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  • CR 15
    CR 15 3 days ago

    LeBron in year 17 ain't nothing like the Black Mamba in year 17... His game reached another height that year ...injury was unfortunate KB24

  • Ian Rapoport
    Ian Rapoport 4 days ago

    Trubisky 2.0

  • Michael Tewell
    Michael Tewell 5 days ago

    Welcome to Pittsburgh

  • ThatPurpleEvo
    ThatPurpleEvo 5 days ago

    How the fuck can NBA analysts say they’ve never seen anyone dominate in their 17th season like Lebron is, like bitch Kobe destroyed these youngsters in his 17th! If it weren’t for that popped Achilles his prime woulda been extended! After this it was just injury after injury that caused him to miss almost 2 and a half years at the end! He woulda put SO many more Career points if he was healthy enough to play! How quickly people forgot that Kobe had an amazing 17th year! Then his body betrayed him everysingle season after that, he had season ending injuries until he retired! So fuck y’all Lebron dick riders! Kobe was a absolute monster! DEEP into his career, I’ll take Kobe 17th year over Lebron 17th year anytime! Kobe is just a freak of nature his mindset is second to none! Killer fade-away and tough shit making, Lebron can only dream of that footwork that Kobe had! AND Kobe had absolutely trash players this season and carried all that dead weight and still got them to the playoffs single handedly!! Lebron couldn’t do that!!Anyways GO LAKERS!!!!

  • Mike Hardesty
    Mike Hardesty 6 days ago

    As a ravens fan who makes a lot of mocks, I was constantly mocking andrews to us in the first, if it wasn’t andrews it was Ridley, never bought the hurst or goedert hype, I knew andrews was not only the best TE in 2018, but one of the best players period, he’s proven me right so far

  • Smush Parker
    Smush Parker 6 days ago

    who here after he just got signed

  • YourOpinionIsWrong
    YourOpinionIsWrong 6 days ago

    He'll make a solid TE once he gets forced into the position change in the pros

  • masacra
    masacra 8 days ago

    Very bad player.....

  • Fabian69
    Fabian69 8 days ago

    This melo was the truth

  • VW DT
    VW DT 8 days ago

    Lamar showed so much to me in this game... His offensive line got mauled all night, defense was basically escorting any Clemson running back to the endzone. And it seemed whenever Lamar would make a big play, his teammates would let him down with a stupid penalty.. and the fact that he was still functional, amidst all this chaos.. further illustrated to me, that this brotha was the best player in the football world. He was completely overmatched by a superior team on the other side, and he wasn't a complete disaster, under complete adverse circumstances. Statistically, this wasn't one of his best games.. but intangibly, he showed me alot.

  • Super R
    Super R 14 days ago

    I'm seeing a lot of post move in these highlights for ppl saying he didn't have any

  • Riley Harville
    Riley Harville 17 days ago

    He was my neighbor when I was little we always hung out and made fires he was the best

  • Patrick Carr
    Patrick Carr 17 days ago

    Solid player does his job and can do many things well when needed

  • Ralph Mancini
    Ralph Mancini 19 days ago

    Slow. I don't see any explosiveness. Hit him right away before he squares his shoulders and he won't do much damage. The NFL is a different universe with ultra athletic defenders. Moss looks more like an end-of-roster player.

  • The Black Wing HQ
    The Black Wing HQ 22 days ago

    Stan going with Nelson in the finals over Alston who they were lead by on the way there, was the beginning of the end.

  • Tomas P
    Tomas P 23 days ago

    Oregon's Herbert might be the best option for the Dolphins... and Lawrence is better than both

  • Chase Koll
    Chase Koll 23 days ago

    Any highlights aganist top 100 teams or nah?

  • Jason Strom
    Jason Strom 23 days ago


  • 23 days ago

    Go birds

  • I'M AWAKE - ARE YOU ??

    Welcome to the #NEST G Ave our D just got better !! Good luck. 😎

  • Tyrrell young
    Tyrrell young 23 days ago

    Welcome to Philly

  • Blackhawk Venom
    Blackhawk Venom 24 days ago

    And he hasnt done shit for Green Bay.

  • Leonel Thomas
    Leonel Thomas 24 days ago

    Good trade by Eagles he gonna help the LB’s.

    • Jason Strom
      Jason Strom 23 days ago

      He's not a LB. At least not the way we'll be using him. They're gonna switch'em up to DE. He was a 3-4 LB for the Browns but in a 3-4 scheme basically the outside LB's are their version of a DE. Only the MLB's play normal LB positions for the most part. So for the Eagles he'll probably be in rotation with Brandon Graham and Derrick Barnett. I doubt they'll use him much in the middle the way they've been using Graham but ya never know. But at least now with him hear we can actually put Graham in the middle with Cox and have Barnett out there too, which would make that defensive front way faster than they've been on certain plays. This was a good trade, especially since we barely gave anything up for him and he's only in his second season out of college. I have no idea why the Browns gave him up like that. Hopefully there's nothing out of the ordinary wrong with him. But sofar I haven't found anything or any reason for alarm.

  • Paolina cha
    Paolina cha 24 days ago

    Fly eagles fly.

  • Blake Dowling
    Blake Dowling 24 days ago

    Welcome to Philly

  • Jesus Angel
    Jesus Angel 24 days ago

    Philly 🙏🏻

    HOLY MOLY ROLY POLY 24 days ago

    Welcome to Philly!!!

  • Tsl ZoLe
    Tsl ZoLe 24 days ago

    here because of the eagles trade

  • Curt King
    Curt King 24 days ago

    Welcome 🦅🦅

  • XxFlex_EaglexX VII
    XxFlex_EaglexX VII 24 days ago


  • standy cream
    standy cream 27 days ago

    How does he get his hair like that

  • LO'PRO
    LO'PRO 28 days ago

    I picked him up on my fantasy football team hopefully he smokes them giants this weekend.

  • ToHellwithYou
    ToHellwithYou Month ago

    And some newbies say that kd is better than kobe.. pure bullshit

  • King Xavier
    King Xavier Month ago

    Miami 🐬 3 picks 1st Round 2020 Draft Tua,Judy,Right Tackle 🤔Gesicki gonna have a better year with Tua at Helm. Preston Williams,DeVante Parker, 10+ more picks for Miami Dolphins 2020 Draft. Plus Miami will have $116+ million cap space. Protect Tua and let him take off in Miami

  • NFiltr8Red
    NFiltr8Red Month ago

    Sitting pretty with Sam Bradford minus the money.

  • Eric Pedersen
    Eric Pedersen Month ago

    What happened to skydesigns?

  • Gavin Kelley
    Gavin Kelley Month ago

    8 weeks into the second season and he should definitely start

  • Frank White
    Frank White Month ago

    That Knicks team was stacked

  • Terminator34 Gaming

    If they actually played someone yea I might think he’s decent but tua is the best QB rn

  • JezAnne Udtohan
    JezAnne Udtohan Month ago

    That double , triple team on him and still made a shot. Fucking great men 💪

  • pj Clipz
    pj Clipz Month ago

    He my cousin

  • Gh 20
    Gh 20 Month ago

    Anyone else notice Jamaal Charles was running back this game?

  • Bryant Smith
    Bryant Smith Month ago

    Imagine being double or triple teamed your whole career

  • CareyMamba2K
    CareyMamba2K Month ago


  • Luis Echevarria
    Luis Echevarria Month ago

    Yeoooo this is my niqqa we went to elementary middle and high school together niqqa was fast af

  • UptSrvr1
    UptSrvr1 Month ago

    He was a beast.

  • shamus248
    shamus248 Month ago

    I wonder what could have been if the Achilles didn't happen. Every team in the playoffs that year is damn lucky they didn't have to play this man in the postseason

  • Blake Cupp
    Blake Cupp Month ago

    Most underrated back all time in SEC

  • Rene Hernandez
    Rene Hernandez Month ago

    If they brought this back to the game plan this year it would make things alot easier

  • Gilbert Fanfan
    Gilbert Fanfan Month ago

    I’m glad the dolphins picked him up

    • aml1583
      aml1583 Month ago

      I have high hopes for him

  • T South
    T South Month ago

    One word, TRACKMEET.

  • lil p90 misery
    lil p90 misery Month ago

    Best rookie.

  • J. Anderson
    J. Anderson Month ago

    This team could've won a few more titles. Let Phil go and got rid of Lamar!

  • Mazen Saifan
    Mazen Saifan Month ago

    Don't know the sports analyst but he is pretty damn good one

  • David Davidson
    David Davidson Month ago


  • Manuel Soto
    Manuel Soto Month ago

    When he transfers somewhere and goes off this coaching staff will have a lot of explaining to do.

  • orlie vie quirante

    i love kobe soo much miss him to play.

  • Aryan Persaud
    Aryan Persaud Month ago

    Th end of this season was where I shed tears knowing that my idol and favorite player of all time would never be the same. Mad respect and love to Mamba.

    DJ THE SHOOTER Month ago

    I'm not a James hater by any means. But in no way does James possess Kobe's skill level and the ability to concentrate and score under tremendous duress.

  • Ronnie Collier Collier II

    can you do Florida Gators defensive highlights vs Auburn Tigers?

  • Lucas Barron
    Lucas Barron Month ago

    Higgins and trevor should be on the same team in the Nfl or rodgers.. Js yall see that

  • Ian Rapoport
    Ian Rapoport Month ago

    Carbon copy of Mitch Trubisky

  • Joshüa 115
    Joshüa 115 Month ago

    Anyone think it’s funny how this is Denzel ward vs baker lol

    • Nexotah
      Nexotah Month ago

      Joshüa 115 dude can u send me ur picture lol

  • hilyfe01
    hilyfe01 Month ago

    Benny Snell 2.0 Very overrated

  • Dan N
    Dan N Month ago

    One of those games where you still remember where you were and who you were with while watching it. Incredible game. One of the best Rose bowl games ever.

  • Marc Allen
    Marc Allen Month ago

    Fromm is the only QB in the country whose highlights are filled with screens, short crossing routes and check downs.

  • Dominic Omegon
    Dominic Omegon Month ago

    Both Tua and Jerry are going to be Dolphins next year.

  • Beyond Google
    Beyond Google Month ago

    This defense was SOOO good

  • Rawest
    Rawest Month ago

    LOOK at the guy guarding kobe at 1:03...he gets so frustrated that kobe outplayed the fuck out of him LMAO. Kobe was literally unstoppable.

  • Agent Smith
    Agent Smith Month ago

    One of my most favorite players to watch play basketball 😢miss this guy!

  • simeon tong
    simeon tong Month ago

    Herbert for Heisman

  • Bin Hasan
    Bin Hasan Month ago

    Mama there goes that man

  • Hickjoe
    Hickjoe Month ago

    Alright dude I love your stuff, but where’d you go??

  • ian neverson
    ian neverson Month ago

    someone should told herb to kill the clock oregon would of had a better chance

  • Sewshey Yt
    Sewshey Yt Month ago

    He’s my 5th grade teachers son!!!!!!

  • Anita Kosachyova
    Anita Kosachyova Month ago


  • Anish Naik
    Anish Naik Month ago

    Vince Young got the rid of the ball so quick I’ve never seen anyone throw it so quick maybe Tom Brady

  • Brendan Yates
    Brendan Yates Month ago

    The Titans owner made 2 decisions. 1 right and 1 wrong. The right one was drafting Vince. The wrong one was letting Jeff Fisher be anywhere near a football team.

  • Brendan Yates
    Brendan Yates Month ago

    USC basically got to play a home game for a title

  • Ray Pratt
    Ray Pratt Month ago

    Idk??all I really see from TUA is 5-7 yrd passes over the middle on quick slants or throws basically just past the line of scrimmage!!I see great athleticism but almost EVERY throw that does go 10 or more yrds he doesnt hit them in stride,its either behind them a bit or they pretty much come to a stop and catch it!!I'm trying VERY,VERY hard to find something that makes me say yea NOW I see!!and the velocity seems really slow coming out of his release??DAMN,this is important for me because UNFORTUNATELY I'm a life long DOLPHINS fan and they are just in love with this guy and besides his athleticism I just DO NOT see TUA being better than ROSEN but for that matter I'm not impressed with HERBERT much either!!IMO so far the guy who looks like he may throw the best looking ball from what I've seen so far is JAKE FROMM,but EVERYONE is just in love with TUA and HERBERT and to me NEITHER of them look great this yr,idk man I can feel it,Miami is gonna land TUA and hes gonna be the nxt MARIOTA,I'm hoping it changes for me,but I see what I see!!

  • RDP3
    RDP3 Month ago

    The quality is so good here

  • Nick Hunter
    Nick Hunter Month ago

    Any fellow Jets fans watching this? 😂

  • Michael Karvelis
    Michael Karvelis Month ago

    That was some ugly film for Herbert. I'm disappointed. Even when he didn't have time to throw, the pocket presence and feel was just antsy.

  • laurence scott
    laurence scott Month ago

    Welcome to the jets..hopefully u not hackenberg

  • Randall Blann
    Randall Blann Month ago

    October 12th 2019 is the Texas Oklahoma game.The Red River Showdown at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas.With Sam Ellinger and the healthy receivers and running backs.Texas will score on Oklahoma and outscore Oklahoma again.Texas defense up front will win this game and Texas offense upfront will win this game.And Eagles and Johnson will have a open receiver day for Sam Ellinger will pass to Duvernay also and Jake and will have big passing day.Keontay Ingram will have a good running day and Sam Ellinger will run some but will have many more passing yards and also have Keontay Ingram running for good yardage.Oklahoma will score on many pass plays but will be outscored 45 to 40.Texas will win.

  • Angel Velasquez
    Angel Velasquez Month ago

    You think he will be used against cincy?!

  • Derrick kennedy
    Derrick kennedy Month ago

    He was in a MISSION bro was gonna get will the lakers to the finals that year . Damn Injuries man

  • Aaron Fox
    Aaron Fox Month ago

    Nothing special. RG3 could do this. Doing research to see if I'm gonna be pissed if my team does what everyone thinks(excerpt me).

  • Jim Beam
    Jim Beam Month ago

    He definitely has potential. He just needs to settle down.

  • William Cooper
    William Cooper Month ago

    Jerry Jeudy brings AND 1 Streetball Jukes to the Football field. He's NUTZ. fast as hell, catches everything, a great route runner and will break you the fugg up.

    BESTOF THE BEST Month ago


  • Chris Fallis
    Chris Fallis Month ago

    I swear, man... this was my favorite Kobe season to watch. I know that the Lakers were a huge disappointment as a team that season. But Kobe was AMAZING. If it wasnt for the Achilles tear, Kobe would have gotten them a spot in the Playoffs. And even though the Lakers' record wasnt that impressive, their roster was scary as hell. I'm sure NO team would've wanted to face them in a playoff setting. Especially the way Kobe had turned it on. He was a sight to see!

  • Moonroof
    Moonroof Month ago

    Vince was the man

  • sholove Sholove
    sholove Sholove Month ago

    This man was playing out if his mind this year! He AVERAGED 27/6/5! But if this was an amazing year in his 16th season...... Lebron averaging 28/8/8 in his 16th year.... WITH THE SAME FRANCHISE...WITH MORE MINUTES....IS GOD MODE! 👑

  • 1walkanator
    1walkanator 2 months ago

    How the hell did he find that hole at 3:03?? Thats insane patience and vision. Running a 10.4s 100 at 220lbs isnt bad to compliment those things with either haha

  • Amber Hanshel
    Amber Hanshel 2 months ago

    I love this song

  • Dubsfor20
    Dubsfor20 2 months ago

    Jerry Judy is one of the best wr prospects I’ve seen in awhile coming out of college dude is so polished he gonna be a productive player day 1 in the nfl

  • Kushiwawah
    Kushiwawah 2 months ago


  • BTS Dance Studio
    BTS Dance Studio 2 months ago

    A Super-Size-Kyler: The Black-Brady Watch A 5th-6th Round Sleeper. You Watch!

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha 2 months ago

    Tua is shit