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  • layla xx
    layla xx 4 minutes ago

    rodger is such a pretty woman

    LYUDMILA PARKER 12 minutes ago


  • MJ Burk
    MJ Burk 27 minutes ago

    These actors weren’t “copying other people” all the little details and cues are what’s called CHOREOGRAPHY! Y’all wanna act like you know how to make a movie then research !!! This is amazing choreography and a lovely reenactment of the original performance!!! It’s ART!

  • MJ Burk
    MJ Burk 29 minutes ago

    The attention to detail in this makes me so happy. From Brian’s iconic guitar strumming, Rami mimicking all of Freddie’s hand movements & even placing his hands the same way Freddie HELD the microphone, or John Deacons little dance strut across the stage. Whether you think this is easy bc you’re “copying another person”. You don’t know acting. The fact this was also in one take just takes my breath away. I love the attention to detail so much. Y’all are wildin’. Everyone in this scene mf killed it, I STILL CANT GET OVER HOW JOHN & BRIAN’S MOVEMENTS WERE CALCULATED TO THE BONE MAN

  • 이동하
    이동하 2 hours ago

    Why didn't cast of Brian May?

  • J J
    J J 4 hours ago

    too big eyes, accent not there: As they say: lead of the Queen has a very good English pronunciation while singing, this one is not quite there yet sorry...!!! so for me who ever sing a song that I understand as English as second language I will Approve it as YES MAN

  • im batman
    im batman 4 hours ago

    whats with the m!xed race pub..wtf whats well wrong lmao..should be all white plus nobody smoking too lmfao..lot of mistakes in this whole thing..its similar but some mistakes n cheesey stuff..i gues the youngsters wont notice eh.. and if you only know about queen because of the movie your pretty darn sad!

  • Maniac4Bricks
    Maniac4Bricks 4 hours ago

    Thanks for the side by side comparison. Another point for Family Guy for something smartly written.

  • happy thilla
    happy thilla 4 hours ago

    Fucking bastard is cute and unmatchable and unique

  • Skyler Jade
    Skyler Jade 4 hours ago

    That was mesmerizing

    SEAN HAVENS 5 hours ago

    The Live Aid performance and audience still more impressive...but they did a great job.

  • Tetsuo Max
    Tetsuo Max 5 hours ago

    mandela in jail for terrorism , not peace !

  • bulletproof soul
    bulletproof soul 5 hours ago

    I love hearing her sing "como la flor" She definitely had a strong presence smh such a beautiful soul gone way too soon. Selena is In my top five fav movies for sure! 🌹💎💖

  • cait
    cait 5 hours ago

    truly one of the greats. rest in power freddie mercury

  • Helbert Salimbangon
    Helbert Salimbangon 5 hours ago

    Amazing memories that can be inspirational

  • Red Days
    Red Days 6 hours ago

    It sucks they cut out most of the live aid part that sucks

  • Ogga Bogga
    Ogga Bogga 7 hours ago

    I wish I was one of the people that went to the concert and watched the movie

  • whyistomatoafruit
    whyistomatoafruit 7 hours ago

    The shot of her bitch mother in the audience gave me chills.

  • glasgow rangers
    glasgow rangers 7 hours ago

    Freddie mercury just them two words is an icon its self we need more singers like this these days instead of the post malone cardi B stuff

  • Colt
    Colt 7 hours ago


  • Cherryl Joyce Mebato

    If you have an earphone or headphone, you can hear both sides of Selena and JLo. Both of them are amazing!!!

  • Alan Looney
    Alan Looney 8 hours ago


  • kevin riquelme
    kevin riquelme 8 hours ago


  • usuarios esval
    usuarios esval 8 hours ago

    Genial!!!!!! Grandes ambos.

  • TheGreateWhiteNorth
    TheGreateWhiteNorth 8 hours ago

    Why would they take Crazy Little Thing Called Love out of the full movie.

  • Alexa Farrell
    Alexa Farrell 8 hours ago

    Did Margot actually learn to skate

  • Destiny Hogue
    Destiny Hogue 8 hours ago

    Dell Henderson (down there in Men in Black) and a different guy with a mustache is just a spoof, I mean in 1:56.

  • Pusfilth
    Pusfilth 8 hours ago

    Jim Morrison is the type of person you think is cool when you’re young, then you grow up a little and just think “eugh”

  • fledwest
    fledwest 10 hours ago

    Great edit!

  • Amoni Kalu
    Amoni Kalu 10 hours ago

    8:02 That's part ugh made me cry ❤️

  • Dannbyu
    Dannbyu 11 hours ago

    damn dude this was the only part of the movie that was actually accurate

  • Joe Black
    Joe Black 11 hours ago


  • Jordi Trévole
    Jordi Trévole 12 hours ago

    Great job! Fredy should love it, sure.

  • Ivan Helovanitch
    Ivan Helovanitch 13 hours ago

    All it took was an Ar-e injected death sentence to finish such a great performer off,but at least Geldof got his knighthood.

  • Kourt Nee
    Kourt Nee 13 hours ago

    She did a nice job being Selena, but she doesn't look like her to me. I still respect her. R.I.P SELENA

  • Franky Vielle
    Franky Vielle 14 hours ago

    Who is the drama queen who hangs hm self because Harvey came home 15 minutes late in the movie.

  • Willhelm Kackebart98
    Willhelm Kackebart98 14 hours ago

    The Guitar that was used by Brian May was build by his Dad. When Brian Was a kid they build it from the table plate and he has almost never played another guitar...

  • Roy Huijsmans
    Roy Huijsmans 15 hours ago


  • Николай Костров

    Freddie - you are champion!

  • Roy Huijsmans
    Roy Huijsmans 15 hours ago

    LIES!FUCK this movie...worthless rubish. To portait Jimi (a dead person) as a wifebeater. fuck you Ridley! Why spend so much money on a piece like this...

  • Sidahmed Master
    Sidahmed Master 15 hours ago

    But where is the last song?? I think it's called "is this the world we created "

  • B Clarke
    B Clarke 15 hours ago

    Man the 20th Century had a lot of amazing memorable Music artists. Now of days autotune takes most of the credit and music artists are stealing each other music styles.

  • 2000diamondman
    2000diamondman 16 hours ago

    7:40 i honestly find this part of the concert the most incredible. what band today commands an audience like Freddie did here?

  • Biker's Garage
    Biker's Garage 17 hours ago

    Grande entre los grandes, un excelente tributo a la encarnación de Dionisio. Sin duda el mejor legado musical que este monstruo nos regaló, vive por siempre en nuestros corazones enchinando la piel en cada interpretacion de sus grandes obras. El poeta místico y ahora petrificado reptil Jim Morrison.

  • Sanak punsu jak pasteg

    sang duplicatornya muantaaaapp !!!!

  • Romina Soto Bobadilla
    Romina Soto Bobadilla 17 hours ago

    No soy fan de Jennifer López, pero debo reconocer que hizo un buen trabajo y que tuvo un gran equipo super preocupado de todos los detalles que ayudaron a verla muy similar a Selena. Su papá bien sabe de eso porque fue quien produjo la película. Sin duda el parecido físico fue de de gran ayuda en el personaje y que Jennifer tiene una bella sonrisa, lo cual la hace carismática y hermosa. Belleza, juventud, talento, simpatía, gracia y ternura: Selena lo tenía todo! ❤️

  • shaun king
    shaun king 18 hours ago

    What a conman. All conmen appear nice and your friend.....

  • Steve Reekie
    Steve Reekie 18 hours ago

    Hey Dimitri, I would love to see a scene comparison video of Andy Serkis in 'Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll' with the real Ian Dury videos. He did a great job in that movie !

    CHRISTOPHER PRICE 19 hours ago

    Wow...whoever made this video did a great job. I see why Jim didn’t get an Oscar like he felt he did. Jim really overacted in this portrayal. Jim made Andy look nervous and scared.

  • Puru Dhawan
    Puru Dhawan 19 hours ago

    Wish he was still alive!! I am 20, wasn't even born until years after he died, but i still wish he was here, i wanted to hug for giving us this music! Thank you Freddie

  • soerseg
    soerseg 20 hours ago

    From Russia with love.

  • JJK Tekerz
    JJK Tekerz 22 hours ago

    Live ‘aid’ was a sign lol

  • Trapezoid Sangwich
    Trapezoid Sangwich 22 hours ago

    In the first movie the eyes of the Incredibles family were really sunken causing the characters to look tired and it caused Mr. Incredible to look really creepy in the dinner scene in the 2004 movie.

  • CallMeStark
    CallMeStark 23 hours ago

    Not gonna lie I forgot about the top one for like the whole video

  • Kentucky Daisy
    Kentucky Daisy 23 hours ago

    I'm still disappointed Sacha baron Cohen didn't do it, he would have been able to sing, rami doesn't do any of the singing.

  • The Folan
    The Folan Day ago

    Geez, he's stand up. So should you!

  • The Folan
    The Folan Day ago

    I hate when everything are not accurate

  • supersevenn
    supersevenn Day ago

    for those of this generation watching this. this is the greatest 20 minute set in music history

  • Jason CastroDiaz

    Selena was such a great singer and had such amazing music I get goosebumps and excited every time I hear her voice

  • Angel Giordano

    Netflix found the skinniest person who least resembles Selena to play her🤦‍♀️

  • Pedro Torres
    Pedro Torres Day ago

    She had a score of 31 on the psychopath test. That's "light-years" different from the general public according to Dr. Robert Hare ..

  • American Paisa

    Alli with an i

  • PullBack ExtraSkin

    I never thought i would be the one to do wrong. Sheesh.. Hurts after a while.. Just to think that someone felt something beautiful for you.. And you go and do what you.. And when they get over it.. It is the one that caused it that hurts the most.. Idk.. Im drunk. Experience

  • PullBack ExtraSkin

    Selena was the baddest

  • Diego Rey
    Diego Rey Day ago

    rami malek seems to be the Freddy's syphilitic cousin

  • Agatha sturm
    Agatha sturm Day ago

    I'm crying

  • colderbeer
    colderbeer Day ago

    What a train wreck.....

  • Amanda Walsh
    Amanda Walsh Day ago

    She had so much talent. Truth is she could have beat Nancy because she was so much more daring. The men didn't need to compromise the situation. It's sad though that Nancy would have only won solely because she was *prettier*

  • sul kio
    sul kio Day ago

    The 2018 move actor looks much shorter.

  • Camila Suau
    Camila Suau Day ago

    No wonder why Rami Malek won the Oscar, the whole scene is amazing

  • Nithin Danday
    Nithin Danday Day ago

    You've set you self up to be copyright claimed 3 times

  • yoglo2
    yoglo2 Day ago

    Freddie Mercury.. the real thing in musical industry. Natural performance.

  • yoglo2
    yoglo2 Day ago

    Hard to beat the real thing. Mu favourite performer all over the word.😭

  • Lesley Wynter
    Lesley Wynter Day ago

    He is nothing like Jimi, the whole film was crud. Awful beyond belief.

  • Sandra Fernandez

    me encanta

  • mixed_baby_1971

    Aileen wournos didnt deserve to die.

  • Anthony Trotter

    I love him

  • Christopher Russell

    Somewhere, while Marty McFly was in November 1955, some random event led to Jennifer Parker combing her hair down...

  • Bill Bobaggins

    I hate to be negative but he just doesn't capture the Freddie Mercury essence

  • SoccerBOIgaming

    They didn’t do we will rock u cuz it would break a hole in the ground

    • World Traveler
      World Traveler Day ago

      They played "we will rock you" after " crazy little thing called love". You have to watch 20 min set ru-clip.com/video/TkFHYODzRTs/video.html

  • Jose Oliva
    Jose Oliva Day ago

    Lo siento pero Cómo Selena no hay dos la numero 1️⃣ siempre si Selena estuviera la carrera de Jennifer López no existiera

  • Hailie Paz
    Hailie Paz Day ago

    The corantion was on point what in the world like every little move was the same

  • Boki
    Boki Day ago

    Who's watching in 2020? jk is 2019 but pretend is 2020 :)

  • Aldo Parziale
    Aldo Parziale Day ago

    Why does it seem like every actor in the movie, including some of the band, have a surprised look on their face, like this performance was Queens first big break and they're all shocked at how good it's going??!! I don't get that, anyone else know what I mean?

  • Exavier Ruiz
    Exavier Ruiz Day ago

    the actor looks nothing like Freddie I hate it

  • Yed Man
    Yed Man Day ago


  • Bioniking
    Bioniking Day ago

    I hate what Jimmy Fallon does on his show but he did a spot on Morrison impersonation

  • Alyssa Nicole
    Alyssa Nicole Day ago

    Everyone: Selena Quintanilla Me: Selena Queentanilla

  • listen to me
    listen to me Day ago

    Just thinking that to do this kind of comparison back when these movies were made, most would’ve needed 2 video players and 2 TV sets. Fast forward to today and it’s become much easier. Not even the BTTF producers and writers would have imagined viewers splicing the 2 movies one day for comparison and they still did a 100% job on the timing of all the events in the films. That time and dedication to detail is lost. Amazing movies and my favourites for good reasons. Good job on the clip too!

  • Magaly Bahena
    Magaly Bahena Day ago

    Jlo esta super sobreactuada

    • Magaly Bahena
      Magaly Bahena Day ago

      @Daniel N 'iri ini pilicula pindiji'

    • Daniel N
      Daniel N Day ago

      Magaly Bahena era un película pendeja

  • uhh h
    uhh h Day ago

    this is the only good thing jlo has done in her career

  • Tchookoo Tchookoo

    I like the lion king one and a half and lion king 3

  • Aline Sousa
    Aline Sousa Day ago

    O ator merece receber mil estatuetas do Oscar! Elenco maravilhoso! O filme reacendeu o amor pelo Rei!

  • Neha Shrestha
    Neha Shrestha Day ago

    The system failed her

  • Bollie
    Bollie Day ago

    Rami Malek looks like an empty overacting shell, compared to the real Freddy, who had this charisma, like he was warmly welcoming each and every member of the audience. A really likable guy. Nevertheless, in my opinion, Rami really deserved his Oscar. It must have been the toughest job an actor had to do in recent years.

  • toiaaa youtube

    ben ,joe, gwilym, rami and lucy. ARE PERFECT

  • Shekinah Coulter

    16:52 creepy extra looking straight at camera 🎥 lol 😂

  • Angel Ramirez
    Angel Ramirez Day ago

    Idk how I feel about the show that's coming out next year. No one can nail this movie the way JLo did.

  • Thomas Wagner
    Thomas Wagner Day ago

    I love Queen, I love Freddie and I hated this movie so much. Especially Rami made look Freddie arrogant.... Not good at all. For the movie it had been better if the used the original Wembley concert for the final...I never understood why they did this.

  • Emily Calderwood

    It’s like two different cameras at the same event, exact!