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  • jonnyboy8000
    jonnyboy8000 3 hours ago

    DEA doing murder enquiries?

    LOVE OF MYSTERY 4 hours ago

    This is heart breaking 😢

  • Rebecca June
    Rebecca June 5 hours ago

    Thank you for your sevice. May you ride free with wings. 💕and bless all family and friends.

  • Lesley Allinson
    Lesley Allinson 5 hours ago

    Unbelievable no one is above the law

  • E Getkate
    E Getkate 6 hours ago

    Sir Douglas thank you for the gifts to others, my deepest condolences for the Family. I sent you my love from Amsterdam The Netherlands 🌹 🌹 Esther

  • Linda Garcia
    Linda Garcia 7 hours ago

    That man does NOT have the character to be a senator. Disgusting

  • Cleo Fierro
    Cleo Fierro 7 hours ago

    Fucking pisses me off- you fire a cop for pulling over a Senator's daughter?

  • Cassie Stoddard
    Cassie Stoddard 8 hours ago

    Law suit!

  • J X
    J X 8 hours ago

    so the ''law of the sea'' only applies to the masses,rules enforced by u.s police for privately owned overseas corporations.with so called laws that are against the constitution..

  • Omar Villarreal
    Omar Villarreal 8 hours ago

    SMFH 🙄

  • DeAngelo Stevens
    DeAngelo Stevens 9 hours ago

    Caught the attention in Alabama

  • Tomasz Beben
    Tomasz Beben 11 hours ago

    Spij w spokoju Douglas jestes bohaterem niech twoja dusza odpoczywa amen

  • Richard Dash
    Richard Dash 12 hours ago

    So he pulls her over for breaking the law , does his job , was very nice to her , and gets fired ?? What wroung with your whole system that there isn’t a big backlash and the senator should have to step down , truly shameful

  • Linda Woodward
    Linda Woodward 13 hours ago

    No disrespect to anyone involved here but he is a professional and he had no right regardless of the situation to slap that prisoner and not just that his daddy was standing right behind them I don't get it I know he probably smart at all I know he probably on the right over there gave him a lot of hell but it didn't give him no right to smack that man in the face I know right

  • Pansy Blackwell
    Pansy Blackwell 14 hours ago

    According to recent reports, Dale JR. is the only person in that state to make rent payments on time, in NC

  • Philip Jordan
    Philip Jordan 14 hours ago

    The things they will do for money. Is it worth the cost of happiness and happy people?

  • Ann Marie Schrage-Glaviano

    What about hips?

  • Charlie Hunt
    Charlie Hunt 19 hours ago

    Omg these poor cats must be so happy to be in a clean space with good food.

  • Volunteer Country
    Volunteer Country 21 hour ago

    Let's all just go out and spend while every indicator is recession/depression. ????

  • Brauna Richmond
    Brauna Richmond 21 hour ago

    My deepest condolences to his family. Prayers and hugs to you all.

  • you166mhz
    you166mhz 21 hour ago

    funny --- "how does this thing work" ? ...

  • eagletrek3
    eagletrek3 22 hours ago

    Thanks for your service

  • M C
    M C 22 hours ago

    When you hire low IQ THIS IS WHAT YOU GET SHIT

  • Julie Story
    Julie Story Day ago

    What does their tint measure???

  • wildlife nature lady

    This is Soo heartbreaking I cried and God bless this man an amazing vet. my payers go to family. May he rest in peace.

  • Lee Braddock
    Lee Braddock Day ago

    Btw, I have more education than you, and your dad, so if you want to meet, let’s do it!

  • Lee Braddock
    Lee Braddock Day ago

    I would have let her go, BUT I would have followed up on that deep throat she advertised, and anyone that said that they wouldn’t is a LIAR!!! Case rested, no telling how many cops got a Nob Job for this, and that’s why daddy didn’t want to press any charges against this cutie.. just cum to your senses and meet me!

  • Lee Braddock
    Lee Braddock Day ago

    I can see her perfectly through the window.. she was however, making a straw sucking advance towards the passenger side cop, and she knows what she’s doing.. “giving false hopes he will get a blowjob” . Only women can do this!

  • Steve Porter
    Steve Porter Day ago

    I'm glad to see that criminal get slapped!!! Surely that guy disrespected the lieutenant.

  • Sentry service Service

    The ultimate ultimate sacrifices . R.I.P brother

  • Max Masky
    Max Masky Day ago


  • Sonmi Song
    Sonmi Song Day ago

    I wonder if the sheriff officer will get charged with assault? Anyone else would be.

  • Lee Braddock
    Lee Braddock Day ago

    Hell, I don’t care what happened, she’s sexy, she don’t need her daddy, she’s got all she needs between her legs!


    Future news: "Children were shocked, and are still in shock, when cops broke into right house." One child was interviewed and said, "I was totally stunned that the cops came into the right house. I have never heard of such a thing ever before."

    J VIP NEWS Day ago

    That’s not right

    • J VIP NEWS
      J VIP NEWS 23 hours ago

      Sonmi Song Exactly

    • Sonmi Song
      Sonmi Song 23 hours ago

      @J VIP NEWS The blanks presented by " hide the truth".

    • HarhopShell
      HarhopShell Day ago

      @J VIP NEWS Yeah.. I noticed that.. Convenient huh?

    • J VIP NEWS
      J VIP NEWS Day ago

      There was a lot of blanks on the conversation

    • J VIP NEWS
      J VIP NEWS Day ago

      HarhopShell I can’t tell maybe he said something to make him mad

  • Jc Ragazzo
    Jc Ragazzo Day ago

    The Cars and the voice of Rick Ocasek were a huge part of my young adult life. It was a time we let “The Good Times Roll”. That was exactly “Just What I Needed” to cope with peer pressure. On tough days I would say to myself “Let’s Go” because “ It’s All I Can Do”. My love life was always “Touch and Go”. I always felt “I’m Not The One”. Ric, “Since You’re Gone” there’s less “Magic” in the music world. Well, maybe someday, somewhere, we may be able to say “Hello Again”.

  • James Scott
    James Scott Day ago

    Well I feel like since cities are willing to payout HUGE settlements to the families of criminals then the city should have NO problem shelling out some funds to repair the collateral damage to her home.

  • Rachel Goldman

    All gave some but some have all.

  • yosef 1999
    yosef 1999 Day ago

    Fire Ted Roof!

  • jose lopez
    jose lopez Day ago

    The police and government are all working for each other they're the biggest gang in criminals out here if the people had their way with them we would throw them in jail for their criminal activities they would rock and dying in there

  • 2115virgo13
    2115virgo13 Day ago

    He lives on in others.He earned his wings! RIP !! Thank you for everything you’ve done for this country . Bless you for giving life to others.

  • E. Savage
    E. Savage Day ago

    What a Soldier! He gave till his last breath. Rest Well Sir!

  • Norma Martinez

    How a can get ther fome numbert

  • JustToComment
    JustToComment Day ago

    They play with flash bangs but not gps?

  • Gerald K
    Gerald K Day ago

    what app was that on his phone that he input her license number into?

  • Col Den
    Col Den Day ago

    So now let's see him pull over a black man now!

  • Jimmy Davis
    Jimmy Davis Day ago

    American crooked bullshit at its finest!!

  • Brian Swezey
    Brian Swezey Day ago

    I'm 59 and just now realizing how old I am. When the people you grew up with are passing away you know the time is getting closer. If you are around my age then you know that we grew up during the best times in music history. I still crank the tunes in my truck and try(LOL) singing along with my head bouncing around. When ever I see other people do that in their car I know they are happy at the moment. I pray when I'm 75 or older if make it that far I'm still cranking the tunes ....RIP...

    • Chris Irving
      Chris Irving Day ago

      Brian Swezey you ..we ..realize how short life is🦋

  • Worship777
    Worship777 2 days ago

    Nazi pigs!!

  • Sunny
    Sunny 2 days ago

    Evil witch!!

  • Spooky Moo
    Spooky Moo 2 days ago


  • Muriel Williams
    Muriel Williams 2 days ago

    She was treated so polite laughing in all 😮

  • Nicole Sayson
    Nicole Sayson 2 days ago

    I'm sorry for your loss. Rest in heavenly peace, soldier. May you be blessed with God and the angels

  • UunnLuckyy
    UunnLuckyy 2 days ago

    he was down tho

  • Peggy Winters-Stevens

    Watching this from Rutherford County but raised in Elizabethton 31 years! ⚘

  • Jimmy Parton
    Jimmy Parton 2 days ago

    Madness how your shit hole of a country is run like this... Fire him cuz it's Jon's daughter madness your country is do fucked.....

  • Mangel Leslie
    Mangel Leslie 2 days ago

    To protect and serve? To extort and jail. No disconnect there. Lol

  • Liz Yanez
    Liz Yanez 2 days ago

    I live in camache

  • brownbronxbaby
    brownbronxbaby 2 days ago

    Every time I Watch This It Just Puts The Biggest Smile 😊 On My Face!!! 💙💜♥️💖THIS!!!!

  • Laura V
    Laura V 2 days ago

    El donar organos es un acto de amor, no solo del donante, sino de toda la familia.

  • Mike 45acp
    Mike 45acp 2 days ago

    I wonder what he thought when he found out a murder suspect was living next door. Don't settle for a door to be fixed I'm sure you get get more then that

  • Mary Baker
    Mary Baker 2 days ago

    Aww!! :D keep moving is excellent!

  • Ojibwa62 x
    Ojibwa62 x 2 days ago

    We're gonna need a bigger boat!

  • Underground Miner
    Underground Miner 2 days ago

    Used to live near there. Basically just a giant collection of pussies

  • Shanna Rossi
    Shanna Rossi 2 days ago


  • Shahbaz Khan
    Shahbaz Khan 2 days ago


    • Hundunfamilia
      Hundunfamilia 22 hours ago

      Dreyvin Asche Nah Shut yo bitch ass up Dreyvin tf kinda name is that pussy

    • Dreyvin Asche
      Dreyvin Asche Day ago

      Shut your racist ass up.😂

  • Shahbaz Khan
    Shahbaz Khan 2 days ago

    oh look at all the sweet talk -- laughing and joking and playing around with the mobile -- no smelling around -- no searches and no arrests !!!! man the cop was all sweetness AND STILL GOT FIRED !!!

  • Thunder Chunky
    Thunder Chunky 2 days ago

    He should have been fired.

  • laura cee
    laura cee 2 days ago

    Fuck the police.!!!!

  • cherri price
    cherri price 2 days ago

    So sorry for your loss you are a true hero!!!!!

  • Jazz Man
    Jazz Man 2 days ago

    Gentlemen, you will be respected & trusted when you earn it. This is why we no longer trust or respect you. BS just like this. Go live with Putin. You like dick tator crap.....leave FREE American citizens alone.

  • Kevin Lempfert
    Kevin Lempfert 2 days ago

    Amazing that he still alive! He surpassed all odds. Good for him. Such a horrible disease

  • Archie Garmer
    Archie Garmer 2 days ago

    A lot of Love in that room. He is a millionaire.

  • Gary Silva
    Gary Silva 2 days ago

    I think many are missing the fact that the officer placed his hand over his mic and told her to have her dad call the chief of police and request the chief stop having the officers discontinue pulling cars over for tint policy! That would have been grounds for dismissal alone! Although, it’s suspect that he did cite her and then is terminated!

  • kckgirl78
    kckgirl78 2 days ago

    No words, just tender tears. 💖💖💖💖💖

  • nasnas oujdiya
    nasnas oujdiya 2 days ago


  • Stephen Feola
    Stephen Feola 3 days ago

    So he tried helping her and she screwed him over????

    • Hallstatt Saxon
      Hallstatt Saxon 2 days ago

      Pulling her over to ask for a political favor from her dad is NOT helping her. If he just checked her windows and wrote the citation without covering his mic and saying "one call from your dad..." I bet he would have never been fired.

  • kalle garcia
    kalle garcia 3 days ago

    abusers with badges. child trafficking false charging murderers

  • kalle garcia
    kalle garcia 3 days ago

    power and control. yes a victim will continue to be victimized by the govs which are ran by men 95%.

  • kalle garcia
    kalle garcia 3 days ago


  • Devonta Birden
    Devonta Birden 3 days ago

    Lol I got classmates that are officers. Each time theyll give me a warning🤷🏿‍♂️. Then again its a small town and everyone knows each other.

  • Lee Misiak
    Lee Misiak 3 days ago

    Some 3 erd world countries are doing better then use

  • trudat
    trudat 3 days ago

    How about the senator losing his job for using his status to influence the corrupt police chief and department.

  • Barbie
    Barbie 3 days ago

    Don’t worry. Sure there fellow pupils will hate them. Teachers won’t ever look at them the same.

  • Jeffrey Oppenheim
    Jeffrey Oppenheim 3 days ago

    Holy shit. That was hard to watch

  • cotypt145 john 3:3
    cotypt145 john 3:3 3 days ago

    We are all headed to the graveyard. I've never met anyone who is saved by the blood of Jesus regret it. Are you willing to bet eternity?

  • Simone Walton
    Simone Walton 3 days ago

    This is sad😭

  • Rays Metal Tracks
    Rays Metal Tracks 3 days ago

    I didn't really get the big deal? Seems like he was having a polite and respectful conversation - I may have taken his comment about her Dad as almost a joke? I see officers turn off their camera and microphone all the time, I thought it was for their protection? all this over window tint?

    • Hallstatt Saxon
      Hallstatt Saxon 2 days ago

      From what I understand, they don't like being forced to crack down on window tinting, so they target her hoping she will complain to her dad in hopes that he will change the policy. Twice he says "one call from your dad..."

  • Enosh Ashkenen
    Enosh Ashkenen 3 days ago

    That lady reporter looks like sookie of True blood 😁

  • reality check
    reality check 3 days ago

    There's no excuse for this officer being fired. The Senator and his family should be embarrassed and ashamed !!

    • TheJinn2614
      TheJinn2614 3 days ago

      Kid you dont know what you're talking about.He was covering up the body cam.

  • A Z
    A Z 3 days ago

    the other people guns come out over tint

  • A Z
    A Z 3 days ago

    This is not new been corruption

  • Jonny   Bravo
    Jonny Bravo 3 days ago

    The elite dea and seat team can't even read a mail box . They are that incompetent , but yet someone gave them the authority to carry guns ,enter people's homes and make snap decisions concerning other people's lives .the only thing more incompetent than these cops is the idiot who over See's them . Like someone already said , the pizza guy can find the right home .

  • Clay Brown
    Clay Brown 3 days ago

    Giving all the way too the end , Peace be with His Family

  • Martine
    Martine 3 days ago

    Climate change even kills animals in shelters. Time to think about doing something on the climate change.

  • Allen Goodman
    Allen Goodman 3 days ago

    I would drive past 10 Cook Out's to get to Pal's 😎

  • Tommy Tha Great 🛸

    Wow, Amazing !

  • Claire Boyle
    Claire Boyle 3 days ago

    Dolly looks great in yellow!

  • jimmy jimmy
    jimmy jimmy 3 days ago

    Dirty police force in its entirety

  • Joseph T.
    Joseph T. 3 days ago

    Fired because he covered his mic ? or because she complained like a bitch to her dad.