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kelsey gets a Flu shot
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Kelsey October Beach fun
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Kelsey Piano Recital
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Kelsey 2011
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Kelsey 2010
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Ocean City NJ Fun Aug 2009
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kelsey learning to dance
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Kelsey and BeeBee
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ricks old 3
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ricks old
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african dance disney
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tea cup ride at Disney
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feeding ducks
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Kelsey plays piano
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Kelsey playing Harmonica
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Kelsey the Lifeguard
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Mom and Kelsey
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beach fun
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peach picking Kelsey
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six flags kelsey
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baby Kelsey on bouncy seat
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overcrowded splash
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  • TovKafur
    TovKafur 6 months ago

    Baby birds love to swim. You have to throw in water pink toys and watch them swimming.

  • Abzebel
    Abzebel Year ago


  • l\
    l\ Year ago

    WHY are you trying to drown that baby bird!? For gawd's sake, hold it out of the cold water and just place the worm in its mouth, it can't be that hard!

    • TovKafur
      TovKafur 7 months ago

      Because torturing baby snacks is fun as fvck.

  • Mano Curioso
    Mano Curioso Year ago

    Have to take way from the cold water how it going to eat like that situation.

  • Domenic AutismWorld
    Domenic AutismWorld 2 years ago

    Granny does not have glasses

  • TheCatsMeow PrettyHorses

    granny looks like she has been in the heat too long...Her face is melted..

  • AdmiralPalarity
    AdmiralPalarity 2 years ago

    why didnt you ram the stick down its throat and make it choke?

    • Kia
      Kia 2 years ago


  • Crazy Monster Gaming

    their is only one best dancer in every six flags and of course its sylvester

  • LoL!aster222
    LoL!aster222 4 years ago

  • Chrissie Cai
    Chrissie Cai 6 years ago


  • Pat Reilley
    Pat Reilley 7 years ago

    wow arent they enthusiastic

  • spongebobcrazy123
    spongebobcrazy123 7 years ago

    now this is what i call entertainment!..a cat and old lady doing the chacha slide thats just priceless! =D

  • Mrs Lizzie
    Mrs Lizzie 7 years ago

    @jdmfish87 not nessaceraly all ppl can dance evan if thay r gud or not so dont just judge by how thay dance all race there are gud dancers

  • Brooke Elaine
    Brooke Elaine 8 years ago

    Granny is white. Just sayiin;)

  • Relentless987
    Relentless987 8 years ago

    you know the guy in the slyvester suit is black he dances good

  • Róka Yellow
    Róka Yellow 8 years ago

    Sylvester the best..

  • Mariah olmstead
    Mariah olmstead 9 years ago

    as much as I like six flags, I think the costumed characters are better at Disney world. :)

  • nastnas75708
    nastnas75708 9 years ago

    why is granny's hair jacked up?!?

  • Raquel Camacho
    Raquel Camacho 9 years ago

    GO GRANNEH XD but DAAAAAMN sylvester got loooowwwwwwww

  • darkstylz
    darkstylz 9 years ago

    OMG <.< Funny ^^

  • angel calderon
    angel calderon 9 years ago

    the old lady creeps meh out!!!! 0_0

  • Big Cat
    Big Cat 10 years ago

    lol sylvester and granny tare the best dancers

  • Cole Davis
    Cole Davis 10 years ago

    granny look a lil stiff!

  • Bluesocks 11
    Bluesocks 11 11 years ago

    Lol Grandma stills has it xDD

  • Rick R
    Rick R 11 years ago

    ChaCha Slide

  • LickredUp
    LickredUp 11 years ago

    Does anyone know the name of this song?

  • Rick R
    Rick R 11 years ago

    panning round

  • Rick R
    Rick R 12 years ago

    Cha Cha Slide

  • Rick R
    Rick R 12 years ago

    friends backyard