How to be a Great Game Master
How to be a Great Game Master
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  • Lazy Stoner
    Lazy Stoner Hour ago

    In layman's terms have common courtesy for your fellow players.

  • William Powell
    William Powell Hour ago

    I came here to listen to the plane fly over.

  • ethan lacey
    ethan lacey 2 hours ago

    bold to assume i have a partner

  • LordSephleon
    LordSephleon 3 hours ago

    The only resurrection spells I allow almost wholecloth in D&D 5E are Revivify (because of that one minute requirement; they're only *mostly* dead) and Reincarnation. For Raise Dead, Resurrection, and True Resurrection, clerics can't even prepare them normally. Two quests must be completed: one by the cleric (and any allies he or she may have to aid in the task) and one by the departed's friends and loved ones, or at least a representative number of them accompanied by accomplished adventurers/guards. Generally, the quests are whatever helps to further the cleric's deity's goals (Elder Scrolls Daedric Princes quests can be great inspiration here). As an example off the top of my head: a deity who strongly opposes undead (unnatural life) may require the loved ones to see to the proper (respectful) burial of a local vagabond to hopefully help the soul move on instead of linger, while the cleric may be sent to eradicate some undead menace somewhere nearby, or possibly even in a very distant town. Or maybe the loved ones are the more powerful party and are charged with the undead menace while the cleric must complete a pilgrimage. Only after the deity is satisfied is the cleric able to prepare one use of the requested spell at the spell slot level desired (within normal level progression limits), and only for the requested deceased individual. I did give every spell on the list (except Revivify) additional benefits for being cast at higher spell slot levels to warrant their use as such.

  • Rayne Wood
    Rayne Wood 3 hours ago

    i disagree with you on the soul fact that not everyone plays evil characters in any of the ways that you talked about i know that i have played evil characters they ways you said that people play evil characters but i have also played them in different ways iv played evil characters for the sake of playing one and iv played evil characters because i was asked to there is not a alignment in the game that i have not played in may different ways from the mass murdering cleric to the pacifist wizard how a player plays their character whether they are good or evil i do not care as a DM (for D&D) or a GM (for pathfinder) i let my players make and play their own character and if a problem arises in game with a character i leave it to the players to find a way to fix and/or deal with it if a problem arises in result to a player or character then i will talk to the player and tell them that they need to fix their character and if they dont then that player will not come back to the table until the next campaign

  • gamer-war-tanker8 8
    gamer-war-tanker8 8 4 hours ago

    My way of fixing murder hubos is before they start I introduce them into a large town or city. Typically in a market, inn, bar, or home, barracks, or temple. I then have the characters here a loud person yelling not in a threatening way more or a speech kind of way. I try and get the characters to see what's going on when they go and see they hear the speaker saying and the final charge is the murder of let's say an young man whom was frantic in asking for help for his village. The speech giver then asks do you show grief for what you done. Regardless of the answer he says something like "I hope your soul is as well and the hangman hangs him, breads him or something that ends the life quickly so that the pcs cannot try and stop the results of the trial. Which took place days prior in the court house or official judgement area.

    • gamer-war-tanker8 8
      gamer-war-tanker8 8 4 hours ago

      I did this after my 3rd campaign so number 4 since 2 and 3 were really bad with murder hobos. Since then it's been getting better and better. I'm also still a new DM with only 17 under my belt.

  • Masochist Incarnate
    Masochist Incarnate 4 hours ago

    Also, the concept of evil, and evil people aren't just that. Yes, there are people who do good things because it's good, but its not vise versa. The closest you could get is someone who does shit like wear socks and sandals just to bother people, or cartoon characters like doofensmirtz who have "evil" on every day of their schedule besides sunday where they have lunch with protagonists, who aims to take over the world or whatnot. A much better evil character type you should aim for, is something like harley quin, In the comics, it's been shown that she has limits, and will do good things without a problem. Like when a kid came to her because someone was trying to kidnap her, Harley and poison ivy killed and poisoned the kidnapper, and brought the kid to batman to take care of the rest. Thats still in character, and enjoyable, as well as interesting.

  • Masochist Incarnate
    Masochist Incarnate 4 hours ago

    Honestly i feel like theres a good way to play one, chaotic evil and all. I feel the best way would be to treat them. Like, theres a concept that should be explored more, evil heros. People who are truly evil, who find they can cause more damage on the good guys side than the evil side. heros that enjoy fighting a bit too much, heros that seem to demand a lot more of a reward, heros that are a bit more evil, but don't "turn to the dark side" because they're already on it, they just operate in their own way. They're still heros, they save the day and lives, but they're still evil and do whatever they want. And they stay like that. Funny enough, the original pokemon mystery dungeon provides a great example, team "meanies" they're a rescue team who joined as one because they can get away scot free with a lot of their crimes, but they're still a rescue team. They go out, and save lives on a daily basis for a living, but they steal other jobs, spread lies against rivals, etc. But they still save lives, and they're still evil. You can be both, you can have a chaotic evil demon in a party of clerics, and they could fit in perfectly.

  • Panda Wolf
    Panda Wolf 4 hours ago

    "So, test these out with your players..." *Cosbyness Intensifies*

  • Tarik Zeraoui
    Tarik Zeraoui 5 hours ago

    Hey, amazing vid, just one question: there are two versions of these books, large format and paperbook, a smaller version. Which one would you recommend and why? is there a difference in the quality? one is a cheaper version... is it missing maps? I do understand the one you have has two columns per page, therefor half the ammount of pages than the smaller versions... so that's the only difference? Thanks ! :)

    • How to be a Great Game Master
      How to be a Great Game Master 2 hours ago

      I found the larger format was easier to navigate. I have a small copy of book 6 and I must admit it is not as easy to page hop.

  • PacMan41000
    PacMan41000 6 hours ago

    I played a evil character in a good party, I didn't play the character to screw over the party, I played him to work towards to his own ends. He needed the party, at the start because he needed meatshields(he was a necromancer). Then because he enjoyed their company, but his goal was lichdom. Most of the evil stuff I did, happened away from party, like raising a family(3 skeletons), kidnapping people for experiments, and use on making copies(fake) of the Libris Mortis to sell

  • Dr.Bright
    Dr.Bright 7 hours ago

    Instead of Adventures in Middle Earth, try The One Ring, an rpg also created by Cubicle 7 but designed from the ground up to represent Middle Earth. For all that it does right, Adventures in Middle Earth is still a Tolkien-esque facade taxidermied on to a D&D skeleton. The One Ring does Middle Earth better for lacking the D&D baggage.

  • DoctorSargeMD
    DoctorSargeMD 8 hours ago

    What? If a player asks the dm to tone it down a bit because things are getting too dark for their tastes, then I can understand that. But saying that you fear that the GM might believe an evil act he made a make believe character do or say in a game, is absolutely ridiculous.

  • Abe Banerman
    Abe Banerman 10 hours ago

    My monk is sumo themed and uses his girth to crush his enemies

  • zetsevs
    zetsevs 10 hours ago

    also fun fact most castle back in the day depending on the wealth/power of the lord were made mostly or entirely out of wood not stone its just that stone castles being stone survived more to this day while all the wood keeps rotted away

  • Iron Cross
    Iron Cross 10 hours ago

    If you have orange hair, i'm doing the opposite of whatever you say.

  • commiedeer
    commiedeer 11 hours ago

    I've almost always had at least one chaotic stupid player in every group I've been in. They are indeed a plague, and unfortunately some are more subtle and insidious then others. I've talked about the "genocide is chaotic good" dwarf idiot before on Guy's discord server but I've also had one player in my last group that danced on the line of being chaotic stupid. We played Starfinder, two campaigns before she drove me off for semi-unrelated reasons, the player played a mechanic and a biohacker. And both of them were die-hard, drooling mad scientists, which would have been fine if she didn't believe that was the only way for ANYONE to play those classes.

  • Elias Vernieri
    Elias Vernieri 11 hours ago

    long time ago, i played MERP and promised never do that again. this year i played a short campaign. and loremastered one "one shot". It was a wonderful experience. For me the only 2 "down side" of this game are "replayability" and player "foreknowledge and prior knowledge". Replayability. the match bewteen system and tone is amazing... its what makes this game "this game". But at the same time, there is the lack of distinctness and narrowed options that make this excelent for a few games, but boring on the long run. Foreknowledge and prior knowledge. Be prepared for metagaming: if you have a friend who is a LOTR fan, make it play a loremaster... having other books like middle earth enciclopedia. and prior LOTR games books at hand would help you to make it shine...

    • Elias Vernieri
      Elias Vernieri 11 hours ago

      all in one.. its a wonderfull extention of 5E

  • Budders
    Budders 12 hours ago

    Seems like you've been burned to much by THAT GUY, or have had people who use alignment as an excuse to be a dick head. Alignments are dumb, but here's my example. I played a Half-Orc mob boss, all the brutality bloodshed associate with race and profession. He worked with the party, he lead them most the time, making hard decisions, he even had morals and personal codes. This is what we call a grey, or morally loose character, I put him as Lawful Evil. Evil isn't the problem, shitty players are.

  • Behind The Screen
    Behind The Screen 13 hours ago

    I've been working on a running a GURPS campaign built on resurrections/reincarnations in an otherwise low magic setting. Where the PCs and a select few NPCs(both good and bad) come back seemingly without fail. The PCs find out that the heroic immortals and the vile immortals are destined to eternally clash, and they will eventually ascend to become the next Pantheon to replace the current gods that have gone silent. In the process saving the world from a prophesied slow decay into a dead world. Each time they die, they lose the majority of their earned character points(XP), but can unlock supernatural powers, magic, and heightened stats, all things that the rest of the mortal world doesn't have. The game starts in a rich, flourishing world full of life and few monsters. However, it comes to light that with each death, these immortals are damaging the world itself, first visible with plant and small animal die offs near their death site, and is more severe with the fast acting Resurrection than the slow acting Reincarnation. This starts to cause droughts, famines, as well as more and stronger monsters from days of legend to appear once more. Eventually ecosystems begin to collapse into deserts as they continue to sap the world dry of the magic that sustains the world with each return. Thus death isn't permanent and the setbacks are painful, but it's the world they live in that pays the real price for their immortality, and if both the heroes and villains neglect that fact, they collectively become the very doom prophesied.

  • Lorve
    Lorve 13 hours ago

    I like this series so far very informative, but it could have a bit more visuals to it. It feels a bit dry.

  • Mike Stanmore
    Mike Stanmore 14 hours ago

    You must know one of my players! (Well ex-player) Dumb ideas poorly executed, driven by an internal narrative which only existed between his ears, which was about all that was going on there. We called him a "roll player', because that was how he determined half his actions. It can to a head when he threatened an NPC Russian mafia boss with a hand grenade and was shot through the head. This killed the character, but would probably only have been a flesh wound for the player. The games flow so much more smoothly now he's gone.

  • DragonGold
    DragonGold 14 hours ago

    to all hobby authors out there.. you already imagined so many worlds use those and make new characters

  • Ettina Kitten
    Ettina Kitten 14 hours ago

    I don't get how the adversarial type is supposed to be good guys and avoidance bad guys. A good guy probably won't want to randomly kill people who's only crime is working for a bad guy.

  • Felix Rivera
    Felix Rivera 15 hours ago

    Hmmm. I think. I think if I ever have a wizard I'll hopefully be able to give them a lirbrary and lab to work in. Then of course the house keeper is a bored young individual who starts getting into the arcane books, and becomes the wizard's apprentice. This would give me an excuse to say "oh, well I've been reading about [insert vaguely relevant subject] and I read that [insert vaguely relevant clue]" from time to time.

  • zetsevs
    zetsevs 17 hours ago

    okay just wanna say small piece on somehting that you just off hand mentioned but its a false accusation to say soemone is boring if they get bored its realyl annoying people say all the time that really needs to stop people can get bored easy for many many reasons but that doesnt make them boring they can be boring because of actions from them being bored or a boring person can be bored but getting bored with something does not make you boring its just a remark people use to often to dismiss someone being bored and putting all on the person I say this annoyed because I am person who gets bored easily but its primarly because I have a really strong retention of exsperiences that the same thing a couple time over will get old quickly because because that system in my head rewards me less and less more quickly then the average person Im transient not boring

  • Hayden Robinson
    Hayden Robinson 17 hours ago

    I have only played 2 evil characters the first one was cause the dm wanted me the to be the big bad by the end, she was a lawful neutral that fell to corruption and was convinced of her own rightness, ends justifying the means kinda thing the second evil character started out evil but overcame his evil nature through the campaign by the influence of the ranger and paladin's good nature. I liked the second character a lot actually he was very complex and was kinda raised to be selfish and all that and ultimately sacrificed himself at the end... goodness i miss that campaign, the whole party was brilliant and the roleplay that came out of it was an insanely good narrative

  • Max Gustafsson
    Max Gustafsson 19 hours ago

    6:18 smh

  • Nice Jungle
    Nice Jungle 19 hours ago

    And I thought this video was about Jesus :D

  • Bromos, Sunstar Ranger

    New intro is cool

  • ThoughtfulWatcher
    ThoughtfulWatcher 21 hour ago

    An interesting flip on this is playing a human in a world populated by monsters. Old school World of Darkness was like that. Regular PCs were vampires, werewolves, Changelings, mages or wraiths. To play a human being related to that werewolf or a hunter (before the Hunter: the Reckoning line came out) was a strangely unique and fun challenge. I always liked the unusual or the "monster" in fantasy games when it's allowed. So much interesting character development. I had a red dragonborn chaotic good paladin who went around gifting flower crowns. "Wait... where are you going... come back...?" He had a severe mistrust of beings with eyebrows and facial hair because he had a hard time interpreting their intentions via facial expressions.

  • Marhathor
    Marhathor 22 hours ago

    7:46 lmao, gotta remember that quote

  • Kelsey Baker
    Kelsey Baker 22 hours ago

    "Players that don't plan" *my lvl 2 half elf fighter sliding down some railing into an unscouted room containing 2 hob goblins*

  • PalleRasmussen
    PalleRasmussen 22 hours ago

    You and Matt Colville should do cooperations some time.

  • Mikael Hakmi
    Mikael Hakmi 22 hours ago

    Some feedback on this series so far: 1. Three ad interruptions in 15 minutes is way too much (isn't this show sponsored already?) 2. Dave's microphone creates saturation 3. It would certainly be more pleasant to watch and less monotonous if the GMs interviews were punctuated by visuals of the game ("show don't tell" ;) ) To sum up my feelings about this series, I believe the original concept is great but I am a bit frustrated so far and I really think you could do much better with all the participating talents you gathered!

    • Bamce
      Bamce 21 hour ago

      Mikael Hakmi i noticed his mic was a giant drop in quality compared to the rest in their pirate oneshot

  • Mike Stanmore
    Mike Stanmore 22 hours ago

    How has it taken me so long to find your channel? Great stuff, Guy.

  • Mike Stanmore
    Mike Stanmore 22 hours ago

    I'm an ex-bouncer who taught kung fu for a living for a couple of decades. I had ONE "Bully" moment with my biggest, dopiest player about a year ago. I said "SIT DOWN! It's only a game! You know you don't want me to stand up too." He got my point. The same player tried it on with a different GM in our group, and I had to have basically the same conversation with him. If it ever happens again, he knows he won't be allowed back through my door. My point is, you have to be firm with the bullies and you have to be consistent every time they step out of line.

  • Bövrar 2nd
    Bövrar 2nd 23 hours ago

    I learned this the hard way, horrible.

  • Mike Stanmore
    Mike Stanmore 23 hours ago

    Maybe I'm just thick skinned, but I have no issue with any of these taboos in-game That said, I have been GM-ing for 40 years. Of course, I use them to inspire the players to acts of heroism, or make them regret their cowardice or inaction. Bigotry, sexual violence, torture and ritual sacrifice are all useful tools when you're trying to define just how evil your protagonist is. That said, I expect the player characters to be heroes.

  • Mike Stanmore
    Mike Stanmore 23 hours ago

    This was fun. I think you're probably too young to remember Aftermath, but I recommend it for a detailed post apocalyptic setting. Mind you, it was printed in 1981 and FGU are now defunct. But if you can find it...

  • Homegrown Freak

    Okay so I watched this scared I might be 1 dimensional. Now I'm thinking I'm over 3 dimensions. As my friends and I have started a new campaign and someone introduced himself and ignored half the party, claiming they're not "intelligent enough", while my bard was fuming at both his arrogance and assumptions, knowing he wasn't going to have a good time. They managed to come to a truce and can be acknowledge but when this guy's character falls asleep on his watch, my bard takes up issue with it the next morning and slaps him with his bed roll starting a fight

  • Games Explorer 2

    Jees i played MERP something like 20 years ago.

  • Lesley Taihitu

    Bare with me for a second! I really like the concept behind this serie but (especially this episode) feels lackluster. I feel like I've listened to 15 minutes of the 5 same points reiterated by everyone. I hoped to hear about some of the player options like races (which did happen), the classes (in a one sentence description or so) and than whatever interesting player options are or aren't presented in the ruleset (which only got a brief mention). I understand you can't go super indepth but if I would be a player, I'd have no indication as to why I should care about this system, where as the first video did do that for me as a DM. Nonetheless keep up the good work, I'm curious to see how the serie evolves!

    • Lesley Taihitu
      Lesley Taihitu 3 hours ago

      @How to be a Great Game Master well I cant wait to watch it!

    • How to be a Great Game Master
      How to be a Great Game Master 23 hours ago

      Thank you for your feedback. I agree - we need more in-depth character information. I hope to rectify it in the next one!

  • greed fox
    greed fox Day ago

    I bet your boyfriend likes those horns. >:P

  • Fen Muir
    Fen Muir Day ago

    Narrator paraphrased: People who play evil characters are dicks. Lawful Evil is the only acceptable evil character. All other evil characters are just played to hurt the party.

  • Kyle Vidauri
    Kyle Vidauri Day ago

    I played a Lawful Evil Dragonborn monk whose whole motivation was power and ego. Hed seek out other monks just to analyze their styles and then crush them in combat to prove his supremacy. He fought for any cause so long as he was sure to grow his legend through combat. Much more of a "highly disciplined, violent thug" than a zen master. I think evil monks are really a rarely used trope that needs more use.

  • Joseph Tollin
    Joseph Tollin Day ago

    My first character I played was an evil and I fell deeply into the 'table evil' category. I enjoyed it at the time but I regretted it for a while after until my friend, the dm, convinced me it was an excellent learning experience for all involved. I've made around 8 characters and none are evil for I hav'eth taken a vow, I will never play an evil character in an ordinary campaign like that again.

  • Ghostlight
    Ghostlight Day ago

    From this, I'm mostly a narrator and a liiiittle bit an author, but that's bc I've been a writer for 19 years now, and I want to know what's going on in my world so I can provide my players with a more immersive, worthwhile narrative.

  • aNjaSqurl
    aNjaSqurl Day ago

    Can someone direct me to the stats to some of the race choices used?

  • Amplefi
    Amplefi Day ago

    I don’t know what you are wearing but I want to curl up your chest like a cat b/c that thing looks so soft

  • sumeragichan
    sumeragichan Day ago

    So I have a query for you Guy, what happens when you have a group that is a mix bag of both "hero" and "side kick" qualities depending on the need of the group or story at that time? The group my husband runs in tends to have a group like this.

  • Ghostlight
    Ghostlight Day ago

    The way you talk, like your cadence.... it reminds me a lot of Rowan Atkinson during his stand up stuff..... and I love it. It's very nice to listen to while I'm drawing. (:

  • Jp Gotrokkits
    Jp Gotrokkits Day ago

    So you're covering the 5e version of this game? Why not talk about the Cubicle 7 version, that one is even more Tolkien flavored as it isn't beholden to the limitations of 5e

    • David Kordesh
      David Kordesh 19 hours ago

      @Jp Gotrokkits ...not if you've already played one of them.

    • Jp Gotrokkits
      Jp Gotrokkits 19 hours ago

      @InSanic no reason to stay with 5e. All systems are equally accessible.

    • Jp Gotrokkits
      Jp Gotrokkits 19 hours ago

      @Mark Atkinson Do keep up old boy, Cubicle 7 also has a separate system that is not 5e, same setting and in fact is closer to Tolkien in flavor as it is not beholden to the tropes and magic of 5e. There are TWO different Cubicle 7 versions, on that is their system ad one that is 5e compatible.

    • InSanic
      InSanic 20 hours ago

      Probably because the 5e mechanics make this conversion of the other system more accessible to newer table-top roleplayers.

    • Mark Atkinson
      Mark Atkinson 21 hour ago

      They are talking about the Cubicle7 game, it's linked in the description. All the books have a nice big "5E" on the front cover.

  • Ron Frazier
    Ron Frazier Day ago

    This is just one man's opinion, so take it with a grain of salt. I've found the Tolkien community to be pretty good overall so I feel comfortable in saying this. There's not a lot of non-white people and women in Tolkien's work that's true. That's not a surprise, and this is role-playing game thank goodness. I certainly can understand how that could discourage some people from picking the game up. I prefer representation in the game art myself normally, but Tolkein is kind of a first love for me so I'm cool with what it is. You can play women (which are represented in the game art) and POC (Easterlings and Haradrim) if you want to. No official stats for them but that wouldn't stop me. This is a 5e engine; you can just take stock humans from there with feats even with the LM's permission. I think that could provide some wonderful RP opportunity if everyone is on the same page. Thanks for the video and Forth Eorlingas!

  • GhostCreek
    GhostCreek Day ago

    They could put Halloween decor out at the end of June, and Id be pretty happy.

  • Kody Tiffany
    Kody Tiffany Day ago

    What do I think of character making after reading through the books... Low-magic setting insinuates you can actually cast it from a list of options. Not so much in this system. I found a single background or what ever thatwas +1-3 lvs of shadowness and you knew a single spell... a"A spell" is not useful word text for knowing what my options were intended to be... So choose "Wish" and do anything once a long rest (because it could be said that due to how self your request was the shadow eclipses your heart and no one realizes at first). I found the Slayer/Scholar/Treasure Hunter/Warden to be the best normally, from what i remember of the classes. Minas Terath/Hobbit/Elf/Dwarf to be one of the better "race" combos. No the lack of equipment and pregen monsters are my bigest issue.

    • Kody Tiffany
      Kody Tiffany Day ago

      @Cody Patton Thank you for that; I knew I was spelling it wrong, but I was not sure how I was.

    • Cody Patton
      Cody Patton Day ago


  • Help Action
    Help Action Day ago

    Ages of the players should be taken in account as well. I have a 12year old who plays with a table of adults...his parents play in the game as well...I may mention things, but details and things of that nature are not appropriate for him. That's our biggest thing right now, just so he can be aware of it, but not necessarily anything more.

  • Br1cht
    Br1cht Day ago

    That Kesavan fellow really compiles all the worst aspects of an player that must be spoon-fed everything and can´t be creative(in other areas than complaining that is)

  • Leodous Kyron
    Leodous Kyron Day ago

    Token was a man of his era and so no not a game for me. Thanks for the warning and it will still be a hit good for you. (Out at 6:41)

    • Tom Laspisa
      Tom Laspisa 15 hours ago

      Tolkien wrote his story as a myth for England. Where WHITE PEOPLE ARE. It'd be like an African myth shoehorning in white dudes. It has nothing to do with racism. If you want a non-white character, make them Haradrim or something and play it and have fun.

    • InSanic
      InSanic 20 hours ago

      @Mikael Hakmi To be fair, you do have the Haradrim and Easterlings in Middle Earth, just not statted-out in this system.

    • Mikael Hakmi
      Mikael Hakmi 22 hours ago

      @Commander Unidentified I think what Leodous Kyron meant was that a "very white space" is not for him, which is a respectable choice, IMO.

    • Commander Unidentified
      Commander Unidentified Day ago

      You wouldn’t play it because Token was a man of his era?

  • Rellek
    Rellek Day ago

    I usually write a backstory where there was one event of badassery that elevated them from normal to level one adventurer. Maybe they killed the dragon by dumb luck or managed to save their hometown from a small goblin raid. As long as it’s a believable event that they could pull through without necessarily being a god of battle then I believe it’s a safe backstory.

  • Euan Smith
    Euan Smith Day ago

    As long as the PCs can't play wizards, I think that they should be on the right path.

    • Euan Smith
      Euan Smith Day ago

      @dlollolb Indeed ,that was what annoyed me with the Middle Earth Roleplaying System, where pretty everyone had access to spells. The amount of magic in LotR is practically nil and is either linked to an extraordinary character, or someone operating in their place of power.

    • dlollolb
      dlollolb Day ago

      IIRC, all of the wizards like gandalf aren't even humans, they are Ainur: a race of gods. Regular people cant even try to become wizards, they are a whole other race that is just born with those powers.

  • Milton Cruz
    Milton Cruz Day ago

    I'm joining Sauron.

  • Nico Wagner
    Nico Wagner Day ago

    DM: thanks for making me see that i dont suck as much as i thought i would....also for big battles like sieges where a lot of NPC against NPC is rolled i often roll a d20 ONCE and take that as something of their "luck score"...kinda like their average roll but not that much....just how good they fare against the enemy, for both sides and thats it.

  • Sean Murphy
    Sean Murphy Day ago


  • Paweł Sobolewski

    Thank you for doing this video! It makes me a little sad when people are immediately like "darker topics don't belong at the table, we're here to have fun". Asides from just people who want to have fun immersing themselves in dark worlds (which is completly valid), that mentality leaves out the crowd for whom a darker game might be a way to confront and defeat their dark past in a safe enviroment. I've played a campaign of changeling: the lost that had very dark themes, concerning severe mental illnesses and various forms of abuse, including physical, mental, emotional, and sexual, and the difficulties of recovery afterwards. The players were warned in advance, and despite those themes hitting close to home for most of us, we had a wonderful, thought-provoking, cathartic game that made me genuinely think there might even be a therapeutic potential in tabletop games. (Not at home games, of course, no one wants to put that kind of strain on the GM and other players, but I've heard of DnD being used by therapists to help children with social problems; and I think a darker, more matture setting could genuinely help struggling adults as well.)

  • Frank Parker
    Frank Parker Day ago

    This here is a mans descent into madness.

  • Brenna Booth
    Brenna Booth Day ago

    I notice some people in the comments confused about people assuming the beliefs or positions that the GM PRESENTS in the game are ones they PERSONALLY hold. Which I agree for the most part probably isn't the case with most DMs. I like quite fleshed out villains that have understandable motivations and that often involves drawing from themes of our own world. Which can cross some uneasy territory. But my players know that me and my villains are entirely separate entities. So that's good, that's nice. Sorted. I think a way of understanding when sometimes this isn't the case I think a certain trope of DM can help explain this: You know those tabletop horror stories of DMs inserting their fetishes into the games? Like they just have some weird kink that they basically force their players to enact out and it's obviously personal gratification. HOWEVER, it is all dressed up as just what is happening in game. The Orcs were created by Bal'fordunt and he's the god of depravity and that's why they're fondling the Elf Ranger's feet. Then when you call this out they get all offended and you're probably better off leaving and we all agree this is pretty shit? Well, I think there is a political equivalent of this. If someone has extremist political views, much like weird ass fetishes, they just can't help pushing them onto other people. Whether it's talking about how certain human races are just inferior, must be destroyed and are evil and corrupt master manipulators and 'rats' but only in the game only in the fantasy world... totally. Or how every single authority figure is corrupt and the players can only really be heroes if they commit to liberating the peasants by just slaughtering all the merchants and nobles and creating a peasant dictatorship. You get to a point where it feels less like you're interacting with a weave of different characters with varying different emotions, motivations, ideologies and pathways... and you're just being spoonfed a specific ideology directly. It's kinda as uncomfortable as being in the fetish game.

    • Brenna Booth
      Brenna Booth Day ago

      Just to be clear I'm not saying you should ASSUME that every DM's characters are reflections of themselves. But just that it is reasonable that sometimes... they can be. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut if talking it out doesn't work. Try not to make a scene and leave the game is my advice to anyone in that position.


    Are you an Afrikaner if I might ask? Is jy 'n Afrikaner as ek mag vra?

  • Amvsc O
    Amvsc O Day ago

    When he was describing fake, I thought about Usopp when he was introduced in season 1 of one piece

  • nuzuk
    nuzuk Day ago

    I find that mountain dwarfs tend to throw all my calculations into the gutter that +2 +2 is just so good. Just came to the conclusion to limit it to +2 highest mod, and just give them flavor with the other things.

  • Liz
    Liz Day ago

    Love the videos! they've really helped in my DM training XD watching this reminded me of a Mega toxic player I had I used to love playing in this one group a few years back, but another player started to become super toxic and when I asked the Gm to see if they could talk to them I thought it would help. Instead the player targeted me and another who had asked. It made games really uncomfortable and the party broke apart. Fast forward a year, and TP wants to DM and gathers the gang back together. Things go as expected: DM wants a party of 8 but doesn't want to deal with that many characters, he wants the players to create EVERYTHING ( the map, the gods, kingdoms, ect.), doesn't plan for sessions and just makes up vegue descriptions, there's no story, and the combat is not leveled at all ( first game TPK due to random encounter table for lvl 8 and up.... we were lvl 1). Then I take up the role of DM after said campaign ended badly, and TP demands to play and at this point I was actually afraid of TP and the influence they had over the other players. Cut to me being belittled and ignored while TP recites every 5e book at me because i forgot how many feet the barbarian could jump... Sorry for the rant but I just wanted to express that damage a toxic player can inflict ( in my case, at least)

  • Balrogthebuff
    Balrogthebuff Day ago

    Biggest problem for me was Shadowrun. We had a character with a hunting rifle set up for precision marksmanship, and another pair with an assault rifle. The team purposely engaged at maximum range against enemies who the new were armed with shotguns and stun batons. But of course one character was a melee focused phys adept. She was super bored. I tried to make her more engaged by giving her smoke grenades and a large garbage dumpster so she (a beefy troll) could provide cover for her team while the team fought on. But she became frustrated and just disrupted the game with complaints. I have made most the mistakes mentioned in the video and learned from many, but in a situation where 3 or 4 out of the 5 team members choose to do X which excludes another, what would you all suggest the GM to do?

  • Luna Kegg
    Luna Kegg Day ago

    But. But. We had fun when a PC played an evil character who we got to redeem. It was great. Friendship and shit. You know?

  • Cody Patton
    Cody Patton Day ago

    I personally always go over with my players that my games include rather dark themes and events that are, by design, meant to not be liked to make sure they can handle said content. Makes the world realistic and sometimes all too real.

  • Hell Bent
    Hell Bent Day ago

    As Kevin Crawford said in his RPG book, Godbound:"... there is a difference between worthwhile problems & misery porn. Problems and troubles that exist purely to show how awful a place is are largely useless at the table; if it's something the PCs can't possibly fix or at least mitigate then it's just an extra dose of grimdark chrome. The best problems are the ones that the PCs can face directly, even if they might not win." And I agree!

  • Robert Hill
    Robert Hill 2 days ago

    My group has some really screwed up things at times mostly cause we have had some interesting lives. The main one is the Turkish Boat instance where in a Dresden game we discounted the threat from a non supernatural human. We ended up having to lie to some officials to clean up after the mess that one guy left to the point of us wearing waders cause there was that much blood and viscera in the bottom of the ship. We have had racism, rape, and more in our group which is fine with us, and once in awhile we get new people who think they want these things in but they didn't like the dead pan way our group responded to these things. Most people who like to bring these up like the response from others not the thing itself and can't stand it when people treat it like another days event.

  • Lion Gladden
    Lion Gladden 2 days ago

    Fascinating subject, and I think the most important part of this is "Consensual Darkness." What subjects are out of bounds for your players and what are okay? AND what is acceptable vs a PC as opposed to an NPC. For example, let's take on the subject of rape. While in a dark game it might be okay to have an NPC be raped to show how horrible the Big Bad is, raping a player character is pretty much out of bounds unless the player decides they want to go on that journey. If, as part of their background, a PC is a rape victim, and the player is cool with exploring that, then go for it. What is NOT cool is the DM concluding the battle with the PCs being overpowered and raped. (Without previous buy-in from the player.) Back in the bad old days when girl gamers like me were pretty much unicorns, it was astounding how often our wanting to "just game" was interpreted as a come-on line by hopeful geeks.(Not that I dislike geeks - I'm one and so is the hubby!) But then...if I had a dime for post and pre pubescent DMs who thought it would be "cool" to start the campaign by raping my PC... It got so bad that I had a 20 point checklist JUST against rape and other attacks, which I'd fold and put on the table. One of the stipulations was that in case of rape, my character had a very pointy knife stowed inside her vagina. Yes - we had DMs that creepy that we had to stipulate that.

  • xAZAZELx13
    xAZAZELx13 2 days ago

    What kind of pussies do you play with?

  • Mason And Friends
    Mason And Friends 2 days ago

    Where can once acquire the big dice set

  • Daniel Croser
    Daniel Croser 2 days ago

    This is like hating Paladins because “Lawful Good characters will just snitch on the party to the law as soon as someone picks up some loot when fending off undead in a tomb.”

  • Daniel Croser
    Daniel Croser 2 days ago

    So you hate *poorly played* evil characters?

  • The Definition of Oatmeal

    Dont stress backgrounds, honestly. A simple "I was bored and took up my fathers sword" works just fine.

  • Pathfinder Enthusiast

    Try to be consistent at least - you say "Don't roll for every NPC", then go around and say "My NPC automatically hits." two minutes later. Are you mentally delayed?

  • shallendor
    shallendor 2 days ago

    My primary Pathfinder character is an Elf that knows nothing about Elves or who his parents were, since he was born and raised as a slave. Eventually he was freed from being a slave and stayed with that circus till it was destroyed. I played in an all Orc campaign and my character had names for all the other Evil races, like i called Dwarves diggers, and called halflings furry footed freaks.

  • David May
    David May 2 days ago

    One of my players feels I am between a Mind Flayer and a Dragon. Something is holding it back. And while I appreciate it, I'm a kobold for sure. I fucking love trying new things in my games.

  • truemisto
    truemisto 2 days ago

    we came across a chemical weapons factory in our game, being used by enemies to manufacture, well, chemical weapons. i make the call to blow it to deny the enemy this resource. dont blow up chemical weapons factories, especially when they are in a city, or near a city, or upstream from a city, or upwind from a city.

  • Gerardo Barrera
    Gerardo Barrera 2 days ago

    what's the point of playing a game of roleplaying if you can't role play a dick if you're not a dick in real life? It's like getting mad at someone for killing innocent people in Grand theft auto,, however if you want to prevent it just have them die of a sudden heart attack or kill their character and have them re roll for a new one and keep killing them stupidly sounds pretty easy fix to me

  • Diceman82
    Diceman82 2 days ago

    As a DM I use a combination of all of the above. I actually have a die that is a D20, 10 is a neutral party reputation. Every action has consequence, be it minor. Backhanding a sassy beggar or fetching little Nelly's necklace from a stream for 5 coppers won't exactly net you a positive or negative. However, impaling little Nelly on a pike in front of a dozen onlookers or a massive gold donation to an orphanage WILL net you an effect. Also multiple minor ones do eventually ad up. The real problem is "Do I kill all of them?" that depends, not doing your just duty to prevent a crime is almost as bad as doing it yourself. Guilt by association is a thing in real life and therefore should be in fantasy. Now, if it's only 1 or 2 players doing it then mercy by other consequences can be given, if the other players are only tagging along to eventually sell said murder hobo's out. As for my reputation system, 8 means folks are wary of you, 6 is most shops will not deal with you at all, 5 is where bounty hunters and or guards will come for you, 3 is infamous; only the most remote regions do not know of you and 1 is hunted by effectively everyone aside from the absolute most chaotic of evil scum. I'm talking battalions of paladins, entire army, celestials getting involved, all kinds of stuff. That party better hope they make it to Thay before they are gutted or captured. The exact opposite on the die gives bonuses like fame, discounts, access to rare goods and shops, connections and even land. That said, do not punish CRAFTY evil. If your players find loopholes or ways to work the system they can still have that 15 rep on the die, but be total shitheads underneath(assuming they do not get caught).

  • Chad Smith
    Chad Smith 2 days ago

    Excellent video. A lot of this is definitely Session Zero stuff. But afterwards, players should feel comfortable enough to talk with their DM when they get squicked out. And a DM should be considerate to their players feelings. As for the player thinking a DM having the same moral compass as their villains is bit absurd. However, considering the number of Craigs out there who DM just so they can play out their... fantasies. I understand where your player is coming from.

  • Marleyjr 00
    Marleyjr 00 2 days ago

    Im ok with dark topics being added. At the same time I always want a certain level of control over it. Like I absolutely do not like rape at all but as long as its not added as a fetish or just for shock value I can tolerate it. Lets use episode 1 of Goblin Slayer as an example. That bothered the shit out of me. I hated it but if it was in a game I was playing as long as I had a way of taking what happened and getting revenge or adding a personal character arc of coming back from it id be ok with it being there.

  • Amber G
    Amber G 2 days ago

    Evil characters are not necessarily bad, but in 20+ years of role-playing I've only met one or two who could make it work.

  • Nerdy Ogre
    Nerdy Ogre 2 days ago

    I'm reminded of a story I read in my grade school reader about this woman, a wife and mother, who made the most delicious soup. One day, as she was preparing to make it, her husband said how much he loved her soup, except this one ingredient, then her children came in, nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters, each asking to leave out an ingredient they didn't like. As you might have surmised by now that when dinnertime came and everyone was waiting in anticipation for the big pot of boiling water. The moral of the story is, negated of how much you take out.

  • Cherub 1979
    Cherub 1979 2 days ago


  • Cherub 1979
    Cherub 1979 2 days ago

    Tell that to my fallout character

  • 0mega Zer0
    0mega Zer0 2 days ago

    "Really?! Take the bitch." *laughs maniacally * Now, if you are a squeamish player, to begin with. You have no business in being a dark campaign period. If you find your self in one. Leave right away, or if you want to test your constitution and stick around. Then keep your mouth shut and try to be the hero that can invoke change within the game's setting. You think Heroism is just finding the big bad guy and kill him and that's it? You have blinders to the world. "Imitation is a form of flattery" For those that Fear the big bad guy they try to appeal to him/her to gain favor to survive and to benefit themselves under their rule and that behavior spreads like wildfire and the longer it exists out there for generations the more it becomes the norm and people start to forget that it doesn't have to be this way. (like in warhammer 40k setting). If your character witnesses the lighter atrocities and is motivated to set out to stop them. A dark campaign would not only put your humanity to the test. You would also know what it truly means to be a heroic character and survive to the end. Keep that in mind even if you have to remind your self that it's just a game and the Die rolls will disappoint you along the way even in critical moments. You have to balance to make something out of a bad situation. Your character has only one life, do what you got to do and try not to get your self killed. If you did die. Well, hope you learned from your mistakes with your party members. As you make a new character.

  • The Tibbinator
    The Tibbinator 2 days ago

    Very well handled video for the darker subject matter. I tend to show some of the darker side of sapience/humanity in my games. In a recent game, a subject was broached that made one of my players uncomfortable. The second it was addressed that this player was uncomfortable, I shifted track. The game was Star Wars themed, and one of the players was a recently freed slave. The freed slave was comfortable with the subject matter, as it was just a game, but another player was incredibly uncomfortable with the implications of what happened to this Twi'lek. It was easily resolved with a 5-10 minute conversation, and going forward the game went smoother. Goes down to being a respectful GM (great is implied due to the advice you give), but respectful of your players and their characters. Know where their lines are, know what is taboo with them and what is not. If a new subject arises and it's found out to be taboo, then discuss and replot as necessary.

  • MalzraAirwynn
    MalzraAirwynn 2 days ago

    I feel like they have a good amount of gameplay customization between their pacts (especially pacts added in other sourcebooks over time), boons and selection of eldritch invocations.

  • Greg Avant
    Greg Avant 2 days ago

    I've played evil, and it's not fun. Even in just a role play, real evil makes you feel like something is wrong inside you. Evil has to have a reason to exist, and if you don't have a justification of why your PC is evil, then you really are just being a dick.

  • Moon Ape
    Moon Ape 2 days ago

    Funny as hell .... Great Role Play ... NO ....AWESOME Role Play

  • Tazymandius
    Tazymandius 2 days ago

    I have a player in my campaign (I'm the GM) and whenever I ask them (or the group) to "make a perception test" (for example, something without detailing the target number) not only do they roll into a plant pot I can't see the bottom of (so I can't see the dice results, with dice that are nigh-on impossible to read) they'll say, "Yeah I passed" Did you? How do you know? I didn't give a target number? I didn't say if it was an easy, normal, hard, or extremely difficult test. I've taken to saying, "How about you tell me what you rolled and I'll tell you if you've passed or not instead of assuming" granted its probably not the best response. How would you deal with such a player?