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  • DeadRose_
    DeadRose_ Month ago

    Did I just watch a cabbage give birth to a baby?

  • Ilovethecatmarioshow

    Aka comet II clone

  • Prime Advice908
    Prime Advice908 2 months ago

    Looks fun! it's basicly the pirate ship rides.

  • starlitopensky1
    starlitopensky1 3 months ago

    Some good directions - also, read your machine's directions.

  • Maddy Lowery
    Maddy Lowery 3 months ago

    Let’s go DAWGS

  • markdc57
    markdc57 4 months ago

    It is great to See Cooper so well.........But I have to ask.......How is Tulip Patunia doin ????? LOL !!!!!

  • The Case of games
    The Case of games 5 months ago

    It made me dizzy 🥴 c:

  • Betsy Gekak
    Betsy Gekak 5 months ago

    I just love this song. It's absolutely beautiful. Good job guys, Ben and Jason.

  • PandaMan
    PandaMan 5 months ago

    you should be using a proper attachment for concrete. you should also check/change the oil.

  • thearcher
    thearcher 5 months ago

    Good job miss. Very good attention to detail. Definitely taking some pointers for my first gas pressure washer that I'm going to start using.

    SOKOART 8 months ago

    Well done !!

  • Maria Chaj
    Maria Chaj 8 months ago

    It's cool but LONG

  • Maria Chaj
    Maria Chaj 8 months ago


  • Nick Stevens Martial Arts

    I wish my parents made family videos of me when I was growing up. 😭 great way to preserve precious memories. This was a really good idea on your part.

  • Kally Mayhem
    Kally Mayhem 9 months ago


  • BrendanThe YoutubeKing

    1500? Wow they can't afford all that and get airblowns

  • Luv 1another
    Luv 1another 9 months ago

    My mom went on there I cried because I was scared

  • 06CivicEX805
    06CivicEX805 9 months ago

    Thanks for showing us guys how to do it the proper way. Just bought my first gas pressure washer and want to make sure i know what I’m doing 😂 thank you

  • Andre Keeno
    Andre Keeno 9 months ago

    That's a fun ride I had operated a ride like before at the fair I was working at once

  • Jackie O
    Jackie O 10 months ago


  • Lee Respass
    Lee Respass 10 months ago

    U using water

  • Cla452
    Cla452 10 months ago

    Cooper is sooo big! Congrats on the evolution. Best wishes to his next seasons! Much love.

  • Apple dapple
    Apple dapple 10 months ago

    Is it free??

    • DaleATL2
      DaleATL2 10 months ago

      No. It costs $10 or $15 per car. I don't remember which.

  • iiOfficer_Kamii Justice

    North georgia fair cyclops? It was awesome!

  • iiOfficer_Kamii Justice

    I went 2 days ago awesome!

  • Tabitha Phelan
    Tabitha Phelan 11 months ago

    Wow this gives me vertigo just watching it.

  • Paulo Trindade
    Paulo Trindade Year ago


  • bmanishap
    bmanishap Year ago

    Very nice, clear and to the point. Thank You !!

  • Briana Thompson
    Briana Thompson Year ago

    So this weekend on Saturday I am going to the Appalachian Fair with my friend Emma and I think I will ride this , but does it go upside down?

    • Briana Thompson
      Briana Thompson Year ago

      @DaleATL2 thanks so much , I will be riding this on Saturday

    • DaleATL2
      DaleATL2 Year ago

      Briana Thompson No just sideways. 😁

  • Arnold Stollar
    Arnold Stollar Year ago

    Cut the line fast.

  • MrLion626
    MrLion626 Year ago

    She counted down to the end of an era...this is kinda surreal to watch.

  • Esmond Chaudoin
    Esmond Chaudoin Year ago

    that fat reaper did the dab

  • Eric Kessler
    Eric Kessler Year ago

    I got a picture with her today and saw the whole show. She is amazing

  • Daniel Rossell Solanes

    I admit she's great at holding her breath, keeping the calm and picklocking but... what's the point of cuffing her if she has tools to picklock them? and why does she waste time releasing both wrists and ankles? I admit she needs a lot of training to remain calm enough to pick all those locks but holding your breath for two and a half minutes is not that incredible after training for a few months. and picking locks isn't that hard to do with enough practice (which she can have as much as she wants) I still think she's great at what she does but it's not that impressive once you take a close look at what's needed to do it. just practice to hold your breath, pick locks underwater and being able to remain calm.

  • Reed Collins
    Reed Collins Year ago

    Whale fry. Yum

  • that one that talks A lot!

    Why kill something that still works!?

  • Jaime Santiago
    Jaime Santiago Year ago

    This videos are all educational and perfect source to get a head start before company training on the job.

  • Marco Baucham
    Marco Baucham Year ago

    I know your boy Brian Sapp he put me on you.. love what u do.

  • MasterAustin50
    MasterAustin50 Year ago

    It’s pretty cool

  • mR cHeZ cHeZzY
    mR cHeZ cHeZzY Year ago

    I did to I was there yesterday

  • James
    James Year ago

    It's good to see a politically-correct video where a woman has no clue to what she is doing.

  • keith martin
    keith martin Year ago

    those are bearings inside

  • Sabrina Mulligan

    *I love pressure washer .>>>**t.co/NC2C1FeIM6** They are very well made and do the job as advertised and then some. This is all I need to pressure clean my home. It is a little heavy, so for the roof an extension hose will be needed. This is my second pressure cleaner*

  • nezermv
    nezermv Year ago

    *Like Your Video and work perfectly.>>>**t.co/PmVlPumnxL** Of course the hose rail It should be of better quality. In general terms it is fantastic.*

  • M Girl Likes Rainbows

    I feel so bad for her

  • raeanne irons
    raeanne irons Year ago

    Click bait. I wanted to get rid of my nipple

  • whowell117
    whowell117 Year ago

    You said turn off the throttle, you meant choke!

  • Evan Bradshaw
    Evan Bradshaw Year ago

    Can confirm. drive.google.com/file/d/1H74RcCJ2sL42whnIDsrNu4mAFg3umS0h/view?usp=sharing

    • DaleATL2
      DaleATL2 Year ago

      Thanks for sharing that! But I am slightly disappointed that you didn't ask him if the alien juice had any specific flavoring. :(

  • x46 999
    x46 999 Year ago


  • Google User6469
    Google User6469 Year ago


  • Maine made
    Maine made Year ago

    Tuna fish swim with the whales catching Gish that escape the whales mouth

  • Bryce Zimmerman
    Bryce Zimmerman Year ago

    That’s my teacher

  • Sathya Prabhakar

    Blow molds are much better!

  • sirajuddin R
    sirajuddin R Year ago


  • Le monde Du RIRE

    Can't y have your inflatable

  • Samantha Tollstam

    The lengths parents go to to avoid telling the truth of how life is created to their kids... I swear.

  • sandinyourshoes
    sandinyourshoes Year ago

    Those costumes are perfect for Halloween, too!

  • DJFishinman
    DJFishinman Year ago

    I love this song and the mother one also. This guy has some nice smooth vocals with just the right amount of soul. What's he doing now I wonder? Really nice video work too, Dale!

  • Urbro Dooli
    Urbro Dooli Year ago


  • Sahge Acuna
    Sahge Acuna Year ago

    Thanks. It really helped me. At first i didnt know what I was even dojng

  • superlions16
    superlions16 Year ago

    1:24 5, 4, 3, 2, and o-*static*

  • Robert Westfall
    Robert Westfall Year ago

    This should be illegal

  • The Incredible Colorful World

    Poor cyclops its been removed at my fair cae of the fireball

  • NoNameTVID
    NoNameTVID Year ago

    Indonesia was start Digital Transtition from 2008 (using DVB-T1). And they use DVB-T2 since 2012 due to Clear Picture. And Now Indonesia will doing ASO Nationwide from 2018-2020

  • Ben Richards
    Ben Richards Year ago

    Dale, I’m the guy that was the first to recognize you in person about 10 years ago in the Owl Radio studio, if you remember that. Just wanted to let you know I’m still subscribed and enjoying your occasional videos. I hope you are well. Thanks for posting this and GO OWLS!

    • DaleATL2
      DaleATL2 Year ago

      Hi Ben! Thanks for still hanging around! I tell people at work that Owl Radio story from time to time. SOME of them even believe me! :)

  • Maurie McGhee
    Maurie McGhee Year ago

    I was there yesterday and I got a picture with her

  • Lori Sally
    Lori Sally Year ago

    Boooooo! If you're going to perform for kids, don't speak like a dull college professor

  • Geraldine Rodriguez

    1:25 5 4 3 2 and snow



  • Pet Paradise
    Pet Paradise Year ago

    It used to be yellow and black. And had a giant cat on it. It was at an Atlanta fair before this.

  • Sm Haze
    Sm Haze Year ago

    Awesome ! ru-clip.com/video/NqDpqPRKlA8/video.html

  • terry Brady
    terry Brady Year ago

    Oops John Aria. She's hot??? Get a life.!!!!

    • Name
      Name Year ago

      Please post a video of your woman

  • terry Brady
    terry Brady Year ago

    Great footwear for washing. Jaysus only in USA.!!!!!

  • lilrcshawty Vevo

    No actrually krendle magic did the water tourture

  • Shayla Pham
    Shayla Pham 2 years ago


  • lasagnaluke
    lasagnaluke 2 years ago

    I was there yesterday and I got a picture with her

  • Braden the Inflatble Guy

    Where did you get the music frome

  • Dr. Fresh
    Dr. Fresh 2 years ago

    I enjoy this video great work ...

  • Wedunit Band KRun Dobson

    This is the same Dany Beard of Silver Creek, Ga jude999. Dany Beard of The Wedunit Band, vsp very small productions & The Foundry @ Iron Street Music. Dany filmed this documentary & as a long time musician he got to play music with Howard as well :) He's very good about not how he covers other artists! Never steps on any toes. It is truly all about them. Dany got to spend TWO WEEKS STRAIGHT with Howard in 1980 :)

  • Brosna Coyne
    Brosna Coyne 2 years ago


  • Storm Shadow
    Storm Shadow 2 years ago

    Nipples.... who needs em anyway

  • Hitter Haunts
    Hitter Haunts 2 years ago

    0:35 my childhood

  • Dr. Fresh
    Dr. Fresh 2 years ago

    I love the video it was very helpful thanks you

  • Human Torch
    Human Torch 2 years ago

    I rode it was so fun!!!

  • Luvenia Waiters
    Luvenia Waiters 2 years ago

    Nice video. However you should take instructions from WoodPrix website if you want to learn how to make it easily.

  • That Tired guy
    That Tired guy 2 years ago

    I went on this ride a year before

  • Ember
    Ember 2 years ago

    I freaking love this ride to bits

  • Splodium
    Splodium 2 years ago

    Cut the line

  • Danno XYZ
    Danno XYZ 2 years ago

    That cat is the original Chrisha Creations version with no claws, no whiskers. RED eyes and bigger orange nose. I want that version if anyone wants to sell me theirs!

  • camryn grace
    camryn grace 2 years ago


  • miharu nextin
    miharu nextin 2 years ago


  • bass assassin tv
    bass assassin tv 2 years ago

    yeah that's not the throttle that's the choke

  • whattheflimflam
    whattheflimflam 2 years ago

    if you compare this with the carpet baggers video of the nurse doing the baby delivery you can tell this girl is not so enthusiastic about it

  • OtiZ
    OtiZ 2 years ago

    I hate this ride tbh it pulled a muscle in my back (I rode it at a fair yesterday)

  • Thomas Woolum
    Thomas Woolum 2 years ago

    Did you buy an digital adapter for that TV yet? True or False 🙂

  • HassanLechkar
    HassanLechkar 2 years ago

    Five, four, three, two and o-- *static*

  • Audrey's Art Corner
    Audrey's Art Corner 2 years ago

    I went to cherry blossom festival today and I went on that twice teens were teasing me saying that your going to scream and one teen said to that guy "if she don't scream your going to be ashamed" and guess wat I kept a strait face the hole time both times I'm 9 years old. # edge life # thug life # rebel

    • camryn grace
      camryn grace 2 years ago

      MysticMepheeis ALS I'm 10 but I screamed until I passed out!

  • gameZ vídeos
    gameZ vídeos 2 years ago

    What a shame, the analog tv is still on in Brazil

    • Google User6469
      Google User6469 Year ago

      That’s not a shame at all.don’t you get it,digital tv is bullshit

    • Google User6469
      Google User6469 Year ago

      gameZ vídeos Brazil is not the 6th richest country in the world

    • gameZ vídeos
      gameZ vídeos 2 years ago

      Новороссия MANY ??? Almost all countries of Europe have shut down the analog signal (in Luxemburg the analog signal was shutdown in 2006). In Mozambique, a very poor country, the analog is already off. Brazil is a very rich country, the 6th richest economies of the world. But Brazil started shutting it down in 2016, in Brasilia, in 2017 in São Paulo and the next city is Belo Horizonte.

    • Новороссия
      Новороссия 2 years ago

      gameZ vídeos I don't call that a shame.In many places of Europe analog tv is still on.Every place that uses PAL or PAL-M still have analog signal!