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  • Inyaaan
    Inyaaan 34 seconds ago

    This should be a Rubik-Todoroki Thumbnail. Fire and Ice baby!

  • Никита 123
    Никита 123 7 minutes ago

    Бля пидораси верните монтажера

  • Vadimir Po
    Vadimir Po 10 minutes ago

    Gaben: how many luck you need? Ogri: yes

  • Anthony Irag
    Anthony Irag 13 minutes ago

    7:38 This is what you do when you are bored in defending haha

  • Anthony Irag
    Anthony Irag 16 minutes ago

    3:27 Dejavu, I have the same experience against a pudge !

  • Anthony Irag
    Anthony Irag 19 minutes ago

    5:23 wr slow fast hero but slow reaction? haha nice video as always :D

  • Esban Carrion
    Esban Carrion 25 minutes ago

    en el min 3:29 sale el monito de un canal peruano, hasta en eso somos famosos, jajajaja...

  • PsychoAztecs
    PsychoAztecs 25 minutes ago

    Now thats a proper rampage by Rubick.

  • Kleinward Broca
    Kleinward Broca 27 minutes ago

    Damn Rubick used Ice and Fire

  • Fur Elise
    Fur Elise 34 minutes ago

    So many ads. 😱

  • Angel Gutierrez Almeyda
    Angel Gutierrez Almeyda 35 minutes ago

    Extraño cuando dota wtf también sabía español :<

  • Артем Ухов
    Артем Ухов 40 minutes ago

    Не ужели я вновь вижу русские комментарии

  • Janifah Cadar
    Janifah Cadar 40 minutes ago

    Literally no one ! Nobody: Me : They throw me to fountain😭

  • EpicName
    EpicName 43 minutes ago

    Skip to 9:11 to avoid the dubstep bullshit

  • fabrizzio vegas
    fabrizzio vegas 44 minutes ago

    3:30 TV Perú xD

  • Ed Talanian
    Ed Talanian 47 minutes ago

    I've watched every single episode of Dota 2 WTF, and this has been the best one yet. Had me laughing the entire time!

  • RoadTo 100SubsWithoutVideo

    8:30 Midoriya : u wanna be top 1 hero ? Use ur full Quirk . Todoroki : okeyy . .

  • 肖爽
    肖爽 49 minutes ago

    What's the bgm of the ad of the very beginning?

  • Vsevolod Solovev
    Vsevolod Solovev 50 minutes ago

    You should do separate pudge wtf episodes

  • muhammad ryan giggs simamora

    icefrog: how many arrows you get hit to enemy? mirana: 1......2......3

  • Owl Route
    Owl Route 51 minute ago


  • King Arthur
    King Arthur 52 minutes ago

    this video was uploaded 2 months ago, but I just realized now that this video thumbnail has an invoker with a rinnegan on his eyes

  • Алишер Адылов

    Ogre playing Farmville

  • Yapri Yansin
    Yapri Yansin 53 minutes ago

    Nissan Supra 2jz gtDETT.. LOL.. Are you gonna drift that thing??

  • Daniel Drew
    Daniel Drew 55 minutes ago

    Damn that arrows whahahahahahahha

  • Dhahi Ma
    Dhahi Ma 55 minutes ago

    a song of ice and fire

  • chingis nyamdorj
    chingis nyamdorj 58 minutes ago

    Last one is the best

  • Armando Hector
    Armando Hector Hour ago

    mirana arrow was good

  • Arretey
    Arretey Hour ago

    for anyone looking for it, the song used in the outro is Origin by TheFatRat

  • Tono bros Z
    Tono bros Z Hour ago

    damnnnn that thumbnail

  • IllIIl
    IllIIl Hour ago

    but why rubick save full hp tree instead of other dying allies

  • Danielle Sanchez

    5:51 It was at this moment ... They fucked up

  • Hebert Baltazar
    Hebert Baltazar Hour ago

    El rubick salva al árbol para k los demás no le roben su rampage XD

  • Nick BESP
    Nick BESP Hour ago

    Why Ending so cool?

  • Алексей Сергеев

    general Kenobi

  • Nauman Ashraf
    Nauman Ashraf Hour ago

    Mirana 3x stun should have been in power of friendship.

  • АLeNA Kosyakova

    момент с Огром красиво сделан :3 Удача улыбнулась парнишке)

  • Vinci The Great
    Vinci The Great Hour ago

    5:20 it reminds me of my old days.

  • Ceeb Dense
    Ceeb Dense Hour ago

    2:30 REKT haha

  • gamer girl
    gamer girl Hour ago

    The 'Nani' trailer ..

  • Blood type O
    Blood type O Hour ago

    i really love pudge akward and funny clip montage hahaha

  • The Anh Do
    The Anh Do Hour ago

    That fuckibg centaur got me laugh so bad

  • cesar minaya
    cesar minaya Hour ago

    3:30 TV Perú <3

  • it'sGip
    it'sGip Hour ago

    That chicken sniper shouting at nani was soo funny

  • Altadi
    Altadi Hour ago

    07:06 I know that feel like!!

  • Sub to me if i top the comments

    10,000 hours worth of spirits spamming GGWP

  • MaRcO oLaKaCe
    MaRcO oLaKaCe Hour ago


  • Miha Krasnok
    Miha Krasnok Hour ago

    One piece

  • Zeno Zama
    Zeno Zama Hour ago


  • J Heil H Uerta
    J Heil H Uerta Hour ago

    2:31 WTF! how the hell! Mirana arrows still missed a not moving target... or the arrow dodges the target I just don't get it

  • Eternal Lolicon
    Eternal Lolicon Hour ago

    Hahahahhaaha , RIP Centaur's Crimson guard

  • Rm Montil
    Rm Montil Hour ago


  • Ismael Benitez
    Ismael Benitez Hour ago

    Que maestro, felicitaciones bro eres genial (simpático)

  • %username% %usersurname%

    Dota 2 NANI Moments

  • john michael reyes

    2 lucky escape clips

  • Ikky Alvarez
    Ikky Alvarez Hour ago

    awesome <3

  • Stanislav Sleptsov

    Огр Маг 100% СКИЛЛ!

  • Byron Joseph
    Byron Joseph 2 hours ago

    Idiot centaur AHAHAHAHAHA

  • 王凌
    王凌 2 hours ago

    The best part: 5:11 NANI?!!!!

  • Максим Ёршиков

    Let me guess skill bracket of last rampage clip... archon 3 avg i think

  • Rafi Alhirsa
    Rafi Alhirsa 2 hours ago

    Pinoy pea akwoakwoakwaowk

  • Masoud
    Masoud 2 hours ago

    rampage music link please

  • Himas Nur Fauzan
    Himas Nur Fauzan 2 hours ago

    imma give my like

  • 19% Win Rate ML
    19% Win Rate ML 2 hours ago

    5:22 Finally, a good use of 3-way arrows

  • AyGaminG Gz KaiZzer
    AyGaminG Gz KaiZzer 2 hours ago

    someone tells me the name of the intro music

  • Klein
    Klein 2 hours ago

    5:05 bukghhaaaaw

  • Dylan Richard
    Dylan Richard 2 hours ago

    This is ARCANA!!!?!!!!!!!?!!!!!!

  • ArtisticBang91
    ArtisticBang91 2 hours ago

    A chrono fail in a Hook fails?! They still keep multiplying!

  • Jerome Cancino
    Jerome Cancino 2 hours ago

    Most satisfying arrow ever

  • Kent Louis Canape
    Kent Louis Canape 2 hours ago

    That 3 man arrow is doped af.

  • TheDonatello
    TheDonatello 2 hours ago


  • Tufaidah Alhasyim
    Tufaidah Alhasyim 2 hours ago

    Best wtf moment in a while. Goodjob guys!!!

  • Anoa Harin
    Anoa Harin 2 hours ago

    Last soundtrack name please

  • Laux Gaming
    Laux Gaming 2 hours ago

    Three arrow hit, thats a life fullfillment.

  • Niño Rocamora
    Niño Rocamora 2 hours ago

    That ogre magi clip.

  • Deeman Dude
    Deeman Dude 3 hours ago

    How to trigger everybody on the enemy team 5:26 - 'calculated'

  • Gerom Larayos
    Gerom Larayos 3 hours ago

    Void on Solo Queue never surprises me anymore...

  • Syuhada Aminullah
    Syuhada Aminullah 3 hours ago

    gg mirana xD

  • mobile legends watafak

    anyone watching this in 2020? any time travelers?

  • DevilisH GaminG
    DevilisH GaminG 3 hours ago

    3:36 clip music? can anyone tell me?😭

  • Saul
    Saul 3 hours ago

    So much epic svenpig fall xD

  • Lyan Candia
    Lyan Candia 3 hours ago

    Me: 2019

  • Руслан Зазоев

    Хотите верьте хотите нет, в одной катке где Я играл за энмгму шторм так же мою рампагц спиздил. Больше всего меня удивило что это это видео попаалось мне в рекоменндуемое когда как этому видео почти год.

  • Wan Muhammad Hakim Wan Mohtar

    4:09 it should have been... '' youuuu shall not passssss''

  • Fawaz Faisal
    Fawaz Faisal 3 hours ago

    5:10 NANI!!!

  • Phase Shift
    Phase Shift 3 hours ago

    Mirana triple arrow is the next level play

  • Saul
    Saul 3 hours ago

    Now remembering some one best rampage ever seen

  • Don gato
    Don gato 3 hours ago

    5:07 wow xaxaxaxaxax

  • Baatarhn Bud
    Baatarhn Bud 3 hours ago

    This mirana . Just wow

  • Xternal Life
    Xternal Life 3 hours ago

    8:10 treant's heals are jumping to the music wow

  • Nstyne D. Adeil
    Nstyne D. Adeil 3 hours ago

    2:30 cracks me everytime 😂😂😂

  • Никита Романцов

    5:30 mirana - god, next lvl

  • Denver
    Denver 3 hours ago

    Ahhh finally, a final scene with no earthshaker or enigma

  • Katsuragi Reiji
    Katsuragi Reiji 3 hours ago

    rubick rampage is the best rampages for clip

  • norman soriano
    norman soriano 3 hours ago

    Fucking cm player.. had the time to cast any skill but chooses to walk hahaha

  • Pksomuch
    Pksomuch 3 hours ago

    5:05 was the best part

  • Braken _
    Braken _ 3 hours ago

    Damn, this is the best episode for 2-3 years maybe

  • mr.tanasiuk
    mr.tanasiuk 3 hours ago

    ogr Hitler

  • Allan Oliveira
    Allan Oliveira 4 hours ago

    That Ogre Multicast was amazing! Best clip ever. Great edit btw