Jesse Jordan
Jesse Jordan
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Club Style Sportster 1200R
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Club Style Sportster
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Martinez chemtrailz
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Martinez chem-trailz
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Bay area chemtrailz
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Nor Cal Chemtrails
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Mtz chemtrails
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Club Style Sportster 2
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  • Professor GeorgeO

    Sweet ride brother looking to turn my 1200c hd sporty into a club style sportster whT size are those rear shocks 13-1/2 ¿"?

  • Forrest Allbert
    Forrest Allbert 4 months ago

    Well done👌🏼

  • The Infinit Ryda
    The Infinit Ryda 5 months ago

    You can’t even hear you

  • Fisherman - Sky Watcher John

    Chem trail hell there too I see

  • Lens Herr
    Lens Herr 9 months ago

    May God grant you strength and wisdom, greetings from Netherlands.

  • Bling Bling The BS OF THE ISS

    This video absolutely proves once and for all that Chemtrails are indeed real. This video was taken in Orlando on December 3, 2018. It clearly shows the same two airplanes in the sky all day starting and stopping the chemtrail’s turning around and doing it all over again. You can clearly see the difference between the contrails and the Chemtrails.

  • Flo Anton
    Flo Anton Year ago

    looks very good . what footpegs did you use .....?

    • Jesse Jordan
      Jesse Jordan Year ago

      Flo Anton it means, it’s what Harley originally put on the bike.👍🏻

    • Flo Anton
      Flo Anton Year ago

      Jesse Jordan what is Stock mids? sorry i am from germany 😂😂!

    • Jesse Jordan
      Jesse Jordan Year ago

      Flo Anton stock mids

  • adibee88
    adibee88 Year ago

    I'm digging your Sportster build! My opinion doesn't matter, but I think your bike would perform and look better with a blacked out Thunderheader 2 in 1 exhaust. A 1.5" tank lift and a coil & ignition relocation would look hella tough! ⚡💪🏽😉

  • super16g123
    super16g123 Year ago

    nice bike man. you have any problems with the belt rubbing against that rear brake bracket? I'm running 13.5" and when on the jiffy stand, the belt just touches it. my understanding is that they changed the design in 2014 and can run much taller shocks on the later bikes.

  • Sean McDonnell
    Sean McDonnell Year ago

    Highly DOUBT it has 99hp.

    • Tana Toa
      Tana Toa 9 months ago

      Most probably 99hp at the crank not the wheel

    • Jesse Jordan
      Jesse Jordan Year ago

      Sean McDonnell Put a Mastertuner on a fuel injected sporty w this intake and this 2 into 1 & a Hammer Performance 1250 kit on it and that’s what you get lol. Do your homework & you’ll see Hammer’s got 1250 kits that’ll put a sporty 110+ hp. My 1250 kit was supposed to get me to 100 but I’m good with 99.5 doubt the f all you want I what the f I got.

  • Matt Murphy
    Matt Murphy Year ago

    Can't hear one word over the wind, mate. :/