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Oh no, what have I done?!
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  • Leandro
    Leandro 35 minutes ago

    Windows 10 is so bad it made me switch to Linux (currently Arch + KDE). I'm not proud of it, I miss the time when I would buy new hardware and just install WinXP/Win7 on it. Everything would just work. Bugs were a rarity, no excessive privacy concerns, no headache. I would have that feeling of ownership with respect to my PC. I knew that the OS wasn't truly mine, but that was just a very remote idea in my mind. Win10 made it clear to whom it belongs and who has the power over the machine. Microsoft can read each key you press, each website you visit, each dumb face you make to the camera or dumb voice you speak to the mic. They can turn off your machine whenever they feel like. They watch your gameplay and your work. Are you working on a paper or thesis for your doctorate using Ms Word and concern yourself about your ideas being stolen? Guess who has a copy of your document in their servers? Just do the math: Microsoft has millions of great ideas inside their servers right now; there are people and organizations willing to pay large amounts of money for great ideas; Microsoft's main goal is to earn money. Am' I being paranoiac? JRR Martin writes his novels on an old DOS computer to keep his ideas safe. Is he paranoiac? The amount of trust you have to put on Microsoft to use their products nowadays is absurd. And what is lamentable is that the people just don't care, so long as they can play their little games.

  • immrnoidall
    immrnoidall Hour ago

    that thing is begging to have a metal detector attachment to look for and retrieve GOLD.

  • Robert Baker
    Robert Baker Hour ago

    Take care of yourself. Cleaning out the gutters, especially when they are that full is a lot more work than most would think. The good thing was your wife was there and helping keep an eye on you. I would add on a side note, that scoop and the smaller thing you put on a extension handle really do help when cleaning out the gutters. I own both of them for cleaning my gutter.

  • lugodoc
    lugodoc 2 hours ago

    In 1999 I worked for Phillips in the UK, writing software for hybrid CD writers / DVD readers to slot into tower PCs. A brand new feature was the ability for buyers to download software updates for the hybrids off the Phillips site and onto the hybrid's onboard OS at home after purchase. We were also told that the software we were writing didn't have to be perfect when we shipped the hybrids because we now could just keep on ironing out the bugs after sale and the customer could install the updates himself. At the time I remember thinking that we were selling this as a feature, but it was really just an excuse to ship unfinished products and make the customer fix our bugs on their own time.

  • clay74able
    clay74able 3 hours ago

    This is why i moved to ubuntu after having twice the same os of windows thank you staying with linux for some years

  • Peter S
    Peter S 4 hours ago

    Yeah Win7 i had no problems with. No blue-screens, errors or bullshit. But now on my laptop and desktop only blue-screens... last week's Thursday my laptop got 4 blue-screens in like one hour.....

  • Dee Heych
    Dee Heych 7 hours ago

    nice to see you have so much fun. you're looking much healthier too

  • Johnny Greeko
    Johnny Greeko 7 hours ago

    Burrgasm mmmmmmmmmm

  • Johnny Greeko
    Johnny Greeko 7 hours ago

    Burrgasm mmmmmmmmmm

  • Johnny Greeko
    Johnny Greeko 7 hours ago

    Burrgasm mmmmmmmmmm

  • Desmond Cheah
    Desmond Cheah 7 hours ago

    Mate, what is that keyboard you are using.. looks pretty cool.

  • Ken Koh
    Ken Koh 8 hours ago

    How to stop Windows spying?

  • MrPzyt
    MrPzyt 8 hours ago

    Just few weeks ago my buddy brought an old laptop asking if could help making it usable. It was like 10-12 yo Dell on which someone installed Win 10. Initially I made dual boot with Mint. Comparison is... I don't even have words. On mint it simply boots under 1 minute and works fluidly and flawlessly. Basic stuff, you know - Internet, RU-clip, spreadsheets, and so on. Runs cool. No fan. Win 10 boots exactly up to its name. 10 minutes. Fan whines on 100% from the very first moment it starts, and you can use it as auxiliary heater for your house. A usage experience was like a minute from mouse click to response. Of course swap runs furiously and continously. Buddy said: get rid of this shit. So I did. Since very long time my favourite windows are those I can actually open to let fresh air in.

  • Ariana Diego
    Ariana Diego 9 hours ago

    liked your video and your ideas about how to improve micro-junk. I use my pc as rarely as possible because I'm so tired of all the aggravation across all their products, specifically Outlook! Bing, what a dumbass name! Cuntana, Edge...all garbage!!!!!!! Oh...Sorry, I got on a rant. 😛😛😛

  • Panda Bearz-
    Panda Bearz- 9 hours ago

    Hey man, it’s ok your health is 100% more important then youtube. Please take care I don’t want to see anything happen to you. I know you can do it.

  • leadbones
    leadbones 10 hours ago

    Because, as always, the bugs affect one out of a million users. So, billions of users are unaffected. If you are connected to the internet, your expectation of privacy is the real privacy issue.

  • Chris Topher
    Chris Topher 10 hours ago

    HMMM funny how you recommend a Linux application as a means of saving people from a disaster caused by Microsoft! :-P (just giving you crap)

  • Cyberfoxxy
    Cyberfoxxy 10 hours ago

    windows 10 screwerd up my "gamepad computer system". Disconnect the mouse? Let's hide the cursor. And the calculator, edge and other apps needs to be compatible with gamepad now, which it is, but very poorly implemented, and impossible to turn off in favor of joy2key.

  • Bobby Jackson
    Bobby Jackson 10 hours ago

    Thank you!

  • Buffalo Man
    Buffalo Man 11 hours ago

    ok but can it find gold? Gold? GOLD?

  • Rushboard Technologies

    I do wish Lego made their really old, discontinued blocks available on Thingiverse for 3D printing. There are some pieces that were quite useful, but have since become extremely rare to acquire.

  • itusvirus
    itusvirus 12 hours ago

    Or maybe create an AI to analyse and fix your OS

  • Duncan Firth
    Duncan Firth 12 hours ago

    Do you have any advice for someone who wants to work at Microsoft I have nearly finished my degree majoring in app development and love . NET I also have worked as a enterprise application tester. How can I stand out? Should I do my mcsa?

  • Logic44
    Logic44 12 hours ago

    This is why I switched to Linux, THE BUGS!!!

  • Brian T
    Brian T 12 hours ago

    Great content, my man!!!

  • mlc rip
    mlc rip 12 hours ago

    Ms don't care about bugs anymore. For letting kg time. Neither other companies. Remember the times when game was released and no weekly patches because it just works? Bit today's culture is damaging, think about for a sec. Lot of people feel disappointed if app they install in their phone don't have weekly updates. But what that means? I mean. If weekly update means bug fixes don't it mean that your software is released broken to begin with? It used to be frown upon to, but now is encouraged. Put two plus two together. Dumb majority. I lost hope years ago

  • James Owens
    James Owens 13 hours ago

    Have two BSOD. HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILURE AND KMODE. Is rampant up to 8 to 10 times in a day... Lately 2 to 3 times a day. After each reboot seems to get minutely better. Currently upgraded to 1903 from 1803. Would like to get a fresh copy of 1903, where to get?

  • David Smith
    David Smith 13 hours ago

    Windows 10 updates now are such a pain. After an update it sets my static IP machines to DHCP. This drives me nuts. So much extra work for me. Is this by design or what?

  • The Tech Boy
    The Tech Boy 13 hours ago

    The reason is simply because Windows is being ignored because of gosh darned Azure taking the helm of the company and Nadella diverted Windows employees to azure

  • seesharper
    seesharper 14 hours ago

    At this point people are not trolling you anymore. Let your kid grow up with a dad bro. I know you say your size isn't the issue... but it is. Even if you had another legitimate reason for this episode, I guarantee you that it would not have been triggered if you were in shape and not panting from standing on a ladder. I honestly say this with love, because you have inspired me in many ways you don't imagine. Don't read this (if you do) and say "yeah i know" or shame/guilt yourself about it. Just own up to the reality, and fix it. Don't wait for inspiration or motivation. Don't make videos on your weight loss, or anything. Just fucking do it. The ONLY reason or motivation you need is your family, and hearing the horror in your wife's voice in this video.

  • سنان عبد الوكيل قطان

    why you so fat

  • skylar jensen
    skylar jensen 14 hours ago

    Jerry, take care of yourself. if you need to clean your gutters, make yourself a custom gutter cleaning tool. take measurements of the gutters and once that is done, use the tool to get the leaves out of the gutter while you're safely on the ground. Especially after a period of rain.

  • RedEyeRecords H
    RedEyeRecords H 15 hours ago

    This will be my last year on windows

  • carrot kid
    carrot kid 15 hours ago

    There was this person i had a argument with he said edge was better because it was made by your operating system creator he also said internet explorer is not dead B R U H. And I saw this video the same day once again a B R U H moment

  • Kevin Rios
    Kevin Rios 15 hours ago

    The latest update corrupted the whole os on two of my computers. One I have a backup for, the other I had to reinstall Windows 10 twice.

  • carrot kid
    carrot kid 15 hours ago

    I assume in next year windows 7 they are gonna force install windows 10 on all computers that use windows 7 because as most of us know next year windows 7 is shutting down and ye we all know what I mean

  • Brian Crosby
    Brian Crosby 15 hours ago

    I have 1903 build myself though only thing is when i update & reboot the screen is black for a minute & the screen goes to normal. What causes it & no i checked no malware . Any ideas?

  • John Buick
    John Buick 16 hours ago

    I'll tell you one thing for sure. I have a Brother Printer, scanner, fax that is connected to my home network wirelessly and with Windoze I would have to reset it almost every time I wanted to use it. I have been running Linux Mint for the last 4 months and I have never had to reset the printer.

  • JonathanSwiftUK
    JonathanSwiftUK 16 hours ago

    Threes years late, but wanted to say what a great, really Great video. Very inspiring.

  • PROXY _
    PROXY _ 16 hours ago

    Averaging two blue screens a day. Love.

    • keepyourselffree
      keepyourselffree 15 hours ago

      Driver problem? A sane WIN10 on normal hardware runs ok, besides all criticism

  • Aug24th
    Aug24th 16 hours ago

    What bugs me the most is the fact that widows users seem to be so uncreative that they always have this ugly blue windows basic background :/ even though I know exactly that I could change that, This holds me back from buying windows. It’s just damn ugly.

  • Peteyabit
    Peteyabit 17 hours ago

    there are of course trolls, however with any weight based youtuber who constantly clickbaites weightloss journeys that never really seem to go anywhere people eventually get sick of it and become extremely negative. I think youre right to keep it on patreon only and pay a dietitian or something. Using youtube as a therapy machine only brings those in who prey on the weak.

  • Alexander Holian
    Alexander Holian 17 hours ago

    What is that map/program displayed on your back left monitor?

  • Richard Perryman-Smalley

    So I am guessing this is why my d drive program files (x86) was suddenly missing and no way to recover any of the folders.

  • RealiableCandy4
    RealiableCandy4 17 hours ago

    Microsoft: We develop Windows on Macs now.

  • Jonathan Kayne
    Jonathan Kayne 19 hours ago

    That was why I hated Microsoft pulling telemetry from my PC. If they want to use MY hardware and MY electricity and resources for fixing THEIR problems, then I want them to pay rent!

  • Luigi Master
    Luigi Master 19 hours ago


  • OsbornIOW
    OsbornIOW 20 hours ago

    I have watched many of your videos over the years. Good stuff. But as Dixotube said .... Take care. Hope you sort health issues.

  • Robert Bilić
    Robert Bilić 20 hours ago

    sorry to say but then they need to move dev and tech support to West part of the world.... leave Asia alone and cheap workforce

  • BreakCoreGivesMeWo0od
    BreakCoreGivesMeWo0od 20 hours ago

    first 8 min funny AF

  • Travis Grant
    Travis Grant 20 hours ago

    Dude, HEALTH IS WEALTH. This could have gone waaaaaaaay worse. Please take care of yourself.

  • Johl
    Johl 21 hour ago

    Slow down buddy.......

    ROCK STAR 22 hours ago

    Who can I pay to make one ?

    ROCK STAR 22 hours ago

    Who can I pay to make one ?

    ROCK STAR 22 hours ago

    Who can I pay to make one ?

    ROCK STAR 22 hours ago

    Who can I pay to make one ?

  • nycz42
    nycz42 22 hours ago

    From your opinion what is the most stable update version of Windows 10 including the older ones like 1607....?

  • Johnny Greeko
    Johnny Greeko 22 hours ago

    Glad to see you are ok :) People like are needed in this world. All the best.

  • Johnny Greeko
    Johnny Greeko 22 hours ago

    Dam he types fast.

  • conreo
    conreo 22 hours ago

    Why you need to clean it? Magpie does it for you.

  • Turdfurgeson
    Turdfurgeson 23 hours ago

    Cough up your man card bruh!!!!!

  • BingBingBing
    BingBingBing 23 hours ago

    Tk en slip, lui en pyjama, youtube c'est devenue une chambre

  • Jankubist Jk
    Jankubist Jk Day ago

    thats why i only use windows for games and not more

  • Disposable_Hero

    And thought I was the only one still rocking the Logitech Z5500.

  • Alex D
    Alex D Day ago

    The last couple of years has been so painful on my own hardware running Windows 10, even on my 2019 Lenovo. After watching this, my next laptop is probably going to be a MacBook.

  • Roger Froud
    Roger Froud Day ago

    That's been a compelling story, absolutely fascinating, and a life lesson for those who give up too easily. Being rubbish at school will probably ring a bell with many of your fellow geeks, I know it does with me. The school system doesn't value the kind of talent that you have, it fails a significant proportion of those who end up becoming highly successful in technical subject. Many thanks for sharing your story.

  • Richard Redner

    I would have spent .3 minutes testing it off that dock,, then we woulda headed straight out to open ocean or at least out off the Newport/Long Beach Catalina Island vicinity to find them alien bases.

  • Richard Redner

    THIS is where we should concentrate our ambition technologically.... in furthering the capabilities and capability of underwater drones that can go deeper and see better, further than any before it. This Is how we will explore our oceans.

  • John n Marialuna Walker

    Yea my Question is them Intel complet pc stick you may have seen how is them going to work? Will they have updates to? Cuz the hardware storage is only 32 GB and 2gb or 4 gb ram .

  • John n Marialuna Walker

    Yea I know about Microsoft.. that's why I quit using windows.. I use android and trying to get DeX to work better than windows.. your right Microsoft has went to shit.

  • The Happybone
    The Happybone Day ago

    Jesus, every single time he has the opportunity, dude gives us his work history at Microsoft. If you have watched even just a handful of his videos, then you know his Microsoft work history; dude needs to MOVE ON! sorry, but if you were really that great of an employee, then you would still be there. If you really are that talented, then it should be easy for you to get another job worth bragging about!

  • retro games
    retro games Day ago

    Will the 32x work if you put genesis adapter first

  • Patrick Echers

    Hi Barnacules. Please do make a video on CloneZilla - Would be great for reference :-)

  • /BrandonXV -
    /BrandonXV - Day ago

    Omg you save my dollar :D Thank u.

  • Antonia Sperry

    I have a slingshot

  • Felik Kusuma Wardana

    Or try Kodi, which kind of "play anything", you don't have to worry about codecs cause it comes with almost "everything", sort all your media files, assign official titles, covers, posters, works like magic, and it's completely free. Btw, nice video

    • Mr. Bizantium
      Mr. Bizantium Day ago

      How about H/W Acceleration? Or is it still relies on S/W acceleration?

  • Barnacules Nerdgasm

    Hoarding problem is biting me again, time to call in the troops again.

    • MrMaca
      MrMaca Day ago

      so how long did it take you to clutter the garage again, greg was betting 3 days was he close ???

  • Norwin Tuano
    Norwin Tuano Day ago

    If I could play all the games I'm playing on say Linux or Ubuntu, I wouldn't even bother with windows...

  • TheDarkRaptor
    TheDarkRaptor Day ago

    Damn, I unsubbed from that ass cube. Thanks for exposing his Camaro loving ass.

  • TFF Joeyip2007

    It’s a crime because you are stressing the modem/routers to make them fail for as long as you want so then that persons internet is in your hands

  • DargoDog
    DargoDog Day ago

    *sigh*.... Its not a "drone", it is an ROV, "remotely operated vehicle"... The "cable" is called the "tether' or "umbilical"...

  • Kolby Brian2412

    I just want to have an os that’s stable for gaming literally this is why console is much better no bloatware and crap running in the background using too many resources but I try to game on windows 10 but is sometimes stupid like I would have to reset the pc even if I didn’t change any files

  • Crabby Crab
    Crabby Crab Day ago

    No bugs here I have a bird in my PC and he eats them all, get your self one you`ll see I know how it works!

  • Jason Zais
    Jason Zais Day ago

    5 year old liquid? Nails... electric caulk gun. Sheesh.

  • RR Extra
    RR Extra Day ago

    How much more obvious can you shill status be?

  • William Price
    William Price Day ago

    First whale I've seen that needs a scuba tank to dive underwater. It can dive to 300ft. on 50ft. of cable, AMAZING. LMAO

  • t3g3lst3n
    t3g3lst3n Day ago

    NT3.51 and NT4 and last solid was 2k. All 64bit after broke win as not win compatible more, like might as well switching to linux or ios as same thing. Ms shuld have switched cpu mode in 80186... I ran my 80286 in other mode, was lightning faster like a Mac... ;) Used special d.o.s for it, games ran lightning faster in it then. Even on cyrix. Every update makes it slower, as more code and bloated gui get bigger. The vista gui mixed with old are ugly, old gui are nicer and more to point thus faster. I stopped buying win pc after win8, worst c l fx ever. As not compatible with old software, and virtual 16bit machine brakes on updates so i ditched that also. Bought a i8700 with gtx1080 for one game use only, it on a 0.3mbit mobile link, no updates arrives... Ms spyware get nothing. Make your own os, you got the know how. But don't copy tcp/ip stack from a essays...

  • Peter Panda
    Peter Panda Day ago

    I use my surface just for emulation. Plus I connect it to my TV. Love it.

  • tonnhard
    tonnhard Day ago

    66 degrees? you would have a difficult time living in Arizona. 128 day above 100 degrees

  • Emily P
    Emily P Day ago

    Very interesting! I love hearing this from someone who actually knows what they are talking about. There’s mountains of incorrect tech information out there, I get very annoyed of all the bad advice and speculation that goes on. I see hundreds of computers every month and have been able to piece a lot of this together already, but you filled in all the gaps! I do wish they would get it together and reassemble the testing team because there is so much good with what they are doing, but that means nothing when your computer doesn’t work! Anyway, great content, thank you!

  • BigSteRex
    BigSteRex Day ago

    Just subscribed to your channel keep yourself safe brother

  • Zoran Zox
    Zoran Zox Day ago

    "Linus wants to know your location.

  • PlasmaBurns
    PlasmaBurns Day ago

    1,500$ - heh...

  • Stevie Wolfe
    Stevie Wolfe Day ago

    This possibly explains why my PC has been running like absolute dogshit since the last windows update. CPU is constantly in heavy use but it's only showing 2-3% being used in both resource monitor and task manager. Making using music production software a fucking nightmare because nothing I do opens more CPU cycles. Shutting down superfluous services, unnecessary programs, nothing gets it from running like molasses. More frustrating is that it will then randomly go back to normal with zero consistency making me want to pull my hair out.

    • Stevie Wolfe
      Stevie Wolfe 15 hours ago

      @keepyourselffree I'll have to look for that fix, and do the bios fix too then.

    • keepyourselffree
      keepyourselffree 15 hours ago

      Yep audio producers went crazy about this update but the bug is fixed already (at least on my PC). Other tip for audio producers is to opt out all energy saving/clock altering stuff in BIOS or UEFI. This worked great for me. No spikes anymore

  • Bilbo Baggins
    Bilbo Baggins Day ago

    Why would anyone in their right mind openly admit to having worked on Windows Vista? You are an absolute mad lad.

  • Ahmad Shumayal

    So you had a test team before on Microsoft and we got Visa. So 10 isn't so bad now.. Is it?

  • Christopher
    Christopher Day ago

    I love my z 5500 but it sucks 40 watts in standby mode wtf!!! So better switch it off!

  • Get to Da Choppa

    Nail polish remover dissolves super glue. Super glue degrades over not a whole lot of time and breaks free of the bond. A better bonding glue would be Gorilla glue with an overnight cure. But then how you gonna shoot the damn video? lol 1 week later....power off.....Ping rattle rattle.

  • Get to Da Choppa

    Wow, no safety glasses, hey kid you'll put an eye out with that thing. Can you say life insurance? Well hope you keep the videos to something that doesn't involve the need for life support next time.

  • RydelFox
    RydelFox Day ago

    Extra fun with the "Sign in with a Microsoft ID" page - in recent versions they removed the Skip This Step option unless you don't have an internet connection.