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not at my best.
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  • Chanea Stanley
    Chanea Stanley 2 hours ago

    Yummo. I love green bean casserole, stuffing and potatoes. But that rice dish looks amazing😍

  • Natalie Smith
    Natalie Smith 4 hours ago

    What brand of glass containers are those? They look super leakproof!

  • Euridice 418
    Euridice 418 8 hours ago

    Omg! You talk to fast. I can not follow you. English is not my native language. ☹️

  • Carol Langman
    Carol Langman 9 hours ago

    Defo making the soup....The editing of your videos are spot on...xx from England

  • Tammy Elaine
    Tammy Elaine 9 hours ago

    Great video. I definitely have to try out some of these recipes for the Holidays. I've been vegan for about 8 months now and I've started a RU-clip channel documenting my journey and sharing vegan recipes that I'm discovering and trying out. I really enjoy watching videos like this. Thanks for sharingπŸ™Œ

  • Geometry Dash Lover
    Geometry Dash Lover 10 hours ago

    i was actually thinking harry potter it actually is like harry potter

  • Kath Ish
    Kath Ish 10 hours ago

    The green bean casserole looks so good omg! My favorite meal is garlic brussel sprouts, mushroom, and rice but I’m def going to make this πŸ€—

  • devin ptacek
    devin ptacek 11 hours ago

    Anyone else love adding meat to these recipes...... there great recipes for the herbivore & omnivore

  • Hemubhai Patel USA
    Hemubhai Patel USA 11 hours ago

    If you can use potato starch instead of bread crumbs it’s very good and tasty

  • Sarah Marie J
    Sarah Marie J 11 hours ago

    Oh wow, that soup is amazing!!!

  • Unbreakable Mahal
    Unbreakable Mahal 11 hours ago

    This looks super yummy

  • Suzanne Berrios
    Suzanne Berrios 12 hours ago

    I love stuffing and yams with vegan (dandies) marshmallows.

  • Alice Zarka
    Alice Zarka 12 hours ago

    Your videos are always so great, Caitlin! I've binge watched your channel & now I look forward to your new content. Keep up the great work, and thank you!! =)

  • MaeisbeforeJune
    MaeisbeforeJune 12 hours ago

    Green beans, hands down always. My favorite veggie.

  • Riley Lawson
    Riley Lawson 13 hours ago

    love your new filming spot!

  • ultra1000
    ultra1000 13 hours ago

    4:35 This shot probably took some time, but I noticed it and it looks great! Also, I love your recipes and you're super cute

  • Cathy Lynn Pietranton
    Cathy Lynn Pietranton 13 hours ago

    Hi Caitlin looks yummy.πŸŽƒ

  • Joi Belton-Summerville

    At first I thought she was cooking the onion and apple together but then I realized it was just the onions that she poured but then she actually poured in the apples with the onion and I was like wow... cool

  • Veggie Momma
    Veggie Momma 13 hours ago

    Stuffing and mashed potatos both topped with gravyyy

  • Kiki Garcia
    Kiki Garcia 14 hours ago

    superrrr underrated youtuber

  • Heather Woods
    Heather Woods 14 hours ago

    I'm not going to die!🀣

  • debra Brickus
    debra Brickus 14 hours ago

    When cranberries are available here I make raw cranberry relish: a bag of cranberries, 1 orange include peel, maple syrup blend in food processor. So easy and maintains all the vita. C.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

  • Chanel Chandler
    Chanel Chandler 15 hours ago

    Sweet potato casserole. 🍠

  • Lindsay Toussaint
    Lindsay Toussaint 15 hours ago

    My parents are from Haiti, so when we celebrated thanksgiving we had a lot of cultural foods but also turkey and stuffing (never once had cranberry sauce, though). We would have beets and plantains and soups (of greens and legumes, squash and dumplings), stewed mixed vegetables (cabbage, eggplant, chayote squash, carrots, greens, hella seasoning), black-mushroom rice with cashews and lima beans, yucca and yams (yam yams not sweet potatoes!) - all of this I can still have, just asking my dad to omit the meat. But.... asking me to pick a fave is absolutely impossible. My mouth is watering already!!

    • Nicole Lynch
      Nicole Lynch 2 hours ago

      Lindsay Toussaint This sounds amazing 😍😍

  • Christopher Carrillo
    Christopher Carrillo 15 hours ago

    So I tried making the second pasta. Went out and bought an instant pot just for this lol. And the bottom of the pot is burned and the pasta didn't finish cooking.

  • Allypipes
    Allypipes 15 hours ago

    I love how no ones mentioned the "fuck factory farming" shirt πŸ˜…πŸ˜

  • Linda Rosenthal
    Linda Rosenthal 15 hours ago

    Love love love the red lipstick. ❀️

  • Alexis Salada
    Alexis Salada 16 hours ago

    My favorite is potato casserole for sure! So thankful for those vegan marshmallows πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

  • Katrina Lapinsky
    Katrina Lapinsky 16 hours ago

    She looks like she's deteriorating faster than her boyfriend . She's such a sweet girl, please wake up!!!!! This is killing you, I'm so worried about u.

  • Katie Gipalo
    Katie Gipalo 16 hours ago

    That casserole looks AWESOME! and super great for meal prep!

  • Shawna Robinson
    Shawna Robinson 16 hours ago

    Even if you're eating all plants, the heavy metals from soil can block people from absorbing nutrients. Mercury can block you rom absorbing certain vitamins.

  • Jocey Ramon
    Jocey Ramon 17 hours ago

    i always love ur thanksgiving videos

  • MAINz0
    MAINz0 17 hours ago

    T’es chate πŸ‘ŒπŸ”ͺ

  • aLittleBit ofAlottaShit

    Ive never understood why you need a matt...why can't I just practice on carpet?

  • aLittleBit ofAlottaShit

    Lol ok just call me out like that xD. Speak to my soul

  • Elvis Ekene
    Elvis Ekene 18 hours ago

    I swear, if she says creamy one more time

  • Tiffany X
    Tiffany X 18 hours ago

    I make a similar casserole but use warned almond milk. Kind of mimics the β€œcream of mushroom” soup in the traditional casserole

  • christine
    christine 19 hours ago

    I would say green bean casserole but mostly I just love those french fried onions lol

  • Jawaad Delai
    Jawaad Delai 19 hours ago

    Caitlyn Schuhmacher

  • Methii Yiimii
    Methii Yiimii 20 hours ago

    The last dish😍😍✌🏾

  • kylie !!
    kylie !! 20 hours ago

    i was just starting to plan my little vegan meals since im the only vegan in my family, thank you so much for this!

  • Alexander Bertallo
    Alexander Bertallo 20 hours ago

    Potato au gratin is my favourite...

  • Ola Stankiewicz
    Ola Stankiewicz 20 hours ago

    i've never celebrated thanksgiving because im not from the US but this years i was invated for a friendsgiving feast! im surely going to use one of those recipes, thank you so much!! <3 <3

    • Ola Stankiewicz
      Ola Stankiewicz 9 hours ago

      @i.e.presents that's an amazing tip, thank you so much, i didn't know that! <3 <3

    • i.e.presents
      i.e.presents 12 hours ago

      Ola Stankiewicz Tip- most thanksgiving dinners would have 2 of these categories covered. I recommend making the soup and bringing small disposable cups so everyone can have a β€œshot” while waiting for the turkey to finish.

  • Modie M.
    Modie M. 20 hours ago

    Hey Caitlin I just wonna mention that I appreciate the vertical view in terms of filming (plus voiceover), please do not change this, I find it distracting when a person is also in the shot ..... I love your recipes πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  • Shelby Mendoza
    Shelby Mendoza 21 hour ago

    When she said "for ethical reasons" 😍

  • Emily Post
    Emily Post 21 hour ago

    I love when videos are oops all pies 😊

  • Shipper
    Shipper 21 hour ago

    I love mashed potatoes and gravy!!

  • Reimche Designs
    Reimche Designs 21 hour ago

    Hi! What is your opinion on dehydrated or freeze dried foods? How do you use those for practical recipes?

  • Heather Jankowski
    Heather Jankowski 21 hour ago

    Stuffing!!! All the way!

  • Alexandria S.
    Alexandria S. 21 hour ago

    I’m not vegan but I always love incorporating plant based meals into our diet! The rice casserole looks amazing! I’ll definitely be trying that one sometime.

  • Nate Johnson
    Nate Johnson 21 hour ago

    Thanks-Living and Friends-Giving here at my house this year 🌱❀️ All vegan!

  • M1st
    M1st 21 hour ago

    I like stuffing... My mom has been making stuffing for me separately to match my food allergies for a few years. Since I'm also vegan, I like that I can eat her stuffing she makes separately for me.

  • Tiara Countee
    Tiara Countee 22 hours ago

    Love cranberry sauce!!

  • Farah Lafi
    Farah Lafi 22 hours ago

    Thank you.. 🌺

  • Emily Alsop
    Emily Alsop 22 hours ago

    I don’t like a lot of Thanksgiving foods, I know unpopular opinion, haha!! But rolls are my favorite side :)

    • Rekkha R
      Rekkha R 19 hours ago

      Well, you and Chandler Bing! πŸ˜‚

  • Dining With Tara
    Dining With Tara 22 hours ago

    Another amazing video Caitlin! That soup looks fire 🧑

  • bella swalen
    bella swalen 22 hours ago

    Can you please post a healthy tiramisu video recipe?πŸ™ƒβ€οΈ

  • bella swalen
    bella swalen 22 hours ago

    Love this ❀️

  • Ranjini Mohan
    Ranjini Mohan 22 hours ago

    Perfect, this will be the first time I make vegan food for TG! Thanks, Caitlin!

    • Brianna *****
      Brianna ***** 2 hours ago

      Me too! I’m making spring rolls, vegan curry with roti, dressing with mushroom gravy and butternut squash pie

    • What_time is_it!!!
      What_time is_it!!! 21 hour ago

      me too !!! will be cooking for m whole family :)

  • Emily Mann
    Emily Mann 22 hours ago

    Your videos are so calming! Keep doing what you do, your videos are always my fav!

  • Cooking with Shereen
    Cooking with Shereen 22 hours ago

    My favorite holiday! In terms of food, of course! πŸ˜‰

  • Ruby Avila
    Ruby Avila 22 hours ago

    Love this!!

  • izzy lopez
    izzy lopez 22 hours ago


  • Mai Le
    Mai Le Day ago

    thank you sooo much for this video. i love your examples of bad and good photos. please make more videos like this!

  • AsmrJustCleaning

    Question, do you purify your water? Or what kind of water do you drink?

  • Michelle Kwon
    Michelle Kwon Day ago

    I really loved this video! The sushi bowl looked amazing. Would love to see a video on how to be vegan in non-vegan social situations such as at asian restaurants, BBQS, and travel

  • Olive O'Sudden

    You did good work on this challenge. There is, of course, the advantage of having good equipment like the InstantPot and food processors, good cookware, bakeware, a well-functioning stove, and time (and a car and access to Aldi); they really make a huge difference. It seems clear that you didn't meet your daily caloric intake requirements; did you consider adding oil to your meals?

  • Olive O'Sudden

    Those oatmeal cookies need a bit of salt (even if the peanut butter is salted), and they're amazing with raisins and walnuts.

  • Eternal Ocean
    Eternal Ocean Day ago

    you have such a positive attitude towards all this . really so beautiful πŸ¦‹

  • Spooky Goth
    Spooky Goth Day ago

    I start watching your videos and I am trying to go vegan today was Day one

  • sammyh715
    sammyh715 Day ago

    Cascadian Farms makes Vegan CTC!!!!

  • Kayla A
    Kayla A Day ago

    This comment is super late but I just wanted to say I recommend yoga to people with depression and anxiety. I have extreme debilitating anxiety and therapy and medication barely helped but yoga saved my life. There is an insane difference on days I do yoga vs days I don’t. Im like a whole different person.

  • Jade Jade
    Jade Jade Day ago

    Is this 1 day/night camping????? I dont know how you can camp longer than a day with all those pre-made foods. Usually my partner and i just go to a local shops everyday and cook at campsite. Which is more fun.

  • nareen the bean

    I've never actually thought about Netflix documentaries! I don't know any except What The Health. Suggestions in the replies please?

  • Δ°smimi NapΓ§an

    You talk like a rapper lol slow down lady

    • Chelsea Morning
      Chelsea Morning 10 hours ago

      If you're having a hard time with understanding her you can adjust the speed on the video. It really helps 😊 I do it sometimes if I'm trying to follow along with the recipe.

  • Radu Bogdan Rednic

    Amazing video, thanks for the tips, I have found a better tripod if you consider changing yours

  • SΓ‘ndor Szekeres

    I realised that she doesn't eat meat after 5 secs.

  • froodytowel
    froodytowel 2 days ago

    I like to see everything as it's done, I'm a very visual learner. I then am more likely to see myself doing it.

  • Luz Bueno
    Luz Bueno 2 days ago

    Amazing...... as always β™‘

  • AP 870
    AP 870 2 days ago

    Started watching these videos to get some new ideas to tune up my nutrition. I’m not a vegan. Correction, I wasn’t a vegan, like -10 minutes ago.

  • Jeannie Skirpan
    Jeannie Skirpan 2 days ago

    What did you guys pass out to the trick or treaters?

  • James Sherman
    James Sherman 2 days ago

    Chick peas and mushrooms and onions and rice bowls topped with salsa that's a favorite of mine

  • Diana Torres
    Diana Torres 2 days ago

    Can you replace the tahini with any other but butter ? Love your videos !

  • raj thakkar
    raj thakkar 2 days ago

    I eat hummus more with the pita bread topping and adding lettuce onion and salsa on top of it...

  • Chantale Perron
    Chantale Perron 2 days ago

    Rice, banana and peanut butter for days? I'd be constipated and maybe gain weight!

  • Diego Lezano
    Diego Lezano 2 days ago

    Loved the video! Your boyfriend sounds like Jason from β€œThe Good Place”

  • Hazel murphy
    Hazel murphy 2 days ago

    What is your opinion on sugar filtered with bone char? Please let me know your stance I would appreciate it a lot

  • Linda Lauture
    Linda Lauture 2 days ago

    Made it! Tried it! Delicious! Only made the first one so far.

  • shachin gopinathan
    shachin gopinathan 3 days ago

    Good vegan sandwich

  • Jade Jade
    Jade Jade 3 days ago

    Is sun butter the same as peanut butter?

    IGY THE COOK 3 days ago

    Great channel!

  • Hannah C
    Hannah C 3 days ago

    I love the more vlog-style what I eat in the day videos, they’re definitely my favourite because I like the vlog-style bits showing your everyday life, Lily, things like that, and they’re much more casual which I like too. I love watching your recipe videos though so it’s always great to have variation! πŸ’›

  • Tanya Onysko
    Tanya Onysko 3 days ago


  • Johanna Urban
    Johanna Urban 3 days ago

    Tried the first one and loved it! Love from Sweden πŸ’•

  • Christie
    Christie 3 days ago

    YESSS! THANK YOU for mentioning Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs! πŸ™ It can and should be applied to so many needs... All of what you said is TRUE. I know it for an fact. We went without lights sometimes while I was growing up. People don’t think about that challenge. My mom tried her best as a single mother of 3, no help from our fathers, working, trying to go to school, having her own health issues, and with other challenges. Charity Water is an important organization to consider donating to. They provide clean water to those in countries where water is often unsafe and/or hard to access.

  • Christie
    Christie 3 days ago

    My Dollar Trees (there are 4 I can go to) have some REALLY good stuff -Terra Chips, Organic/Natural Breads, Terra Chips, (legit brand) Himalayan pink salt, brand name jasmine microwave rice, soy & almond milk, Prince pasta, very small container of refined non-gmo verified coconut oil, okra, vegan-friendly spring rolls... A LOT. Btw... I’m sorry you had to experience PAMPA brand white rice (or anything else)... I’ve tried to eat that brand, but it’s always takstes like plastic, is bad, or could make me sick. :/ I actually appreciate you having done this. I am considered lower income and damn... I’m still very lucky and so, so grateful for what I have. I have to be gluten-free (I’m vegan for the animals, the planet, and people, as well as for health/allergy reasons). I have been homeless for a long stretch before and it’s even worse because you can’t make your own food and soup kitchens and shelters are unsafe, dirty (think HUNDREDS of people in and out and not having much for staff & volunteers). These places are also at max capacity. When I was teen shelter (which is honestly so much better than the adult & women’s shelter), Whole Foods would donate some food, so would other stores. I scored a pair of barely worn Brooks Ghost running shoes, which were perfect for work and having to walk everywhere. Some group had a big black back of Brooks, Saucony, ASICS all barely worn and they donated them all to us. It was amazing. Thank you SO MUCH for not being a jerk about people who live at/below the poverty line. You have no idea how much that means and it says a lot about you as a person. β™₯️

  • Christie
    Christie 3 days ago

    β€œYou do you, beau” πŸ˜‚ I love your sense of humor!!

  • AuburnAdventures
    AuburnAdventures 3 days ago

    I’ll try the first 2 I didn’t think tofu was a dessert thing so my palate is not going to want me to make the pie but looks good!!! Thank you for recipesssss

  • AuburnAdventures
    AuburnAdventures 3 days ago

    My first reaction was wow you’re a genius

  • Joel Fisk
    Joel Fisk 3 days ago

    Someone give this poor bastard a steak.