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Strava 2018
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Say What You See
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Downtown Playground
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Lower Cowiche
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Looking For A Gym
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Sounds of Serenity
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Device Testing
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Flat Earther Challenge
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Selah WA (place of pause)
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Pretty Distractions
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Rest Haven, Selah
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My Trek 1.1
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Tower Talk
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To The Towers
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Where the Road Ends
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Hello hello
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My Strava 2014
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Range Day 11/8/2014
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Reflecting Moments - 1
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Backyard Downhill
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Why I Value Twitter
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The War on Our Mind
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Range Day 8/21/2014
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Tactical Shorts
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Meet Mary Mossberg
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Do I Need To Relax?
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Urban Cowboy-ish
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A Time For Pistols
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Range Drills 4/9/2014
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Shut Up & Shoot
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Rush The Boats
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Fakes, Frauds, and Thieves
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A Walk Without A Park
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My Halloween Costume
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His Story
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The Bomb - Honey Bane
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Sun Valley Shooting Park
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Gratuitous Destruction
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I Think I Need An AR15
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Mobbing Yakima MTB Style
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Biking, Bill's, and Bands
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Tranquility In Motion
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Too Long for You to Watch
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A Time To Wheelie
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Déjà Vu
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It's All About The Ride
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Good Day For A Saturday
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Wanna Join My 'Church'?
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A Sexy Stretch of 410
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A Peek At Rainier
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The Gun Agenda
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  • LoneFrogman
    LoneFrogman 22 days ago

    Nice bike, thumbs down for the music.

  • Mike Sollows
    Mike Sollows 26 days ago

    Dont watch cable t.v , dont eat , drink or breath poison , live love and laugh is your only mission in this life , save for the day when you can no longer work , this is it .. stop fear porn today and dont listen to shit it stains the mind and soul

  • Thomas Herbert
    Thomas Herbert 29 days ago

    Remove the extra shot and crimp the shell correctly .

  • Imwatchin
    Imwatchin 6 months ago

    Less talk more reloading.

  • John Dough
    John Dough 7 months ago

    Your next video should be "how to make a 3 minute video take 11 minutes"

  • Moey M
    Moey M 7 months ago

    I crashed my tw and I don’t cry like you I picked my bike up put it over my shoulder took it home and fixed it

  • Justin Villarreal
    Justin Villarreal 7 months ago

    Glad the spooks haven't gotten you yet. Miss dat social presence, Chadworth.

  • Curtis Dowling
    Curtis Dowling 7 months ago

    You don’t close with the capping rod ! That’s what the ram is for .

  • Curtis Dowling
    Curtis Dowling 7 months ago

    Your supposed to recap on the sizing body , not taking apart the ramming handle .

  • Up the Ante
    Up the Ante 8 months ago

    WOW!! Busted!!

  • K. W. Churchill
    K. W. Churchill 8 months ago

    Beautiful bike...I just got a 17 model, but this one is prettier IMHO

  • Wolf Man
    Wolf Man 8 months ago

    Love this video I just picked up a press on eBay can’t wait to start thanks Subbed

  • me The People Perspectives

    Deja View @ChadLilly

  • hempseedaddict
    hempseedaddict 9 months ago

    I remember Chad.

  • Moey M
    Moey M 9 months ago

    Considering this bike model has been to both North Pole and South Pole you did a piss poor job sonny Jim at least the bears will be cold

  • Mike Gahm
    Mike Gahm 11 months ago

    Laughing inside your helmet is what it is all about.

  • Noname
    Noname 11 months ago

    Bob Ross of reloading. My blood pressure drooped 10 points watching

  • W.O. Cassity
    W.O. Cassity Year ago

    Very nice!

  • BOBObro kake
    BOBObro kake Year ago

    still leaking kid !! LOL !!

    • BOBObro kake
      BOBObro kake Year ago

      hell you have me muted there !! it's your ass leaking down your chins and you have no way to stop it , you been doing it so long !! LO :) !!

    • Chad Lilly
      Chad Lilly Year ago

      BOBObro kake come run your mouth on Gab, I'll wait.

  • zivka marinovic
    zivka marinovic Year ago

    Try TOMOS APN 4. , than you will have control on the snow . Thank you all .

  • Kali Southpaw
    Kali Southpaw Year ago

    Ugh. This guy won't shut up. Reloading starts at 2:35

  • Martin Williams
    Martin Williams Year ago

    Did no one see what was happening in the reflection of the window?

  • Bruce Nguyen
    Bruce Nguyen Year ago

    whats the diameter of the seat pole cause i think i got the wrong one

  • Sammy Boii Ent.
    Sammy Boii Ent. Year ago

    Audio is pretty low 😕

  • What Fred Said
    What Fred Said Year ago

    Cant find this in 12ga!

  • Dohan Kuswardi
    Dohan Kuswardi Year ago

    How to pop the front wheel without feeling your bikes is shooting forward under you? When ever i try to poop the clutch while standing um my body is thrown backwards and im unable to keep my throotle smooth as im tensing uo and holding on hard on the bars

  • lordsasta
    lordsasta Year ago

    :( Why i have strike but my own recording it :( just like you

  • wanapaint
    wanapaint Year ago

    its thr operator bro

  • Scott Atkins
    Scott Atkins Year ago

    Yo, where you at?

  • Matt Russell
    Matt Russell Year ago

    Don't be over doing the lead. Your pressures will spike

  • Bear River
    Bear River Year ago

    whacko !

    • Bear River
      Bear River Year ago

      Michele is beautiful , smart and new age snake oil salesman .

    • Chad Lilly
      Chad Lilly Year ago

      Bear River Nice channel. Totally real. Not a fake fuck account at all. Thanks for coming.

  • bushbaby 1
    bushbaby 1 Year ago

    I reload 10 gauge with one of these , a long as your careful and don't overload buckshot, you should be good.

  • lemon lime hotdog

    Come back on twitter

  • EZ C Productions

    Hey, thanks for Subscribing!

  • EZ C Productions

    Hiya, thanks for subscribing to my channel. I am checking out your channel, are you from Yak? I see Cowiche, I've been wanting to do that trail. Thanks and good job on good content on your channel.

  • Thomas Brooklyn
    Thomas Brooklyn Year ago

    The fat tires may be hurting you there.

  • Camilo Bernal
    Camilo Bernal 2 years ago

    hahah that fake smile is priceless.

  • Sonali Rai
    Sonali Rai 2 years ago

    They have 'got to you'. They have 'made you angry'..... Whoever 'they' is....

  • Inside the Mind Meditation

    Hey Chad, was so surprised to find my art on your podcast! I would be equally as pleased should you listen to my meditations and let me know what you think of them! Thanks so much ~ Denise

    • Inside the Mind Meditation
      Inside the Mind Meditation 2 years ago

      Not sure how this works, but #18 is a culmination of the prior 17 and will begin to expand again at an excelled rate from this point. Would love to hear from you!

  • 1
    1 2 years ago

    i would have killed for one of these in co

  • Sic Pup
    Sic Pup 2 years ago

    you suck & F'ed up an awesome song with your BS :/

  • Buzzard the arms enthusiast

    We're can I get one of these (I can't find it on the lee website)

    • Chad Lilly
      Chad Lilly 2 years ago

      Buzz Bombs Gaming and guns Cheap, easy, and fun. I like this method better than the presses. And I'm in no rush.

    • Buzzard the arms enthusiast
      Buzzard the arms enthusiast 2 years ago

      Chad Lilly I don't know why the wouldn't keep making it (seems like a lot of people would want some thing cheap like this :)

    • Chad Lilly
      Chad Lilly 2 years ago

      Buzz Bombs Gaming and guns Best Bet ... E-Bay. They don't make them any more, but there are many people who have sets to sell. That's where I got mine.

  • norinco np
    norinco np 2 years ago

    i set off a primer while hammering...

  • Jackrabbit
    Jackrabbit 2 years ago

    Right on...need more info. Elevation? How high is the bike getting off the ground? or...How high is Chad Lilly on the substance of his choosing? Oh Height from hill to valley floor? Well now thats a horse of a different color.

  • beezlebub
    beezlebub 2 years ago

    any danger in using this method?

    • John Petty
      John Petty 7 months ago

      Yes, if you use a balance beam scale. Don't hammer on your work surface while measuring powder charges. I had a friend that was loading. 243 on his coffee table with his brother in law helping him and the 10 grain weight jumped over a notch and no one noticed. Unfortunately, it jumped up 10 grains and caused an "Oh Shit" when he fired a round with 10 extra grains of powder in the case. Ruined his rifle.

  • 40belowful
    40belowful 2 years ago

    what kind of break in time for a new one?

  • Carlos V
    Carlos V 2 years ago

    and roughly how many #4 shot you put in?

  • Carlos V
    Carlos V 2 years ago

    pretty cool, what kind of wad you used?

  • S K
    S K 2 years ago

    How about an update? How are you doing?

  • Jyoti Patil
    Jyoti Patil 2 years ago

    go home you're drunk

    • Chad Lilly
      Chad Lilly 2 years ago

      Jyoti Patil How did you come up with such an original comment?

  • Mohd Alias
    Mohd Alias 2 years ago


  • doru
    doru 2 years ago

  • Caveman444
    Caveman444 2 years ago

    Lol ur a hoot. Good wrist action

  • nunya bizzniss
    nunya bizzniss 2 years ago

    Can you use steel BBs you use in an air gun? I use a lee hand loader to load .357 mag . I enjoy the hand loading as well! I am just wanting to get into loading my own shotgun shells and I want to use steel BB size shot.

    • Keith Gee
      Keith Gee 10 months ago

      I load Daisy BB's for my duck loads in 3" They work great.

    • Chad Lilly
      Chad Lilly 2 years ago

      Sure can.

  • Blessed Bee
    Blessed Bee 2 years ago

    What happened to your Twitter account?

  • Jeffrey Elliott
    Jeffrey Elliott 2 years ago

    where can you get this simple reloading equipment for 12ga. and .45lc ??? Love the simplicity of this reloading !!!!

    • Curtis Wright
      Curtis Wright 10 months ago

      Ebay has them as well

    • joe defazio
      joe defazio Year ago

      Jeffrey Elliott look up Lee classic loadr on the internet or Amazon

  • jack schitt
    jack schitt 3 years ago

    it's 2016 and wr250r/x is still the best 250cc dual sport street legal bike out there u can buy. Some beginner go for the cheaper crf250l but it's 20 lbs heavier and less power.

  • Wile E Coyote
    Wile E Coyote 3 years ago

    I dont know why I think this is so funny and I watched it 5 times, his tone and demeanor is hillarious to me.

  • Jacquie Walton
    Jacquie Walton 3 years ago

    Just Noticed A Few Bully Videos On YT Targeting U From Several Accounts Immediately I Knew WHY It's Because Of Videos Like This• Just Wanted To Say Completely Ignore The Bullies Don't Acknowledge Their Existence They're Professional Provocatures IF They Could Arrest U On Nonsense They ALREADY WOULD HAVE So Don't Give Them ANY Fuel 4 Their Fire By Responding To Them •You've Done An Excellent Job Of Waking Americans Up NOW It's TIME To EVACUATE USA See My PLAYLISTS • USA IS ON FIRE •It's Invisible


    obviously he's joking but in a way he's right there's no in between it's either stop or full throttle

  • Just In
    Just In 3 years ago

    i dumped it once on the road in the snow. i was riding over snow banks on to the street and didn't care about the traction difference . i was flooring it some what and once i got to the pavement it slid out from under me. the back wheel wanted to go where the front wheel was. i didn't to hit the clutch once I got to icy pavement so I could use momentum to balence it out until i reached a reasonable speed. almost 2 ft of snow 4 n 5 ft snow banks I did it hundreds of times. ruts in deep snow are difficult. i ride with my feet off the pegs doing what you did. havent got the courage for a beer run yet. winter 16 yeah. yeah 5 mph tops seems about as safe as you can get. never let pride get in the way of focus. a wet tree limb almost bucked me like a horse into a tree. ride the bike don't let the bike ride you saved me. i got my butt off the seat, let the bike thrash around as i immediately took all power off the chain n brought it backunder control. i was mudding in deep mud. wet wood is slicker than ice. ill ride snow all day and take it easy. after a rain that oil on the road can make even my feet slip at an intersection stop light. hit some with my car n ended up spinning out and ending up perfectly in someones drive way.

  • Heath Archer
    Heath Archer 3 years ago


  • Heath Archer
    Heath Archer 3 years ago


  • Heath Archer
    Heath Archer 3 years ago


  • GaryH
    GaryH 3 years ago

    That`s what I call being"under the gun" muffler shop sign lol

  • GaryH
    GaryH 3 years ago

    I miss that area, I grew up in the vicinity(Tampico) in the 70`s .Are you old enough to remember the jeep mud races?

    • GaryH
      GaryH 3 years ago

      I`m a quite a bit older than you (49). I went to West Valley Jr High when it first opened. lol

    • Chad Lilly
      Chad Lilly 3 years ago

      Hey ... I know you. Don't I? ;-) Man these are old vids I have almost forgot about.

  • Jack low
    Jack low 3 years ago

    Myron lake?

  • Markus Williams
    Markus Williams 3 years ago


  • paul mulholland
    paul mulholland 3 years ago

    I'm trying to find one in UK help lol

  • Bob boB
    Bob boB 3 years ago

    5:37 those power poles look like toon town!

  • Jonathan Electrolux III

    I'm sorry for your suffering and hopefully with time this ordeal will fade away. Accidents are very surreal.

  • GoPro Diaries
    GoPro Diaries 3 years ago

    this is obviously sarcasm. good video OP

  • Joel Krupa
    Joel Krupa 3 years ago

    Excellent video, too. It's all fake, it's all staged. The whole thing is all bullshit.

  • Joel Krupa
    Joel Krupa 3 years ago

    I have PROOF of a Craigslist Ad on my Facebook account that the Trump Rally Protestors are being PAID!!! They're also probably being paid to engage in violent behavior.

  • SpaceExplorer31
    SpaceExplorer31 3 years ago

    Great video Thanks

  • Сергей Мак
    Сергей Мак 3 years ago

    пойдет найнер

  • A.D.D. News with Action Jackson!

    you suck!

  • Andy Bee
    Andy Bee 3 years ago

    happens on all social media platforms, in call them perps/agents didn't think they r bots lol iv asked a girl once if she was a robot cos of her responses, she never replied, bot or not?

    KWO KGB 3 years ago

    It was a goooood time ! Thank you guys to help me fix that flat ! I will never forget that time !

  • justliketolook
    justliketolook 3 years ago

    You have to let some air out of the tires .

  • JBodine67
    JBodine67 3 years ago

    Your videography is outstanding.

  • Maria Elige A
    Maria Elige A 3 years ago

    Chad your videos are blocked.

  • Maria Elige A
    Maria Elige A 3 years ago

    Excellent. This stands true. It is now 2016 and the People are still too fucking dumb to understand. ENTIRE reality we are presented with is a lie.

  • Joe Swanson
    Joe Swanson 3 years ago

    Sick wheelie, bro!

  • Jonathan Mita
    Jonathan Mita 3 years ago

    We can't get that setup in the UK

    • Ben Seaton
      Ben Seaton Year ago

      Jonathan Mita yes we can. Most reloding suppliers sell them.

  • Jacquie Walton
    Jacquie Walton 3 years ago

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  • Jacquie Walton
    Jacquie Walton 3 years ago

    Excellent Report Thank-you • Same Thing On Facebook AND RU-clip #Algorithm Watch • Delete Facebook TruthNeverTold • China With Over A BILLION Ppl India Over A BILLION Ppl • A 100 Million Are Monitoring In China A 100 Mikkii

  • #Peace, Love, Positive Vibrations

    Agree, Yes! ~ Thanks~

  • Surviving Life
    Surviving Life 3 years ago

    hey chad fancy a offline chat sometime seen a few shows were you are calling people out and thought it all sounded interesting so if you up for a chat let me know all the best Ron

    • Surviving Life
      Surviving Life 3 years ago

      @Chad Lilly no worries dude i run my own business and christmas rush is ridiculous so i will try drop u a call later tonight brother if not i will try again this week man looking forward to it all the best mate

    • Chad Lilly
      Chad Lilly 3 years ago

      @FoxCompanyPrepping I haven't used skype for years, but G+ hangouts are fine.

    • Surviving Life
      Surviving Life 3 years ago

      @Chad Lilly sweet as dude feel free to add my skype also foxcompanyprepping look forward to it chad ty for getting back to me mate

    • Chad Lilly
      Chad Lilly 3 years ago

      +FoxCompanyPrepping Sure.

  • Surviving Life
    Surviving Life 3 years ago

    Em RU-clip has blocked the video feed to this video - Get under the bed chad they're coming for u

  • joe pelham
    joe pelham 3 years ago

    did they black ur video out ?

    • Chad Lilly
      Chad Lilly 3 years ago

      +joe pelham Nope ... just not using any video on some of my videos. I don't want to give RU-clip any more than I have to.

  • Jacquie Walton
    Jacquie Walton 3 years ago

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  • D3AD ALI3N
    D3AD ALI3N 3 years ago

    This bald white boy has way too much time on his hands.....

  • The Church of Yoshi
    The Church of Yoshi 3 years ago

    yup it's bullshit! and it's bad for you!

  • ChuddleBuggy
    ChuddleBuggy 3 years ago

    Unless you were featuring an electric bike in a showroom filled with noisy people, what good reason could there be to drown the audio out with a song???

    • Chad Lilly
      Chad Lilly 3 years ago

      +ChuddleBuggy Because I felt like it.

  • Leaves Of the Tree Healing

    Thanks for this video. I've given up tv this summer, and don't miss it a bit. There was an interesting video on this, he received an email from someone in Germany, who was under the impression most people were not going to go to the game because Merkel was going to be there. The theory is the officials didn't want the public to know that practically nobody was going to show up to the game because people are mad at Merkel for letting all the migrants in.

  • Robert J. Morris
    Robert J. Morris 3 years ago

    right on brother

  • newfreedom21
    newfreedom21 3 years ago

    1, 2, _, 4. ....yep works every time, the human mind is made to complete the pattern, and solve the puzzle, the ego requires it. Solving the puzzle should not be the goal, but one should ask who and why is the puzzle is even being presented.

  • Tim Zambra
    Tim Zambra 3 years ago

    but they're all having so much fun playing at being compassionate, for a situation they have no direct subjective connection with, and having their repressed xenophobia channelled into hating the same muslims that last month as 'refugees' they were sucking the liberal tit in fake sympathy for. It's like, whatever's in. :DDDD And what really exposes it to me is...where was the facebook flag app for the Russian plane? It's like, no the Russians aren't 'in' this week.