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Kutztown Folk Festival plus
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Knoebels Grove 1955
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Irony - Ray Morris
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  • Archie Junior
    Archie Junior 2 hours ago

    Many of the later model cars are of the 1952-53 era and I know that the Chrysler/Plymouth dealership run by Del Manning was established in 1952 and lasted until 1956. This is shown in the later Batavia Avenue scenes.

  • Ken Swale
    Ken Swale 7 hours ago

    I lived Edinburgh Rd Kensington remember my dad Charlie Awake joining bulbs and painting them red white and blue for VE day .He was the Air Raid Warden for the Hall Lane area . Miss you Mum and Dad . ken.swale 1938@ Gmail.com

  • Jennie Cosio
    Jennie Cosio Day ago

    Wow so much fun then compare to new yeks

  • Kuna Tham
    Kuna Tham Day ago

    I was born in 1955 reallly miss it.

  • Josh Salmons
    Josh Salmons 2 days ago

    Hey, the kids aren't face planted to a cell phone or tablet... Everyone is smiling and the kids don't seem like disrespectful brats. Is this what Trump means by make America great again lol

  • DeniseB
    DeniseB 2 days ago

    The cars!!! 😍😍😍😍

  • Smashup Mashups
    Smashup Mashups 2 days ago

    Not bad. Especially its use of the Three Stooges sound effects. Even the Tarzan yell from that one Andy Clyde short at the end.

  • clownface
    clownface 2 days ago

    i wish i had been born in a time when ppl didn’t obsess over their phones. btw i’m not a boomer i’m 15 lmao

  • KitchenFoyle
    KitchenFoyle 3 days ago

    I was born in 1950 in Yorkshire, England and I can still vividly recall the post war community spirit and mutual respect that existed well into the mid sixties. To this day I can walk the half mile street I grew up in and tell you the names of 90% of the people who occupied each house and I’m sure they could do the same. These days most folks couldn’t even tell you who lives next door and they care even less about who they are. Advancements in medicine and technology since those days have been amazing. But over the same period, erosion of traditional family values and the stability and respect they engendered has resulted in a society rife with one parent families, many of whom have siblings with (sometimes different) fathers they never see or even know. And without that vital stability and authority a father figure used to provide, there has been a gradual descent into a society overrun with far too many ill disciplined, out of control, semi feral kids who don’t even respect the one parent they have, so is it any wonder they have no respect for anyone else? Examples of a time lost forever: The ability of women, girls and even children to walk alone and feel safe along streets and footpaths at night. Self service machines outside corner shops 24/7, full of cigarettes and money to dispense change, but never vandalised. The habit of youths not to use even the mildest of swear words when girls were present, compare that with the ‘Gogglebox’ habit today of parents and their children using gutter language in every other sentence when speaking to each other. But moreover, the instinctive respect young people had, not just for their own parents but for other adults, too. For all their iPhones, iPads, game consoles and multi media toys, I wouldn’t swap the simple delights of the wonderful childhood I enjoyed during my formative years in the 50’s and 60’s for anything the modern child has in their possession. It’s easy for the typically cynical, sarcastic youth of today to criticise the undeniable short comings of those bygone days. But they remain oblivious to the extinction of so much of that priceless, irretrievable past. But the greatest tragedy of all is that since ‘progress’ dictates that society looks only forwards, not back, how can the disintegration of so much of our past be put right when those who would be charged with the task are the product of the very people responsible for its destruction?

  • ford2n2003
    ford2n2003 3 days ago

    I was Scoutmaster of Troop 102 in Bangor and took the troop to Tuckahoe in 2003. Its cool to see how it changed over the years. Thanks.

  • Gomer Hanger
    Gomer Hanger 3 days ago

    What a wonderful time:)

  • Psychosis
    Psychosis 3 days ago

    Make America Great Again!

  • Heather Cox
    Heather Cox 3 days ago

    This was several years before I was born, but I like watching clips of old home movie reels 🙂❤️

  • Jennifer Sanchez
    Jennifer Sanchez 4 days ago

    That’s beautiful

  • Melody M
    Melody M 4 days ago

    Lol I just want to find a husband and have children and live a simple life. A lot of women frown upon that nowadays.

  • Redmi5 Plus
    Redmi5 Plus 4 days ago

    wow, when smartphone and tablet not in hand :)

  • lindalovesmusic1
    lindalovesmusic1 4 days ago

    Just just just No words. Except I love this. I was born in the 60s, but yeah this was living. Why can't we have these days now?

  • Jay Elias
    Jay Elias 5 days ago

    I envy my parents who were in their teens in the mid 50's. When rock and roll was new and wild. I wish I could go back to that era. To meet my folks. I've been told my dad was a tough guy. I'm sure he would've kicked my butt. But this era was also when people fell in love. It was forever.

  • Kay Perry
    Kay Perry 5 days ago

    Best time of my life. Just starting out in my teens.

  • Heather Wade
    Heather Wade 5 days ago

    This is a good Vid.People just being people in the good o'l days.When I was watching I thought to myself.I wonder what people would think if I brought my cell phone to this picnic.Lol 😄

  • the white mike tyson

    I got horny watching this

  • erzebeth cavanaugh
    erzebeth cavanaugh 5 days ago

    If id be given the chance to either go back in the past or the future, id choose the past, although we have know what life was like in pictures, stories, histories, classics, i still want to grasp the moments back then!

  • Ashley Cruz
    Ashley Cruz 5 days ago

    Wow I sure wished I was born in an era where my worth as a woman was to bear children and be someone’s wife. Totally missed out 😕

  • mistermodified1
    mistermodified1 5 days ago

    At 0:55 that's the old train station that burned down in the 70's. I knew there was double trackage there but never knew there were so many industrial buildings in that spot. And now so many trees have grown up. Back then those hills were completely bare.

  • Kali Nevaeh
    Kali Nevaeh 6 days ago

    I wish there was no music placed over

    • 19king14 Film2Video Memories & Services
      19king14 Film2Video Memories & Services 6 days ago

      @Kali Nevaeh We're glad you and others enjoy it. It is a lot of work to scan and provide such video memories for others - and all for free viewing! :)

    • Kali Nevaeh
      Kali Nevaeh 6 days ago

      19king14 Film2Video Memories & Services my apologies, thankyou for informing me as I was ignorant this is still a wonderful video though Thankyou for putting the effort into putting this up

    • 19king14 Film2Video Memories & Services
      19king14 Film2Video Memories & Services 6 days ago

      @Kali Nevaeh Home movies in those days had no sound at all. These videos were completely silent. All we have is the visuals.

    • Kali Nevaeh
      Kali Nevaeh 6 days ago

      It’s not that I don’t like the music itself I just think it’d add to the art of it and nostalgia if it played the original sound

    • 19king14 Film2Video Memories & Services
      19king14 Film2Video Memories & Services 6 days ago

      Mute it or turn down the volume. Most people enjoy the music from the era.

  • Rob F
    Rob F 6 days ago

    If you enable editig subtitles I would do English subtitles.

  • Marcia Cristina Luz

    Que vídeo lindo

  • james crowe
    james crowe 6 days ago

    What a great country we used to have...

  • Mateus Henrique
    Mateus Henrique 6 days ago

    Music of the moment in 50s buddy Holly

  • Daniel José De Lima

    I miss time I didn't live. How elegant and innocent people were!!!

  • Jopig
    Jopig 6 days ago

    should be called “the creation of boomers”

    • Jopig
      Jopig 3 days ago

      Xx_Birdy_xX I’m sorry for sinning

    • Xx_Birdy_xX
      Xx_Birdy_xX 3 days ago

      Jopig What the hell is wrong with you? Have some respect.

  • Mark Meadows
    Mark Meadows 6 days ago

    Seems like the video is slowed down a bit. Play it at 1.25 speed and it'll correct itself. :)

  • Ahmed Elhanafi
    Ahmed Elhanafi 7 days ago

    I was born in 89. But my soul misses the 50's

  • D D
    D D 7 days ago

    50s sucked . Especially the music. Worse music from any generation. Sorry but true

  • Stifler
    Stifler 7 days ago

    A day when only the dad working is enough to support the entire family...

  • Sammy James
    Sammy James 7 days ago

    Ain’t no black people sooo f all this

  • Reon1225
    Reon1225 7 days ago

    Technology screwed everything...

  • Sabah Amal
    Sabah Amal 7 days ago

    That's the life, people enjoyed life, because less is more. 🤷‍♀️

  • jzk1990
    jzk1990 8 days ago

    Ok boomers!

  • smoke weed every day *

    My grandma said her and all the kids rode horseback to school. In the late 40s in WV

  • Diego Terneus
    Diego Terneus 8 days ago

    And did you notice, not one person in the clips was overweight! Today more than half of those people would be obese.

  • Darcy Marie Druck Tcb

    So amazing!! It's like going into a time capsule and being there. I wish it was the 1950's. Everything & everyone looked so happy and at peace!! Seemed like easy times. 🧡♥️♥️🧡

  • reving19
    reving19 9 days ago


  • Edila Lewis
    Edila Lewis 9 days ago

    What lock the doors in my neighborhood I don't think so

  • Barbi Kayler
    Barbi Kayler 9 days ago

  • RJE
    RJE 9 days ago

    So much like the way I grew up in the 40's.😄Thanks.

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 9 days ago


  • sheila12345ish
    sheila12345ish 9 days ago

    Notice no one was obese back then. They were eating a healthier food. Not pre packaged or fast food crap tainted with toxins.

  • old magician
    old magician 9 days ago

    Life before the internet, and dirty politics!

  • LivingforYeshua
    LivingforYeshua 9 days ago

    When ppl actually lived life instead of on a phone

  • Jessie Cornelius
    Jessie Cornelius 9 days ago

    Freedom at its Best

  • Scorpion
    Scorpion 9 days ago

    I was born in 1957. I worked in my dad’s gas station. I miss those times.

  • A N
    A N 10 days ago

    People have forgotten what a great country this once was

    • Camille Johnson
      Camille Johnson 3 days ago

      at this time there was heavy HEAVY racial discrimination and sexual discrimination

    • KG2018
      KG2018 5 days ago

      If you were a straight white man.

    • Apple apps iOS Más apps
      Apple apps iOS Más apps 7 days ago

      A N i remember when ur mom or dad used to said be careful on the streets now they dont care about it your parents used to watch you now its like shit they live u alone on the streets or u do w.e u want plus people now and days people kill other people 11-5-19

  • Skid Louie
    Skid Louie 10 days ago

    Parents were kids in 50s I got the 70s so so FORTUNATE

  • Claude Balls
    Claude Balls 10 days ago

    I miss Howdy Doody

  • Philip Johnson
    Philip Johnson 10 days ago

    But what a great lifetime we're all having.

  • Troy Adamson
    Troy Adamson 10 days ago

    My three siblings were born in the 50's, I wasn't born until late 1961. Didn't get to experience the 50's but still the 60's was still fun being a kid. Nothing like today. We actually went outside to play. No cell phones or computers. Black and White TV with about 4 channels. No cable. We used our imaginations back then. Today's kids just bury their faces in a cell phone. Sad.

  • marilynsarno
    marilynsarno 10 days ago

    Born in 1950 in a large family. Loved everything about my childhood. Good family friends etc. I miss those times. We didn’t have everything and worked hard. We were happy.

  • Dan
    Dan 10 days ago


  • Cindy N A
    Cindy N A 10 days ago

    I was born in 71 I really like the generations before. Family Home and values and kids were playing outside and using their imagination!

  • jinchwe
    jinchwe 10 days ago

    I wish I could go back in the past to experience this because it looks way fun than it is now. 😭

  • Mark Allen
    Mark Allen 10 days ago

    I feel real old watching this...

  • Tudy Stacy
    Tudy Stacy 10 days ago

    When life was simple.

  • Hi
    Hi 11 days ago


  • Hilde Platz
    Hilde Platz 11 days ago

    Oh one more thing,people had a job no welfare Kong's or welfare queens

    • Smashinggirl85
      Smashinggirl85 7 days ago

      Just because some people aren't in paid employment doesn't mean they don't work, everyday life is hard work.

    • Apple apps iOS Más apps
      Apple apps iOS Más apps 7 days ago

      Hilde Platz i remember when ur mom or dad used to said be careful on the streets now they dont care about it your parents used to watch you now its like shit they live u alone on the streets or u do w.e u want plus people now n days kill other people 11-5-19

  • Hilde Platz
    Hilde Platz 11 days ago

    Great yrs 🙋‍♀️💖this is when young ladies grew up to be ladies 👍💖 Young men had respect for ladies no sex before marriage 💖👍met father ,open doors for her ,picked her up inside parent's house. Now most girl's sluts,no respect for them selves.guy thinks horn she runs out.parent's don't know him 👎👎👎👎

  • Dee
    Dee 11 days ago

    Loved it! Thanks so much.

  • Julie Braunschweig
    Julie Braunschweig 12 days ago

    Notice how everyone is outside interacting with freinds, family, neighbors? Yea. That's what we've lost...

    • ShayGalaxy
      ShayGalaxy 5 days ago

      Oh please. All you old people act like you're better than everyone else. People still do all of those things you stated, except there's much less racism, homophobia and bullshit like there was back then.

    • Noah Pereira
      Noah Pereira 5 days ago

      Julie Braunschweig ok boomer

    • The purple penguin
      The purple penguin 6 days ago

      We usually loose things in exchange for something else

    • Apple apps iOS Más apps
      Apple apps iOS Más apps 7 days ago

      Julie Braunschweig i remember when ur mom or dad used to said be careful on the streets now they dont care about it your parents used to watch you now its like shit they live u alone on the streets or u do w.e u want 11-5-19

  • None Ya
    None Ya 13 days ago

    I recall some of these activities still happening in the late 80s (thats 1980s for you millennials). I wont get political. Thats for another video.

  • Mr Artician
    Mr Artician 14 days ago

    Blissful summer days and nights as kids...playing baseball, pee gee ball or whiffle ball wherever we could find a spot, fishing, riding our bikes, catching snakes and other creatures, hop scotch, jumping and/or skipping rope, roller skating, playing war games, cowboys and indians, making racing buggies from whatever we could find. In the evening, it was "kick the can", "hide and seek", catching fire flies and putting them in glass jars or just plain hiding from cars going by. We never ran out of things to do. It was a great time in America to be a kid and of course, then it was gone in a flash!

    • Mr Artician
      Mr Artician 4 days ago

      @vasill Jones You're welcome...but I'm just the "messenger". It was such a great and much simpler time, to be sure. No computers, cell phones, video games to be addicted to, just plain fun. I believe it was one of the greatest periods, however brief, in American history.

    • vasill Jones
      vasill Jones 5 days ago

      Mr Artician Thank you for those memories.

    INCOMUDRO JJPG IV 14 days ago

    Was 14. And the music was great.

  • Ray Lo
    Ray Lo 14 days ago

    Born in Dec. 1947, I can say without question the Fifties were GREAT!!! Times were simpler and people were nicer back then!!! No crime, no child predators, Mom let you walk downtown to buy a candy bar and didn't have to worry, no war, no rationing (WWII), men were back working and families could even afford a second car!!! The JFK assassination in '63 and social upheaval with the Vietnam War, then the MLK Jr. and Bobby Kennedy assassinations brought it all to an end - and this country still hasn't recovered!!!!

  • Bradly Cressley
    Bradly Cressley 14 days ago

    Thanks for sharing...wasn't born util 66 but I still rode many of these as a child! Love vintage Dorney Videos!

  • Charlie Kilo
    Charlie Kilo 14 days ago

    When this country was great!

  • Noha Mokhtar
    Noha Mokhtar 15 days ago

    its a very old video

  • Billy Goat
    Billy Goat 15 days ago

    Incredible brass

  • Dorney Park
    Dorney Park 15 days ago

    Thank you for sharing!!!

  • Wiesław Zuber
    Wiesław Zuber 15 days ago

    I don't see any fat child or anyone else, I don't see any phone or computer in the hands of the children, but I see kids playing games where you have to move, run, jump ......

  • Linda Uribe
    Linda Uribe 15 days ago

    Sweet lovely memories ❣️.I have movies like that.

    • 19king14 Film2Video Memories & Services
      19king14 Film2Video Memories & Services 15 days ago

      If you don't mind them sharing your movies for others to see here, we can transfer them free of charge and provide you personal copies! See email at the very end of the above video. Thanks

  • EVP Kiernan
    EVP Kiernan 15 days ago

    Views from a Sane World.

  • Danny Soldano
    Danny Soldano 16 days ago

    Thanks for these awesome videos of a time long gone.

  • ciiexlo
    ciiexlo 16 days ago

    idk what it is, but the 50's seem just like a more peaceful simple time

  • sharon mcmann-morelli

    That was so great, thanks

  • E Walker
    E Walker 17 days ago

    Peddle pushers forgot all about them. Had a lavender pair. The hokie pokie and London Bridge falling down.

  • Danny Soldano
    Danny Soldano 17 days ago

    As says thank you for posting great historical things.

  • Twisted Adventures of Carbon County

    Hello, we are making a video about Rocky Glen/Ghost Town and wanted to know if we can use some of this footage? You'll get credit as well as a link to your page

    MAC THE SLOVAC 18 days ago

    How times have changed..... And definitely not for the better

  • Marshall Ck
    Marshall Ck 18 days ago

    Generations.... Never stop... 1950 to 3850.. The future... Yeah...👍✌

  • christina sandstrom
    christina sandstrom 19 days ago

    thank you for saving and sharing this wonderful part of America that have been forgotten but remembered by few

  • Tropical Orange
    Tropical Orange 19 days ago

    Now these people are in their ~60s-80s. It's so weird. The 50s looked like a hell of a time and I'd love to go back in time but, thing is, I'm black.

    • E Walker
      E Walker 17 days ago

      Wasn't the same in the parts North. Actually was better than now especially in the cities.

  • Linda Uribe
    Linda Uribe 19 days ago

    I graduated in 1961..I had a long pony tail and long straight skirts with fuzzy sweaters and socks. Saddle shoes brown and white. I walked to school clear across town with all the other kids. We felt safe and happy. I had the most wonderful Dad.

  • Forza223 Bowe
    Forza223 Bowe 20 days ago

    Wow, looked like a much more civilised time

  • Jennie G
    Jennie G 21 day ago

    My grandfather and dad were the owners of all the food concessions and the parking lot and the swimming pool cafeteria. My apologies but, I believe you were misinformed about when The "Wild Mouse" was constructed. I worked there as a teenager and if my memory serves me correctly, the ride was definitely there for at least 10years prior to closing the park. We also lived across the street. -K. Giuliano

  • Carolyn Hoover
    Carolyn Hoover 21 day ago

    I grew up with 4 sisters. Born 1949. Life is never perfect but I have to say I had the best childhood ever! No helicopter parenting. All we knew was when we heard our father's whistle, we were to come home immediately. We were middle class and sat at the dinner table every night, sang to Mitch Miller and marched on to the 60s and 70s and beyond. For some of us, growing up was innocent and uncomplicated. I don't believe today's children have the option of innocence. Remember when we posed for pictures? It was just a rag tag bunch. Today, when a kid is asked for a pic, they go into immediate model pose. Again, every generation grew up with uncertainties of the world but we at least had a small window where we could be kids

  • Kyra Looman
    Kyra Looman 21 day ago

    Y'all need to chill with this whole "Kids are zombies, they never go outside" thing I ride my bike with my 5 little siblings everyday, pass notes to my friends to rid the boredom of highschool during class, have sleepovers with them during the weekends not to mention family dinner nights at my cousins house every Sunday, Art classes, events, try outs etc. We may have developed when it comes to electronics but we still have the little moments too ♡

    • 19king14 Film2Video Memories & Services
      19king14 Film2Video Memories & Services 21 day ago

      I'm sure those that are posting comments are aware there are a few that do as you do. The thoughts are that "in general" the average kids aren't doing the things that you still do. Keep up the good work and we all hope to see more like you!

  • michdad1
    michdad1 21 day ago

    This is exactly what it looked like when I grew up in a suburb of Detroit. Great times.

  • The Hunter
    The Hunter 22 days ago

    Who can forget American Bandstand...w/Pat Molliteri...WONDERFUL!

  • David
    David 22 days ago

    The post war generation was the most fortunate, healthiest, smartest generation in American history to date. I saw an archive photo of Fairmount Indiana in which James Dean returned home in 1954 to meet friends on the main st. They were thin, well groomed, well dressed and smiling. Fast forward to 2019 and the same street, same spot is populated with a scattering of young men dressed in scruffy baggy shorts and trainers, overweight and looking down at the pavement. Modern life is rubbish really and the US has definitely gone down hill. Young people be confident, walk tall , walk straight and look the world in the eye.

  • synthartist69
    synthartist69 22 days ago

    I wonder if anyone here is seeing themselves in this video?