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  • Marcos Beatles
    Marcos Beatles 11 days ago

    A segundo é Häx Cel - Albinoni Häx Cel - Zwai xЖанр: Classical/Progressive rock Год выпуска диска: 2001 Производитель диска: Германия (Garden Of Delights CD 056) Аудио кодек: FLAC Тип рипа: image + .cue Битрейт аудио: lossless Продолжительность: 43:43 Трэклист: 1. Albinoni (4:12) 2. A Second Time (3:04) 3. Music (5:23) 4. Julius Caesar (4:36) 5. Bourree (1:19) 6. Marsch (5:17) 7. Land Of Dreams (5:01) 8. To Barbara (7:16) 9. Andante (0:59) Bonus tracks: 10. Albinoni (3:23) 11. Difference (3:13) rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=974404

    • Marcos Beatles
      Marcos Beatles 10 days ago

      @Márcio Coutinho De nada, sei muito bem o q é isso... fiquei muito tempo pra descobrir uma música, e quando consegui, foi só alegria!!

    • Márcio Coutinho
      Márcio Coutinho 10 days ago


  • rami nitsan
    rami nitsan 29 days ago

    great album

  • Gabriel Vanlandingham-Dunn

    In Raekwon voice: "A yo son, we COLD be flyin' B"

  • Marinho
    Marinho Month ago

    Caramba, esses rocks da época são melhores que os de hj. Eu amei a primeira música, do Banco 😍. Em tempo: vc tem gravações de outros programas da 98 da época?

    • Márcio Coutinho
      Márcio Coutinho 3 days ago

      @Marinho exatamente agora vc só ouve funk e pagode, infelizmente aqui no Rio de Janeiro não existe mais uma radio rock boa, a radio cidade 102,9 é uma merda, então vamos de rádio online, fica ligado que depois vou postar alguns links de rádio.

    • Márcio Coutinho
      Márcio Coutinho 3 days ago

      @Marinho fique a vontade

    • Marinho
      Marinho 4 days ago

      @Márcio Coutinho ah, eu me inscrevi no teu canal tbm

    • Marinho
      Marinho 4 days ago

      @Márcio Coutinho pow, show de bola. Eu acabei de assistir um do eldo pop, muito bom tbm, essas rádios deixaram saudades, em especial as vinhetas 😊

    • Márcio Coutinho
      Márcio Coutinho Month ago


    ALLAN GOMES Month ago


  • ELOcho
    ELOcho Month ago

    My first rock concert I was 14 San Juan Puerto Rico; never could forget the violin and a magic performance.

  • Russ DAngelo
    Russ DAngelo 2 months ago

    John Wetton is my all time favorite vocalist and great bass player too!!

  • Udi Koomran
    Udi Koomran 2 months ago

    love it

  • mudylafeet
    mudylafeet 2 months ago

    Epic performance/recording, Eddie Jobson - keyboards, electric violin, electronics John Wetton - bass, lead vocals Terry Bozzio - drums i missed Holdsworth though - thank you for the high quality upload - cheers

  • Richard Tippens Jr
    Richard Tippens Jr 3 months ago

    My first introduction to the drumming of Terry Bozzio. He gives Neil Peart competition. I am a UK fan and Bozzio fan.

  • Michael Dearmon
    Michael Dearmon 3 months ago

    As a 55 year old goth this was my 1st concert in 79 it was the second line up wetton jobson and Terry bozio it was a free concert in Philly pa it started to get dark the acid we took was strong jobsons violin started to glow a laser hit it the shit was wild the visuals was awesome bosio ripped the drums apart and wetton holds a special place in my heart rip UK

  • Ian Dunbar
    Ian Dunbar 3 months ago

    Seriously? This recording/mix/release is shyte. Randy Bachman give your head a shake. Where are ALL the hits, guitar solos and BTO jams, you beehawtchez are famous for?? WTF?

  • anderson rocha
    anderson rocha 3 months ago

    que satisfação

  • andante005
    andante005 4 months ago

    Number one, LOVED Robbie's voice.......so rich, forceful when needed, a big contributor on harmonies from what I was told, etc. But Steve Walsh, on Lonely Street, etc..........I don't think he has ever been underrated, but my God, he was so soulful , and nuanced, and strong......this band was once in a lifetime. Truly.

  • Brian Bingham
    Brian Bingham 4 months ago

    I have this on well taken care of original vinyl and jacket! I have been a fan of Randy Bachman's music here in Canada since I was 13 tears old in 1965! I had 45 RPMs The Guess Who Quality records issues 1724X , 1752X , 1778X , 1797X , 1815X , 1832X, 1863X , 1890X and Nimbus records NN-9002 , NN-9004 , NN-9005, 74-0175, 74-0300 , 74-0325, 74-0367, 74-0388, 74-0414, 74-0458 , 74-0522, 74-0578, 74-0659, 74-0708, 74-803, 74-0880, 74-0926, 74-0977, APBO-0217, APBO-0324, PB-10075 , PB-10216, PB-10360, PB-10410, PB-10716 . Brave Belt Reprise Records REP-1083, REP 3689 ,. Bachman Turner Overdrive Mercury Records M-73383,M-73417, M-73457 , M-73487, M-73622,M-73656, M-73683,M-73274 , M-73710, M-73766, M-73784 , M-73843,M-73903, M-73926,M-73987. Iron Horse Scotti Brothers Records SB-406, Sb-408. Albums Skakin' All Over (I have on CD) ,It's Time (I have on CD), A Wild Pair (Nimbus NNE-100) , Canned Wheat, Wheatfield Soul, American Woman ,Share The Land, So Long Bannatyne, Rockin' , Artificial Paradise . Power In The Music, Live At The Paramount (I have on CD with all the bonus tracks) , The Greatest Of The Guess Who (RCA Victor-AYL1-3746 I still have this on original vinyl) . Brave Belt 2. BTO albums Bachman Turner Overdrive , Bachman Turner Overdrive 2, Not Fragile, Four Wheel Drive ,Head On , Freeways, B.T.O. Live Japan Tour, Best Of B.T.O. (So Far). I also have a very rare early Guess Who audio cassette on Quality Records issued about 1968.

  • EarthSurferUSA
    EarthSurferUSA 5 months ago

    "Taking care of business" It is President Trump's turn to take care of Washington swamp business, (somewhat, I have my fingers crossed that it will happen). After 4 decades of anti-business politics in the USA, it is our turn. It is our turn!

  • EarthSurferUSA
    EarthSurferUSA 5 months ago

    "Don't get yourself in trouble" Good advise.

  • ReneeNme
    ReneeNme 5 months ago

    If you are hearing this audio for the very first time, congratulations, you have discovered a true gem of an album.

    • ReneeNme
      ReneeNme 5 months ago

      57 se preparando para transformar 58

    • Márcio Coutinho
      Márcio Coutinho 5 months ago

      @ReneeNme 53 anos quase 54

    • ReneeNme
      ReneeNme 5 months ago

      Uau. Você deve ser tão velho quanto eu sou então.

    • Márcio Coutinho
      Márcio Coutinho 5 months ago

      Eu já tenho esse álbum há quase 40 anos, é uma obra de arte. Muito obrigado

  • Timothy Wilson
    Timothy Wilson 5 months ago

    Holy unbelievable and I remember this when I was a teenager!

  • Art Rock
    Art Rock 5 months ago

    Jobson just inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame !! (2019)

    CHARLES NOLAN 5 months ago

    1979...NOT 1978 new double reissue featuring entire Nagoya, Japan show released March 2019- 40th anniversary....

  • Miss Deluxe
    Miss Deluxe 6 months ago

    A shame that the 'In the Dead of Night' solo here is an embarrassment vis-a-vis what Mr. Holdsworth could do.

    • Russ DAngelo
      Russ DAngelo 2 months ago

      Miss Deluxe who is playing guitar?

  • Art Rock
    Art Rock 6 months ago

    Full concert length version released March 8, 2019 !!!! Remixed by Bob Clearmountain in 5.1 surround-sound. "Night After Night - Extended."

  • Ordep Serrot
    Ordep Serrot 6 months ago


  • tim Braman
    tim Braman 7 months ago

    Seriously Closet Chronicles was so far off from what they had been doing lyrically and subject matter, but for god's sake studio and even more live that's such an amazing mesh of vocals from Steve to Robbie. I can't think of too many of the so called great bands that probably topped themselves live but they were so amazing and I'm just mad as hell nobody managed to tell me this back then.

  • system700ful
    system700ful 7 months ago


  • Ronald Rios Arriagada
    Ronald Rios Arriagada 7 months ago

    Mr. Wetton RIP, excelente concert, UK sublime....

  • Javier Feliciano
    Javier Feliciano 8 months ago

    There was a time when the music was excellent and this album is a great example of that time.

  • David Czarnecki
    David Czarnecki 8 months ago

    Love this I posted a while ago, one of my favorite 70's bands

  • Protoman888
    Protoman888 8 months ago


  • Kevin Taylor
    Kevin Taylor 9 months ago

    I was at the Atlanta Show at the Fox Theater. They were on fire that night.

  • dôgus utôôpia
    dôgus utôôpia 9 months ago


  • dôgus utôôpia
    dôgus utôôpia 9 months ago


  • Joaquin Ach
    Joaquin Ach 9 months ago

    Fuertes cuerdas fuerte rock barroco tremenda banda Siempre Kansas !

  • Shane Blaine
    Shane Blaine 9 months ago

    what Asia could have been , if jobson had been included they would have actually made some decent albums instead of the mostly awful fluff stuff they did but of course they needed to make a living

    • Russ DAngelo
      Russ DAngelo 2 months ago

      Shane Blaine ASIA’s first album is phenomenal!!

  • jori jauhiainen
    jori jauhiainen 9 months ago

    Best live album ever!

  • thomas balink
    thomas balink 10 months ago

    loved them !

    • thomas balink
      thomas balink 10 months ago

      ...no, it was 1979 !

    • thomas balink
      thomas balink 10 months ago

      saw their live show on december 1978, i believe, at the KANT KINO, Berlin. - ....was a great gig.

    GRILLBUOY101 11 months ago

    Anyone know what Steve sounds like today I think he has a new Band. Now

    GRILLBUOY101 11 months ago

    Steve's voice wow ' it turned out to be one of my favorite singers ever I saw them 4 times 76 tour WS the best

  • shep
    shep 11 months ago

    Looks like eight douche bags don't know what great music is. Smh......

  • Bruno Carvalho
    Bruno Carvalho 11 months ago

    Não entendo porque uma banda tão maravilhosa como essa se acabou tão cedo.

  • SelectCircle
    SelectCircle 11 months ago

    I wonder if Tori Amos heard this when she was young. I hear this as a precursor to her stuff. ... Is Amos a Krog wannabe?

  • 김태석
    김태석 Year ago

    This album is filled with the scent of breathless playing of genius performer... Great...

  • David Michaelsen

    Prog rock live.I get a lot of inspiration from this, even thou I play drums in a metal band

    OSCAR RIVERA Year ago

    uk was the very first rock band ,I had ever seen in concert back in 1979, the show took place in Puerto rico ,,,great show.....

  • freedomisnocrime

    LEARN, JUSTIN BIEBER, LEARN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • WS NONE
      WS NONE 2 months ago

      who is dist yustin beeper?

  • Lawrence R
    Lawrence R Year ago

    Opened for Tull prov ri I was blown away

  • manuel barreiro garcía

    la versión que he recibido de i-tunes es mucho más amplia. Esto dicho, no hay que negar que es un KANSAS potente, poderoso y de calidad. Desde 1978 es uno de mis discos icónicos

  • John A. De Jesus

    My first rock concert(1981), each of them as impressive as the other.

  • Domingo Martinez

    Que buenos son los bto

  • Rob ONeil
    Rob ONeil Year ago

    This is outstanding music. (My love of YES music brought me here.)

  • Steven Pardue
    Steven Pardue Year ago

    Remarkable harmonies considering this is a live performance.

    • MorbidManMusic
      MorbidManMusic 5 months ago

      The fixed stuff after, it's very common. They multi tracked live shows so the could add and fix

  • Chuck Siegfried
    Chuck Siegfried Year ago

    I hear lots background vocals that aren't on "Curtain Call." Were the voices dubbed in? Or did Jobson and Bozzio sing back in the day?

    • Art Rock
      Art Rock 5 months ago

      Jobson & Bozzio sang backup back in the day.

  • dockaiser
    dockaiser Year ago

    Wetton was an awesum singer ...

  • Enrique Oyola
    Enrique Oyola Year ago

    The best of them all saw the band live in Puerto Rico 1979 God keep in his hands Mr John Wetton and Mr. Allan Holdsworth . Astroboy

    • MorbidManMusic
      MorbidManMusic 5 months ago

      Which God keeps them in his hands? They were here, now they're gone. No god

    • Javier Feliciano
      Javier Feliciano 8 months ago

      Enrique, yo estube presente me recuerdo que le abrieron pelican in fly con Taino, fue mi primer concierto, contaba con 12 years old, y recuerdo especialmente los solos de violin,y aTerry Bozzio en la bateria,,,, fue BRUTAL, de que pueblo eres natural, yo soy de Guaynado.

  • Javier Garcia Jimenez

    Grandísimo live de una grandísima banda de supermusicos,siempre estarás en mis recuerdos jhon descansa en ☮️

  • Dino Mader
    Dino Mader Year ago

    This album was recorded in 1982 actually!!

  • Charles Goede
    Charles Goede Year ago

    Just a great album regardless of which UK you might have preferred. What a time for music!

  • OekoEnergieseit1997

    I saw them in 1981 live...., but this album must be recorded much later (1988?).

    • Darrell Jacobson
      Darrell Jacobson Year ago

      Muzzle Flash was a live recording that they sold at concerts with their merchandise. Somebody took that and tacked on some songs from a king biscuit concert of theirs in 1988. I think it was recorded in Memphis. By that time Don Barnes had left and was replaced by Max Carl. They did another self-produced live show called Eldorado Road that they also sold at concerts. That came out in 1984. It's awesome. It has a smokin version of Around and Around and Fortunate Son on it.

      RON JEPPERSON Year ago

      No not in 1988. It came out on Wild Eyed and Lyve VHS around 1983/1984 . That concert was same concert in 1983 I went to I believe. I will have to look at My VHS Tape for Date.

    • Márcio Coutinho
      Márcio Coutinho Year ago

      Please excuse this album is recorded between 1981 and 1988 (Live in Atlanta and Memphis, 1981 and 1988)

    • Márcio Coutinho
      Márcio Coutinho Year ago

      Please excuse this album is recorded between 1981 and 1988 (Live in Atlanta and Memphis, 1981 and 1988)

    • Márcio Coutinho
      Márcio Coutinho Year ago

      Please excuse this album is recorded between 1981 and 1988 (Live in Atlanta and Memphis, 1981 and 1988)

  • Andros Moros
    Andros Moros Year ago

    Its so cool. :D


    Uno de mis lps favoritos no me canso de escucharlos

  • frank jasutis
    frank jasutis Year ago

    please tell me I saw them in Toronto opening for Jethro Tull...right?..the one and only time that I actually watched the opening band..dont know why..but sooooo glad I did


    Muito bom 👍

  • dmanster
    dmanster Year ago

    Huge UK fan here. Always looking for UK audio and especially video from the early tours. I have played some UK songs live on my RU-clip channel. Anybody can connect with me on RU-clip or FB at facebook.com/dennis.mahon.3

  • Keith Pieterse
    Keith Pieterse Year ago

    Thanks for the upload. This album left an indelible imprint on my mind as a young man / student at the time. John Wetton R.I.P.

  • Victor Hugo
    Victor Hugo Year ago


  • Philip Parsons
    Philip Parsons Year ago

    Recorded live at Sun Plaza and Seinen Kan. Tokyo, June 1979.

  • Pete Berwick
    Pete Berwick Year ago

    BTO RULES. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

  • Анатолий Коротков


  • Guilherme Bezerra

    This album is fantastic. The sequence Time to Kill - Presto Vivace - In the Dead of the Night it's too good!

  • Larry Buchler
    Larry Buchler Year ago

    I saw both lineups of this band. Both were phenomenal. They were the best progressive rock band ever. Best Venue: Penn's Landing, Phila.

  • George Adams
    George Adams Year ago

    Great album. Who is singing back up?

  • Eli Ivillaq
    Eli Ivillaq Year ago

    Uk uk full ai un

  • Z BOYS
    Z BOYS Year ago


  • ELOcho
    ELOcho Year ago

    Yeah nothing to loose! didnt know about Wetton. Rest in Peace. I saw this band live in Puerto Rico. I was 14... IT WAS FANTASTIC!

  • Mojo Risin
    Mojo Risin Year ago

    Thanks for posting! Bought this LP is 1984, it didn't have many of the songs here. Wonderful to hear Sparks of the Tempest live, great song.

    • talastra
      talastra 3 months ago

      @tim Braman You didn't buy THIS LP in 1984 *snicker*

    • tim Braman
      tim Braman 7 months ago

      I think part 2 was added on well after 1984 I'd have to look

  • kabeauregardajax

    Started off great then it was like William Shatner.

  • Ronald West
    Ronald West 2 years ago

    One of the best if not the best bands of all time!!!!!! Besides the awsume musical talent, the lyrics were ahead of there time.

  • David Ryder
    David Ryder 2 years ago

    I'm here because of the record sleeve for Allman Brothers Band At Fillmore East. You know what I mean? with a 4x4 grid of sixteen little square album covers (32 total both sides). Eagles, Yes: Close To The Edge, Zep IV, CSN&Y 2nd album, Bette Midler, Sonny & Cher, Sticky Fingers, George Carlin, Jackson Brown and of course TV's All In The Family's 2nd Album.

    YANNICK SAMSON 2 years ago


  • Jonathan Still
    Jonathan Still 2 years ago

    Oh, yeaaaah. A somewhat unknown and overlooked wealth of talent called Emergency only got better and better 'til this bomb recording. They went down in flames like a blazing comet without a tail unhearalded somewhere over a unmapped wilderness...but they went down in flames and glory nevertheless....Somebody recognized their potential over 4 albums,even if you didn't. Sure beats ear wax! By, Jonathan Still

  • augusto Lyon Benoit
    augusto Lyon Benoit 2 years ago

    Extraordinario solo conocía la primera parte del álbum es maravilloso se merecen estar entre los mejores álbum en vivo de todo los tiempos excelente

  • lenpey
    lenpey 2 years ago

    The shows recorded were May 29 and/or May 30, 1979, NOT 1978

  • Electricshrock
    Electricshrock 2 years ago

    Are both Jobson and Bozio doing backing vocals?

  • Bruce Belisle
    Bruce Belisle 2 years ago

    man the 1st time I heArd this group was the night after night album August 1978 smoking a bowl with my boss he knew I was a Keyboard player and I turned so many musicians on to this group to this very day when I found them on you tube 30 years from when I was 1st introduced to the album I was so in awe this is so truly amazing I just love it these boys r so tight as a musician myself I give them MAD props especially the keyboard/violinist all of those guys no their instruments with a vigor my man the bass player be holding some serious weight on the vocals and bass what fucking combo. hey man yall just keep hanging out there doing great things doing the dam thang like a mofo kicking tall ass I ain't mad at yall thanks for such a stimulating great era of music.

  • fernando perdomo
    fernando perdomo 2 years ago

    one of teh best live albums of all time.. really captures the energy

    • Alex Parra
      Alex Parra Month ago

      Claro, un álbum no muy reconocido como de los 10 mejores del Prog Rock. Saludos Dreaming in Stereo. Fill my sky excelente, súper!

  • Ed Decordon
    Ed Decordon 2 years ago

    ive never heard them before, wowowowoow

  • facundo hernan Varela

    Gran disco, siempre lo escuche en mi secundario. J Wetton, T. Bozzio y Bruford...

  • Geddy Pinker
    Geddy Pinker 2 years ago

    Monumetal music!

  • Chuck Wohlfarth
    Chuck Wohlfarth 2 years ago

    I saw Wetton up close with asia in 1982 amazing performer .

  • Jerry Jazzbo
    Jerry Jazzbo 2 years ago

    Thanks for uploading this. Nice to hear some of Steve Kuhn's best tunes here. Will listen to this album again soon.

    RON JEPPERSON 2 years ago

    Kick Ass ! Songs taken off of Wild Eyes and Live VHS ! 38 Special for R&R HOF !!!!

  • OrchestrationOnline
    OrchestrationOnline 2 years ago

    Bozzio's high-energy reinterpretation of Bruford's drumming approach is amazing. One of the best things on the album. All the intellect and twice the flamboyant intensity. Once Bruford was asked if there should be an Olympics of drumming. He said didn't know, but if there was one then Bozzio would win it.

    • David Michaelsen
      David Michaelsen Year ago

      John j. Just shut up Mr. Judge

    • Marcelo Stepon
      Marcelo Stepon Year ago

      Primoroso disco, técnica e sensibilidade, virtuosismo a serviço da arte musical. Alimento para a mente e para a alma.Obrigado pela oportuna postagem

  • Jan Green
    Jan Green 2 years ago

    Great voice.

  • Jack Wolfenden
    Jack Wolfenden 2 years ago

    tight as a drum

  • Gregory L'Esperance
    Gregory L'Esperance 2 years ago

    Another killer release from a group who deserved way more notoriety!

  • Un Poco Loco
    Un Poco Loco 2 years ago

    RIP Allan Holdsworth!

  • dudley litz
    dudley litz 2 years ago

    Thanks, Alan H.

  • Timothy Wilson
    Timothy Wilson 2 years ago

    Kyushu Hokkaido Honshu Shikoku

  • Timothy Wilson
    Timothy Wilson 2 years ago