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  • Jennifer Pifferini
    Jennifer Pifferini 15 hours ago

    Omg I love the dolls and are you Da panda girl because I love da panda girls gaming channel and I'm first comment

    • C Kavala
      C Kavala 14 hours ago

      Yasss thanks and panda helps us on this channel too

  • daydream galaxy
    daydream galaxy 22 hours ago

    You should have put paintings and drawings on the wall

  • Sheraz Noor Minhas

    I love you Bella. And Ariel

  • Toys In Action

    This room came up awesome we love it....

    • C Kavala
      C Kavala Day ago

      Thanks. We really enjoyed making and decorating it

  • Uli Toys Review
    Uli Toys Review 3 days ago

    Amazing and beautiful :) 👍

    • C Kavala
      C Kavala 3 days ago

      Glad you liked it! We had lots of fun putting this dyi together

  • Layla roblox YT
    Layla roblox YT 3 days ago

    What how does it have 2 likes well I liked so 3 likes :)

  • Raze
    Raze 4 days ago


  • Arturu Martinez garcia

    So cute ana

  • Arturu Martinez garcia

    So cute

  • Uli Toys Review
    Uli Toys Review 5 days ago

    That bus looks awesome :)

    • C Kavala
      C Kavala 5 days ago

      And the pups are really cute

  • Shell Ann
    Shell Ann 5 days ago

    Im getting one of thenm

  • Shell Ann
    Shell Ann 5 days ago

    Aaaaw so cute

  • Brian Draney
    Brian Draney 7 days ago

    Now all we need is a DVD of some episodes.

    • Brian Draney
      Brian Draney 4 days ago

      You mean transfer the episodes from my DVR onto a bootleg DVD? I think it'll look way better on DVD if I wait for Disney or some other studio to sell it. But thanks anyway.

    • C Kavala
      C Kavala 6 days ago

      DVD? Can’t you stream it? 😉

  • Uli Toys Review
    Uli Toys Review 8 days ago

    These are cool! Nice video 👍🏽

    • Uli Toys Review
      Uli Toys Review 7 days ago

      @C Kavala Thank you, the problem is solved :)

    • C Kavala
      C Kavala 7 days ago

      Thank you! Tried to comment on your royal bee lol video and comments are turned off. Did you know that?

  • TapWater
    TapWater 9 days ago

    omg why does this sound like dapandagirl? Anyone else think that????

    • C Kavala
      C Kavala 9 days ago

      Because panda helpsus in this family channel

  • Leland Bruneau
    Leland Bruneau 9 days ago

    She is dapandagirl

    • C Kavala
      C Kavala 9 days ago

      Yep she helps her family in this channel

  • ItzKaizzxin SOC
    ItzKaizzxin SOC 10 days ago

    Hi Panda i lysm very much

  • Da Panda
    Da Panda 11 days ago

    Hello Da Panda Girl I saw Your vid in Your Channel about the Scary games with face cam I will be the opposite of scary games

  • nxtrxses
    nxtrxses 11 days ago

    Before 100 views LOVE U PANDA

    • nxtrxses
      nxtrxses 11 days ago


    • C Kavala
      C Kavala 11 days ago

      Thank you. We really appreciate the support

  • Jan Richard's Vlog
    Jan Richard's Vlog 11 days ago

    You sound like the dapandagirl

  • gracia hosiana
    gracia hosiana 12 days ago


  • vkook Isshook
    vkook Isshook 13 days ago

    Ooo those are cute ❤️

  • Jan Richard's Vlog
    Jan Richard's Vlog 13 days ago

    Your sound is like Dapanda girl

  • David Moore
    David Moore 13 days ago

    These are sooooo cooooool!! These are better than the paper ones!!

  • Kawaii Neko Films
    Kawaii Neko Films 13 days ago

    Great video! :D

    • C Kavala
      C Kavala 13 days ago

      Glad you liked it. Thank you

  • SaraTheBunnyQueen
    SaraTheBunnyQueen 13 days ago

    why is there 9 views-

  • • MonthlyPancake •

    Panda? Is that you???

    • C Kavala
      C Kavala 14 days ago

      Yes panda helps her family in this channel

  • Syed Atif
    Syed Atif 14 days ago

    I ❤️ the sandwich which she maid

  • Antonio Oanes
    Antonio Oanes 14 days ago

    First! Pls shoutout

    • C Kavala
      C Kavala 14 days ago

      First? Are you sure ? But thanks for commenting anyway and for watching

  • Uli Toys Review
    Uli Toys Review 15 days ago

    This was fun, enjoyed it :) Thumbs up

    • C Kavala
      C Kavala 15 days ago

      We also had a blast building it. Thanks

  • Jomana Mohamed
    Jomana Mohamed 15 days ago

    I love this

    • C Kavala
      C Kavala 15 days ago

      So happy to know that. Big thank you

  • Vin txge
    Vin txge 15 days ago

    I love this 😘😊

    • C Kavala
      C Kavala 15 days ago

      Thank you so much! More to come soon 😉

  • Kawaii Neko Films
    Kawaii Neko Films 15 days ago

    Firstt!! :D

  • Flczyas
    Flczyas 16 days ago

    Kids are the easiest way to get subscribers and views like cocomelon lol funny

  • Magical Yumicorn
    Magical Yumicorn 16 days ago

    is there any way to surely get Ariel?

  • Ruth Gray
    Ruth Gray 17 days ago

    Who is your favourite pup

  • AngelRi - AngelK
    AngelRi - AngelK 17 days ago

    wait I never knew panda played with dolls until I went on this channel

    • AngelRi - AngelK
      AngelRi - AngelK 17 days ago

      Oo that’s great!

    • C Kavala
      C Kavala 17 days ago

      She doesn’t anymore but keeps helping our family channel 😉

  • Daniel Gomez
    Daniel Gomez 19 days ago

    C Kavala the other princess dolls, the second ones that I believe are from Hasbro. I can see that they have new pairs of clothing, did Hasbro make some new Disney princess dolls was all new clothing, like more sweaters & More t shirts ? I really want to know if Hasbro made a new set of new Disney princess dolls in the style of Ralph breaks the internet, and if I can find them with all new sweaters and t-shirts. Another words, if the Hasbro Disney princess dolls has a new lineup of modern clothes

    • Daniel Gomez
      Daniel Gomez 17 days ago

      @C Kavala that's cool thank you

    • C Kavala
      C Kavala 19 days ago

      That’s correct. Hasbro released recently 3 dolls from the Comfy squad ... hope more will be launched soon

  • Uli Toys Review
    Uli Toys Review 20 days ago

    Cute 👍🏽

  • MCmoo
    MCmoo 20 days ago

    Love the yellow dress! My sister says she wants it 😂🤭 I know what to get her for her birthday next year 😂

    • C Kavala
      C Kavala 20 days ago

      I am sure she will like it

  • Da_Slothx
    Da_Slothx 20 days ago

    You’re so jolly✨☺️

  • •Brinquedos e Diversões•Gaga Chan

    Face reveal please!!!

    • C Kavala
      C Kavala 22 days ago

      Check pandas face reveal here 300k Special!! ru-clip.com/video/1t88GXaob8s/video.html

  • The Sleeping Robloxian

    sorry im late im a huge fan of all the channels i showed my whole family this awesome channel they loved it <3

  • Daniel Smyth
    Daniel Smyth 23 days ago

    Haii I’m sorry I’m not first panda but I <3 ur other channel!!! I might show my lil cousin this channel! She is 5 and her lil brother is 4 months anyways love u panda

    • C Kavala
      C Kavala 23 days ago

      Thank you for doing that. 🐼

  • Simply Oceania
    Simply Oceania 24 days ago

    Can we do a build off on your other channel or can u do a give away

    • C Kavala
      C Kavala 24 days ago

      This is our family channel so for that please try to check pandas other social media platforms

  • Sushi Hewo
    Sushi Hewo 24 days ago

    First!! O.o

  • Tiger Cat
    Tiger Cat 26 days ago

    i watched your grandma video then i watch your dads and i found this and im subscribeing right now

  • iizoe xoii
    iizoe xoii 26 days ago

    Lysm Panda Girl!!!!!

  • My Life With Aspergers


    • C Kavala
      C Kavala 22 days ago

      Couldn’t find it this time. Maybe in the future 😉

  • Uli Toys Review
    Uli Toys Review 27 days ago

    Nice and fun opening :) 👍🏽

    • C Kavala
      C Kavala 22 days ago

      Glad you liked it 🎉