Triathlon Taren
Triathlon Taren
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  • Rick Jones
    Rick Jones 15 minutes ago

    She did a very good job doing the interviews.

  • roydos
    roydos Hour ago

    Great interviews by NTK, you may end up being the editor Taren!

  • TheSnifmister
    TheSnifmister 2 hours ago

    Good questions ntk.

  • ginger watkins
    ginger watkins 3 hours ago

    I’ve always liked that she ask what intriguing minds want to know! Love it.

  • heyward boyce
    heyward boyce 3 hours ago

    1) BPM went from 130 to 118 2) Power went from 174 to 182 WOW!

  • T W
    T W 3 hours ago

    G.R.E.A.T. stuff ;)

  • Michael Lord
    Michael Lord 4 hours ago

    I echo all the comments for NTK being in front of the camera. "Latter Trainiacs" is our teams sign off but let NTK choose her own hand signal.

  • Matthias Hartmann
    Matthias Hartmann 5 hours ago

    NTK is really a win for the channel. Good decision!!!

  • Mayska1988
    Mayska1988 5 hours ago

    Does anybody know the name of the song playing in the background while Taren is on Victory Lane? Thx in advance. Btw - great job by NTK.

    • Mayska1988
      Mayska1988 4 hours ago

      @Michael Lord Awesome! Thanks!

    • Michael Lord
      Michael Lord 4 hours ago

      Take it on the Run by REO Speedwagon.

  • Evan MacDougall
    Evan MacDougall 5 hours ago

    NTK is a way better interviewer than Taren. This may become the NTK show!

  • Mark McFadden
    Mark McFadden 5 hours ago

    How tall are you Taren?

  • Jaclyn T
    Jaclyn T 6 hours ago

    NTK has the best voice!!! She’s a natural

  • Cullj26
    Cullj26 6 hours ago

    Yes NTK! Nice to have a pretty face in there! 😜😜

  • 2000triathlete
    2000triathlete 7 hours ago

    Great video guys. I’ll be there this weekend. Maybe run into y’all.

  • Daniel Powers
    Daniel Powers 8 hours ago

    Best in the biz, NTK! Power duo

  • Thomas Brosnan
    Thomas Brosnan 8 hours ago

    Great addition.. ⭐️

  • J. Michael Tynan
    J. Michael Tynan 8 hours ago

    Yeah, NTK!

  • Hehe Hehe
    Hehe Hehe 9 hours ago

    Will Lionel Shit his pants this weekend? One Like=Yes. One Comment=No.

  • Tamas Zahorszky
    Tamas Zahorszky 10 hours ago


  • genevafrench
    genevafrench 10 hours ago

    Good addition with NTK - ilove her personality - keep up!

  • Mick Buston
    Mick Buston 10 hours ago

    NTK a great addition - gives the channel more depth having both of you.

  • John McDowall
    John McDowall 11 hours ago

    Thanks! This is really motivational. I'm several years on a plateau, and I realise now that I do 90% of my workouts in zone 3. I can't wait to get started with this and reset!

  • Łukasz Kłusek
    Łukasz Kłusek 11 hours ago

    more NTK! Move those legs tomorrow Taren! ;)

  • bonn1771
    bonn1771 11 hours ago

    nice! and glad you get to interview Reid!

  • Renan
    Renan 12 hours ago

    Loved this episode! Thanks a lot for you both! Come to 70.3 Cascais in September! ;)

  • JohanJWEriksson
    JohanJWEriksson 12 hours ago

    a blast!!!

  • cmart
    cmart 13 hours ago

    Kim is good at this, all the best!

  • J C
    J C 13 hours ago

    Seems like she is very rapid fire with her questions! which makes sense for the career she has done for 20 years. I assume it to be sports broadcasting? In that platform you only get a few seconds to interview while the camera is on you, this is a completely different platform! Nice job though! I would have felt a little awkward like Taylor Reid did.

  • Tom Hesemann
    Tom Hesemann 13 hours ago

    NTK was awesome. A real pro.

  • Alistair Glen
    Alistair Glen 13 hours ago

    "All the way with NTK"...have I heard that before somewhere?

  • Johnny B
    Johnny B 14 hours ago

    Hmmmmm. I got nothing. But love NTK. She was nice to me. ✌️🇨🇦✌️

  • Raymond
    Raymond 15 hours ago

    Hi Team, anyone what swim goggles does Reece wear??? Thanks

  • trbeyond
    trbeyond 15 hours ago

    NTK 👍

  • Liam Woodward
    Liam Woodward 15 hours ago

    NTK 👍

  • Justin Hamm
    Justin Hamm 16 hours ago

    I love it!!! Nice addition

  • JKap
    JKap 16 hours ago

    Nice work NTK!

  • PlanesTrainsAutos
    PlanesTrainsAutos 17 hours ago

    NTK killed it, as always! That 1 and only thumbs down was the light guy at the end lol

  • Jim Sumara
    Jim Sumara 17 hours ago

    Great Job NTK . Driving down to the race early tomorrow morning from Jacksonville. Maybe I’ll see you guys.

  • Robert Reagles
    Robert Reagles 17 hours ago

    Wow, NTK's interview with athletes is so much better than Taren. This is the right mix. NTK deals with the interpersonal part and Taren with the training. Great vid!

  • joe elliott
    joe elliott 17 hours ago

    Great job! Have NTK DO POST RACE REPORT. Blessings to you both on your travels.

  • Rob Powell
    Rob Powell 17 hours ago

    Good job NTK! Hope you have a fast race.

  • Ray Diaz
    Ray Diaz 17 hours ago

    NTK, great job! I think the two of you are great and make the vids a lot of fun to watch.

    JOSE DIEZ 17 hours ago

    Great Job NTK. Love the change. No offense Taren! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  • Calem Bates
    Calem Bates 17 hours ago

    she is the best awesome to have her.

  • Susan Wiggins
    Susan Wiggins 17 hours ago

    Great job NTK! Good luck Taren.

  • Kevin Harrub
    Kevin Harrub 17 hours ago

    Great job NTK! You guys look like you’ll make a great team! Good energy and chemistry. Smart move Taren!

  • JPMcDonald
    JPMcDonald 18 hours ago

    NTK is a great add on!

  • stephen bennett
    stephen bennett 18 hours ago

    Good luck taren, well done NTK!

  • wangshuishui2121
    wangshuishui2121 18 hours ago

    She's definitely the better half in yr whole!!😄😄😉

  • Julian Araiza
    Julian Araiza 18 hours ago

    Wonder if Nascar driver Jimmie Johnson will be there. He is a triathlete

  • Julian Araiza
    Julian Araiza 18 hours ago

    Taren, I may just drive up there from Cape Coral for a couple of reasons. My daughter goes to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University right next to the Speedway and get a chance to se her. Then go and check out the triathlon and meet you and more trainiacs. My knee is better after my car accident but not 100%. Next year I'll be there to do my first 70.3.

  • Lisa Avery
    Lisa Avery 18 hours ago

    Nice job NTK!! You’re gonna kill it TT #andprobthrowup

  • Rod Coggin
    Rod Coggin 19 hours ago

    Good job NTK!

  • Donald Freeman
    Donald Freeman 19 hours ago

    I was going to do that race but I’m stuck working

  • Eric Glenn
    Eric Glenn 19 hours ago

    Love NTK.

  • Tim Nelson
    Tim Nelson 19 hours ago

    This looks like such a fun race

  • Robert Nastasi
    Robert Nastasi 19 hours ago

    Hope to see you there!

  • RobandDana Duxbury
    RobandDana Duxbury 19 hours ago

    She should get a raise!

  • c Fisher
    c Fisher 19 hours ago

    Acted like she had been doing it for 20 yrs!!!!!

  • Ross Lloyd
    Ross Lloyd 19 hours ago

    NTK FTW!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Benjamin Briu
    Benjamin Briu 19 hours ago

    Hi!! NTK!!!

  • Frederik Honore
    Frederik Honore 21 hour ago

    my PR 10 km is 38:05

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali 21 hour ago

    The videos you have shown dont show the athletes heel striking, also heel striking is bad for you if you run at any reasonable speed, if all you do are easy runs at 1kmh then go ahead heel strike all day long. Foot foot stinking is the way to go, you cant argue with bio mechanics and studies you have sited cannot be used to reinforce the conclusion you are trying to derive, correlation dosent entail causation.

  • Gary Lindsey
    Gary Lindsey 22 hours ago

    Ummm....7:40 - "black poop" to a healthcare provider would mean maybe we need a stool check for occult blood. So if you literally meant it was black, if it's still black then I'd talk with your provider. If it's "coffee grounds" appearance and "black" then no maybe, go talk to them. Thanks for the video and info. Helpful.

  • Vito Rotondi
    Vito Rotondi Day ago

    Hi Taren: Im curious why you need to fast. For me, I feel that between my running, cycling and swimming, Unless I eat 2000 cal, I will loose too much weight. When I was trying to loose weight, I just simply used the fitness pal app that tracks your exercise and your food intake calories. If you stay under 2,000 cal and exercise you should be fine.

  • neville vassallo

    That's my problem taken too much air in 🙁

  • Jesse Loper
    Jesse Loper Day ago

    I just purchased an NS1 today and plan to swap the ultegra Di2 for Red Etap AXS as you did here. Red etap is much better for traveling and I prefer the shifting and battery system. I assumer you're still loving it a month and a half later. Excellent video.

  • Help The Homeless!

    💕✔️WOW! WHERE were you when I was a kid just trying to learn to swim!?😭

  • Robert Cuadro
    Robert Cuadro Day ago

    Hey brother... the Kickr transmits speed, cadence, and power... and now it can connect to multiple Bluetooth devices

  • Ron Gierut
    Ron Gierut Day ago

    This is the last video I'll watch from this dude. I hate click bait.

  • S Andreev
    S Andreev 2 days ago

    The moustache is -20W for sure :D

  • Ali Khalaf
    Ali Khalaf 2 days ago

    Inside out shirt lol

  • Martin R.
    Martin R. 2 days ago

    No kidding!🏊‍♀️🚵‍♂️🏃‍♂️🍺🤣

  • George Patterson
    George Patterson 2 days ago

    Yeah nah.

  • Amit Salomon
    Amit Salomon 2 days ago

    AND, thank you

  • David Saxe
    David Saxe 2 days ago

    Thank you! my wahoo chest HRM will be delivered tomorrow. I have started low heart rate training for my runs. I just can’t rely on my garmin wrist HRM as I felt and you just proved it’s often not accurate.

  • Mia Breazeale
    Mia Breazeale 3 days ago

    How would biking upwards of 200 km/week that's not training affect my training? It sounds like a lot, but living in The Netherlands, it's very easy to do. Do I need to watch out for overtraining? Or on the other hand, as a busy person, could I count bike commuting as part of my training?

  • nrtolv
    nrtolv 3 days ago

    As many more here have said, this is not fasting, this is severe calorie restriction. And i don't like your clickbait title. If you wanna fast, do a real fast. But don't say you do something you don't do. And if you did a 5 day water fast, you would most likely feel more energy after day 2-3. Take it from someone who've done 3-7 days water fasting several times without trouble or "pain" as you ended your video with.

  • Virtigo Count
    Virtigo Count 3 days ago

    Wow finally. This thing keeps popping up on my channel and I have never found an honest review.

  • Pretty Pepper
    Pretty Pepper 3 days ago

    More dog air time!!!

  • sean andrews
    sean andrews 3 days ago

    Did you get hungry?

  • Simon P.
    Simon P. 3 days ago

    Cmon Taren it's still 1000 dollars. Those smart trainers are way overpriced. Like powermeters, tri bikes, lightweight weels, ... well most triathlon tools.

  • Stefan
    Stefan 3 days ago

    i agree getting breathing right is the hardest part for me. its not only a factor of how much i breathe in and breathe out, but getting the timing and the amount right so that it matches your stroke speed. the thing is, when i swim breast stroke, i never had any troubles getting my breathign right, i just breathe out when im under water and as soon is i get a feeling of the need to breath i just put my head out of the water and get air. when swimming freestyle though, i can ONLY breathe, when my stroke timing will make it possible to get out of the water, that means there is a chance that i feel the need to breathe but i am still 1 stroke away of getting a chance to get my head out of the water to get some fresh air. thats what im struggling with right now. when i swim really fast, like around 1min/100m pace, my breathe timing is ON POINT when using a 3-stroke rythm, BUT i cant swim for longer than that exact 100m - im exhausted afterwards. when i swim reeeealy slow, like 2-2:30/100m i am using the 2 stroke method, breathe out super slow, having a super slow stroke and using tiny amount of energy, i can swim for about 1km - but in between those effort levels, i cant find the sweet spot - wether i use 2 or 3 stroke there is always that moment after 200-300m where i feel like i got a lack of oxygen in my body, because i maybe used up too much energy or didnt breathe frequently enough. i just dont know how to fix that :-(

  • Zach E
    Zach E 3 days ago

    Fasting does not mean eating nothing, it means limiting food intake (can be limiting to none). An example would be Protein Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF) diet.

  • Sean Ye
    Sean Ye 3 days ago

    Tell me about float pants. Sound cool

  • Zsuzsanna Marjai
    Zsuzsanna Marjai 3 days ago

    Ordered! I can’t wait to get it! Thank you! :)

  • Lawrence Keech
    Lawrence Keech 3 days ago

    Totally understand 1 the difficulty of habit eating, ive struggled with it for decades, 2 giving up pork is hard, but I was able to finally do it. Myself and number of athletes are cutting back or out meats. To avoid the judgemental people we created our own Facebook group No Meat Athletes with recipes and ideas on how to restructure our eating and still make good tasting foods. To often people forget nutrition and how harmful it can be if left unchecked. It’s worse than compulsive spending.

  • david woolfe
    david woolfe 3 days ago


  • spartalives
    spartalives 3 days ago

    I ain’t never pushed a 1.5 ton log in water before.....

  • Jonathan Beckham
    Jonathan Beckham 3 days ago

    This was a nothing waste of time. Why do a big restriction like this? It's nonsense. What did was a grey zone eating thing.

  • Daniel Byrne
    Daniel Byrne 3 days ago

    Nice to briefly meet you at Atlantic City 70.3. I didn't start this weight training routine until the last 4 weeks of my weights season last year. Just started up gently with my weights for the 2020 season. Do you still believe this is the best routine for a triathlete? Do you now incorporate anything for the stronger swimming?

  • Jonathan Beckham
    Jonathan Beckham 3 days ago

    I am now going to go on a five day swim by walking across the Sahara. Dude, come on. What are you doing?

  • Emmett McGovern Jr.

    Thumbs down bc of the garbage music

  • Trevor Kelly
    Trevor Kelly 3 days ago

    Where are the pics?

  • Trevor Kelly
    Trevor Kelly 3 days ago

    Not a fast. More like intermittent eating

  • Bryan Benton
    Bryan Benton 4 days ago

    Is the meal plan documented anywhere?

  • Michal Wozniak
    Michal Wozniak 4 days ago

    Headwind may be less exciting than Climb but it makes much more difference for training comfort and quality in my opinion. I would choose Headwind over Climb any time.

  • Cam TheDelle
    Cam TheDelle 4 days ago

    Great video. I think you should mention all the issues that wahoo has had with reliability over the last 2 years. I had a kickr core that lasted 3 weeks. Switched to an h2 with 0 issues and then just purchased a Saris H3 for $600 new on black friday. For $600 plus cassette it is a no brainers!!!

    • Cam TheDelle
      Cam TheDelle 19 hours ago

      @robert king clever training with their vip discount from dcrainmaker.

    • robert king
      robert king 21 hour ago

      Out of curiosity where did you find it for $600 on black Friday?

  • Tri Athlon
    Tri Athlon 4 days ago

    I hope thats the dog pooh bag and not yours that wifey is carrying Tasser.

  • rodrigorp08
    rodrigorp08 4 days ago

    Hi Taren, the two workouts follows the MAF / HR rule (80/20)?