    Hydra and Lazer same thing all still bad ass just jump off or Ewo and call it again the others vehicles are for bots

  • Frieghttrain66 Josh scott

    Zentorno, armored kruma, were also over powered back then

  • Can this assassin get 1k subs

    Lol 10 mins and 5 sec LOL

  • Ryne Szymanowski
    Ryne Szymanowski 3 hours ago

    That intro will never get old

    LOUIS WILDENKS 3 hours ago

    Can u plz do top 10 best research items in the bunker plz

  • Chilli Sauce
    Chilli Sauce 4 hours ago

    On PS3 so don't know what half this shit is but gimme a buzzard and it's good night rhino and hydra. The only way I'm putting that bird down is if you snipe it till Pegasus reclaim it, but I killed you 5 times already.

  • Doom Kerbal
    Doom Kerbal 4 hours ago

    Just wait until the REAL Hydra comes in. The hydra in the game now is weak compared to how the Hydra should be. There aren't countermeasures on the current hydra, but, if the real one comes, it'll be boss.

  • Kazuhira_Fiddler
    Kazuhira_Fiddler 4 hours ago

    Last gen passive mode with rhino tanks

  • Yuanti2
    Yuanti2 4 hours ago

    Bruh you say you hate Oppresor users but i literally see 2 of your team mates using the oppressor like literally your such a hypocrite liar

  • Francisco Alq
    Francisco Alq 4 hours ago

    1. Yeah im still using my deluxo like ultimatr desesperation option 2. Oppresor regular idont use it because i dont have skill 3. Never of never use the opp mk2 Im like old style Is more possiblr saw kanjali and hydra griferes now in days

  • Night Shade
    Night Shade 4 hours ago

    I remember when pro was swearing about 2 years ago Good ol days

  • Ventux
    Ventux 4 hours ago

    When the oppressor first came out it had the same missiles as the mk2 now has and after some time Rockstar nerfed the missiles to a still higher aggressive level than helicopter missiles. The b11 has those as well. Personally I think Rockstar just patched the missiles of the oppressor cause they knew they would release the mk2...

  • Adam Pottinger
    Adam Pottinger 4 hours ago

    These kinds of people don’t deserve any mercy.

  • Louis Pasut
    Louis Pasut 4 hours ago

    *2:12** What’s that!?!?? A??? Mk 2!!!!!! Someone likes being a Hypocrite*

    • Louis Pasut
      Louis Pasut 4 hours ago

      TheProfessional ok ...I was just confused...that’s all 🙂good to know your still a good person 🙂

    • TheProfessional
      TheProfessional 4 hours ago

      I hope your joking . I don’t use the mark 2 I’m just showing how it made these vehicles obsolete .

  • Night Shade
    Night Shade 4 hours ago

    People in 2014: zentorno....ain't that a bitch...

  • Dulce Contreras
    Dulce Contreras 4 hours ago

    I kill oppressor mk 2 with my hydra lol

  • Giant Dad
    Giant Dad 4 hours ago

    To be fair, online seems to take place after events of the game. Remember the hanger? Number 2 is wierd. Doomsday is non-canon? Maybe?

  • Ceadda
    Ceadda 4 hours ago

    You are the best gta v youtuber :)

  • Joel Myrland
    Joel Myrland 4 hours ago

    People who say it's impossible to fix are just straight up wrong. It's not even a matter of having the servers register it in time. As a game company you can always fix your game, all rockstar would need to do, is code it so that the thing can not fire unless the transaction goes through. Or as professional said, give it a timer that is more than enough for the server to register regardless of different factors. And this would make it less usable. And yes the notification idea was good. Not everyone is going to see a notification so it will still make the cannon usable, but also give it less of a success rate and some fair counter to it. Even better, have a notification before saying someone is about to use it, and another after saying that they used it. So that even if it doesn't hit people they know it's used and they don't need to hide anymore.

  • Harambes Dad
    Harambes Dad 4 hours ago

    They really needa fix the auto aim on mk2 oppressor. Can't even on them

    • BigMobe
      BigMobe 27 minutes ago

      To fix the Oppressor MKII Players shouldn't be charged or get bad sport for destroying another players vehicle, & homing missiles should only lock onto it when it is: -equipped with explosive resistant armor, bullet proof windows, and/or weapons -occupied by a player that has a bounty -occupied by a player that is participating in a PVP based free mode event -occupied by a player that has recently attacked you, anyone in your organization or business assets -being driven by an mugger -spawned in an invite only, friend only or crew only session

  • Warren
    Warren 4 hours ago


  • Hank Hill
    Hank Hill 4 hours ago

    Just send a bunch of Mexicans over there the guards would be scared to be called racist and just let them in the front gate

  • Miles Davis
    Miles Davis 4 hours ago

    Rockstar said I'll show you guys overpowered and added more weaponized vehicles


    How about "Top 10 Old GTA Vehicles That Are Not In GTA V". Example: Greenwood, Savannah, Majestic, Tahoma, Super GT, Broadway, Rustler & Nevada.

  • Angel Gonzalez
    Angel Gonzalez 4 hours ago

    Voice is so fucking annoying stfu

  • MidnightDeluxe Gaming

    *_GTA V Online Top 5 Things That Used To Be Overpowered, But Aren't Anymore_* 5. *Rhino* 4. *Passive Mode Popping* 3. *Oppressor Mk.I* 2. *Deluxo* 1. *Hydra*

    • SwagMaster_ 2748
      SwagMaster_ 2748 Hour ago

      Passive Popping is no longer a thing. R.I.P Passive Mode Tryhards. 2014-2019

  • Pinkpiggy 909
    Pinkpiggy 909 4 hours ago

    Can you do a top 5 on how to defend your cargo in a full public lobby?