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Pitch- sheep 2. 7-9-17
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Pitch- sheep 7-9-17
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Mozz May 11, 2016
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Pitch 6-8-16
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Ritz figuring it out
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Ritz retrieve oct 6 2016
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Mozz- sheep July 2 2017
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Rue- sheep July 2 2017
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M dog agility
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Freddie the foster dog
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3-31-17 hike b
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3-31-17 hike a
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Dog swim Dec 26 2016
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Dog Pool fun Dec 26 2016
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WBCR foster dog Charlie
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Dogs playing 5-19-16
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Jett- April 1 2016
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Jen & Cap. April 1, 2016
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Reve & Vie play
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Pitch- April 1, 2016- pm
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Mozz April 1 2016 am
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Vie 1 week off meds
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Mozz & Puzzle toy
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Molly indoor play
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Vie & puzzle toy
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Molly & a puzzle toy
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Good Friday Fun
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Interactive food toys
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Vie- happy to be home!
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  • watchmoivies123
    watchmoivies123 2 years ago

    Is one almost blind? Or have nerological damage?

  • LoversLane Hawj
    LoversLane Hawj 3 years ago

    What's behind the test of having puppy walk over metal palate, plastic or texture layout? I noticed puppy would rather walk around them until treats were giving to encourage puppy to walk across them. I find it interesting too when my dog refused to walk over a different color concert on side walk during walk.

  • Jen Fitzwater
    Jen Fitzwater 3 years ago

    What a great foster mom you are, kudos!

    • BrennanReve
      BrennanReve 3 years ago

      +Jen Fitzwater - Thanks. It's fun being out watching the dogs so happy running about.

  • Agario Versus
    Agario Versus 3 years ago

    Nice video! I like it

  • watchmoivies123
    watchmoivies123 3 years ago

    Is Molly in need of a new home? She seems soft and very sweet!!

    • BrennanReve
      BrennanReve 3 years ago

      +watchmoivies123 Molly is a foster dog with Border Collie Rescue of Minnesota. She is a fun dog and yes she's sweet. For more info on adopting with BCRofMN please visit their website. If you'd like to discuss Molly please give me an email address or if you're uncomfortable posting your email address on youtube feel free to contact BCRofMN and ask them to forward your email to me (let them know you saw her video and started conversing here). In 10 days Molly will be 2 yr old. She's from ABCA registered parents, but the litter was never registered. We do know the mom's pedigree. Molly has been on sheep (I have a video of one of her sessions posted and BCRofMN has video of another). Molly is learning to re-focus and think/listen when she hyper-fixates on things. She loves hiking and likes food as a reinforcement. When not distracted by a dog to fixate on/stalk she also responds well to praise and tone of voice. She shows some interest in toys, but doesn't play much with them and has yet to tug or fetch much with me. She did well in a Basic Manners class setting, but sometimes would get nervous. Molly has learned to relax when in the house and to be quiet in a crate while other dogs are in class. We are still working on some things, but she truly is a lovely girl.

  • dustnell
    dustnell 3 years ago

    That's for sharing it's helpful for someone just starting out to see!

  • watchmoivies123
    watchmoivies123 4 years ago

    Saw Rue What one is Surt?

  • watchmoivies123
    watchmoivies123 4 years ago

    OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you are keeping that big white spotted male. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katarina Coates
    Katarina Coates 5 years ago

    Are you able to bullet point what's going on here? I have no idea what the test items are, like is one to follow the tester for human amiability or something? I'm just curious to understand what's going on in the video!

    • BrennanReve
      BrennanReve 5 years ago

      @Katarina Coates hi.It's the CARAT test was is from a litter of pups MWBCR had 4.5 yr ago. I was the foster home for the mom and then the pups once whelped. I ended up keeping Reve.