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Mitch - I Can't Breathe
Views 2.6K7 months ago
Adrian Lux - Meditation
Views 4K8 months ago
Kaivon - Your Eye
Views 2.1KYear ago
Audyssey - Holding On
Views 1.9KYear ago
Pawn - Donald G-Lover
Views 1.2KYear ago
Alper Atrek - Skewed
Views 1.1KYear ago
Views 2.7KYear ago
Alper Atrek - Blue
Views 6K3 years ago
Bones - Rocks
Views 278K3 years ago
San Holo - RAW
Views 8K3 years ago
Eljay - U
Views 3.3K3 years ago
San Holo - Still Looking
Views 4.6K3 years ago
Habu - Another Way
Views 8K3 years ago
Views 6K3 years ago
Mr. Carmack - Champion!
Views 9K3 years ago
Tim Legend - Summer Love
Views 3.6K3 years ago
Coyote Kisses - Vasarely
Views 3.1K3 years ago
Jerry Folk - Been A While
Views 4.6K3 years ago
whereisalex - Be Your Girl
Views 178K3 years ago
KRNE - I'll Be Good
Views 4.9K3 years ago
ROM - Free As A Bird
Views 6K3 years ago
marshmello - CoLoUR
Views 91K3 years ago
Fylo - Dust
Views 3.1K3 years ago
NGHTMRE - Hold Me Close
Views 23K3 years ago
Dojo - Hourglass
Views 6K3 years ago
Hippie Sabotage - OM
Views 2.2M3 years ago
GLADES - Drive
Views 7K3 years ago
Abir - Wave ft. Masego
Views 73K3 years ago
Jerry Folk - To My Soul
Views 8K3 years ago
Kidswaste - Neiro
Views 2.7K3 years ago
Views 2.1K3 years ago
Hudson Mohawke - Solstice
Views 4.8K3 years ago
Esta. - AllNight
Views 26K3 years ago
Hucci - Montana (VIP)
Views 7K3 years ago
Tennyson - Too Long
Views 9K3 years ago
Tennyson - Like What?
Views 7K3 years ago
TroyBoi - Dimensions
Views 2.5K3 years ago
Darius - Pyor
Views 4.8K4 years ago


  • Sergio Souza Nogueira


  • Joseph joseph
    Joseph joseph 20 hours ago

    Been better without the singing

  • Jay 4
    Jay 4 3 days ago

    Oh my god, the good ol' vine days.

  • Shayler gheen
    Shayler gheen 3 days ago

    Catch you on the heavy Zone getting blunted😤 #LikeåMoth2å🔥flame°

  • mRwoRds2148
    mRwoRds2148 4 days ago

    Nothing like old good dubstep to remember them good days.

  • x TheNextGamer
    x TheNextGamer 4 days ago

    Old good 4Story times ......

  • Thrills
    Thrills 5 days ago

    what do you even mean?

  • Viso2k
    Viso2k 5 days ago

    i swear this song is an orgasm.

    GANGMEMBERANGEL 6 days ago

    good old minecraft days ;(

  • Qntn Vtls
    Qntn Vtls 6 days ago

    Good memories

  • mello de laia
    mello de laia 6 days ago

    2.45 música foda, batida hipnotizante.

  • In the kitchen with a redneck

    Fuck RU-clip ads ...ruin good beats all the time

  • Viso2k
    Viso2k 9 days ago

    CoD 4 FOREVER in our Hearts. <3

  • XiliesFwnes Official

    2090!Still Here

  • CREAM 23
    CREAM 23 11 days ago

    did transformers sound come from zeds dead ?

  • Team Xtreme Freestylerz

    7 years we still here who else?

  • ťxč.ž4čķ XD
    ťxč.ž4čķ XD 13 days ago

    Nfs nitro

  • NILA
    NILA 14 days ago

    enjoy the ride

  • Shawn Pulda
    Shawn Pulda 14 days ago

    Ha... yall talking chappie, 2 young.

  • Desti j
    Desti j 15 days ago

    I'm outside.. With a cigarette I smoke.. I look at the stars.. I look at the moon... And I think about you... I miss you sooo much.. And I can't wait to see you again baby... I can't wait to touch you... I can't wait to kiss you... I can't wait to hug you... I can't wait to look at your eyes and tell you... "I will always love you" I want you in my life... You are my everything.. You are my soul mate

  • FooeyMcgooey
    FooeyMcgooey 16 days ago

    When Dubstep had DUB in their track.... Good times.....

  • Sagittarius Rising 2.0


  • 夜明了よあけりょう


  • elise xx
    elise xx 16 days ago


  • Jordan Blaine Vorster

    I listen to this everyday🎧👌

  • Justin Odendaal
    Justin Odendaal 17 days ago

    This video makes me think about everything in life

  • lofipimp
    lofipimp 18 days ago

    Subscribe for 24/7 underground rap music! You won't be disappointed!

  • Friendly Sneeze
    Friendly Sneeze 18 days ago

    Wow almost 10 years!NEVER LET THIS SONG DIE!

  • Yiyos rap
    Yiyos rap 18 days ago

    *Like gente mexicana* mas de 100 likes ✌

  • damiani francisca ferreira

    Algum brasileiro em 2019 ai deixa um Lake ai 😉😙

  • Diemen Xicali
    Diemen Xicali 19 days ago

    Then there are people like me who still listens to this in 2019

    MAJEST- E 20 days ago

    Four words: miniminter, sidemen , crossbar challenges シ

  • rayhan4lifex gt
    rayhan4lifex gt 22 days ago

    For editors is at 0:27

  • Fin
    Fin 22 days ago

    .75 speed 👌👌👌

  • Carlos m
    Carlos m 25 days ago

    This song brings back memories Club insomnia dallas tx rolling balls 😆

  • Shizmoo
    Shizmoo 26 days ago


    OUT HERE 26 days ago

    What song starts at 7:11?

  • OtherwiSe known as the 'Bruk'

    babylon's scared yo

  • Laura Cunningham
    Laura Cunningham 28 days ago

    On repeat

  • el güero 23
    el güero 23 29 days ago


  • Sweden Vendor
    Sweden Vendor Month ago

    Ç[・۝・]ᕗヽ(。◕o◕。)ノ.P24†††°•••ෆ╹ .̮ ╹ෆARADrecroISEPA\(¯\_(ツ)_/¯ಠ益ಠಠ,_」ಠಠෆARADrecroISEPAಗಠಠωಠಠ益ಠᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗX. X.palÇ[・۝・]ᕗヽ(。◕o◕。)ノ.P24†††°•••ෆ╹ .̮ ╹ෆARADrecroISEPA\(¯\_(ツ)_/¯ಠ益ಠಠ,_」ಠಠෆARADrecroISEPAಗಠಠωಠಠ益ಠᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗX. X.paladin†adin°•••

  • Rob
    Rob Month ago

    Hoooooooly mind

  • William Spalding
    William Spalding Month ago

    Who’s here from the sidemen video compilation of crossbars

  • Cody Hamilton
    Cody Hamilton Month ago

    The picture man says so many things.

  • IIEmile-Deg//
    IIEmile-Deg// Month ago

    0:14 when you open a mac

  • Chloe Reeves
    Chloe Reeves Month ago

    The bass tho

  • Gandalf The White

    loved this since like 2011

  • Chany Si
    Chany Si Month ago

    I'm waiting for the day I meet a man with the same taste in music as me.... ***sigh I can only wish

  • African Brudah
    African Brudah Month ago

    " Who is proud to be here '🙏

  • Dino King
    Dino King Month ago

    Love this song so much.

  • James - Gamerz
    James - Gamerz Month ago

    Hello!!!! 2019!!!

  • geoffrey lingenfelter

    This song is the spiritual song of weed. Like and cant even begin to describe the enlightenment i feel from this.

  • eTeRnAl bLiSs
    eTeRnAl bLiSs Month ago


  • Lbcnu24
    Lbcnu24 Month ago

    Your stuff sounds like garbage... a cheap way to make a buck... I only really like like 3 songs... but i think your sound is pathetic because you didn't really want to spend time with it

  • Cozmic Lamb
    Cozmic Lamb Month ago

    I really love this remix. When a was in high school I listen this song over and over again.

  • Damián Leporis
    Damián Leporis Month ago

    San Holo is my favourite DJ. Check him out!

  • A Simple but imaginative man

    Extreme Wheelchair Sports

  • MarchingArrow
    MarchingArrow Month ago

    I think I’d be absolutely devastated if anything ever happened to this video. It’s the only place I can listen to this song!! And it’s my favourite!!!!! 🖤

  • ivan aguilar
    ivan aguilar Month ago

    Go to skoo

  • Hehehehehehehehehe

    I love that filthy beat!

  • bryan istok
    bryan istok Month ago


  • king maxx
    king maxx Month ago

    Best mix love it,

  • Jon Palmer
    Jon Palmer Month ago

    Damn; This Shit Is Phat!

  • Acghi Ghiorsi
    Acghi Ghiorsi Month ago

    many ads for a video of music

  • Lauren Ivie
    Lauren Ivie Month ago

    530am Is the best to listen to this❤

  • Aleksander Dudek
    Aleksander Dudek Month ago

    ONE OF THE BEST MIX EVER !! can hear over&over on good headphones ; )) Stay Chillin ^.^

  • かーつわいるれー


  • Zoltán Bárdos
    Zoltán Bárdos Month ago

    2019 ? :) 💗

  • Сымбат Багдатова

    A D A Y O F D R E A M S

  • Gerson Santillan
    Gerson Santillan Month ago

    Mucha nostalgia, cuando lo escuche dias después de que salió 😢

  • りんご太郎
    りんご太郎 Month ago


  • Chuck Blunt
    Chuck Blunt Month ago

    I love this band

  • Budget_Pyrocynical

    Bruh all these 4 Yr olds saying sidemen

  • Swampy85
    Swampy85 Month ago

    x1.75 speed its nice

  • Nemesis
    Nemesis Month ago

    anyone here from the ghost recon breakpoint advert

  • David  Purri
    David Purri Month ago


  • Rock Ortega
    Rock Ortega Month ago

    Don't play with my money Don't play with my mind Don't play with my fucking emotion I'm waiting on trial It's been a while I ain't got time for emotion While you walking out So I'm running miles And I ain't got time to be coasting So look at my file I'm counting piles Of money from dreams and devotion Was not know who you fucking with just me, myself and I I've been moving all up by myself and getting to the top You can't stop what's already on its way, so step out to the side I've been grinding since a little kid, so I would never lie I'm a motherfucking monster now, that you just can't control I just say the fuck I wanna and just do the fuck you don't You don't understand the message, get them back to fuck up off I'm a motherfucking gangsta in this business so I won't Going bye to the people that just want to see me fall So go fuck yourself and all that shit cause I can't do no wrong I'm a demon, I'm an angel, I'm a god so what the fuck You don't know what I've been going through so miss me when you front like Don't play with my money Don't play with my mind Don't play with my fucking emotion I'm waiting on trial It's been a while I ain't got time for emotion While you walking out So I'm running miles And I ain't got time to be coasting So look at my file I'm counting piles Of money from dreams and devotion Sleeping on the ground I thought our lives would never change But we try, we try, we try to get through motherfucking pain Sell my life away for nothing, thought that I had just fell off Stuck inside a prison for my mamma, I would not give up But I'm still in my zone, still with no phone, I ain't got nothing to prove to you You and your friends you can pretend that I don't exist or amuse you Say what you want I'm hitting blunts, so people you think they don't matter No one is fucked, front if you want, you just don't know what I'm after Doing sold off shows all up and down the fucking globe We took nothing, made it something then got robbed of all our hope I've been ducking, I've been diving and I know I'm still afloat So just count me out again bitch, just motherfucking know Don't play with my money Don't play with my mind Don't play with my fucking emotion I'm waiting on trial It's been a while I ain't got time for emotion While you walking out So I'm running miles And I ain't got time to be coasting So look at my file I'm counting piles Of money from dreams and devotion

  • Jason Bellows
    Jason Bellows Month ago

    This song brings me so much peace, daily. Thank you endlessly

  • bastian alarcon
    bastian alarcon Month ago

    10:40 song?

  • Mauricio Trevino
    Mauricio Trevino 2 months ago


  • Ali Rajabi
    Ali Rajabi 2 months ago

    2019, flashbacks to many crane shots off highrise <3

  • Nate one
    Nate one 2 months ago

    Not a fan of the mumble sound

  • MuddyVodka88 Pir
    MuddyVodka88 Pir 2 months ago

    My girlfriend had this played at her funeral it was the coolest funeral I ever been to

  • matthew lanchbury
    matthew lanchbury 2 months ago

    Mate. This tune is dirty. Might even go as far to say that it's toxic

    YANG GYAN 2 months ago


  • Damian Damianio
    Damian Damianio 2 months ago

    I've never missed a feeling so much

  • 안영민
    안영민 2 months ago

    2012 was my best year . sincerely

  • Darya Alexandrova
    Darya Alexandrova 2 months ago

    Hello, I’m trying to contact you, and I sent a message to this email address:, but I can’t get an answer. Please tell me how can I contact you more quickly? Thank you very much!

  • Drew Babos
    Drew Babos 2 months ago


  • johnnyhun1
    johnnyhun1 2 months ago

    this song would fit perfectly in Initial D

  • Lila Angel
    Lila Angel 2 months ago

    I used to strip to this song in 2010... now it’s 2019 and I still wanna dance to it

  • RanT Raven
    RanT Raven 2 months ago

    Some parts of this sound good others I mean where’s the music for men not just women

    • Mr 5
      Mr 5 2 months ago

      You muppet.

  • 최가은
    최가은 2 months ago

    my favorite song...

  • sakonpure6
    sakonpure6 2 months ago

    Leaving a timestamp here!

  • KcoH
    KcoH 2 months ago

    Used to roll balls and rave in my basement during highschool 07 08 09. Was always one of my favorites to throw down to

  • Fer Martinez
    Fer Martinez 2 months ago

    I like

  • Imaji Faruna
    Imaji Faruna 2 months ago


  • Green Man
    Green Man 2 months ago


  • Alphanation :D
    Alphanation :D 2 months ago

    Gasoline isnt hippy sabatage but ight 😂