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  • James Hyphen
    James Hyphen 17 minutes ago

    I wonder if Callum is ever gonna take that Focus Band off of Kricketune

  • Goomba Troopa 51
    Goomba Troopa 51 48 minutes ago

    Kangaring and scyligatr are my sleep paralysis demons

  • Vigor The Sloth
    Vigor The Sloth Hour ago

    I was wondering where you went. Turns out RU-clip unsubbed me from you cuz I don't want to watch people I subscribe to... obviously 🤔

  • Hunger The Let's PLay

    Someone fused Looker with a potted plant. I love seeing all these fusion sprites, I think Callum's reaction only makes it better. :P

  • Lucardos
    Lucardos Hour ago

    1:03 I like that he said that in the tuns of the music

  • David Foote
    David Foote 4 hours ago

    Everybody gangsta till the purloin starts standing

  • Thorne Plaisance
    Thorne Plaisance 4 hours ago

    Callum got mad missing two poison powders when Luke missed 7 in a row

  • Toni
    Toni 4 hours ago

    on the road to viridian city

  • TheKelloges
    TheKelloges 5 hours ago

    You should catch some things and fuse them together. Thank you for the episode

  • bradly miller
    bradly miller 7 hours ago

    has anyone told him the starters have different 2nd stage evolutions? had to restart because i didnt know

  • TyshaggyGaming
    TyshaggyGaming 8 hours ago

    You can catch two Pokemon and there them... Why avoid catching regular ones.

  • DickVonPounDatSnatch

    Anyone else think Wailpowdon looks like a beached whale? They have to get holes poked in them with spears so they don't explode.

  • Cal the Circus Freak

    Carvhana poochyena would have been better

  • Darkworldtaco
    Darkworldtaco 8 hours ago

    You should really make your own fusions with bills Machine dude.... All of the power is in your hands

  • Chris C
    Chris C 9 hours ago

    If this let's play makes it to episode 22 can you start the intro with "welcome to Pokemon fusion generation 2 episode two-ty two. That's 2 cubed. Wait that's not how math works."

  • Daniël Kost
    Daniël Kost 9 hours ago

    Does somebody know how to speed up the game?

  • EpicGamerJake
    EpicGamerJake 10 hours ago

    Wow! -shit reddit- Amino! In all seriousness, I don’t really mind the ads

  • Sergeant Stark
    Sergeant Stark 10 hours ago

    I love how Looker's personality is just dialed up to the max in this game. The potted plant disguise honestly killed me lmao

  • Evan Chismark
    Evan Chismark 10 hours ago

    Is no one else gonna say it? *sigh* guess I will. Train go boom.

  • Ilay Bilinki
    Ilay Bilinki 10 hours ago

    18:48 hmm, is that the same aqua grunt from newbark town in the first fusion generation?

  • Krazy8ts
    Krazy8ts 10 hours ago

    The game starts 3:16

  • TreatsF
    TreatsF 11 hours ago


  • Rio
    Rio 11 hours ago

    I walk to school and play pokemon go :) and it is a good time lol

  • Darth Elias
    Darth Elias 11 hours ago

    18:17. Now you know how the Wicked Witch of the East must have felt.

  • Knight of Carrion
    Knight of Carrion 11 hours ago

    Thanks for linking the download to google drive! I couldnt get it because I dont have twitter.

  • Trivial Slope
    Trivial Slope 11 hours ago

    *is getting mildly concerned for callum cause of all the sirens*

  • Robin, Maker of Things

    Callum I love you, but Bill literally said you can use his fusion chamber in the house

    • Ilay Bilinki
      Ilay Bilinki 10 hours ago

      @Robin, Maker of Things probably even later because its bulk recorded

    • Robin, Maker of Things
      Robin, Maker of Things 10 hours ago

      Ilay Bilinki We won’t know until next episode I guess

    • Robin, Maker of Things
      Robin, Maker of Things 10 hours ago

      Ilay Bilinki Idk, don’t they usually show rare mons like that in some games? Could be something like that

    • Ilay Bilinki
      Ilay Bilinki 10 hours ago

      @Robin, Maker of Things if that's the case than why was there a dex entry for Wally's Rayquaza-Steelix fusion in his house?

  • MarioMasterK
    MarioMasterK 11 hours ago

    Question, are you still a Scrafty?

  • Tony Hawk
    Tony Hawk 11 hours ago

    maxie and archie definitely got married and started a gym you cant change my mind

  • Brandito
    Brandito 11 hours ago

    Adding squared after everything is funny dont @ me

  • Dragon Lord Dracodenblaze

    Poomel looks like a sassy momma

  • Equilla Is an Alt
    Equilla Is an Alt 12 hours ago

    Pokémon spoopy edition

  • extreme smarts
    extreme smarts 12 hours ago

    callum yelling at chikovee made me snort

  • Giinger with a hard R
    Giinger with a hard R 12 hours ago

    Yo callum you can rarely get fusions In the wild most fusions are made by catching two and using the machine

  • Richard Noggin
    Richard Noggin 12 hours ago

    6:20 It wouldn't be a HoodlumCallum video without sirens whaling in the background.

  • Trivial Slope
    Trivial Slope 12 hours ago

    I love Ambulancemon

  • Giinger with a hard R
    Giinger with a hard R 12 hours ago

    Let's go babyyyyy I love your fusion videos

  • Hispan_12
    Hispan_12 12 hours ago


  • azzy
    azzy 12 hours ago

    You're honestly just amazing dude.

  • Shroomish is very pleased with your latest choices

    Callum does quick maffs

  • KamenRider Shinken
    KamenRider Shinken 12 hours ago

    I would have preferred cyndavee

  • Jonah Gold
    Jonah Gold 12 hours ago

    No one: Callum: twooooooooooo

    • FN LN
      FN LN 11 hours ago

      He had to spell that out because we don't know how numbers work

  • Yung spelling error
    Yung spelling error 12 hours ago

    You Smell

  • John Kennet
    John Kennet 15 hours ago

    @HoodlumCallum Not sure how comments work to the uploader so hopefully this does not annoy you. If it does sorry. Guessing you all failed the Quiz from Goldenrod city. "Which Pokemon cannot learn any TM?" Answer: Magikarp Also, JD got a space globe, killed the client and reset. also, Callum? you turned off rock smash. which has 99 PP.

  • Blue 2003 Toyota Echo
    Blue 2003 Toyota Echo 15 hours ago

    Gems are only good for Unburden or Recycle Pokémon.

  • Blue 2003 Toyota Echo
    Blue 2003 Toyota Echo 16 hours ago

    My god it’s the Count! My god he killed the Count!

  • Blue 2003 Toyota Echo
    Blue 2003 Toyota Echo 16 hours ago

    I love Blitzbloom, but it does kinda look like a completely different Pokémon line. I love the way it’s white light with all other colors.

  • Androdeos k
    Androdeos k 18 hours ago

    I wake up to giorno griffin

  • Honeydew
    Honeydew 18 hours ago


  • DiLl PiCkleZ
    DiLl PiCkleZ 20 hours ago


  • Zylerjam 64
    Zylerjam 64 22 hours ago

    Fun fact: The horn of a Unicorn is believed to purify poisonous waters and in D&D Unicorns have been telepathic since 1974

  • Amethyst
    Amethyst 22 hours ago

    The best definition of Dynamax for me is T R A S H

  • Hunger The Let's PLay

    I can't help but feel that the story is a bit incomplete. The narrative starts off with an "Is this real or not?" question that never really gets resolved. Did anyone really die, or was it just a nightmare? I guess keeping things ambiguous is supposed to make it scarier, but I hate endings that leave too many unanswered questions.

  • Jason Delvecchio

    Why the fuck am I getting French ads on your videos?

  • steve cooper
    steve cooper Day ago

    Callum shakes a stick a Pokégod

  • Tretre Uchiha
    Tretre Uchiha Day ago

    Epic video

  • Sean Darren
    Sean Darren Day ago

    Oh NOW you people want a fairy type 😒

  • A Doctor
    A Doctor Day ago


  • anonymous youtube lurker

    continue your self torture

  • Dragon Lord Dracodenblaze

    Yay, It is a she!

  • Blue 2003 Toyota Echo

    4:30 Oh, so they’re fascist terrorists. They want to take over the country and instill their own government with strict rules so that their country will be the best country. Much better and more realistic than Team Magma and Aqua. Don’t get me wrong, I think eco-terrorists work well in Pokémon, but their reasoning is weak. They should be more cultish, it would add to their believability.

  • azzy
    azzy Day ago

    I'm on an expedition tour with my class. I'm breakin almost every rule just to watch you. It's absolutely worth it.

  • Darth Elias
    Darth Elias Day ago

    Need more, this is good stuff.

  • CorviknightsShadow

    This game looks fire I hope that this is a series

  • Daniël Kost
    Daniël Kost Day ago

    Make your chikovee a special Grass/Ice evolution. This can be done after the first gym

  • ProjectIceman
    ProjectIceman Day ago

    Rapidash may be a Fairy type

  • Christopher Douvia

    Lugia should be in your Pokedex, right? You might be able to make a Lugia fusion since you had Lugia when you received the Pokedex.

  • jamie_ joestar

    I love seeing 20 minute videos of yours

  • Eduardo JS
    Eduardo JS Day ago

    Dude pls starting numbering your episodes

  • Blue 2003 Toyota Echo

    Haha remember Bill’s murder basement and all the failed Pokémon begging for death? I want to see that again

  • Goat Box productions

    IM laughing about the teleportation as if abra and other psychic pokemon can't do that already

  • My name is a jef

    If you combine Articuno with Machoke you get Artichoke :^)

  • Blue 2003 Toyota Echo

    4:24 LOOKIT ITS TINY ASS FACE!!! Jesus Christ it’s a living meme. I love it

  • Shaymin Plays
    Shaymin Plays Day ago

    My team in the OG would be Flaretales Charistoise Articundos Rattieot

  • Tinkili
    Tinkili Day ago

    0:14 Bricko-Mode is that you?! :'D

  • BLPHMadhu Dead64

    callum if u evolve ur starter next to the frozen stone which will be accessible soon its will evolve into a glaceon/bayleef fusion. plz dont evolve otherwise would be a cool starter to have plz like so he can see

  • Johnatan Piazza

    6:46 *Pillar Men theme starts*

  • Rall Might
    Rall Might Day ago

    Chikovee is my new sleep paralysis demon

  • Grizacat
    Grizacat Day ago

    noone: literally nobody: not a single person on this earth: Callum: let me out! *LET ME OUT!*

  • fadegaming
    fadegaming 2 days ago

    Is that a mf jojo reference

  • Ben Pdf
    Ben Pdf 2 days ago

    i was so hyped because i thought this was an infinite fusion part 2, but i was fooled.

  • Rio
    Rio 2 days ago

    Your starter has special evolutions in this game, you just have to wait for the right area when you get to your middle evo!

  • Damien Rault
    Damien Rault 2 days ago

    Begins at 5:30 :)

  • Dylan Falzon
    Dylan Falzon 2 days ago

    This series looks amazing

  • extreme smarts
    extreme smarts 2 days ago

    jessie and james are so iconic

  • WhoCanusMaximus
    WhoCanusMaximus 2 days ago

    Yo this game smacks. I actually really enjoyed that episode. Looking forward to what comes next

  • Brandito
    Brandito 2 days ago

    Had a fantastic day hope you did too

  • Peter
    Peter 2 days ago

    This slaps so far

  • A Tad Mad Productions

    In the settings, you had memory link selected, so the game is pulling from your old save.

  • BerdNird
    BerdNird 2 days ago

    This is awesome. There are barely any gen 5 rom hacks.

    • BerdNird
      BerdNird 2 days ago

      Nevermind I thought that it was a gen 5 rom hack because of the title screen

  • nyra711
    nyra711 2 days ago

    Saying this at the beginning so I don't forget to post it later, each of the eeveelution starters has an alternate evolution you can get. Maybe look into which one you want more!

  • a random dude with no life

    1:06 that man needs a vibe check bro

  • Vytalicc
    Vytalicc 2 days ago

    This is one of the best fangames ever made

  • Misiame
    Misiame 2 days ago

    Ollie is the king of sass and we stan.

  • Yami No Mizu
    Yami No Mizu 2 days ago

    This is an incredibly charming game.

  • slime gaming
    slime gaming 2 days ago

    If you see this coment I love your videos.

  • Master NER D
    Master NER D 2 days ago

    I didn't know the sequel got fully released. That's awesome

  • I need To exercise
    I need To exercise 2 days ago

    Ayeee, getting late for a meeting is worth it for this 💯

  • Conrad Strong
    Conrad Strong 2 days ago

    What's a National Dex tho?

  • Cal the Circus Freak

    You could get a secret glaceon bayleef by evolving chikovee by a frozen stone