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  • H. R.
    H. R. 5 months ago

    I could barely understand you. If you make another video, try backing off the mic a little bit.

  • irishguy200007
    irishguy200007 5 months ago

    This is incorrect, the first transformer was created in the 1830's by Nicholas Callan

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    LU LU 7 months ago

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  • சிந்தனைச்செல்வி sindhanaiselvi

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    Edward Chamberlin 8 months ago

    Isn’t that kind of a given?

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    Lasitha Lasitha 8 months ago

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    Taroor Pushpa 10 months ago

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    S.Z Koari 10 months ago

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    Bharath KA19 11 months ago

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    Suresh Suresh 11 months ago

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  • Jack Dough
    Jack Dough 11 months ago

    why is your profile picture of the Nazi swastika instead of a peaceful one?

  • Wolf The Husky
    Wolf The Husky 11 months ago

    True his voyage was a milestone.

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    jaat bhai 11 months ago

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    Sumathi R Year ago

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    • Dharanya Karthikeyan
      Dharanya Karthikeyan 11 months ago

      நாட்டு மருந்து கடைகளில் கிடைக்கும்

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    • Dharanya Karthikeyan
      Dharanya Karthikeyan 11 months ago

      நாட்டு மருந்து கடைகளில் கிடைக்கும்

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  • Robinson Pittman

    HANNO was a Black African........he was from LIBYA.......This is Black womens global history. Im an archaeologist at Michigan State.....been into Egypt,Africa 3times to research.

    • Robinson Pittman
      Robinson Pittman 11 months ago

      +Wolf The Husky no greek blood in him. African people. His mother was Black African.

    • Wolf The Husky
      Wolf The Husky 11 months ago

      Did you guys find out if Hanno has Greek blood in him or not?

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    Ok lets explain something important by just blowing in the microphone...

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    Thank you for posting this - quite informative. Cheers from Australia.

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    揚小 2 years ago

    Chinese alligator is the animal that inspired the Chinese dragon myths and legends

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  • hotboyjameshh
    hotboyjameshh 2 years ago

    Hey, I have a question I'm hoping you can answer, regarding electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic energy As I understand, light is what is more generally called "electromagnetic energy," right? The energy radiated by a star, by an antenna, by a light bulb, by your cell phone, etc.. are all the same kind of energy: electromagnetic energy, i.e. photons traveling through space. So far, so good? (if not please clarify) On the other hand, there are these things called "electromagnetic fields", for example earth's magnetic field, or the magnetic field around magnets, the electric field around a charge or those fields that coils and capacitors produce. Now here is my question: Are these two things (electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic energy) two forms of the same thing? or they are two completely different phenomena? If they are different things, What does light (energy) have to do with electromagtetism? I'm not asking for a complex theoretical answer, just an intuitive explanation.

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    ஏன்யா மனசுக்குல்லே பேசிக்கிரே சத்தமாதான் பேசேன்.கொரஜ்ஜா போயிடுவே? சே இவனுக தொல்ல தாங்கலடா சாமீ.

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    Seidhi migavum arumaiyaga irundhadhu. Annal please please please..........voice projection nalla illa

      MAGARISHI 2 years ago

      Thanks. I will rectify the voice projection.

  • Hazim Hazim
    Hazim Hazim 2 years ago

    Malayan tiger habitat originaly at peninsula Malaysia. We call it Harimau Malaya.

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    Maybe try and edit your voice, I suggest the program "audacity" to make it clearer. Otherwise a great video! Keep up the good work!

      MAGARISHI 2 years ago

      Thanks for your suggestion

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    Numbers are declining because of chemicals sprayed on the crops.

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