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National Association of Landscape Professionals
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We Care for America
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We Care for America
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Renewal & Remembrance 2019
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Landscapes 2019
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NALP Field Trip 2019
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Renewal & Remembrance 2019
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Leadership Academy 2019
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WFD Event Wrap up
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Why Join NALP?
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NALP 2017 Highlights
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Renewal & Remembrance 2017
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Leaders Forum 2018
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Meet a Lawn Care Technician
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Meet an Arborist
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Meet an Industry Supplier
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Meet a Project Manager
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Meet an Account Manager
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Meet a Landscape Estimator
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Meet a Business Owner
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NALP Sales Boot Camp
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NALP Sales Boot Camp
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NALP 2016 Year in Review
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NALP Update July 6 2016
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H-2B Save Small Business
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20th Renewal & Remembrance
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  • Preeti Dudi
    Preeti Dudi Month ago

    i want a slideshare on interiorscaping for my college work

  • pastel sweetie
    pastel sweetie 2 months ago

    I want to be an arborist now it looks so interesting an inTREEging 😂 heh...🌲🌳

  • K-Rain Irrigation Products

    great video, keep up the great work

  • Profscape Ivan
    Profscape Ivan 3 months ago

    Good advice

  • Wallace Villers
    Wallace Villers 3 months ago

    Where can I go to school to do what you do

  • Policy TakeOver
    Policy TakeOver 5 months ago

    Hope you have a great Legislative Day! We provide services for Legislative Days including our Policy Booster app which is for smaller advocacy groups, you can learn more on our website at

  • alex war
    alex war 7 months ago

    Nice team How many total?

  • Ahmad Zeb
    Ahmad Zeb 8 months ago

    hello sir, i have done my bachelor in horticulture. i want to do master in landscape architecture but will it change my field of study or not and the other question is whether will difficult to study for me or not?

    • Samira D
      Samira D 2 months ago

      Well you can have a master in landscape architecture with your bachelor depending on which program you get into , not sure that it will change your field of study having a master in LA can definitely help with a license in horticulture they are all related. And if you are passionate about it it will be worth it you already have a knowledge of plants which is a plus

    • NatureBoy Sumanth
      NatureBoy Sumanth 4 months ago

      Same my question

  • Andre Lee
    Andre Lee 8 months ago

    Why the black man always be a volunteer and smile

  • Kevin Noyes
    Kevin Noyes 9 months ago

    This is not a business development manager. What he is doing is sales. There is a big difference.

  • Curb Appeal Lawn Care LLC

    I dont feel other industries are taking our good workers. I think our industry is failing these workers and we need to reach out to them and see what we can be doing for them. Theres no I in team. And a great worker and happy worker is going to help your company grow i feel. Lets not blame other industries but work at making ours better.

  • Curb Appeal Lawn Care LLC

    Go get em Nalp.. Im not a big political person. I dont discriminate, I feel there are some good people being put through the ringer. Im all for letting someone have the american dream. Good workers are hard to find for our industry. There needs to be change and that change needs to be done the proper way. case by case.

  • Holly Van Hart
    Holly Van Hart 10 months ago

    😻 Appreciate your sharing! 🙌 💖 ✌

  • Carson Jensen
    Carson Jensen 10 months ago

    There is certainly something fulfilling in turning brown dirt to a green lush landscape!

  • ItsSeñoritaLiz
    ItsSeñoritaLiz 11 months ago

    What college did he attend ??

  • Servando Resendiz

    It's a good career, many opportunities ahead..

  • RepublicAllegiance

    Well done

  • 68gto400
    68gto400 Year ago

    Ruppert... A really great company

  • Rachedi Abdelwahab

    I am landscaper and I wish to work with this great team ...!! Wonderful

  • Chris Miranda
    Chris Miranda Year ago

    Is their anywhere around new york city where I can get Landscape certified?

    SOLO DIGIS Year ago

    I want the contact of you madm

  • Servando Resendiz

    Very good educational video

  • Servando Resendiz

    Very good video

  • Rishab Mehta
    Rishab Mehta Year ago

    I applied for this job

  • Dhiraj Malhotra
    Dhiraj Malhotra Year ago

    Hi Pete! This was really helpful for me to understand, what exactly a business development team do. Wish you a good luck with your life. 😊

  • Jvicente 831
    Jvicente 831 Year ago

    How do i sign up !

  • Michael Dougfir
    Michael Dougfir Year ago

    Thank you. I have been an arborist a long time, but I appreciate the horticultural angle as well. Nice video.

  • Jo Anne Kani-Miller
    Jo Anne Kani-Miller 2 years ago

    Awesome video!

  • Hector Alvarado
    Hector Alvarado 2 years ago

    This boring

  • David Aguiar Jr
    David Aguiar Jr 2 years ago

    the fuck kinda cut is that @ 2:08

  • المكافح
    المكافح 2 years ago

    Very impressive man ,go ahead ,god bless you .

  • Deborah Neese
    Deborah Neese 2 years ago

    Congratulations Mark! That's great!

  • Karina Zedalis
    Karina Zedalis 2 years ago

    While I don't doubt the heartfelt words of professions giving back to their communities, it DOES NOT equate to sustainability and environmental health. Only AVOIDING SYNTHETIC CHEMICALS in landscape can equate to revitalizing the soil & watershed. Period. ~Karina / Ecoscape Environmental Design

  • K-Rain Irrigation Products


  • The encounter
    The encounter 2 years ago

    we used horses and cow ,some times donkeys horse power.. but the world has changed since then 😂

  • National Association of Landscape Professionals

    Thank you to all who made the 19th annual Renewal & Remembrance volunteer landscape event a success! #nalprenewal

  • Mike Stavropoulos
    Mike Stavropoulos 4 years ago

    Awesome !!!!!

  • National Association of Landscape Professionals

    #TBT - an inside look at our annual Renewal & Remembrance event at Arlington National Cemetery. Looking forward to this years - July 20!

  • Pat Marion
    Pat Marion 6 years ago

    Nice Work Roger!! Really enjoyed watching that - Thanks for sharing :)

  • Cathie Lavis
    Cathie Lavis 6 years ago

    Hosting PLANET was an amazing opportunity and an honor.

  • Milanne Carpenter
    Milanne Carpenter 6 years ago

    That's my husband! :)

  • National Association of Landscape Professionals

    Stop by and see the sample Training Video for Aeration! Now included in the TECH MANUAL purchase. Visit the PLANET Bookstore - GIC 2012 EXPO Booth 3134 - and Satellite Location. The PLANET Bookstore has all of our latest publications - ON SALE NOW!

  • realsupaFLAVOR
    realsupaFLAVOR 7 years ago

    hey r u getting this???

  • RAP511
    RAP511 9 years ago

    Good times.