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WORST Animal Bites
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DEADLIEST Animals in Asia
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CREEPIEST Ocean Cryptids
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Most DANGEROUS Sea Snakes
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Cutest Baby Animals EVER
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  • Flexible Atheist
    Flexible Atheist Minute ago

    What happened to the most deadliest Wandering Spider?

  • SLY_ FOX19
    SLY_ FOX19 16 minutes ago

    I wanna rub sand in that mans eyes for killing that shark.

  • Judy McCoy
    Judy McCoy Hour ago

    I was bitten by 10 fire ants. My foot swelled so big that I could not get my husband's athletic sock on. I became feverish and had nausea for about 12 hours. I was in Florida at the time and a construction crew was installing a swimming pool and disturbed a colony. I had never heard of fire ants until then. I am from Ohio.

  • GM Patiga
    GM Patiga Hour ago

    i saw 1 of them here in the Philippines

  • Doctor Picard nononono

    slightly interesting fact, Boomslang means Treesnake in Nederlands!

  • Rod Pratt
    Rod Pratt 2 hours ago

    As an Australian I find foreign attempts to parody our accent offensive. If you travel to Australia please don't think you're being funny when you talk about throwing another shrimp on the barbie - we are frankly sick of it.

  • Hariprasath
    Hariprasath 3 hours ago

    Dont kill them

  • Josh Garza
    Josh Garza 3 hours ago

    How about the Fer-de-Lance?

  • CradleRock Comedy Felchers

    Like scp say for instance

  • CradleRock Comedy Felchers

    The egg is the best way to inject DNA and create random things

  • solid cake
    solid cake 3 hours ago

    The "giant gold fish" is a load of bollocks,photoshopped pictures,and Also coy carp get released into the waters by owners not "giant goldfish",most of which die within a couple days,clutching at straws for them views this channel is lol

  • 25411959
    25411959 3 hours ago

    A Siberian tiger is certainly very formidable, but it`s preposterous to actually claim that they could kill an ADULT, HEALTHY brown bear who`s not in the stupor of hibernation.

  • Jack Jackson
    Jack Jackson 3 hours ago

    The man with a lizard heart is a crock of caca. Some people shovel up crap while others gobble it up like it's tasty.

  • Pancake
    Pancake 3 hours ago

    Bruh that Minecraft soundtrack hit home hard

  • sideaffex -xd
    sideaffex -xd 4 hours ago

    What is this countdown about

  • Me 2
    Me 2 4 hours ago

    one conscious fishermen of them whole lot..

  • Umaru Doma
    Umaru Doma 4 hours ago

    4:06 is that WWE Diva Paige? Lol

  • Carmel Capricorn
    Carmel Capricorn 4 hours ago

    Oh, the color🎨 is giving me life. 🌞 and beautiful.🐟🐠🐙🐌🐚🌊

  • Daniel Webster
    Daniel Webster 4 hours ago

    Everybody might like to know that the so called Dust that is propel Up through the ice Is green in color in the Spring which is the only time it happens and again it's green in color And the so cold plumes of dust have branches just like trees again one more time they are green the Mars reconnaissance orbiter proved it

  • Daniel Webster
    Daniel Webster 4 hours ago

    It's a shame we can't see the actual pictures taken wave gotten pictures were half the image is blurred out are those no information lilt in the picture it's all black Out clear proof that they're hiding something I'm not a conspiracy theorist there is too much evidence now to ignore any longer If I was from a country that truly wanted to search for alien life I would have a look at that underground Lake pronto underground freshwater Lake what is the chances it is totally dead almost Zero

  • Blue Hunter
    Blue Hunter 5 hours ago

    no no.... a gila monster as number one? It will make you very sick, yes but that over a gaboon viper? Or the agonizing unending pain of a centipedes bite? These videos are such a joke.

  • Shota H
    Shota H 5 hours ago

    Axolotl left the chat

  • James Merkel
    James Merkel 5 hours ago

    Tarantula Hawk wasps are no joke, but the 2 inch descriptor I keep seeing is. If you see a 2 inch wasp, you're looking at a baby, I've seen MANY in excess of 4 inches in length. Whether it's location specific or not I'm unsure but come on out to the Mojave sometime and take a trip up around Randsburg/Johannesburg area. You can't miss the damn things, you'll often hear them before you see them. Beautiful creatures though, gotta give them that.

  • Ernie G
    Ernie G 5 hours ago

    The biggest rattlesnake that I personally killed was over 8 foot long and bigger around than a coke can its head was pretty big and wide as well. it had 15 rattles on it. It was killed in Arizona

  • Jared Quinney
    Jared Quinney 6 hours ago

    This is really messed up. Ouch

  • littlesofty
    littlesofty 6 hours ago

    OMG on the first one, its snow-covered rocks I grew up in the mountains any rocks sticking out of the water will get covered like that after a snow storm.

  • Emperor Xander
    Emperor Xander 6 hours ago

    mo bullet ant?

  • Boa Gaming
    Boa Gaming 6 hours ago

    I have 6 boa constrictors. Their mostly hugs except one. She bites like a lot

  • Natasha Figueroa
    Natasha Figueroa 6 hours ago

    I've been bitten in the face by my 5' python. Just bend the end of the tail and pry it off, no need for beheading yeesh.

    • Blue Hunter
      Blue Hunter 5 hours ago

      Can also slide a credit card (or something similar) in its mouth between the teeth and your skin. It worked when my ball python latched on in a feed response.

  • Meisa Ahvazi
    Meisa Ahvazi 6 hours ago

    when you ate the food which you hate 8:32

  • GetMeThere1
    GetMeThere1 6 hours ago

    Excluding another grizzly (and certain insects or poisonous animals eaten), the only things that could defeat a grizzly would be -- in water: great white, orca, hippo, or biggest crocodile. On land, Rhino or elephant. In odd circumstances other animals might come out ahead. But the above (IMO) are the only ones that would consistently win. I don't include other prey-type animals because they'd never fight or attack a grizzly (but rhinos or elephants might).

    POPPA SMURF 8 hours ago

    you left out the nkembe mtumbo

  • Kyles Isler
    Kyles Isler 8 hours ago

    Do you read your comments? tone down the bass, you fucking asshole.Screw it, unsubbed.

  • Katzztar
    Katzztar 8 hours ago

    I have heard of some of these. Yes I have heard of the Faceless People and Melonheads. Even the Oklahoma Octopus and Piasa Bird. But I'm surprised at how many I've not heard of. Some are more famous and many would have heard of them like Ogopogo and Flatswood Monster. I'm a bit disappointed that you included them and not some the more rarer cryptids, like Beast of Bray Road.

  • Katzztar
    Katzztar 9 hours ago

    Wha… Pangolins are 4 and half feet long? WTF I'm only a few inches taller than it is long!

  • Debra Martinez
    Debra Martinez 9 hours ago

    Is it possible to get rid of the ringing sound in the back of your videos? I just started watching this channel a few days ago and although the videos are all informative and fascinating, I have to turn on the captions and turn the volume off in order to watch them. I haven't gotten to your more recent videos so I don't know if this is a problem that's already been rectified. And thanks ahead of time if it is. I do enjoy the content I've seen from this channel though. I've been laid up with kidney stones and have to find anything to distract me from the pain.

  • Ivan James
    Ivan James 9 hours ago

    Your videos are great

  • Youthful Curmudgeon
    Youthful Curmudgeon 9 hours ago

    The black widow is a wimp. The Sydney Funnel Web is way more venomous, and way more aggressive. And their bite undoubtedly would hurt far more.

  • camirocz
    camirocz 10 hours ago

    Total Bullshit!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe Ç
    Joe Ç 10 hours ago

    Who on earth is dumb enough, on top of choosing a Boa Constrictor as a pet, to let the snek get close enough to their face to be bitten? If you've ever looked into a boa's eyes you'll see that there's no love or kindness within. Just cold, calculating patience as it waits to get big enough to where it can eat you..

    • Blue Hunter
      Blue Hunter 5 hours ago

      @Natasha Figueroa Also doesn't realize no snake (no matter the size) can not eat an adult human. They also don't size us up and wait for the time to strike and eat us lol.

    • Natasha Figueroa
      Natasha Figueroa 6 hours ago

      Hey everyone look at this wimp, calling reptile owners dumb because we like things he doesn't.

  • Thomas Vetor
    Thomas Vetor 10 hours ago

    Very interesting 2 know bout all these animals ...

  • Philip Wethington
    Philip Wethington 10 hours ago

    I have been stung by a bald-faced hornet, yellow jacket, that red paper wasp I really HATE these, they will sting you for no reason, walk by there nest that you don't see and they will attack you for the fun of it, I am not kidding LOL believe me they will, I didn't know they was there, I got my revenge.

  • Piper Pruiksma
    Piper Pruiksma 10 hours ago

    There is no such thing as a fish. 🐟

  • Andrew Sillman
    Andrew Sillman 10 hours ago


  • Niall Kearney
    Niall Kearney 10 hours ago

    I don't want to sound like an extreme liberal but we really are the worst thing to happen to this planet.

    DIO [ZA WARUDO] 10 hours ago

    T.Rex: Am I a joke to you?

    • Katzztar
      Katzztar 9 hours ago

      You're dead ;) But don't worry you're still the most legendary dino.

    KING ADEN 10 hours ago

    Love ur vids 🙏🔥

  • aBedditUser 1
    aBedditUser 1 10 hours ago

    Who else as a phobia of spiders Only me okay

    • King Rahzar
      King Rahzar 10 hours ago


  • CauseAndEffect
    CauseAndEffect 11 hours ago

    He makes the mistake of 'evolving' opinions into 'facts'. There zero proof of 'millions of years'. All dating methods have been proven to be unreliable. Scientists routinely throw away results that don't coincide with their biases.

  • CauseAndEffect
    CauseAndEffect 11 hours ago

    'Prehistorice' = useless opinions about animals and other stuff.

  • Max1982
    Max1982 11 hours ago

    Why the fuck does every youtuber misinform people about snapping turtles!!!! GOOGLE IT ITS NOT HARD YOU BUMS

  • rastafish420
    rastafish420 12 hours ago

    Grizzly vs gorilla? Grizzly wins.

  • snotrat2
    snotrat2 15 hours ago

    The fuck is going on with your voice

  • Vismark Ramos
    Vismark Ramos 15 hours ago

    5:56 thats a friggen gator bro...

  • Fchwpo 2321
    Fchwpo 2321 17 hours ago

    As a native American from the eastern band of Cherokee Indians in North Carolina I'm surprised sprearfinger ain't on this list cause we all know about sprearfinger

  • MegaGio001
    MegaGio001 18 hours ago

    Maybe we should make “European explorers” extinct.

  • Anglus
    Anglus 19 hours ago

    Male platypus also carries a venom spur on its hind leg so... be careful not to piss it off.

  • Daniel Andersen
    Daniel Andersen 19 hours ago

    Asgeir alvestad caught a 1140kg greenland shark on rod and reel, should be in there

  • eric thefathead
    eric thefathead 20 hours ago

    pound for pound, the ultimate predator is a mongoose. they're incredibly fast and aggressive.

  • Ryoga Kun
    Ryoga Kun 21 hour ago

    Philippines have this species

  • eric thefathead
    eric thefathead 21 hour ago

    there's a video of a young grizzly and a tiger going at it, at some kind of preserve. after a few minutes, the tiger ran away. LOL

  • Joseph martin
    Joseph martin 21 hour ago

    Fallen angel or demons

  • Felix Str
    Felix Str 21 hour ago

    7:13 european bison could do as well

  • Jared Quinney
    Jared Quinney 22 hours ago

    This is really cool

  • joey obyrne
    joey obyrne 23 hours ago

    Prehistoric creatures that have existed before humanity had recorded history... Like the wolf. Or the horse.

  • AK
    AK 23 hours ago

    >talks about a video on a platform for sharing videos >doesnt show video

  • Acroselirator
    Acroselirator Day ago

    Well I guess in this universe Jonathan Joestar/Jojo took Dio's offer and living a long life

  • Jovan Dimic
    Jovan Dimic Day ago

    1:15 the only problem the largest turtle was archelon however this turtle is much bigger but if this turtle is real but extinct this turtle has two be something unusual and something very large

  • Samuel Abhishek

    Animals which dinosaurs, a goddamn continental drift and ice age are barely surviving in the human era.... Strange 🙄

    • Mp0D YT
      Mp0D YT Day ago

      Crocodiles... Komodo Dragon... Turtles, these things are basically dinos

  • Slaver Studios

    Most of these animals were slaughtered by us. I did a list in school and most of these were on there.

  • Corby
    Corby Day ago

    This guy is a knob. Tasmanian tigers were still around in captivity in like 1940. That’s why there is pictures of it

  • random dude
    random dude Day ago

    there's been frequent witness of a ten ft 1000 pound ape, even before the 'discovery' of gigantopithecus tho...

  • steven oconnor

    eDNA test results say there is nothing unknown in the loch ness.

  • Oceanfront Arizona

    ive heard of 3 of these

  • john Hofstetter

    Grizzlies are not just bullish brutes charging in at it's pretty. I've seen video of them hunting buffalo in Canada over a span of days. Just running them to exhaustion until a young one or old one fell out of the herd. As for power anyone who read national geographic in the 70's remembers the photos of a grizzly breaking the neck of a 2,000 lb bull moose in a full charge head to head. I think I would rethink the bison, buffalo, giraffe,Crocs, unless it's deep water. Bears are way more agile than crocs of any size so on land or shallow water it would be more like a leopard fighting a crock. Lizard loses 80 % of the time. Gorrilla? No chance, elephant? Obvious, hippo? Good chance he should stay away, rhino? Not head on but ambush from behind? Maybe, tiger? No! , walrus? On land? Oh yeah, polar bear? Interesting cause they cohabitate at times and I did see footage of some bear dude in a camper on a beach filming two polar bears feeding on a whale carcass when a male grizzly approached the other side of the whale, and the larger one attempted to defend the food but the grizzly just growled ripped off a chunk of whale and stood up and walked off like no big deal.

  • Shockwave
    Shockwave Day ago

    I should be number 1

  • Brandi Bastian

    ligers could technically exist in the gir forest of india but more likely than not a young lion would be attacked by a tigress than mated with

  • B0N3Y4RD
    B0N3Y4RD Day ago

    The scream at the end is pretty much what I did when that one Spider fell from the ceiling on top of that guy. Straight up horrifying for a Canadian from the north where the biggest spiders are MAYBE a couple centimeters.

  • Coffee.Bean. Art

    Now take in thought of the jurrasic dinosaur movies. Them bring back extinct creatures(dinosaurs) the herbivores were ok i guess but once they revived the big dangerous ones (carnivores) that's were everything went horribly wrong. We probably won't want an ice age park anytime soon with a dangerous long fanged sabor- tooth tiger, or a wooly mammoth given the size of it and its tusks. We know nothing of their behavior. But I'm pretty sure that they wouldn't be very keen or friendly towards humans. And given the events of Jurassic park etc. I'm pretty sure we'll never revive carnivorous dinosaurs

  • Gloom and Doom

    So just knock off Australia and the Amazon as a tourist destination any you're good?

  • Wout Molenaar
    Wout Molenaar Day ago

    If only everybody would use the metric system...

  • Naiadryade
    Naiadryade Day ago

    That's a lot of mammals with extra long snoots.

  • Pessimistic Sharkie

    Im sad to say... I thought nautilus were extinct. Im a nerd when it comes to animals and animal facts.

  • Keyblade games

    It's Brutus....look it up. Brutus caught a Bull shark that day

  • Youbio Slithers

    I know someone that caught a 1654 pound tiger shark

  • m beginization

    So evolution don't work on these animals

  • Vasanth Ra
    Vasanth Ra Day ago

    Who wants to volunterly go there alone?

  • Jamie Everett
    Jamie Everett Day ago

    Pit bulls don’t look scary at all

  • brandi3981
    brandi3981 Day ago

    i got a honey bee on a clover between my toes when walking in sandals several summers ago & at first i didn't think it stung me cause i didn't feel anything the stinger is too small but then the venom hit & it was burning &i was thinking omg am i allergic should it hurt like this or am i gonna die yeah it was fine

  • M.J. Leger
    M.J. Leger Day ago

    A brightly-colored animal is often a sign that it is poisonous. It's one of their warning signs to their predators. Insects use this ploy to not be eaten, so do frogs and other animals as well. It means "leave me alone?" Of course, if you are allergic to an animal, you will usually learn about that early in life, hopefully not fatally, but allergic reaction can be treated in life-saving ways if you can get to them fairly fast! IF you start to see redness or swelling more than just what a normal bite would do, or if you feel nauseous or hot or itchy with hives, or if you start to have difficulty swallowing or even breathing easily, get help immediately!

  • Lunamaria
    Lunamaria Day ago

    The Thylacine is still alive

  • Czarek Andzel
    Czarek Andzel Day ago

    Executioner wasp realy has a worse sting than the Bullet ant.

  • Sanuj Tamusyo
    Sanuj Tamusyo Day ago

    i love it

  • Mikey The Turtle

    I have a western painted and a wood shell

  • tonyoman 94
    tonyoman 94 Day ago

    Grizzly is natures ultimate fighter, super fast for there size impossible to kill 1on1 they are the best... However they are usually alone, it only takes 2 wolves to chase off a grizzly, they circle him taking turns biting his ass lol.. Its pretty cool Pack of wolves beat anything ❤

  • DaBlack SuperMan

    I can defeat a bear easily..........Ak47

  • Jan Ruud Schutrups

    1:36: BLACKI...

  • Equus Pallidus

    Yes ...Yes I have. Bullet ants hurt like hell. Its not something you want to do twice and if your stung by more than 2 or 3 it will but you in the hospital.

  • Godzilla Core
    Godzilla Core 2 days ago


  • willshedo
    willshedo 2 days ago

    Cloning Neanderthals, yes. Great idea. Where should those cloned individuals go and live then? In the zoo?