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Zoe plays Rainbow
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  • OfftoShambala
    OfftoShambala 6 days ago

    So did she ever get her kid back?

  • Bob Warner
    Bob Warner 11 days ago


  • SecondComingTwice
    SecondComingTwice 16 days ago

    The country was founded as a Republic, not a "Democracy" you silly propagandist tool. The police enforce codes and regulations - not "law." I'll skip the remaining 9 minutes and some-odd seconds of lies and deceit and programming - but thanks for playing. Some of us are awake. Not the tools of the elite in their uniformity wearing their costumes and badges and their idiocy on their sleeves mind you - But We the People.

  • K Holmes
    K Holmes 18 days ago

    white supremacy or what? Put some facts in.

  • B m
    B m 23 days ago

    Law enforcement originated out of slavery,they started as the men who hunted runaway slaves.

  • SixSentSoldiers
    SixSentSoldiers 28 days ago

    Not a democracy, a constitutional Republic.

    • B m
      B m 23 days ago

      Article 4 section 4 of the us constitution a republic form of government.

  • suri
    suri 29 days ago

    She was a song bird singer, gun slinger With a twinkle in her eye. She was a word twister, mind bender A writer in the sky. He said, "I love you for your wishes and you, You can have my lucky penny" She said, "what do you think this is? I love you for the sake of lovin' and that's plenty (Chorus:) And everything goes round and round and up and down and side to side my heart is a rodeo clown distracting the pain so that I can just ride, Ride on by. So that I... Can just ride He was a stone sinker, big drinker He had a lot on his shoulder, She was a thread spinner, big sinner, Or at least that's what they told her. She said, "I love you for your misery and I can spin your pain into a sweater." He said darlin' I don't wanna wear my sorrow if we're gonna love let's love and make it better!" Chorus And everything goes round and round and up and down my heart is a rodeo clown distracting the pain so that I can just ride. She was a light shifter, lone drifter With a guitar on her back. He was a real rambler, life gambler Always dressed in black He said "I love you for your lonely and you, you can be my Polly Ann." She said "love ain't one name only, If you're gonna love me you better love me for who I am!" And everything goes round and round and up and down and side to side my heart is a rodeo clown distracting the pain so that I can just ride So that I Can just ride, Ride on by.

  • Calys Agora
    Calys Agora Month ago

    Propaganda piece. This video omits basically all vital information and history of the cause and objective of the concept of police and policing. It was ORIGINALLY created to chase slaves and heretics.

  • The Bumble Bee Foundation Project

    The problem with taking out all the other types of plants they eat. Is that they then only have the potatoes to eat! Leave the wild plants and they are more likely to stay on them. A lot of farmers are realizing this and leaving a 10ft strip of wild flowers round there farm fields seriously reduces pests on their crops. You also encourage the birds and other insects that eat the pests.

  • HeavenCanWait7
    HeavenCanWait7 Month ago

    So David is just a hyopcrit, too... He is bitching about one religion wanting to do genocide when his American buddies are doing it in the middle east already. Hahaha stupid old cunt

  • R
    R Month ago

    i dont choose sides in a war of dunces, both people were fucking stupid lol

  • Steve Dilley
    Steve Dilley Month ago

    Damnit. I'm Gritbiscuit. My channel got banned. I still want to purchase this album on MP3. Anybody?

  • Miss Amazon
    Miss Amazon Month ago

    This country sure likes to separate the parents from their kids!! This all seems very draconian behaviour from a supposed "civilized society"!!

  • Kodie Jo Arnold
    Kodie Jo Arnold Month ago

    There needs to be something done about this crap. CPS, may God have mercy on your souls. You can't just take babies away just because YOU THINK the parents abused their children when there is no evidence that they did. Absolutely ridiculous!!!!!!😭

  • Rage Cakes
    Rage Cakes Month ago

    Shiny happy ppl holding hands

  • ray Deese
    ray Deese Month ago

    You are shooting yourself in the foot. These people you are teaching & giving tours to will eventually steal your share in the market in no time. They tried this bullshit with the ceramics industry & they killed the whole business. This looks suspiciously like the worm pyramid business of the 70's & 80's.

  • Myl Ra
    Myl Ra 2 months ago

    I listened to Margie Phelps oral argument in front of the US Supreme Court. I am a lawyer myself and felt that her knowledge of the First Amendment was awesome. She convinced 8 of 9 Justices. Only Alito dissented. Now I am not a fan of WBC at all. But technically Margie was awesome legally speaking.

  • poochyface1
    poochyface1 2 months ago

    I use D E Earth for human conception on mine. It's natural and it works

  • Okay Cleetus
    Okay Cleetus 2 months ago

    thank you

  • Sara Thompson
    Sara Thompson 2 months ago

    So I'm guessing she's gonna vote for bernie

  • Phillip Woodland
    Phillip Woodland 2 months ago

    We are a constitutional republic, not a democracy. "What have you given us?" "A republic if you can keep it."

  • The banks' family
    The banks' family 3 months ago

    Welp I would have sent my child far far away to s relative and hide them both off grid.

  • Judgment Proof
    Judgment Proof 3 months ago

    Your best bet is if they show up on your doorstep, you better be locked in your house and not answer the door. Have everyone get real quiet, stay away from doors and windows until they leave. If you only knew how glad I am not to have nonebecause of this! I personally would never comply, it would get real ugly real fast

  • Carpet Hooligan
    Carpet Hooligan 3 months ago

    Husband: "Let's go out to the backyard for a quick photo." Wife: "I need to get to know you first."

  • kevin owen
    kevin owen 3 months ago

    I crush them whenever I find them. They do not come back after that!

  • Thomas Bressler
    Thomas Bressler 3 months ago

    I have no problem killing the bugs .but the eggs larva is the way too get them out of your garden I am using hydrogen peroxide diluted in water on my potatoes .s I'll see if it helps soon.

  • J H
    J H 3 months ago


  • J S
    J S 3 months ago

    anyone else here for "police admin and org?"

  • Mindy Mae
    Mindy Mae 3 months ago

    They have anti depression medication for PTSD.. Pot is not a medication.. It's a drug i completely understand why your kids were taken

  • Joey Bravo
    Joey Bravo 3 months ago

    >in a democracy stopping this right here as the narrator is completely ill-informed we're a constitutional republic, NOT a democracy

    • douglas howard
      douglas howard 2 months ago

      the founders were loud is their disdain for democracy, they called it a lynch mob plus one.

    • douglas howard
      douglas howard 2 months ago

      she's confused between sheriffs and police. pinkrtons were the first police and the model of todays police.

  • Tim Borch
    Tim Borch 4 months ago

    David Horowitz is a national hero.

  • Michael Hunziker
    Michael Hunziker 4 months ago

    Anderson Cooper?? Zero credibility. Absolutely.

  • Australian Girl
    Australian Girl 5 months ago

    Just get rid of the marijuana crops To get ur baby back Wots more important?!

  • Cekeybula
    Cekeybula 5 months ago

    I got toads and spiders, it worked fine. about GMO, it's not as bad, If they replant solamine , same enzyme that's in potato cousin, the tomato, they won't be able to eat it, worst thing is when they gmo plants to be resistant againts pestycides, plants will do fine, but we ain't gmo and same enzymes can hurt us.

  • Mark !
    Mark ! 5 months ago

  • Young and confused Zoe Mikayla and Anna

    Omfg they took that little baby because the mom smokes a little weed are you for real' that was in so much pain how dare those childlish bitches come & take other MOTHERS BABIES away YA most of these workers dont even have kids ' if they did and they had an ounze of humanity or love in thete heart THEY WOULD NEVER CHOOSE A JOB LIKE THIS im so sorry this happened

  • Miss Winter
    Miss Winter 5 months ago

    You can tell that they really did promise to let the mother go! Her sobbing broke my heart!

  • paulbsmokin
    paulbsmokin 5 months ago

    This man has to have bodyguards for God's sake. That's how a conservative roll's. These leftist are dangerous people! Wake up!

  • John Trotman
    John Trotman 6 months ago

    Wow I'm related to papa Al

  • CongruousTunic7
    CongruousTunic7 6 months ago

    My car was made here. 1983 Olds Delta 88. All original and looks almost as good as the day she came off the line here

  • Gravity
    Gravity 6 months ago


  • whitetower67
    whitetower67 6 months ago

    ((((((((((Tim Wise))))))))))

  • MtnDewey
    MtnDewey 6 months ago

    well the first minute tells us the maker of this video forget this is NOT a democracy....

  • Aaron Alexander
    Aaron Alexander 6 months ago

    Most of this is falsified. look it up for your self.

    FREDERICK WALLACE 6 months ago

    It's by the intersection of lake Lansing and larch(27) n that's why people get some things wrong

    FREDERICK WALLACE 6 months ago

    Al Capone had a house in Lansing under the larch bridge on Thompson by lake Lansing rd before the bridge was built.. my great uncles parents milk man use to deliver to him..

  • The Lord Is My Keeper
    The Lord Is My Keeper 6 months ago

    My CHANNEL has all the answers you PEOPLE need to get your kids back quickly. You PEOPLE just lack simple KNOWLEDGE.

  • Cabaret Club
    Cabaret Club 6 months ago

    So rude. No texting when someone is speaking!

  • James Morris Music
    James Morris Music 6 months ago

    Nice version. I prefer the straight OG version, just because it's so iconic, but If you're gonna spice it up, that's how it's done right there! Nice job!

  • Raphael Quaglio
    Raphael Quaglio 7 months ago

    Make those abusive Christian parents pay!

  • Elite Farms
    Elite Farms 7 months ago

    Great video. Considering all your options and all applicable factors is important when in the agriculture/distribution business!

  • Angela Hamlett
    Angela Hamlett 7 months ago

    Wow, wow, wow... You killed this. I got chills!... Not how anyone treats us. Why do you stay? Ask yourself...

  • Sandy Bingham
    Sandy Bingham 7 months ago

    He's a great guy. Just talked to him about this song.

  • Big Paulie
    Big Paulie 7 months ago

    In mark potok's office there's a tracking decline of white population + % change of foreign born in Europe, like a CEO tracks quaterly profits. They don't even try to hide their agenda anymore.

  • Raihana Juya
    Raihana Juya 7 months ago

    She does not understand what does "sustainable" mean.

  • James Rozell
    James Rozell 7 months ago

    lmfao, never bought a single textbook from that school.. back in '08 I actually bought all three DND v3 books (players handbook, dm guide, and monster manual) from a comic book store on the second level above the main campus avenue! *..'til they dirt walk off and throw up the set...*

  • _ Bri
    _ Bri 8 months ago

    Snap snap snap yess

    MS.LOWRIDER 8 months ago

    dirty ass cps bitches This poor momma

  • John James
    John James 8 months ago

    If you're going to do a interview zip-it and let the actual expert speak. 13:45 We don't know why we're spending hundreds of thousands on cameras??? Ask the thousands upon thousands of citizens and police that have been cleared of wrong doing that question. Ask Darrell Lunsford.

  • CelestiaFan Forever
    CelestiaFan Forever 8 months ago

    They look calm but what they are doing is wrong. It's like they don't want parents to have kids.

  • Sarah Goldstein
    Sarah Goldstein 8 months ago

    Dear fellow Jewish people, we can't allow the uppity white goyim to have free speech. It's time for the ADL to introduce hate speech legislation.

  • Dagger_ Dick
    Dagger_ Dick 8 months ago

    I’m from Boston and I still watch this dude. You can tell he cares so much. Need more men like him spreading the truth.

  • hank fontaine
    hank fontaine 8 months ago

    sacrifice sorcery usury witchcraft idolatry Alfred Kinsey philosophy

  • Bethany Miller
    Bethany Miller 8 months ago

    For those wondering, they got their baby back after six weeks and all charges were dropped.

  • Anna Durkee
    Anna Durkee 9 months ago

    cps is all about saying good is evil and evil is good..God has a warning for such ppl who think this way..

  • Loveleen Lali Gill
    Loveleen Lali Gill 9 months ago

    Can someone tells me this curd is simple milk curd without renet or something different steps follow to make this

  • Jacob's Ladder Tree Tech

    Great info! I love your voice, it's like story telling! We pay the kids to pic them off and throw them into the chicken pin. I definitely like your suggestion of sending them to the white house to hang with the rest of the pests.😂

  • Donna Davis
    Donna Davis 9 months ago

    More people need to be aware of the corruption of CPS. It is all about greed & power, not the welfare of the child. Abusive foster parents go unpunished. Beware if you are uninformed & have adoptable children. They get big money for adopting these children.

  • Dave Miller
    Dave Miller 9 months ago

    LIUNA Til I Die!

  • Clint Walker
    Clint Walker 9 months ago

    Governor Whitmer. You did it.

  • Michael E. Mitchell
    Michael E. Mitchell 9 months ago

  • Youngcookiecat Popstar

    I hope cps knows that they broke Kids heart there coming in your home taking a child away if this ever happen to be I would beat. Them up

  • Tom Morrissey
    Tom Morrissey 9 months ago

    You cant be depressed if you have Jesus.

  • Lucas Ignacio Rodríguez

    Nice content, thanks! :)

  • Mehila Hatch
    Mehila Hatch 9 months ago

    The man needs to be more closer to the microphone

  • transsexual goddess
    transsexual goddess 9 months ago

    Beautiful Gawd ❤💓

  • Tia Mashele
    Tia Mashele 10 months ago

    for once she said it out so loud and I believe it's heard...lit stuff 💝

  • helpformindcontrolvictims

    This is baby snatching and stealing wether the judge has ordered so or not! Just because they do use medical Marihuana ...for whatever reasons ......that should never be a reason to steal their daughter away from them! CPS and police are child thiefs! It is as simple as that......!

  • SurfboardRift
    SurfboardRift 10 months ago

    But yee

  • Raihana Juya
    Raihana Juya 10 months ago

    She does not understand the question. In Afghanistan, this is one of the biggest problems that those who have the knowledge, capacity, and ability most of them are unemployed but people like Fareshta occupies a high position. How could you be optimistic that your country develop?

  • Paul D. Rose
    Paul D. Rose 10 months ago

    Lots of low down rotten people in government in 2006... good thing we have a president now that wants to drain & is draining the swamp!

  • Anna Durkee
    Anna Durkee 10 months ago

    as long as americans accept this it will only get worse..and what is so evil is so many of these foster kids r abused and traumatized for life

  • Miss Amazon
    Miss Amazon 10 months ago

    What IS It with this country and them stealing children from their parents?? 🤔🤨😐

  • Mr Oblivion
    Mr Oblivion 11 months ago

    Most informative and educational out of my assigned course videos. liked and subscribed

  • 6irty6iamon6 2
    6irty6iamon6 2 11 months ago

    What a stupid title. Nothing to see here people. Waste of time.

  • Ryder
    Ryder 11 months ago

    They would die, or me fighting!

  • Nelson Beltran
    Nelson Beltran 11 months ago

    very cool Dr. Love..Nice video.

  • terrypussypower
    terrypussypower 11 months ago

    What a horrible person. The Phelps family must be a mutated DNA strain, a regressive trait for producing THE most ill mannered and pig ignorant humans possible! And it’s nothing to do with their repellent religious notions, it’s just THEM as human beings! It’s creeps like this that give religion a bad name.

  • Eleanor MacKinney
    Eleanor MacKinney 11 months ago

    Looking forward to your concert October 6 @St Ambrose in Beulah

  • Lavender Cloud
    Lavender Cloud Year ago

    So beautiful. We need more songs like this.

  • Brittney Taylor
    Brittney Taylor Year ago

    I love the idea of police and want to respect them and have faith in them. But I can’t. They are allowing people in my community to gangstalk me by community policing me. I can’t sell anything. I can’t find a home. My dogs been poisoned. I’m being banned from Facebook groups out of no where. My child’s school refuses my existence. My spouse who is abusive was given two guns with ammo after I publicly begged and pleaded for help. I’ve been drugged with ketamine. What in the fuck am I supposed to think!? This all started when I stood up for myself and who I wanted to be as a good person. I didn’t want to be everyone’s push over bore whore like all the co-dependent bitches. If you support this treatment of people, you’re nothing more than a disgrace to OUR great nation. A nation that’s already been built on blood. But that just wasn’t good enough was it. You people haven’t come as far as you’d like to kid yourselves, from the witch trials. You are not my people anymore! I am ashamed of each and every one of you. Unless you use your voice to create change for the BETTER, not just what’s best for a few!

    • SoldierSaint
      SoldierSaint 4 months ago

      Bye bye then no one needs or wants you. Unstable nut job.

  • Ramtin Godminuez

    Stupid pple. The government should leave pples kids away marijuana should be exceptional for the fact its basically legal and cannot overdose... I can see all other drugs ... They are hurting the baby more then anything any by they I mean the government.. This wouldnt happen in a abother country because cps would get there ass killed

  • Kumi Ori Farm
    Kumi Ori Farm Year ago

    Might Guinea hens like to eat those bugs?

  • dono Taylor
    dono Taylor Year ago

    never trust the hospital. they will call cps on you!


    It's legal medical marijuana, I could understand (not agree with) but wtf

    • athena emmanouilidis
      athena emmanouilidis 7 months ago

      Medical mj is used for pain and seizures and many other health conditions.If it's medical and legal then there shouldn't be a problem.Would oxycodone be better for you?

  • Joe Chapko
    Joe Chapko Year ago

    open boarder means the usa people can move to Mexico and own land and bussnesses. we should be able to do everything in mexico as the people can do here we can move to mexica and no papers or boarders people

  • YoungBlood TV
    YoungBlood TV Year ago

    Has the right amount of BS or I should say WS to win all those folks over on his scheme to profit . Hope the best for there operation . Maybe just doing it with his kids is the best profit above all.

  • Gypsyjan55
    Gypsyjan55 Year ago

    What’s happening to this family is just WRONG. I don’t want My Federal taxes paying 4 this man of his son 2 b n jail.

  • Pawel Tomaszewicz

    Hehe Many Thanks for the mention 👍😁 I was recently thinking to go back to my strobist adventure. I haven't use my speedlights for a looooong time. Your video might be a little much needed push. Anyway I am glad you like my shots and thanks again for the mention.

  • leeloo minai
    leeloo minai Year ago

    Makes me want to