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you're the world to me
Views 89K6 days ago
sad lofi for lost souls
Views 242K9 days ago
towerz - to be here
Views 196K26 days ago
Deyaz - My Worries
Views 56K27 days ago
i still dream of you
Views 164KMonth ago
hashir - hurricane
Views 59KMonth ago
Shae Delea - A Lost Promise
Views 84K2 months ago
you don't love me anymore
Views 128K2 months ago
Views 40K2 months ago
Addict. - You're Gone
Views 83K2 months ago
Resident - Polaroid
Views 68K2 months ago
late nights above the city
Views 168K2 months ago
slipfunc - so into you
Views 129K2 months ago
hashir - dead end
Views 73K2 months ago
i can't sleep without you
Views 250K2 months ago
woven in hiatus - still
Views 69K2 months ago
david - talk it out
Views 74K2 months ago
jhove - with you
Views 71K3 months ago
its 2am and i still miss you
Views 3.1M3 months ago
kokoro - delusions
Views 104K3 months ago
SEA - all night long
Views 62K3 months ago
Kayou. - On The Run
Views 126K3 months ago
late nights thinking of you
Views 185K4 months ago
Resident - Halo
Views 78K4 months ago
its 5am and i still miss you
Views 3.5M4 months ago
i'm afraid of being lonely
Views 84K4 months ago
david - i don't care
Views 594K4 months ago
i still think of you
Views 869K4 months ago
Kayou. - i know it's not you
Views 238K4 months ago
LAN Party - some ppl
Views 101K4 months ago
at night i miss you the most
Views 173K4 months ago
Views 134K4 months ago


  • maria eduarda araujo


  • Tanisha Mollah
    Tanisha Mollah Hour ago

    *Short car trip*

  • Haley Russell
    Haley Russell Hour ago

    Taking your earbuds out because you need to charge your phone after three hours of wanting to disappear hits different if you still feel that way

  • Jayden Joseph
    Jayden Joseph Hour ago

    I can get used to this...

  • Ed Castillo
    Ed Castillo Hour ago

    Every day I regret more and more breaking up with you Syd. We both know we should be together but I split us up because I couldnt love myself enough to realize that I deserved to be happy with you. I couldnt look past the way I was made to feel and I didnt appreciate you even when you gave me your all. I miss you every single day and you’re always on my mind. I wish I could take it all back more than anything. I hope now that you have your space that you find your way back to me. I know I did. My little beb. My happiness.

  • CODA尾
    CODA尾 Hour ago

    Tik Tok 🤭🤭🤭

  • XxDa_b1g_B0ixX69

    Does anyone wanna write my paper for me?

  • Sopita7u7
    Sopita7u7 Hour ago


  • - Sky King Z -
    - Sky King Z - Hour ago


  • Damien
    Damien Hour ago

    That Kingdom hearts part tho

  • JaV Moran
    JaV Moran Hour ago

    I love this. Thank you ❤️

  • Brandon Sheakley-Ward

    this music is causing me to go into my feelings and miss her once more..... good feels. its been quite some time since I felt my ❤ beat

  • Gabriel Ff
    Gabriel Ff Hour ago

    Level uppp

  • BeatzStill
    BeatzStill Hour ago


  • lonely smurf
    lonely smurf Hour ago

    Ahh yes hella relaxing the sound of rain. Sitting by an open window just listening to the rain and the smell of it as it fell so beautifully on the garden. ☔ P.s. who members having a cassette player or a sterio.

  • Breno Silva
    Breno Silva Hour ago

    Vim pelo level up

  • Fang 99
    Fang 99 2 hours ago

    If anyone is upset over a crush or feeling down about something think about it this way.. when ur on your death bed.. are you going to look back and regret not trying harder or confessing ur feelings or whatever it is? Do it while you still can, even if it’s terrifying. It’s worth knowing you tried your hardest and gave it your all, even if you fail in the end! ❤️

  • Madelyn Rosales
    Madelyn Rosales 2 hours ago

    Listening to loffi at the park at night

  • Scooter12350
    Scooter12350 2 hours ago

    I will always be on my own.

  • Khaos Yearling
    Khaos Yearling 2 hours ago

    I’m really sad bruh

  • Olivia Campbell
    Olivia Campbell 2 hours ago

    i gave her a love confession as a birthday gift. ten minutes later she showed me the love letter she had for her new crush.

  • Toasted newts gaming

    Yo does anyone know what string instrument is mainly played for there’s songs

  • bryan deryl
    bryan deryl 2 hours ago

    Why,why you didnt love me😔

  • B4HEZ 1
    B4HEZ 1 2 hours ago

    It is 2019 I still miss you

  • Amit Bhatia
    Amit Bhatia 2 hours ago

    This song is pure genius

  • Resident
    Resident 2 hours ago

    dude! lovin this series ❤ we need a coffee-shop playlist, LMAO maybe a "listening to lofi in your local brewery" to finally secure that long awaited beer sponsor 👀

  • A.R.M.I BTS
    A.R.M.I BTS 2 hours ago

    Like si. Piensas estos emoji 😫💔😭😢😫

  • miguel ochoa
    miguel ochoa 2 hours ago

    Beautiful song

  • mint_tea
    mint_tea 2 hours ago

    hah~ I'm having a very troubled day today, and this is just what i need to escape the anxiety and chaos of life for me right now. Thanks bootleg, for making yet another antidote and cure for my misery and helplesness right now~ 💜💜

  • joao hotequil
    joao hotequil 2 hours ago


  • Astral
    Astral 2 hours ago

    Hello guys, i'm making psytrance but I posted a Lofi track today if you're interested : )

  • -zkmikz• -'
    -zkmikz• -' 2 hours ago


  • Rosie
    Rosie 3 hours ago

    I miss you so <3.

  • King Tylor
    King Tylor 3 hours ago

    There really is not better time to listen to lofi by yourself than at night. When it’s just you and your thoughts, all of your fears and darkness that the nighttime can draw out.

  • Catatau Streamer
    Catatau Streamer 3 hours ago


  • K Y M O N O R T S A
    K Y M O N O R T S A 3 hours ago

    im drinking hot chocolate in toyota, hanging out with fam and listening to this. Im in school holidays rn and going on a huge 2 month vacation soon. God life is good...

  • Héron Rdz-Reza
    Héron Rdz-Reza 3 hours ago

    all of your videos are pure art

  • Josh
    Josh 3 hours ago

    Title is how I always listen to lofi lol

  • XxGolden_fantasyXx
    XxGolden_fantasyXx 3 hours ago

    Makinze Annie and makenna are the best ppl I could ever have as a best friend I love them so mich

  • Ariana Yang
    Ariana Yang 3 hours ago

    Whos heres from tik tok.. cuz i am.. 🥺

  • Nikola Sekulić
    Nikola Sekulić 3 hours ago

    Lol it is actually 2:00 am

  • Victor Manuel
    Victor Manuel 3 hours ago

    I’m in love with this songs, when I’m sad or something I listened to them they are just so calming and cute an everything. 🙂👍🏻

  • Amine AG
    Amine AG 3 hours ago

    I miss the feeling of comfort but not willing to give up 😁

  • Rùa Cậu
    Rùa Cậu 3 hours ago

    Nghe bài này nghĩ tới cảnh ct vs người yêu dm cảm xúc vl

  • Really Lost
    Really Lost 3 hours ago

    The only thing i like from insomnia is that thanks to it i get to this channel so it isn't that bad i think...

  • DeanTheFirst
    DeanTheFirst 3 hours ago

    The very beginning of this, there is a dove cooing. When I growing up there was always doves in the morning by my house. Reminders of a simpler time and when my parents were around is nice. Thank you for making this video. I hope everyone watching is doing okay in life and that it gets better.

  • Gleison Carlos
    Gleison Carlos 3 hours ago

    Os Gringo Tão Pensando..! Pq esses cara querem passar de nivel

  • DR.Hesmol
    DR.Hesmol 3 hours ago


  • Amin jerbi
    Amin jerbi 3 hours ago

    I miss myself ❤

  • •Miiau Chanツ•
    •Miiau Chanツ• 3 hours ago


  • Modmon
    Modmon 3 hours ago

    I’m not alone. I always listen to lofi with my buddies

  • Just Another Lost Soul

    + while high

  • anya arcane
    anya arcane 3 hours ago

    Does anyone know the artist who did this wallpaper? Thanks 🖤 enjoy the rain~

  • Play Counter
    Play Counter 3 hours ago


  • Ahlem heum
    Ahlem heum 3 hours ago

    I miss my old me 😟😧😞

  • 迪丽盐巴.
    迪丽盐巴. 3 hours ago

    It's 01:30 am, and I still miss you LX ☹

  • Sicarius47
    Sicarius47 3 hours ago

    Hey guys, it'd be super nice of you to check on my man " The Vitruvian Reborn" working hard on those vibes ❤️ peace

  • ɪᴠʏ
    ɪᴠʏ 3 hours ago

    never felt this low this is the only place where i can say my true feelings maybe it’s because i am unknown? no body here knows me? im just a simple 15 year old girl apart from im not. im not a simple 15 year old girl im mentally in another place, i zone out, i cry myself to sleep, my arms are in pain. It wont stop. i smoke i drink nothing takes this feeling away. Thankyou to whoever reads my comments on these videos. If not now maybe a couple of years.

    • ɪᴠʏ
      ɪᴠʏ Hour ago

      Skappy _ i get exactly why you feel, i left my boyfriend because im “happier” when im single. im not, i lost my bestfriend and boyfriend in one. Work on your relationship, if you feel something is missing talk with her in a calm way about it, you will regret it if you end it trust me. Goodluck lots of love 💕

    • Skappy _
      Skappy _ 2 hours ago

      I often feel kind of this way, i don't even know why, i have a fantastic girlfriend, we love and unterstand each other, and yet i feel so alone and sad, like if something is always missing, always been like that. Sometimes i have the feeling of not being here, how can i say, i feel out of all of this, and so empty.

  • ZS1999
    ZS1999 3 hours ago

    My life story in 8 words...

  • iBit_3
    iBit_3 4 hours ago

    Can't sleep? Insomnia? Play this music that BB posted🖤🌌🌑

  • Tuong Tran
    Tuong Tran 4 hours ago


  • Mitch Capps
    Mitch Capps 4 hours ago

    i never think of myself as being alone when i listen to lofi. i know you're all out there listening along with me deep into those otherwise lonesome night hours. wholly different experiences colliding together in one shared love for the music and for all that it evokes. Lord be with you all.

  • Roberta Strianese
    Roberta Strianese 4 hours ago


    • Igor 027
      Igor 027 2 hours ago

      a parte mais viciante kkkk

  • Comédy Maroc TV
    Comédy Maroc TV 4 hours ago


  • Snicker Doodle
    Snicker Doodle 4 hours ago

    Listening to this playlist at 2 am while drinking tea to my favorite book

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown 4 hours ago

    For all you loners out there.. you.. who talk to the one you have never met before, in your imagination, you.... I'm talking to you now. There is time for everything in this world, yours will come too, eventually. So why is our hearts blue? Its a feeling that too will pass away as soon as we find new things to keep the playground of our hearts, decorated. Let me decorate yours with a poem I wrote: I want you close to myself but there's distance, I'm trying to mend my heart, i need your assistance. These thoughts you say you will help me handle, there's no fort in my head to act as resistance. I died a death before my death, I walk on my two due to your insistance. My words that you like are whisper of theirs, I live with my demons in coexistence. To love is to let your love consume them, I want to resonate in your existence Keep holding my hand with all your heart, love is a journey that needs persistence. (Xero)

  • Flynn
    Flynn 4 hours ago


  • SamRL
    SamRL 4 hours ago

    Love this series so much 😌🎧

  • Rangelg45BR Gameplay

    Me sinto cansado e com sono mas minha tristeZa não deixa dormir nem bongando

  • Skinny Hippo
    Skinny Hippo 4 hours ago

    Can I ask a really dumb question? How is lofi pronounced?

  • EDA
    EDA 4 hours ago

    I always like to listen to your videos while drawing. ❤️👍🔥🔥

  • Silvia
    Silvia 4 hours ago

    The music of the second song is smother by daughter

  • راب عربي
    راب عربي 4 hours ago



    Level up 😔❤❤❤❤

  • Emie Mozzarella
    Emie Mozzarella 4 hours ago

    I think “Listening to lofi while you’re waiting for a late night bus” would be a good video idea! Keep up the good work man!

  • Aaron's Gaming Show
    Aaron's Gaming Show 4 hours ago

    Listening to lofi in a lonely arcade Have synth lofi or something play that has an 80's feel

  • Thomas Jose
    Thomas Jose 4 hours ago

    My superpower is faking happiness around others

    HERBERTOM SANTOS 4 hours ago

    QUEM QUISER JOGAR AE ~232374816 FURIA L E V E L🤘Meu nick e meu id ai tropa

  • Vinicius Carvalho Mesquita

    i feel very good watching this

  • Domo
    Domo 4 hours ago

    Yup, 00:00 here, and this is exactly what I’m doing. Glad that I’m not alone, it’s somewhat comforting...

  • Star Script
    Star Script 4 hours ago

    "listening to lofi on a train ride home" is a good title.

  • MushRoomMW2
    MushRoomMW2 4 hours ago

    I just hit 4 bong hits in 3 hours!!

    HERBERTOM SANTOS 4 hours ago

    Quem veio pela música do clip do evento da garena??? Deixa o like

  • Kanekoya
    Kanekoya 4 hours ago

    *_how's he driving with the keys in the seat?_*

  • Quevv
    Quevv 4 hours ago

    peace and love 🙌🏻

  • Metaknight
    Metaknight 4 hours ago

    I can't sleep...

  • Martell Tha Cool
    Martell Tha Cool 4 hours ago

    I love lofi music

  • alvaro12345 1234
    alvaro12345 1234 4 hours ago

    🌚 😂😂😂 👍 (>.<)

  • Malachi Comics
    Malachi Comics 4 hours ago

    I mean... when else?

  • - J I M B O -
    - J I M B O - 4 hours ago

    Emo Chemo where are you

  • 12 J 12
    12 J 12 4 hours ago

    Sindy 💔

  • Ish takis
    Ish takis 4 hours ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Youtuber Obsessed Jess

    I love lofi 🖤

  • T R A S H デッドボーイ

    I'm stuck on some stupid shit Trapped in my brain like som lucid shit Every time I get a grip really losing it Every day I'm boozing it what a way to live I'm sorry for those things I did Its time to call it quits

    VICTOR GAME PLAY 4 hours ago

    Essa vida e uma merda man,meu sonho e que o mundo acabe me desculpem mais esse e meu sonho vlw pra vcs;-;/;(

  • Kevin Wendel
    Kevin Wendel 4 hours ago

    Welcome to the new world order guys!

  • Katafu
    Katafu 4 hours ago

    son las 5 pm en perú y mañaa hay clases uwu

  • Hemo Khattab
    Hemo Khattab 4 hours ago

    I love lofi music

  • T R A S H デッドボーイ

    It's sad how quickly life passes by and the little things that you did when you were younger are now monumental events that changed your life forever. Much love for everyone in a rough place, take each other's hands we are struggling right beside you

  • Koiza Chan
    Koiza Chan 4 hours ago

    depression, my old friend