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  • Jessica Ath
    Jessica Ath 2 minutes ago

    I can watch this video over and over! I love the way you clean and decorate! We have the same style!

  • Anne Johnson
    Anne Johnson 9 minutes ago

    Presley is so funny!

  • Roslyn marie
    Roslyn marie 38 minutes ago

    I love watching people clean and decorate their home. It’s so satisfying

  • msjojos2116
    msjojos2116 56 minutes ago

    I can't find your must have list for the cold and flu on Amazon 😷😷🤒

  • Malia Ferron
    Malia Ferron Hour ago

    I went to your link but it just brings up a table runner not a tablecloth???

  • Kimberly Heller
    Kimberly Heller Hour ago

    Love this! Would you mind linking your new tv entertainment center? Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  • Ahavah Art
    Ahavah Art Hour ago

    Go, Team Moms! =) =D \o/\o/\o/ <3 <3 <3

  • Ashley Sanders
    Ashley Sanders 2 hours ago

    I just wanted to say Thank you. Your channel motivates me so much! I became a SAHM in Feb 2019 and I’ve been struggling with PPD. Cleaning and organizing was the last thing I wanted to do until I discovered your channel. Somehow, watching you changed my mind set and I’m so grateful. You’re an amazing mom. I hope that by the time my Willow is Presley’s age, I’ll have my home and life as organized as yours. Sending love from Oregon. ♥️

  • mrs_sweet_polanco
    mrs_sweet_polanco 2 hours ago

    I have that same steam cleaner love it🤩😍👏👏

  • Michele Hyams
    Michele Hyams 3 hours ago

    The dining room looks amazing and inviting! You made it looks so easy.

  • L KJ
    L KJ 5 hours ago

    I'm excited to try your recipes! Great video!

  • Cindylou
    Cindylou 5 hours ago

    Hii i’m sure you have said where you got your grey round table from but not sure which video it is in can you please post link? Thanks 🙏🏽

  • Yessica Perez
    Yessica Perez 6 hours ago

    I loved this 😘😘😘🦃🦃🦃🍂🍂🍁

  • Chelsea Jaymee
    Chelsea Jaymee 6 hours ago

    You do everything so well! You are inspiring.

  • Angela Steinbacher
    Angela Steinbacher 6 hours ago

    This was a really interesting video! Thanks for the peek behind the scenes. Also, those black bibs you were wearing are so cute!! 🤗💗

  • Lena Messana
    Lena Messana 7 hours ago


  • Michele G.
    Michele G. 7 hours ago

    That table cloth is beautiful!

  • Deidra Roberts
    Deidra Roberts 8 hours ago

    My favorite part of this whole video was watching your daughter help you with the stuffing...priceless 💕

  • Christmas_time is Coming_totown

    I lost my grandpa I’m may this year I don’t know how to celebrate Christmas without him

    MARIAM ROUMELIOTI 8 hours ago

    love you love you love you !! You are soupeeerr!!!

  • Ashley Alston
    Ashley Alston 8 hours ago

    Try silicone straws. Love them !!

  • Decor Mommy
    Decor Mommy 9 hours ago

    You truly are the whole package you work so hard you always bring the best videos .This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for you such a beautiful inspiring mom God bless you and your beautiful family 💖💖💖💖

  • Kati Casual
    Kati Casual 9 hours ago

    Wow, i love your decoration!!! I also use red every year, it's so traditional.

  • rosy vita
    rosy vita 10 hours ago

    I love watching apart from the usual classic christams movie with all that beautiful american atmosphere but those about the birth of Jesus on the story of Mary and Joseph on the childhood of Jesus ... here are the true symbols of the whole christmas party and as then when Easter comes I adore see the films about the life of Jesus and his death and resurrection P.S prayers and blessing for your loving family ,Adam it's so sweet dad,lucky kids ❤️

  • Kelley D
    Kelley D 10 hours ago

    So sweet ! & I feel like u speak from the heart, like u Really mean it....thx

  • Melissa Werkheiser
    Melissa Werkheiser 10 hours ago

    Curious what you spent on all of that.

  • Kathy Bishop
    Kathy Bishop 12 hours ago

    How do you blow the letters up?

  • marysabell
    marysabell 12 hours ago

    WOW! You're a superhero 💪 Cleaning at night 😮 And how easily you moved the table with one hand 😃

  • Stephanie Almeida
    Stephanie Almeida 13 hours ago

    Love your videos so much!!! I live in Brazil and here we can buy all of this decorating stuff ‘cause it’s too expensive.... but I love see in your home! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  • Philip Hall
    Philip Hall 13 hours ago

    I wake up at 5am

  • Meli G.R.
    Meli G.R. 16 hours ago

    🍁Leaves- from bath and body works is my fav fall scent. 🍁

  • Cathy Hopkinson
    Cathy Hopkinson 17 hours ago

    Came over from Channon’s channel.

  • T and Yi
    T and Yi 17 hours ago

    Soooo neat! I wish to have a friend like you!!wow! Your dog is so freeken cute!!!🥰😍

  • California Girl
    California Girl 18 hours ago

    You guys are so adorable! ❤️ my favorite holiday movie is Family Man & the new Grinch!

  • Tabitha Joy
    Tabitha Joy 18 hours ago

    You're amazing, Brianna 👏🏼 When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed😘 happy Thanksgiving! 🦃 love you

  • James Fikes
    James Fikes 18 hours ago

    I love you your channels

  • Deepashree Nayak
    Deepashree Nayak 19 hours ago

    Does anyone know what that toy is? My 3 year old will love it!

  • Katy Kat
    Katy Kat 19 hours ago

    This is my first time watching you and as soon as I heard Harry Potter I subscribed

  • Debbie Donlon
    Debbie Donlon 19 hours ago

    Please tell me what vacuum cleaner you use

  • Sammantha Messenger
    Sammantha Messenger 20 hours ago

    I just wish I could hang out with you for a day lol

  • crypstal10
    crypstal10 21 hour ago

    Dirty dancing sountrack is a good cleaning soundtrack. 😊

  • Jiselle Coutou
    Jiselle Coutou 21 hour ago

    Hi luv. I must say I love love love watching all your videos, it help motiva me in so many ways. Thanks so much hun!!!! Trinidad in the house

  • teri gaters
    teri gaters 21 hour ago

    Everything’s beautiful Bri, thank you for sharing!! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!🍁🍽 🤗🍗🦃

  • Listen Kristen
    Listen Kristen 21 hour ago

    The snow is so beautiful. Take care!

  • Jay J
    Jay J 21 hour ago

    Hi, just got recommended to me. I think your ideas are quite good (similar breakfasts, and I actually do some of these lunches--quesadilla everything). The one comment I have is based on info from oldways dot com, I am trying to get rid of as much highly processed food and refined sugar as possible, therefore I would limit products like turkey bacon (procuitto instead maybe or leave it vegetarian), yogurt with sugar; etc. BTW, also like your presentation style.

  • Doris Hingst
    Doris Hingst 21 hour ago

    super cool! Love all of the efforts and love most of all you shared with your friends! Love seeing Myka there. The food looked delicious!

  • Isabelitamama Anders
    Isabelitamama Anders 22 hours ago

    I love your videos but your music is a little sad in my opinion. I have to turn the volume off as it makes me sad. but again your videos are awesome! 🙌🏽

  • AoP Wick3d
    AoP Wick3d 22 hours ago


  • AoP Wick3d
    AoP Wick3d 22 hours ago


  • Michele Storms
    Michele Storms 23 hours ago

    Bri where did you get your JOY sign?

  • Florence Howard
    Florence Howard 23 hours ago

    Love this! Please do more cooking videos ❤️

  • Audelia VALLEJO
    Audelia VALLEJO 23 hours ago

    That is the cutest instant pot should've bought it in white

  • Qt Pie
    Qt Pie 23 hours ago

    Girl!!! I was at Target today and happened to see your Apothic Red. I’m sipping on a glass now and that wine is no joke 🤣. I love it! Cheers! 🍷🍷

  • Lovely_Jazz
    Lovely_Jazz Day ago

    Lovely 😊💜

  • Wakeen Smith
    Wakeen Smith Day ago

    Pretty women, dirty cars....go figure

  • Luisa Herrera
    Luisa Herrera Day ago


  • xrisouli mou
    xrisouli mou Day ago subscriber from Channons channel. Luv ur home and decor, it's so beautiful. Ur kids are so adorable, and the bond between u and ur baby gurl is precious. I was wondering where u found the fairy lites w/snowflakes in P's room? They are so pretty!! Thank you~♡ Can't wait to watch more of ur videos....

  • Janet adey
    Janet adey Day ago

    Sorry but definitely take off the bows on those lovely red lanterns.

  • miss76suger
    miss76suger Day ago

    Love how helpful the cooking was !

    • Brianna K
      Brianna K Day ago

      miss76suger you are welcome! ❤️

  • Marilyn B
    Marilyn B Day ago

    What beautiful tablesettings!!! Love your dinng room and the lovely colors!!!

  • Carla Peters
    Carla Peters Day ago

    Terrifying. Please just no. You have no business doing a makeup tutorial

  • Mary alice
    Mary alice Day ago

    Do you have a link for curtain?

  • Virginia L. P.

    HI! Really like your videos!! Your Decorating is beautiful! Liked the brine segment for turkey...going to do it!

  • Spindle Of Grace

    ❤️❤️I was inspired by Bri and the other great ladies in the youtube cleaning world to start a channel!! I will subscribe back for anyone else who wants helping starting out! 👏🏼👏🏼

  • xoxo, gladys
    xoxo, gladys Day ago

    Who sings the jolly holiday song? I’ve looked everywhere for it 😩

  • Brooke McGilton

    I just love how Presley talks! Shes so stinking cute. My daughter is 3 and i just love to ask her questions and talk to her to hear her crazy responses.

  • Melissa Newman

    Loving your videos! Where did you get your garlands?

  • nicole robinson

    Hey Bri.. Glad Adam had a safe Procedure ❤️. Love the kids Pajamas & Hats.. I definitely love the Songs you play on your Videos. Need that playlist

  • Renee Desrochers

    I wanna know how big and full her storage actually is 😅💙😂

  • Heather G
    Heather G Day ago

    Awww love u Bri!!

  • Beth Eldridge
    Beth Eldridge Day ago

    Love this! So many great tips for decorating and cooking! Thanks♡

  • Stephanie Ruby

    But what did you do with the turkey for all of that time until the guests arrived?

  • juliette_in_ hamburg

    I just found your channel a few days ago and instantly fell in love. This video just confirmed it. You are an amazing woman. We have a lot in common and I just want to be as strong and loving as you are. Thank you! ♥️

  • RoseAustin C.
    RoseAustin C. Day ago

    Your daughter is so adorable! Must be so fun and cute to have conversations with her.

    • RoseAustin C.
      RoseAustin C. Day ago

      Brianna K Hahaha! I get ya, mama! I’ve got two little chatterboxes 😂

    • Brianna K
      Brianna K Day ago

      RoseAustin C. Fun, cute and tiring lol 😄

  • 6Little_pigs
    6Little_pigs Day ago

    😫 I wish we were friends in real life!!! I love having friends like this! So creative and generous

  • aemee parrott
    aemee parrott Day ago

    your little angel girl! omg! such a sweetie ☺️❤️ what a helper she is!

  • Maela Warren
    Maela Warren Day ago

    You did a great job! You are so good at decorating I hope to decorate just as well as you. I am so glad you had some fun with Friendsgiving and a sleepover with Myka, definitely a break well deserved for a hard working momma.

  • cherissa adams

    Your kind of a turkey master - thx for recipe. NGL. Love the table!

    • Brianna K
      Brianna K Day ago

      cherissa adams aww thank you ! ❤️🙂

  • jennifer kwak
    jennifer kwak Day ago

    So fun Bri!♡ the decor looks so gorgeous and the food looks amazing♡

  • Dzamila Guseinova

    Я не понимаю английского только русский или немецкий а так Всё супер 👍

  • San Juana Guerra

    Thank you for this video. You do a great job in all you do! You are an amazing woman 😘 You give me motivation to do things around my condo. Although my 2 yr old makes a mess in 5 minutes. Of her toys.😞 Have a great week 😘

  • Alexandra M
    Alexandra M Day ago

    Your decorating videos are amazing!!!

  • Bailey cullen
    Bailey cullen Day ago

    Sorry to hear about your dad.. I myself lost my dad four years ago today.

  • Carli C
    Carli C Day ago

    Recently found your channel and really enjoy your videos!!

  • Jayy Jayy
    Jayy Jayy Day ago

    I’m glad his surgery went well 💙 such a good day!

  • Michele Gasso
    Michele Gasso Day ago

    Love how your kids know their story, prayers, & song so well they can say it all with you! That has to be the sweetest bedtime routine I've ever seen! They are so adorable! "Night Night Mom..Love you Mom!" (my heart was melting!) ❤You're an awesome Mom!

  • Ayshe Lily
    Ayshe Lily Day ago

    Hey Brianna! I love watching your videos you make everything look so easy!! I have a few questions please! What is the age gap between Presley and Landon? How did you get them to be such good sleepers? Did you do sleep training at some point? What do you use when sticking banners/decorations on the wall? Look forward to hearing from you x

  • livbythesea
    livbythesea Day ago

    This next week is gonna be crazy with cleaning. My son's birthday is on Thanksgiving this year...we are skipping all the family dinners and going to Disneyland!

  • Chris Knight
    Chris Knight Day ago

    Shark steamer and shark vaccum works. Best give it a try

  • kendra Johnson


  • Sondra Six
    Sondra Six Day ago

    What a fun day

  • Agnes. Love
    Agnes. Love Day ago

    New love it

  • Gladis Sandoval

    P and London melt my heart

  • Suzanne MacLellan

    Awwww loved your video! You are such an amazing host!

  • Julie and Ryan

    You are beautiful inside and out.

  • Martine Dearing

    Hey... in your sons room you have a humidifier? Is it any good? I am looking for a good one that will last. Let me know please! ❤️🎄

  • Caitlyn Vail
    Caitlyn Vail Day ago

    You are such a nice mom you seem like y care so much about your family. I wish you could come do my room

  • dwhite51289
    dwhite51289 Day ago

    Is Myka Stauffer there I thought I saw her name on a pinecone

  • Anshu Gupta
    Anshu Gupta Day ago

    Woahoooo ❤️❤️ this looks so so beautiful ❤️❤️ #notificationsquad #instafam ❤️❤️ we don’t celebrate thanksgiving here but after watching it i fell like celebrating😍