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  • MrTardis11
    MrTardis11 9 hours ago

    do you guys not do the week in weatherfield reviews anymore? I really miss those

    YT-_-ESSENTIAL - 9 hours ago

    Where do they get the info from ?

  • Myles Bowman
    Myles Bowman 11 hours ago

    I think you guys have mistaken Che Adams for Kevin Danso. Danso got sent off against United.

  • Zak Abdilahi
    Zak Abdilahi Day ago

    I want Dennis to have a massive storyline.

  • ColinsCity
    ColinsCity Day ago

    i'm really getting sick of breda, she's a religious extremist if i have ever seen one

  • Maleeha Zaman
    Maleeha Zaman Day ago

    Just do it Mel ! Reveal her please I think chan should leave gray who does that abuses keeps saying sorry sorry that’s just a word that prostitute shouldn’t be looking after a innocent baby ,aw Whitney’s happy ending

  • Isa
    Isa Day ago

    I think Whitney may be pregnant

  • mumihp
    mumihp Day ago

    Either Whitney wants to tell people the truth so they stop blaming her for the wedding being off or she is pregant. Also, Chantelle storyline, that is not going to be revealed until christmas. Same with 'SHEANU'. Sharon will be blackmailed for a few weeks but Mel will stop andleave Watford forever. These are big storyline, Chantelle/Sheanu that have been in the making for months so Christmas is the time it will get revealed. Also, I don't think Gray will die in Christmas as some speculated, the truth will be revealed and the next storyline will be Chantell struggle for justice, how some may not believe her since Gray seems perfect. It won't end like Mo/Trevor storyline.

  • kage 1033
    kage 1033 Day ago

    Goldie also finds tony, someone dies, harry's body is discovered in the woods, james wants to kill himself, damon and the whole village discovers about maxine's lies. Ste finds out the truth about the far right group and that Jed was right. Goldie tells the police about breda. Joel finds out about Mercades' secret with the hit n run

  • EarthyMiafantastic

    I hate Max because of the storyline

  • Amanda Mccarthy

    Extremely good acting feels so real I had an abusive husband

  • Rem Runa
    Rem Runa Day ago

    If Whit is preggers I'm gonna flip my effing shit.... enough with the pregnancies! Holy fuck, why not do a storyline about safe sex for once?! ( that was a suggestion to all the soaps; corrie, holly, EE and Emmerdale btw.)

    D LESHER Day ago

    My guess is either Whit is pregnant OR has a STI which Callum got from Ben.....

    • Vez 1
      Vez 1 11 hours ago

      D LESHER I would rather it an STI

  • judopathoftruth

    I want to stick my dick in the blondes ass, then have the brunette suck it after. Then we can do other things.

  • liam MacDonald

    Let's hope next week this presenter finally discovers a vagina... Tune in and find out

  • Scotty Bee
    Scotty Bee Day ago

    Nice video

  • Scotty Bee
    Scotty Bee Day ago

    Nice video

  • Ari Onassis-Sugen
    Ari Onassis-Sugen 2 days ago that so called man of God still going around...riding man does Corrie have the nerve to create such a character . ..

    • Steve Davidson
      Steve Davidson 6 hours ago

      @LaurenXxAnnaXx ElizabethXxParvia How many dickheads do I have to deal with in these soap comment sections? Shut the fuck up!

    • LaurenXxAnnaXx ElizabethXxParviaXx
      LaurenXxAnnaXx ElizabethXxParviaXx 7 hours ago

      Steve Davidson No I Won’t Bruh! Don’t Ever Get Anyone To Imposter Me Ever Again! Xx 😡😡

    • Steve Davidson
      Steve Davidson 10 hours ago

      @Ari Onassis-Sugen Oh you're this kind of religious (i.e. and ignorant dumbass). Well first of all, you're getting upset because Corrie accepts gay people and you see this as an attack on homophobic people. Basically you can attack gays all you want but when someone attacks your people for attacking gays, then that's a problem. Yeah, humans are smarter than they've ever been, it's easy to say that people are stupid these days but what about modern technology, modern medicine, modern economical society, acceptance of people who we once saw as bad? These things were nothing hundreds/thousands of years ago. It really doesn't matter what the bible says about gays, it's a fucking book that was written centuries ago, it's not gonna be 100% accurate all the time is it!? Why the hell am I even having this conversation!? You sound more deluded than Lucas Johnson from EastEnders. I'm not gonna convince you that it's okay to be gay, because you're bigote who takes some stupid words written in history way too seriously. And I will explain why Billy rejects the teachings of God on homosexuality ring a sin: because he realises how nonsensical and stupid that sounds! This is like saying you can't be a real Muslim unless you're murdering everyone who doesn't follow the Kuran's teachings, it's retarded! Like you! Bye!

    • Steve Davidson
      Steve Davidson 11 hours ago

      @LaurenXxAnnaXx ElizabethXxParvia When are you gonna piss of and leave me alone? No one cares about your drama anymore!

  • J Stewart
    J Stewart 2 days ago

    By the way ENOUGH of the lbgtequrst 💩

    • Garlic Bread
      Garlic Bread 12 hours ago

      Roxie Rocks because us straight people don’t brag about it, fucking gay people think they deserve more respect then us.

    • Roxie Rocks
      Roxie Rocks Day ago

      J Stewart nothing wrong with lgbt representation. There’s over 30 straight characters but I don’t see anyone complaining about that

  • J Stewart
    J Stewart 2 days ago


  • amy clarke
    amy clarke 2 days ago

    ee 19 m 😆

  • Jonathan Mbungu
    Jonathan Mbungu 2 days ago

    Maxine finally get caught and lies and no dying.

  • Jim Halfpenny
    Jim Halfpenny 2 days ago

    No sign of Spider Nugent Redge Holdsworth or Maureen I think Curly Watts went off with Maureen well he went to bed with her don't think it worked out .

    • Roxie Rocks
      Roxie Rocks Day ago

      Jim Halfpenny they haven’t been in the show for years, you must be watching classic Corrie?

  • Katie Louise
    Katie Louise 2 days ago

    I hope paul tells someone and why would asha not wanna be Indian anymore it makes no sense....

    • aryanscience
      aryanscience 22 hours ago

      Sure it makes sense, like a reverse tan..

  • Katie Louise
    Katie Louise 2 days ago

    Millie is so pretty... and she & Graham would of made a hot couple

  • Katie Louise
    Katie Louise 2 days ago

    Oh no Whitney’s pregnant! Is that the shock news?, I hope gray seeks help it’s just horrible what he’s doing

  • Park DiBus
    Park DiBus 2 days ago

    I swear the girl on the right who plays Madison is on the new Topboy plays a part of the ZT crew

  • Random BlackDude
    Random BlackDude 2 days ago

    Asha is hot

  • RainbowCake
    RainbowCake 2 days ago

    Can't wait til chantelles parents find out about the domestic violence she has been suffering I see either Karen, keegan or Mitch killing him!

    • Jacob Roberts
      Jacob Roberts Day ago

      RainbowCake Mitch is his name and it’s Keegan

  • Gladys García Ibañez

    Oh oh oh oh!!!! Lo que sucede es interesante!!???? Por favor prefieron seguir viendo animal planet bye.....

  • jubair Ahmed
    jubair Ahmed 2 days ago

    Breda needs to fuck of now

  • letsmisbhavekmg x
    letsmisbhavekmg x 2 days ago

    Glad everyone is feeling the same as me about Whitney possibly being “pregnant” I not a feminist but come on, why is pregnancy always the go to conflict. Its become the mantra for every scorned woman in soap land - pretty Insulting to the female actors...

    • Réveillez - vous!
      Réveillez - vous! Day ago

      I completely agree; not to mention the go-to trope for star-crossed gay relationships in soaps to stay star-crossed.

  • lexi219
    lexi219 2 days ago

    Quite silly that Moira would equate weed use with Holly's heroin use while she and the rest of the village down liters of alcohol every day hah

  • Fiza Asghar
    Fiza Asghar 2 days ago

    What would we do without eastenders spoilers

  • Laura Costelloe
    Laura Costelloe 2 days ago

    I hope they dont make a fourth person pregnant

    • dm g
      dm g Day ago

      Derek Horne 🤣

    • Laura Costelloe
      Laura Costelloe Day ago

      It's a new man she meets on honeymoon. He blames Ben for that? On internet that's the bombshell.

    • Billy Bongo
      Billy Bongo Day ago

      Heard Mo gets pregnant, Her and Max drunken one night stand in kats bed

    • Derek Horne
      Derek Horne Day ago

      @dm g - just as well Dot's been away for a while!

    • dm g
      dm g 2 days ago

      Laura Costelloe maybe it is Keanu’s, maybe he has impregnated every woman in the square including Shirley and Mo.

  • just diabetty
    just diabetty 2 days ago

    IF Whitney tells Callum she IS pregnant and they continue with this storyline 🤦‍♀️ . . it will be heartbreaking AND unoriginal (Dom and Lofty . . Aaron and Robert . . Jack and Lincoln) . . whatever the news is and Callums reaction towards Ben . . i hope it turns to something positive or even passionate between these two . . Ben and Callum need time to enjoy each other and get to know each other . . NOT start their relationship off on a negative note . . i feel Callum is going to struggle with accepting his sexuality (his fear of others talking about it) but with Ben's help i hope it comes sooner rather than later . . Ben and Callum deserve some on screen happiness TOGETHER just wishing the writers feel the same . .

    • Adam J ART
      Adam J ART Day ago

      Lol but this is Eastenders so what are the chances... Tbf, lovy dovy & everything Peaches & Roses gets pretty boring, pretty quick 💐

    • D LESHER
      D LESHER Day ago

      I think either she is pregnant, or she has an STI that she got from Callum who got it from Ben because Ben was being quite the party boy.

    • just diabetty
      just diabetty 2 days ago

      Molly Foskett exactly!!! (thank you for the reminder . . i forgot about Christian and Syed)

    • Molly Foskett
      Molly Foskett 2 days ago

      Not to mention already twice been done on eastenders in recent years, Christian and syed, Ben and abi

  • Yazmin Khan
    Yazmin Khan 2 days ago

    Easterners is the best

  • Raptor Jesus
    Raptor Jesus 2 days ago

    i really hate that infinity war made me hate starlord. Starlord killed half of the universe! i know they were going for passion, but it just came off like a giant angry baby tantrum.

  • caroline d
    caroline d 2 days ago


  • caroline d
    caroline d 2 days ago

    New family next week or so . .

  • caroline d
    caroline d 2 days ago

    Had enuf a ben n callum already get rid a them n take whit n bex to please! 😂

  • Hager Vlogs
    Hager Vlogs 2 days ago

    Maybe Whitney has aids

  • Deirdre Bruton
    Deirdre Bruton 2 days ago

    I think Emmerdale needs new script writers, it’s the same old stories rehashed. Marlon and Jessie were never going to work awful pairing.Moira seems to think she is some femme fatale 🤔🤔and don’t get me started on the truly horrible Kerry 😭😭😭but I still love Emmerdale 🙂🙂☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️

    • Deirdre Bruton
      Deirdre Bruton 16 hours ago

      jane patric don’t think we get those programmes here in Ireland,never heard of them.Where are you from.? 🙂☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️

    • jane patric
      jane patric Day ago

      At least you get to watch it compared to us stuck with young and restless,GH and bold and beautiful.They are so dumb,I think you lose 20 brain cells every time u watch.


    Hahahaha instead of drum and bass Ryan gets a punch in the face 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ben Mitchell
    Ben Mitchell 2 days ago

    Ooh, I'm so early! I hope Ben and Callum get together properly despite everything with Whitney. I hope Whitney's not pregnant AGAIN.

    • Ben Mitchell
      Ben Mitchell 2 days ago

      Amy Whitmell My name is actually Chloe lol, but hello Amy :) I'm glad you're doing well

    • Amy Whitmell
      Amy Whitmell 2 days ago

      @Ben Mitchell I'm okay thank you, Ben. My name is Amy

    • Ben Mitchell
      Ben Mitchell 2 days ago

      Amy Whitmell I'm good, thanks! Just waiting for a new video to upload :) How are you?

    • Amy Whitmell
      Amy Whitmell 2 days ago

      @Ben Mitchell How are you?

    • Ben Mitchell
      Ben Mitchell 2 days ago

      Amy Whitmell Hi lol

  • johno4521
    johno4521 2 days ago

    Another gay character coming; good cos that's just what the street needs isn't it?!

    • LaurenXxAnnaXx ElizabethXxParviaXx
      LaurenXxAnnaXx ElizabethXxParviaXx Day ago

      Kods _. Ik But That Bitch Still Should Get Lost Xx

    • Kods _.
      Kods _. Day ago

      LaurenXxAnnaXx ElizabethXxParviaXx it’s not real

    • LaurenXxAnnaXx ElizabethXxParviaXx
      LaurenXxAnnaXx ElizabethXxParviaXx Day ago

      Roxie Rocks Yh Right When Faye Was Pregnant 4 Years Ago That Stupid Bitch Bethany Shouted In Her Face And Tooked The Piss Out Of Faye For Being Pregnant And Faye Got Depressed! That Bitch Is Rotten I Tell Ya She Is Fucking Rotten! For Making Faye Sad Like That Faye Didn’t Need That At All That Bitch Is Momo And She Is Rude To Kids! Xx 😡😡😡😡

    • Roxie Rocks
      Roxie Rocks Day ago

      LaurenXxAnnaXx ElizabethXxParviaXx Amy isn’t friends with Bethany, it’s just that Bethany helped her a little bit when Amy was pregnant and was going through her abortion, just like Shona helped Amy as well. I wouldn’t say they’re friends, but they’re friendly with each other as in say hi to each other if they see each other across the street or in the cafe or something like that

    • LaurenXxAnnaXx ElizabethXxParviaXx
      LaurenXxAnnaXx ElizabethXxParviaXx Day ago

      Roxie Rocks Yh Whatever U Say And I Hate Amy Now Cause She Is Friends With That Platt Slut! Xx 😒😒

  • graham bull
    graham bull 2 days ago

    I publicly declare Gray,as currently the nastiest character in Soapland!

  • graham bull
    graham bull 2 days ago

    Gary’s what I call,”a good baddie!”

  • Joe and Dianne fan
    Joe and Dianne fan 2 days ago

    Maybe Whitney’s pregnant?

  • LaurenXxAnnaXx ElizabethXxParviaXx

    I Don’t Like Amy Anymore! She’s Friends With That Platt Slut Xx 😒😒

  • Angelothetankengine 17

    Finally the Maxine storyline is ending!

  • the comic book connoisseur

    Rah, imagine if Graham is the father

    • laminage
      laminage Day ago

      Can you imagine if Ellis was The Father of Victoria's Baby. I never liked Chas & Paddy together, they are together because they are lonely. Jessie and Marlon weren't going to go far. As much as I hate to say it, there's never really been successful Storylines for Blacks on Emmerdale. Only now on Coronation Street they have a Black Family while there have always been Black Families on Hollyoaks and EastEnders. I wish that Matty and Victoria would hook up, they'd be so great together.

  • the comic book connoisseur

    Right, if Breda kills Joel, it goes against her moral code, yes it's a shit one but she still has a moral code

    • Xx_Ellie_xX 21
      Xx_Ellie_xX 21 Day ago

      I think she will die because cleo and Joel are together in real life and she’s ready to give birth soon so there both leaving cleo said only for a while but idk abt Joel but if Joel dies it gives cleo the opertubiy to come back to Hollywood after she leaves for maternity leaves it’ll be sad to see him go tho

    • Jay Cartwright
      Jay Cartwright 2 days ago

      @tallulah Smith actually she was about to let louis go she only killed him because he found about the other people she killed

    • tallulah Smith
      tallulah Smith 2 days ago

      @Ben Mitchell when she was sat in the toilet after letting jack down on their wedding day, and she was holding her rosary muttering godly shit and complete nonsense it literally confirmed shes mentally ill, she will probably end up in a psych ward not prison

    • Ben Mitchell
      Ben Mitchell 2 days ago

      tallulah Smith I know, that's basically what I was saying; she's a complete lunatic. If I hear her say "Lickle" "The Lord" or "Kiddies" one more time, I'm going to punch my TV. She's so fake I could scream!

    • tallulah Smith
      tallulah Smith 2 days ago

      @Ben Mitchell no shes just a lunatic. She killed louis cuz he was going away and leaving the kids, breda said he was a bad dad for it. No need for what shes doing to tony

  • Tansley Potts
    Tansley Potts 2 days ago

    I hope Ben and callum keep together what ever Whitney days she isn't very nice anyway I don't see what callum say in her

    • Mvddyroses
      Mvddyroses 2 days ago

      Joanne Parkin it’s a hard situation because yes he cheated on her and obviously that’s not great but he’s gay so he was confused, I don’t know. However, I can see where ur coming from and I do understand what ur saying. I agree with what ur saying 😂

    • Joanne Parkin
      Joanne Parkin 2 days ago

      He was supposed to marry her.. he cheated on her she as a good heart in the show no one deserves that treatment.

  • elizabeth edwards
    elizabeth edwards 2 days ago

    Graham is the Dad's and kim Tate find out her go to kill him And kim have a Affair with will taylor

  • Daniel Stump
    Daniel Stump 2 days ago

    When I see Mel and Lisa together, I think they should move to a widow's home. Sorry, but they were a lot better 20 years ago.

  • A. R
    A. R 2 days ago

    😬😬 🤔🤔🤔

  • jwsm2
    jwsm2 2 days ago

    #Ballum hasn't had their date this week hope this is a minor problem cos Ben isn't to blame for all the drama that led to the wedding being canceled.Hopefully Ben will be chill with Callum not lose his temper.

    • Mark7lincoln
      Mark7lincoln 2 days ago

      Fingers crossed I hope you are right. Spoilers and descriptions from the actors seem to point in a good direction.

  • Katie Myler
    Katie Myler 2 days ago

    I'm gonna kill Whitney if ben x Callum break up or she's doing this for revenge to Callum for cheating on her

  • Mark7lincoln
    Mark7lincoln 2 days ago

    Imo I think that Whetney drops what Ben said right before she walked in the door at the wedding. Blaming Ben for her decisions on leaving. She has it out for him. I don't think it has anything to do with a pregnancy. We will have to see...

  • Danny Nix
    Danny Nix 2 days ago

    If they do a pregnancy storyline, I'm done with the ben and callum storyline. It's been done with every single gay couple on every soap in Europe and America. Kate oates said she wouldn't do that storyline with them but who knows.

    • Roxie Rocks
      Roxie Rocks 2 days ago

      Danny Nix agree

    • Danny Nix
      Danny Nix 2 days ago

      @Roxie Rocks I hope they remain happy. Callum is already yelling at him just like aaron does with robert in every episode.

    • Roxie Rocks
      Roxie Rocks 2 days ago

      Danny Nix I think they’re good together but what I meant was if hey have a baby, I hope it’s in the future when they’ve been together for years and are stable, not just a few months. Soaps don’t seem to have one happy gay couple, even Robron, either Robert cheats or Aaron is off to prison again. They shouldn’t be having a baby together, let’s just hope Callum and Ben have a bit more happiness than robron

    • Danny Nix
      Danny Nix 2 days ago

      @Roxie Rocks I hope not. Last thing we want is another robron.

    • Roxie Rocks
      Roxie Rocks 2 days ago

      Danny Nix I really hope that if Callum and Ben do end up staying together long enough to settle for a child, then I hope they decide to adopt rather than going down the surrogacy route. Whenever there is an lgbt couple or an infertile couple they always go for surrogacy or give up on having a baby, they never explore adoption or fostering

  • Alex Kelly
    Alex Kelly 2 days ago

    I hope that the Taylors find out about Chantelle's abuse, next week.

    • Missy boo
      Missy boo 2 days ago

      Danny Nix I seen the same about it when it's Christmas but there will be major storylines exposed too like chantelle's abuse and sheanu getting out at some point or into the new year

    • Roxie Rocks
      Roxie Rocks 2 days ago

      Alex Kelly they won’t because I think it’s going to get to the point of possibly losing the baby. Personally I think the emotional abuse started before the kids where born and then after they came, the abuse turned violent. So we’re still going to see abuse but I’m thinking not as violent and more controlling

    • Danny Nix
      Danny Nix 2 days ago

      Not until christmas.

  • Annie onymouse
    Annie onymouse 2 days ago

    Yay! No boring bobby.

    • Annie onymouse
      Annie onymouse 2 days ago

      @Missy boo "Bobby" doesn't feel anything. He's a fictional character on a soap opera. A badly written one. The new "Ben" also killed someone as part of his story line. But I like how Max Bowden plays him with at least more range. He's a good villain. Bobby's character is badly written and all Eliot Carrington does is stare sullenly at the camera. It's his only facial expression. If I want to watch Sullen Teenager I'll rewatch the Twilight movies.

    • Katie Morrissey
      Katie Morrissey 2 days ago


    • Erica MacDonald
      Erica MacDonald 2 days ago

      Missy boo i agree it is weird that Jane hasn’t came back yet for Bobby though

    • Missy boo
      Missy boo 2 days ago

      Annie I get u have an opinion but dealing with the trauma of his sisters death by killing her in that house and on the square is going to resort to mental health issues. I feel PTSD is defo one of them aswell as perhaps schizophrenia with the hallucinations and probably other mental illness too. Bobby isn't moping around but just deeply all over the place. I find it interesting esp with his hallucinations which some are quite creepy too. People experience this in real life perhaps not the killing of your family member but other traumatic events and esp in the area too or house can make u feel out of control lose your sense of real vs not

    • Danny Nix
      Danny Nix 2 days ago

      You can't stand that whiney brat too. The only storyline I'm sick of. I skip his scenes.

  • Ray'sFave.
    Ray'sFave. 2 days ago

    I think Whitney had a miscarriage during her single honeymoon and maybe she didn't know she was pregnant

    • Rheinmeister09
      Rheinmeister09 2 days ago

      That sounds more in line with Callum reaction than her still been pregnant

  • Dan Gulzar
    Dan Gulzar 2 days ago

    Gary your so annoying so just do one! From next week I'm done watching coronation street!😂😤😤. It's just so boring and hate the fact that they are dragging on storylines like for example Gary hasn't even gone to jail yet for Rana's death! Now Robert's affair with Vicky behind Michelle's back. There's also many other things I hate but not gonna get into it.😂💀

  • Amazee
    Amazee 2 days ago

    I can't wait!

  • Jekilah Connor
    Jekilah Connor 2 days ago

    Hollyoaks is getting interesting 🤗🤗

  • Mirza Baig
    Mirza Baig 3 days ago

    We wish to see Jacob with liv 🙏

  • Hollieplayz YT
    Hollieplayz YT 3 days ago

    Does yaz die

  • Man Of Beard
    Man Of Beard 3 days ago

    Who gives a shit if the lads gay? There’s to much emphasis on diversity in tv these days. Frankly it’s boring now.

  • Leanne Fletcher
    Leanne Fletcher 4 days ago

    The new robron

  • Laura Beeforth
    Laura Beeforth 4 days ago

    I agree. Bethany platt is just slutty! She will probably end up pregnant like her mam said did when she was really young. Why don’t they show young woman having respect for them self instead of throwing them selves at any man!

    • LaurenXxAnnaXx ElizabethXxParviaXx
      LaurenXxAnnaXx ElizabethXxParviaXx 2 days ago

      Lynda Street Stfu Xx

    • LaurenXxAnnaXx ElizabethXxParviaXx
      LaurenXxAnnaXx ElizabethXxParviaXx 2 days ago

      Laura Beeforth I Agree With Ya! Xx 😊💙

    • Lynda Street
      Lynda Street 3 days ago

      Laura Beeforth have you not seen the Bethany story from the beginning? Her view of relationships is extremely scewed following the abuse she suffered. She doesn’t know how to act normally round men due to the example she’s been shown. She not a slut she’s mashed in the head because of it

  • Nitin Gurung
    Nitin Gurung 4 days ago

    Richard Madden, great jaw line; even greater(more amazing) role in the bodyguard! Sincerely, Thank you.

  • Natasha Reynolds
    Natasha Reynolds 4 days ago

    I love you Ryan Connor I love you too Natasha babes

    BRANDONISH72 4 days ago

    Use to you could watch the show, now ! all we get is Spoilers. Who the hell wants to hear someone talk about the episodes.

  • Jim Halfpenny
    Jim Halfpenny 5 days ago

    Did Spider Nugent open a juice bar in London?

  • Dominique Pilon
    Dominique Pilon 5 days ago

    I got zero because I'm in Canada doesn't play in Canada

  • Marty McFLY 1985
    Marty McFLY 1985 5 days ago

    Funny thing with Emmerdale you hear a accent you never ever ever hear anywhere in Yorkshire and thats Geordie accent for some reason people from Newcastle area never move to Yorkshire. Yet second you watch Emmerdale its geordie overdose every scene you hear geordie accent but in the real world you never ever hear geordie accent anywhere in Yorkshire

    • Marty McFLY 1985
      Marty McFLY 1985 3 days ago

      So what part of the uk do you think Kerry and Amy and Diane are from then Glasgow , Cornwall , or London have you ever heard of that famous tv show from the 1990s called BYKER GROVE set in Devon the show where those two famous IRISH TV PRESENTERS STARTED IN ANT AND DEC yes there all from NEWCASTLE GEORDIE LAND. P.S. Where exactly do you think ANT AND DEC AND BYKER GROVE AND KERRY DIANE AND AMY ACCENTS ARE FROM

    • Keira 101
      Keira 101 3 days ago

      That doesnt even make sense. Plus there is no geordie accents in there

  • stranger things fan Cloud

    She’s so pretty

  • Mike Dixon
    Mike Dixon 5 days ago

    Gr8 film. Can’t wait for the next one! 🥳

  • Ryan Je
    Ryan Je 6 days ago

    poor Juliet. Brooke was so mean to her in front of everyone.

    • Alexandria Taylor
      Alexandria Taylor 22 hours ago

      poor Juliet???? what about all the awful things she's done to Brooke?? she nearly caused Brooke to terminate her pregnancy by saying Oli had dumped her! oh yeah..... poor Juliet.... NOT!

    • I love dogs
      I love dogs 4 days ago

      Yeah,duh!!!!!After all those things Juliet did to her

    • Caydence Currie
      Caydence Currie 5 days ago


  • Ciaran Murney
    Ciaran Murney 6 days ago

    I really hope the baby is sylvers

  • paul wignall
    paul wignall 6 days ago

    Utter unbelievable nonsense

  • I Want To Break Free

    I love how the others start to walk away ahahahah because it just becomes an interview about Ballum

  • Clive Homer
    Clive Homer 6 days ago

    Very sad he was sacked he apologised to everyone and Jamie Lomas he was so sorry l think ITV should bring him back they show enough violence and l think he should be given another chance

  • Sarah Leake
    Sarah Leake 6 days ago

    Awww poor sinead going miss her loads but fantastic acting from her and rob , they should get more awards bless erm xx

  • Jimmy Suplex
    Jimmy Suplex 6 days ago


  • George Delaney
    George Delaney 6 days ago

    The movie was great, really hope there's another one. They surely leave it open for one.

  • J Stewart
    J Stewart 6 days ago

    Oh the old days were the a real SLAPPER SHE'S ATTACKING ANY MALE.

  • chase malton
    chase malton 7 days ago

    We love Liverpool

  • aryanscience
    aryanscience 7 days ago

    Is Steve the only remaining hetro on the street..I would NOT drink at the RR, their beer turns you gay!!

    • Roxie Rocks
      Roxie Rocks 3 days ago

      Jim Halfpenny well homosexual then, is that a better word? Either way it’s just as normal as being straight. Plus “bumboy” isn’t a term used anymore, also you get women who like women as well you know, which are called lesbians by the way, or do you have another meaning for that?

    • Jim Halfpenny
      Jim Halfpenny 3 days ago

      @Roxie Rocks I'm from this century I grew up in this century .But in my day gay meant being happy not a bum boy

    • Roxie Rocks
      Roxie Rocks 3 days ago

      Jim Halfpenny your sexuality is something your born with, if you’re straight, you’ve always been straight, if you’re gay, you’ve always been gay 🙄🙄 what century are you from?

    • Jim Halfpenny
      Jim Halfpenny 4 days ago

      @Hermione Leach Gays are not natural

    • Roxie Rocks
      Roxie Rocks 5 days ago

      aryanscience Kevin, sally, Tim, abi, Adam, Daniel, Ken, Peter, Tracy, Dev, Mary, Rita, Johnny, Jenny, Carla, Roy, Tyrone, Fiz, Evelyn, alya, Geoff, Yasmeen, Ryan, Ali, Robert, Michelle, Eileen, Bryan, Cathy, Shona, Nick, Audrey, Emma, Gemma, Chesney, Sinead. That’s over 30 straight characters, shall I go one? There’s only 5 LGBTQ characters now that Kate has left

  • Kuchi Kopi
    Kuchi Kopi 7 days ago

    A spin-off would be a dream come true for millions Q_Q

  • H. B
    H. B 7 days ago

    Surprise surprise yet another gay

    • LaurenXxAnnaXx ElizabethXxParviaXx
      LaurenXxAnnaXx ElizabethXxParviaXx 4 days ago

      BARNETJAMES And Sluts Like That Platt Hoe Xx

    • H. B
      H. B 4 days ago

      Roxie Rocks that ain’t my problem, still no excuse to shove it down our necks and brainwash people

    • Roxie Rocks
      Roxie Rocks 4 days ago

      H. B because it’s still an issue for lgbt people to come out without the fear of discrimination or rejection

    • H. B
      H. B 4 days ago

      Roxie Rocks I’m talking soaps in general, every other week there’s a new gay with the same storyline as the last gay, how many more times do we need to see it

  • reymagea1
    reymagea1 7 days ago

    A bright light in the show. I still miss him--probably always will. Good luck out there!

  • Marty McFLY 1985
    Marty McFLY 1985 8 days ago

    Jai couldn't even reconise his own kid a few year back. Now Rachel dead or is it a Hooker Rachel paid off to take her place.... No wait thats already been done with Kim Tate but it is Emmerdale after all so it can always do it again because its not like Emmerdale to rerun old storylines is it

  • Marty McFLY 1985
    Marty McFLY 1985 8 days ago

    Ellis , um sacked for violence in real life because Emmerdale doesn't condone violence really. His role as Ellis from day one he's had violent scenes surrounding him. Now if as we are told violent video games turn kids into thugs. What about soap actors and actresses after all we started 2019 off with Roxanne Pallets abuse claims who also played abused wife Jo in Emmerdale now Ellis violence at awards leading him to be sacked instantly. But was he a violent thug before he joined Emmerdale or was his time on Emmerdale turn him into a violent thug Has he by complete accident proved soaps are too violent in 2019 by using violence in this way how many people were at the awards still in character and had not got around to been themselves again after all Emmerdale are turning out 7 episodes in 5 days on that filming schedule has anyone on Emmerdale ever got chance to leave their character at work or do they all bring the Emmerdale characters back home with them every night because someone has already said they Can't turn off character when they back home

  • Princess Muriam
    Princess Muriam 8 days ago

    Can’t wait till Ste leaves that far-right group and knows what J+S are really like

  • Dan AUSTEN
    Dan AUSTEN 8 days ago

    RIP Hunter Owen June 2002 - September 2019 u will be missed

  • Amiah Snider
    Amiah Snider 8 days ago

    I love laura main. She is my favorite actress!