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  • Carrie
    Carrie 22 hours ago

    They are not human they are reptilian shapeshifter and just ewwww

  • Lethu Mthiyane

    To think he was Charlie Buckett And he played a great Hally Good on ya

  • Urmila
    Urmila 2 days ago

    next Q....lol lol lol...

  • Robert Jones
    Robert Jones 5 days ago

    Stand up for yourself? You played the sexist card by claiming Lavar disrespected all women (when he only disrespected YOU), then you played the ultimate victim card by asking if he was threatening you (when he REPEATEDLY said he was AFRAID of you). The only thing you didn't do was call 911.

  • JonnyTainment
    JonnyTainment 7 days ago

    Is it just me or does Arcadian look like Junior from Problem Child?

  • Noah Jonas
    Noah Jonas 14 days ago

    Piers Morgan is a tool as usual. What can you expect from someone like Morgan? He is known for stunts like this. He wouldn't know talent if it hit him between the eyes.

  • Noah Jonas
    Noah Jonas 16 days ago

    Thanks, Arcadian. There's always an old fuddy-duddy in every crowd, listen to Sharn.

  • Donna White
    Donna White 21 day ago

    Noone says anything about the ending. Who is the man having a drink and looking at the news? Is it another hit man gone crazy and is looking for his next Allan?

  • Forever_ Evolving_
    Forever_ Evolving_ 23 days ago

    She really dissed this show though. In an interview w/Harper’s Bizarre, she said it was the most humiliating role she was offered. She felt like it was beneath her!

    KNLE ROBLOX Month ago


  • James7
    James7 Month ago

    I feel like he is: Jesse: Minecraft Story Mode as Main Character. Max: Secret Life Of Pets 2 as Main Character. Remy: Ratatouille as Main Character.

  • catherine Marks
    catherine Marks Month ago

    It was a great show.

  • Susan JustSusan
    Susan JustSusan Month ago

    Insufferable acting.

  • Mxcha
    Mxcha Month ago

    Im still here 2019 •~•

  • Olya Demchuk
    Olya Demchuk Month ago

    Very proud girl!! First Ukraine I know that famously. I wish I knew about your personality when I was younger

  • The Avic
    The Avic 2 months ago


  • Scott Davidson
    Scott Davidson 2 months ago

    ABSOLUTELY stunning

  • Annette Jenkins
    Annette Jenkins 2 months ago

    The Best Episode Ever! Two Brilliant Actors! I loved It! Matthew Lillard. If I could give an Oscar for TV, he deserves it! Best Ever! This guy is amazing and Sooo Underrated. To be able to act with Carol and Hold his " own". Better than alot of these high paid people out here- Male or Female!

  • yogita chowdhary
    yogita chowdhary 3 months ago

    I lov page

  • Music Man
    Music Man 3 months ago

    Andrew Garfield is an underrated actor. He’s up there with Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe.

  • Hi Everyone
    Hi Everyone 3 months ago

    Lisa left because the pay wasn't enough for her. Isn't there a stereotype about Jews being obsessed with money?

  • Hi Everyone
    Hi Everyone 3 months ago

    No, there is no step forward. She will ALWAYS be Lisa Cuddy from House. She left the show because the pay wasn't enough for her. Then they say that Jews are obsessed with money!

  • Capitan Futuro
    Capitan Futuro 3 months ago

    RIP David Cassidy.

  • Capitan Futuro
    Capitan Futuro 3 months ago

    RIP David Cassidy.

  • M. T.
    M. T. 3 months ago

    Thats sweet. I missed her too, i skipped whole 8th season reading only plots "when is she comming back" and since she never did i jumped to the last episode and the show ended.

  • pointless
    pointless 4 months ago

    her hair has come a long way

    • pointless
      pointless 4 months ago

      if Netflix cuts it I swear

  • Michael Sanders
    Michael Sanders 4 months ago

    Sam&Clark fury&coulson best bromance ever

  • Robert Yglesias
    Robert Yglesias 4 months ago

    When did the new Gong Show come on

  • Nicole Ardion
    Nicole Ardion 4 months ago

    Rip Bernie Mac ❤️😞

  • jack hayter
    jack hayter 4 months ago

    I always thought he looked like a Hispanic mark ruffallo

  • Edge tiling
    Edge tiling 4 months ago

    Haha I'm first coment. Steve is gold!!!

  • Frank Ben David
    Frank Ben David 5 months ago

    She’s not Russian or Ukrainian she’s Jewish

  • Harold Ross
    Harold Ross 5 months ago

    Tim should work with Sam again.

  • George Alexander
    George Alexander 5 months ago

    That’s cool.

  • mrbrockpeters
    mrbrockpeters 5 months ago

    Money ruins another relationship.

  • 808 Bassquait
    808 Bassquait 5 months ago

    Taco Bell Mexican with a blond half sister. Lol. Selena and Gomez were created by white people.

  • Tia
    Tia 5 months ago

    She looks like 20

  • toystorylover52
    toystorylover52 5 months ago

    Love this movie! Thanks Cold and Haley for doing this movie!

  • toystorylover52
    toystorylover52 5 months ago

    Love this movie! Thanks Cole and Haley for doing this movie!

    ToxicFUZZIIONZ-YT 5 months ago


  • Judith Lustig
    Judith Lustig 5 months ago

    Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, Zahara Jolie-Pitt, Pax Jolie-Pitt and Maddox Jolie-Pitt, The reason you probably are not seeing your father, Brad Pitt, much lately, if at all, is because your mother, Angelina Jolie, has him kidnapped with intent to murder him. He is being made to make appearances in public occasionally to hide his captivity. Please beg your mother not to go through with his murder and to release him as soon as possible! Tell her you will press charges if she does not. For the whole story with massive evidence to back up what I say, go to my Facebook page. Thank you!

  • Keoniiii
    Keoniiii 6 months ago

    Muchhhhhh better than endgame

  • Jerell Ordonio
    Jerell Ordonio 6 months ago

    People complain that the fries are stale and nasty but that’s what fresh cut fries taste like. No frozen, not pre cut somewhere else... FRESH. Americans are just so used to food that have been doused in chemicals and who else knows what, that we consider those harmful things delicious.

  • Ahmad Safshekanzad
    Ahmad Safshekanzad 6 months ago

    میلو آنتونی برادر سلام شماع حالت خوبه

  • Ябло Синие
    Ябло Синие 6 months ago

    I crush in her😍

  • mechell janes
    mechell janes 6 months ago

    I have bought this move about 4 or 5 times because i will loan it out to someone and never get it back.

  • u.n. owen
    u.n. owen 6 months ago

    Have loved her since CBS, she is utterly terrifying in this. Carol, congratulations, didn't know you had it in you! And then a singing Nazi hunter in Glee. OMG!!!

  • Wesley K.
    Wesley K. 6 months ago

    The “fate” of this movie is because it was in the hands of corrupt Hollywood. They don’t want anybody having thoughts like this about how dumbed down we’ve actually gotten. Mike Judge is primarily referring to the Liberals with the degeneration of America. Watch his interviews

    LISA CASSAR 6 months ago

    i feeel robbbbed by not seeing her there at his faux funeral

  • Roxana Alarcon
    Roxana Alarcon 7 months ago

    Beautiful words Zachary

  • SeelYouLater
    SeelYouLater 7 months ago

    Hello I just read this Zachary Levi is a great actor the movie will be amazing.

  • something not fishy
    something not fishy 7 months ago


  • Luna M
    Luna M 7 months ago

    My favorite Show❤️❤️❤️❤️ Miss you Mr Monk 😢😢😢😢

  • Betty Shepard
    Betty Shepard 7 months ago

    I love him also ❤️

  • ladybeast11
    ladybeast11 7 months ago

    Yes!!!!! Trueness.

  • Valeria Ruiz
    Valeria Ruiz 7 months ago

    Wooww quieroo veer😀❤

  • Gabriel Saba
    Gabriel Saba 7 months ago

    Your the best Nancy

  • Saree 981
    Saree 981 7 months ago

    Great question. Awakenings is one of my all time favorite DeNiro movies. Imagine years later you played his son! Incredible.

  • Evro2004
    Evro2004 7 months ago

    As soon as I saw him eating I was just waiting for him to plug Gunthers Guns

  • Nur Aini Sazali
    Nur Aini Sazali 8 months ago

    He’s been doing it for so many years no wonder he’s such a pro at interviews

  • Linda Del Rio
    Linda Del Rio 8 months ago

    Myself went learning collage school ... Good

  • Linda Del Rio
    Linda Del Rio 8 months ago

    Milo ventimiglia and he 😳😳😳💕💕💕💕 saw true in love fall myself saw don't think some one Milo ventimiglia as he true . Myself thinking relationship date dinner Milo ventimiglia . Wow !

  • A Koehler
    A Koehler 8 months ago

    Shes a moron

  • MeowMeowSweet
    MeowMeowSweet 8 months ago

    Goodbye Disney and marvel, infinity war is the best ending, Thanos save us from BL

  • Nico 1
    Nico 1 8 months ago

    LOL captain Marvel a success, she's a disaster for disney and marvel

  • Linda Del Rio
    Linda Del Rio 8 months ago

    I know ... Myself true story grow up saw at ghost . I talking at Milo ventimiglia later ok ..

  • Linda Del Rio
    Linda Del Rio 8 months ago

    I don't tell yourself don't know ! Myself grow up saw at ghost . My true story ..

  • Insomniac
    Insomniac 8 months ago

    Love Susan & Duff Mckagan. Rock royalty! Susan has nothing to worry about, you can tell she means the world to Duff, he adores her.

  • mercedes mitchell
    mercedes mitchell 9 months ago

    I loved this and I don’t know why this didn’t have more seasons it’s the most underrated series ever I’m disappointing it didn’t get continued

  • Joesay Canseco
    Joesay Canseco 9 months ago

    The only thing standing up is my dick when I see her

  • Iliana Guadalupe Villegas

    The best DA L&O SVU has had. Also Harry Connick Jr.

  • allyouneedtoknow anonymous

    mr monk jus like me! yes!

  • Patrycja Zawadowska
    Patrycja Zawadowska 9 months ago


  • Dan Wruck
    Dan Wruck 10 months ago

    Kristen Chenoweth is everything!

  • Roxanne Moser
    Roxanne Moser 10 months ago

    Duff's wife is beautiful. Josie Stevens face is just weird. She's ugly. Susan is classy, Josie looks like a $2 hooker.

  • Rami Malek Fan123
    Rami Malek Fan123 10 months ago

    Rami is so cute

  • myfavs
    myfavs 10 months ago


  • Robert Turner
    Robert Turner 10 months ago

    She did a great job but movie was so bad even Amy could not save it. Save your money.

  • Steven Thilo
    Steven Thilo 11 months ago

    Bill Hader and Anna Faris Did great voice acting for Flint and Sam.

  • Clyde Young
    Clyde Young 11 months ago

    my right ear loved this

  • Bryant The Lemur
    Bryant The Lemur 11 months ago

    I’m super proud to live in California

  • Charlotte Skiftun
    Charlotte Skiftun 11 months ago

    18 months before mr. Cassidy passed I kept hearing his name....never interested in his music I was intrigued as to why?!...so our lil Torah group prayed for this man...then o did some research.....I do not believe he had dementia as he ate lobster in hotels where he stayed to do music.....bottom feeder sea food....non kosher....are full of toxins that cause poisoning on the brain and nervous system as well as liver.....he may well have struggled in his body for years aside from any alcohol....may he now rest in peace where his mom is

    • Susan B
      Susan B 9 months ago

      I was listening to his Partridge Family songs for months before he died not knowing he was sick. It was probably from too much alcohol. Maybe that autopsy TV show about celebrities will be about him soon.

  • Eternaldarkness3166
    Eternaldarkness3166 11 months ago

    I actually never knew he was The Narrator for The Wonder Years. It's hard to believe that seeing him as Marv and then listening to him you'd never think it was the same person. That's how amazing he is. I'd say he was the heart and soul of the Wonder Years.

  • Ken Powers
    Ken Powers 11 months ago

    She is too hot for words.

  • Dean Spring
    Dean Spring 11 months ago

    Lol this woman wants big baller brand in hear mouth!!

  • Decimator Omega
    Decimator Omega Year ago

    Makes sense, considering eating an IN-N-OUT burger is like eating a Krabby Patty from Spongebob

  • 1f5sda1991
    1f5sda1991 Year ago

    :-( RIP!

  • Daniel Harrington

    isn't he nice

  • Kris Ray
    Kris Ray Year ago

    What a beautiful lady... love her.

  • Annie Elizabeth
    Annie Elizabeth Year ago

    Huddy for life

  • ned756
    ned756 Year ago

    he was not the first

  • Julian Smith
    Julian Smith Year ago

    I love watching quantum Leap in reruns on the El Ray Network

  • Eliza Wagner
    Eliza Wagner Year ago

    Rip my Dear David Cassidy 👼ty 4 being you& being my 1st tv crush in the 1970s,I will love u 4eva& miss u eternally👼Until we meet again in the other world.... Keep Singing in heaven & I will listen 2 u 👼💔

  • Tombo Vitale
    Tombo Vitale Year ago

    Even though it is harder today. Joey Lawrence still made a big hit from 7 yr. Old Gimme a Break to Melissa n Joey. He's awesome my favorite actor of all times.your the best Joey I love to meet you one day if it happens.

  • Mr1987Joe
    Mr1987Joe Year ago

    BUDGET: $40-55 million BOX OFFICE: $43.1 million So, at worst, you failed; at best, you barely broke even. "Why's it strange that girl power fuels 'Annihilation?'" You're asking the wrong question. What you should be asking is "What brand of logic lead me to believe that anyone would want to watch a mediocre science-fiction film full of clam-power, closet lesbians, in the first place?" Good science-fiction is about fictional possibilities. This movie was about fictional impracticalities; just more contrived, propagandist claptrap from the lunatics of the PC-SJW bracket. EDIT: We see guys "go on missions" together all the time because we are physically, mentally, and morally equipped/designed to handle the stressful, dangerous situations presented to us as a species. Biologically, whether by design or accident, we are made for that shit. Whether or not it is "radical" to portray females doing it is irrelevant. This movie was marketed as a science-fiction film (see above), but the all-female tripe takes it into the completely different genre of fantasy, and even fantasy is pretty damn unappealing if your suspension of disbelief has to stretch beyond its limit.

  • Somebody2134
    Somebody2134 Year ago

    I never had in and out

  • Clark Drew
    Clark Drew Year ago

    I like Anthony Edwards. Always have always will

  • sled gang
    sled gang Year ago

    sadly nobody knew where donald glover really came from when he did this is america

  • Luke Anderson
    Luke Anderson Year ago

    In-N-Out is amazing. The only burgers that I've had that are better belong to Nation's. Another West Coast based joint.

  • Luke Anderson
    Luke Anderson Year ago

    In-N-Out is amazing. The only burgers that I've had that are better belong to Nation's. Another joint exclusive to the West Coast.