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Gordon Liu - Then and Now
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Boney M - Then and Now
Views 1.3M8 months ago
ABBA - Then and Now
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  • fredrick douglassmccoy

    ps... I like the originals form the 60 s thanks for video share.

  • fredrick douglassmccoy

    Caroline Munro looks better Today ! some ant to old for me .

  • BeyondPostal
    BeyondPostal 3 hours ago


  • Vitor Martinho
    Vitor Martinho 3 hours ago

    Professor Sérgio Coelho 1979

  • antonis antonis
    antonis antonis 4 hours ago

    Να είσαστε πάντα όλοι καλλα να έχετε υγεία 😎😍🌞🌞🌞🌹🌹🌹🌷🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

  • rthelionheart
    rthelionheart 4 hours ago

    Enhanced by age 🤨

  • Saul Giron
    Saul Giron 4 hours ago

    1:07 "jew know what mayne, I never like that guy in my whole life"

  • peter papadimitriou
    peter papadimitriou 6 hours ago

    Hmmmm what to say about one of the great Superman films, RIP to those who passed away, great movie most of seen it a few dozen times as a kid

  • そこら辺のざこ


  • Evilpimp
    Evilpimp 16 hours ago

    How are these guys even alive? They all fucking died in the movie. Idiots.

  • ray bon
    ray bon 17 hours ago

    yeah sarah is very hot.

  • Iron Cross Training, Ltd

    How I miss CR forever Superman 🙏🙏💖💪

  • Jose Ayala
    Jose Ayala 20 hours ago

    Diane keaton fue el pelo en la sopa de la pelicula

  • Man Of Beard
    Man Of Beard 20 hours ago

    Christopher Reeve. The one true Superman. Rest in Peace Christopher Reeves.

  • ragaru Stéphane
    ragaru Stéphane 20 hours ago

    C’est quoi cette musique de merde ?

  • Giulia Liebelt
    Giulia Liebelt 21 hour ago

    Dont worry Michael We will never forgett you!!!!! 😭😭 Love you so much. I sent a kiss Into the sky and I hope you will find IT.

  • UrIan ly
    UrIan ly 23 hours ago

    Quien es quien jaja

  • David Devita
    David Devita Day ago

    Looks like he’s been doing ‘H’....

  • waaazup D
    waaazup D Day ago

    RIP Christopher Reeves

  • qtastr TV
    qtastr TV Day ago

    Wtf you fack

  • Super Tails Matt

    Wtf the guy in the black long hair is trans WTF! He even died in 2016

  • Myuda Fahlevi
    Myuda Fahlevi Day ago

    Orang indonesia like

  • 안대나무
    안대나무 Day ago

    마이클!나의 영원한 사랑이여 고마워요 편히 쉬어요 ♡ 글고 다이아나 로스는 옷을 항상 저렇게 입는데 나이들어 안어울립니다 좀 가리시죠

  • Donna Walker
    Donna Walker Day ago

    Nobody mentioned Britt Ekland

  • 10 B
    10 B Day ago

    Professora Carla Figueira 1969

  • pen friend
    pen friend Day ago

    I feel so old.....but young, when I listen to there music!

  • Gianpaolo Fabbri

    that is not Simonetta Stefanelli but the winner of Masterchef Italia Tiziana Stefanelli

  • Great IQ
    Great IQ Day ago

    Mr. Strong Feelings (Bruce Springsteen) looks the same. And Diana Ross.

  • Argento
    Argento Day ago

    Nice 🤗

  • Malakiyah Amari

    Sarah is still a hottie 😍

  • PANCH 957
    PANCH 957 Day ago

    Al Pacino wearing that black shirt oozing menace

  • Gillian Moore
    Gillian Moore 2 days ago

    An interesting video.

  • Mohaimen Madali
    Mohaimen Madali 2 days ago


  • Malibu Stacy
    Malibu Stacy 2 days ago

    The monkey clown horrible karate round and yummy like a cute small baby chick would beat the donkey, I would make them sweat.

  • Favio Canabaro
    Favio Canabaro 2 days ago

    R,i,p bobby farrell,girls of Boney m i love you so much

  • Juvenal Dominguez
    Juvenal Dominguez 2 days ago

    That was a good movie though why they don't make movies like that any more.

  • Carlos Encina
    Carlos Encina 2 days ago

    Dios los bendiga a los cuatro , gracias por todo lo que nos hicieron y nos seguirán haciendo sentir.

  • Hugo Fatelo
    Hugo Fatelo 2 days ago

    Zé Nobre 1967

  • Peter Walker
    Peter Walker 2 days ago

    Ms Sara Douglas still looks Hot indeed!

  • Jack Tripper
    Jack Tripper 2 days ago

    Did not want to see Apollonia post-wall

  • neoru blazer
    neoru blazer 2 days ago

    Arnold:gimme thumbs up guys Everyone:👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍2:09

  • Rodrigo Campos
    Rodrigo Campos 2 days ago

    like si hablas español

  • Andrew Norman
    Andrew Norman 2 days ago

    jackie Chan still looks handsome

  • Cris Burgos
    Cris Burgos 2 days ago

    Alexandre still looks the same

  • Christopher Walker
    Christopher Walker 2 days ago

    Good and interesting, but why always the shit music with these type of YT videos 😭

  • Sarah Holmes
    Sarah Holmes 2 days ago

    I Think (based on facial features) Actress Lea Seydoux (in her age 30 Side View picture) kind of Resembles the Movie Actress Gloria Grahame.

  • Hugo Fatelo
    Hugo Fatelo 2 days ago

    Zé Nobre 1967

  • Vladimir Ipotzky
    Vladimir Ipotzky 3 days ago

    I found out 60s are the most beautiful bond girls! But for me the most beautiful is sophie marceau and my most wet dreams is monica belluci, awww!😜

  • Carlos Ardila
    Carlos Ardila 3 days ago

    El primero es Moe creen, no Rocco

    KELRON RONAN 3 days ago

    The japanese aged very beautifully

  • edoardo zampetti
    edoardo zampetti 3 days ago

    Audrey Landers i see in the movie chorus line..

  • Derpyderp
    Derpyderp 3 days ago

    Looks like Sal was let of the hook for old times sake; he lived the longest of any at 95.

  • DisneyDude
    DisneyDude 3 days ago

    MICHELLE EFFIN-YEOH!! The best ass-kickin Bond girl there ever was!! 🤘👏🙌

  • Henry López
    Henry López 3 days ago

    El tiempo nuestro mayor enemigo a vencer, todo lo acaba, lo cambia, lo deteriora no somos el cuerpo ni la mente

  • Grandizer 45
    Grandizer 45 3 days ago

    Wow dont take time for granted.

  • pinkmiku dreamur
    pinkmiku dreamur 3 days ago

    Me at school watching the movie:...it's alright I guess... Me: *sees shia lebouf's name on the part of the end credits on who is Stanley's voice actor* Me: *gets Vietnam flashbacks of the DO IT vine* Me: oh wow...

  • Max Tibbitts (Student)

    No X-ray , Elya , trout , Sam , magnet , Stanley yelnats II , madame zeroni and Myra

  • SiNicoleIdolSiSARAH

    Horse head 1972 - 1972

  • Luiz Carlos Figueiredo Charuto

    Tds envelhecemos eu em 78 tinha 14 anos hj 58

  • Rimantas Markevičius

    myliu jus

  • benjianubis
    benjianubis 3 days ago

    Ursula still looks good and hot

  • Daniel S
    Daniel S 3 days ago

    I am glad a Godfather 3 was not made. Smart to leave on a high note.

  • Daniel S
    Daniel S 3 days ago

    Many say people looked better in the 70s. I looked better in the 70s.

  • Daniel S
    Daniel S 3 days ago

    I hope to outgrow this age thing.

  • Propel T.V
    Propel T.V 3 days ago

    I did no it was a 12-year-old versus a 15-year-old

  • Saniya Hill
    Saniya Hill 3 days ago

    Omg Kerr Smith is so ugly

  • The Dude
    The Dude 3 days ago

    Kool movie good job

  • roberto Martins
    roberto Martins 3 days ago

    Is dead

  • roberto Martins
    roberto Martins 3 days ago

    Vai tomar no cu, fuckyou, os dead

  • roberto Martins
    roberto Martins 3 days ago

    Vai tomar no cu, fuck you, os dead

  • prakash prakash 0ne man


  • Naveed Shah
    Naveed Shah 4 days ago

    One Great actor is missing. Kareem Abdul Jabbar who had a great fight with Bruce Lee. Is it because he was a Muslim?

    • The Greek Joker
      The Greek Joker 3 days ago

      Naveed Shah Kareem never played in enter the dragon. He played in game of death.

  • PeekingDuck
    PeekingDuck 4 days ago

    Most of these so-called Bond 'Girls' were born Men! They can't hide it when they get old. Have a good look. There are so many of these Inverted Gender Clones in movies, tv, politics and media, more than ever today, and it is all to confuse us about what is normal. It is subliminal programming to pervert nature and how we view ourselves. All these women(sic) are part of a Grand Delusion. They were not God made but Man made. They have participated in the perversion of human kind and I pity them all as they have no God given soul.

    • PeekingDuck
      PeekingDuck Day ago

      @ale - More brainwashed drivel!!! You presume, in your dumbassedness, that I am religious - I AM NOT!! Religion has nothing to do with the fact you, and everybody else, has a soul. Your soul is on a very low level, barely above a crawling creature I would think. All education, media, TV and entertainment is run by a malevolent and highly intelligent force which is programming you constantly. YOU are the ultimate ROBOT!! Easily programmed and manipulated. I feel sad for you and all like you as you are stuck in a LIE and don't event know it as you barely have a soul. The only one with an 'ass face' is YOU as so much shit comes out of it!!

    • ale
      ale 2 days ago

      @PeekingDuck and what do you read my friend? The Bible? Lol that's not even better. Science has evidence, research and further investigation. Thanks to that you are healthy from diseases; while religion is just biased in beliefs and doesn't do shit. You clearly are ignorant and if you think is irrelevant rubbish, I can't imagine you education level or even if you have ever read a book ever that's not the Bible. If your wife ages up whit an ass face through the years, don't say nobody told you how that works.

    • PeekingDuck
      PeekingDuck 2 days ago

      @ale - what a load of irrelevant rubbish - if you think the Science and Health industries aren't part of the system then you really are deluded!! Try using your eyes instead of reading 'peer reviewed' bollocks!!

    • ale
      ale 2 days ago

      @PeekingDuck "Eating well, sleeping well and exercising may help keep people young at heart, but mutated genes passed down from mothers may also predetermine aging rates, new research suggests. Aging manifests itself in a variety of age-associated diseases as well as changes in physical appearance, and occurs at different rates in different people. Scientists have previously attributed aging to cell damage accumulated throughout life, but have not closely considered how aging rates might be inherited." Source: www.livescience.com/39062-mother-genes-aging.html More info: www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3062729/Have-scientists-finally-unlocked-secret-eternal-youth-Genetic-breakthrough-reveals-bodies-age-discovery-help-doctors-slow-process.html sciencenordic.com/age-dementia-denmark/your-genes-decide-how-old-you-get/1464828 "Scientists speculate that for the first seven or eight decades, lifestyle is a stronger determinant of health and life span than genetics. Eating well, not drinking too much alcohol, avoiding tobacco, and staying physically active enable some individuals to attain a healthy old age; genetics then appears to play a progressively important role in keeping individuals healthy as they age into their eighties and beyond." Source: ghr.nlm.nih.gov/primer/traits/longevity

    • ale
      ale 2 days ago

      @PeekingDuck no dumbass. You can look up for the info of their children. Also, by following your logic, you were not there when these actresses born anyway to assure they are transgender or not. I mean, you are even assuming I might be a transgender because of my response lol And yes I know the difference between women and men to assure transgender women can not bear children naturally because they were not born with a female reproduction system. Even if they go through surgery to change their parts, they can not still bear children; that and the fact that not all women age well biologically is because of various factors: diseases, not enough exercise, unhealthy lifestyle and even genes.There is plenty information about this in books and sites based on biological information.

  • Franco Barberis
    Franco Barberis 4 days ago

    Kenny Rogers, WTF!

  • Gowron M'Rel
    Gowron M'Rel 4 days ago

    Eva Green by far the most beautiful bond girl !

  • Ryan Alexi
    Ryan Alexi 4 days ago

    Chanel cresswell is picture next to trev Not Kelly dumb arse

  • Vic Cadayona
    Vic Cadayona 4 days ago

    Diana Ross is still beautiful

  • Jay Soto
    Jay Soto 4 days ago


  • Kiara Rodriguez
    Kiara Rodriguez 4 days ago

    Jaden is 21 now

  • Gabfrei
    Gabfrei 4 days ago

    I swear to god these Asians don’t age

  • Valldir Bego
    Valldir Bego 4 days ago

    Frida continua linda, e a minha preferida...

  • Craig Cooper
    Craig Cooper 4 days ago

    What's the song pls?

  • Men lee hmong funny


  • Dau_blox '
    Dau_blox ' 5 days ago


  • iiabdou03
    iiabdou03 5 days ago

    To be honest, Jaden Smith looks ugly

  • Joy Baladad
    Joy Baladad 5 days ago

    My Angel (Mj)👼❣💋

  • Kokomiu
    Kokomiu 5 days ago

    Tony was 43 and his mom was 47.... nice

  • Bhavika Jain
    Bhavika Jain 5 days ago

    3:18 for those who are here just to see michael jackson . . They put his image in the last they know if mike image is at starting people will not watch full video..😂

  • karlox kaplan
    karlox kaplan 5 days ago

    Harris estas jodio'

  • rammmin1
    rammmin1 5 days ago

    cannoli is still the same ,hasn't changed a bit.

  • EDM Nightcore VN
    EDM Nightcore VN 5 days ago

    Toàn huyền thoại

  • Mário Alvarenga Pereira

    Amo demais essa série. 😎

  • Starwithnoname
    Starwithnoname 5 days ago

    Completely shit music.

  • Cowworshiper PissDrinkingHindus

    Does anyone know the name of the soundtrack at 12:30?

  • Ninja Kid
    Ninja Kid 5 days ago

    They all look creepy😆😂

  • theJsm2112
    theJsm2112 5 days ago

    I love grease and I’m only 8

  • Marvin Denis
    Marvin Denis 5 days ago

    I see that Jaden Smith had been slacking his training like Gohan lol

  • La Man
    La Man 5 days ago

    The video is of less value without an indication of age then and now or when the pictures were taken.

  • Terrarum
    Terrarum 5 days ago

    A Cindy era linda 😍

  • Blaze 9029
    Blaze 9029 6 days ago

    Jaden Smith downgraded or something.