OPLOLReplay - Lolesports Highlights
OPLOLReplay - Lolesports Highlights
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  • Eren Samet Karataş

    Oh look, that's good old hilly..

  • Aaron Villanueva
    Aaron Villanueva 2 hours ago

    Why put Westdoor, Bjergsen, and Faker in the same team? LMAO

  • Blue Dragon
    Blue Dragon 3 hours ago

    Why god(faker) worries about humans (g2)

  • Bruno Pimenta
    Bruno Pimenta 4 hours ago

    All bow to the late game god!

  • Mustafa Camcı
    Mustafa Camcı 5 hours ago

    0:36 ning pressed e ???

  • Lord Paul Philipp Fernandez

    Just discovered now but at @7:29, did that arrow from Pray curved and hit Bengi?

  • Lech Kaczyński
    Lech Kaczyński 6 hours ago

    Sylas players garbage abedage humanoid xerxe

  • TheLegendOne
    TheLegendOne 7 hours ago

    Nightbloooo making plays 😂

  • IlIlIlIl IlIlIl
    IlIlIlIl IlIlIl 8 hours ago

    Third seed playing better than NA top seed. Wouldn’t be surprised if China wins again. People always sleep on the Chinese teams.

  • Russel Estrera
    Russel Estrera 8 hours ago

    The reason why faker lost many matches, is because he secretly hates broccoli

  • 이수환
    이수환 9 hours ago

    I don't know the system of lec who is 2nd and 3rd team?

  • PogU
    PogU 15 hours ago

    ncie dodge faker

  • Zayn Harvey Gonzales
    Zayn Harvey Gonzales 15 hours ago

    I think the title must be "faker but in many memes"

  • Badon Jahanam
    Badon Jahanam 16 hours ago

    he makes things look awkward demmit😂😂😂

  • chama zape
    chama zape 19 hours ago

    i just came here becouse of brtt

  • Sccorn
    Sccorn 22 hours ago

    Korean vs NA pls

  • Edilio Santos
    Edilio Santos Day ago

    Impact tilt

  • Noah Phillips
    Noah Phillips Day ago

    qtpie just over here feeding

  • Atanas
    Atanas Day ago

    Its gonna be interesting worlds... Who will prevail the slower methodical asian teams or the fast paced and unpredictable western teams

    • Arman Miguel Celdran
      Arman Miguel Celdran 13 hours ago

      China is not slow at all.. and korea has adapted to the fast paced game seeing skirmish games in the gauntlet

  • The Deceiver
    The Deceiver Day ago

    Reason why ryze is nerf.

  • bassuru niwo
    bassuru niwo Day ago

    7:25 hahahahahahahahahah

  • Longy
    Longy Day ago

    who fed that Jana?

  • Sheen
    Sheen Day ago

    the preview is terrible, sorry.

  • Junel Sanchez
    Junel Sanchez Day ago


  • Yuki GEKYUME
    Yuki GEKYUME Day ago

    [🌺🌸] pro scene not too new to nb3 since he used to be a pro player

    • Yuki GEKYUME
      Yuki GEKYUME Day ago

      He’s def not the reason why they won but hey 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Ethan Gilworth

    Man back when C9 had Jensen

  • I dunno Wad name to put so i simply put

    The 2 morello on cassio doe in game 2😂

  • slime Edits
    slime Edits Day ago

    As a Neeko one trick he played neeko ok but not great

  • Miguel Hernandez

    Where’s mata?

  • BlackWing 92
    BlackWing 92 Day ago

    so,fnatic has 2 must ban now,which is cass n yumi?

  • Jeff Jeff
    Jeff Jeff Day ago

    2018 G2 is way better than G2 With Caps

    • Reudiger Watchman
      Reudiger Watchman 18 hours ago

      yeah without wadid and hjarnan they realy lost their foundation and you can clearly see the gaps left behind by their old bot

  • Ellyssa Terence Vidal

    What music when they introduced the ginyu force

  • Eclaire Lestia

    Last Baron game 2 was a fucking bad decision SPY

  • Kasidit Thangyucharoen

    Last Baron game 2 was super fuck decision for SPY

  • Ashplague
    Ashplague Day ago

    I thought since Europe won msi that they didn’t do play ins, I thought all 3 just made it to groups? Or does China get that from worlds last year?

    • Laurent Vic
      Laurent Vic Day ago

      @Ashplague iG is 3rd seed

    • Ashplague
      Ashplague Day ago

      Laurent Vic thank you 🙏 so top 4 msi get 1st seeds

    • Laurent Vic
      Laurent Vic Day ago

      yes it's LPL. IG will play at group stage instead of play in

  • ronald tuscano

    Nemesis is god

  • Ace
    Ace Day ago

    Nemesis is a beast.

  • Cuntweiser
    Cuntweiser Day ago

    Garen adc S+ tier???? I’m gonna abuse this to get out of iron thanks Rekkles :)

    • iSa Zch
      iSa Zch Day ago

      It only works when you have yuumi. Both have support item first buy. Relic Garen + Spellthief Yuumi. Dont go agressive early, get cs as you can get. This comp requires key items. Garen Blackcleaver+Deadmans, Yummi AP items Ludens. play for midgame spike NOT Early. If you watch the Splyce Game where they pick this, they kept engaging instead of disengaging and farming which lead to them loosing on this. Hope this helps you.

    • Bladeknight Bleu
      Bladeknight Bleu Day ago

      Cuntweiser Garen + Yuumi.

  • Noy Dimalanta
    Noy Dimalanta Day ago

    Nemesis popping off

  • mikko lehtinen

    Typical fnatic champion pool. The supp draft all over 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Noy Dimalanta
      Noy Dimalanta 18 hours ago

      @mikko lehtinen By being good. Imagine saying he got an MVP because of his mid teammate carrying late game? Did that even make sense? Rekkles has always been known as a late game ADC lmao. If the mid teammate was so good, he should've won the MVP himself. Rekkles has always been good even without Caps. He also was solo carrying FNC in 2017 and that is with Caps. Now you can say the same about Perkz with Caps in the mid lane lmao. Anyways, Imma head out now so that you can suck Perkz's dick more 😂😂. Bye see you next time on the next fnatic video 😂😂

    • mikko lehtinen
      mikko lehtinen 20 hours ago

      Noy Dimalanta how did he get those? He had great mid player in team carrying in late game. Now he cant do that coz he has no better carry mid. And he cant carry alone. Too boosted by others and now he sucks 🤣🤣🤣

    • Noy Dimalanta
      Noy Dimalanta Day ago

      @mikko lehtinen A boosted overrated ADC who won 3 MVPs. I wonder who else won 3 EU MVPs in their career? Oh wait. Nobody else but him lmao. You hate to see it.

    • mikko lehtinen
      mikko lehtinen Day ago

      Noy Dimalanta yeah hyli carying boosted adc who likes to play supp also 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Your overrated adc cant even carry 🤣🤣. He even loss in some laning vs perkz 🤣🤣. Perkz know to carry btw and dont sleep in lane like your bot trash 🤣🤣🤣

    • Noy Dimalanta
      Noy Dimalanta Day ago

      @mikko lehtinen The overrated player with Hyli just kept on killing the most successful player with Mikyx 2v2 in lane. You hate to see it

  • Daniel Cruz
    Daniel Cruz Day ago

    That syndra bot showed last msi looking forward this worlds

  • Mightyant 13577

    I don't know if Fnatic will pull out Garen/Yummi with the changes to Garen

    • ramonce09's stash
      ramonce09's stash 19 hours ago

      GAM will pull out their Kennen ADC again I bet

    • Julián Lezama Farfan
      Julián Lezama Farfan Day ago

      @VictusLovesGames This season I haven't seen any adc Kennen, not yet. Maybe it works dk.

    • VictusLovesGames
      VictusLovesGames Day ago

      @Julián Lezama Farfan Ad kennan is very strong but ... It doesnt work in top lane current meta . Rekkless can actually play it tbh .

    • Julián Lezama Farfan
      Julián Lezama Farfan Day ago

      @VictusLovesGames Not Kennen, it doesn't seem strong this season.

    • VictusLovesGames
      VictusLovesGames Day ago

      Garen kennan will be perma banned against Rekkless

  • Márk Varga
    Márk Varga Day ago

    13:11 - that cassio ult dodge tho by kobbe

  • Romain V
    Romain V Day ago

    Nemesis is really insane

  • Demandred
    Demandred Day ago

    13:33 Nemesis trolling himself by buying a double morello because he already bought a double phage XD what a good guy !

    • Arthur
      Arthur Day ago

      Check LS twitter, its because he asked him if he should buy morello for this BO5

  • technicalleon
    technicalleon Day ago

    Go Fnatic! Congrats for getting 2nd seed. I pray that they recover their mentality and come back stronger than ever this Worlds.

  • Amaro Alonso
    Amaro Alonso Day ago


  • Paul NL
    Paul NL Day ago

    Not a fan of Nemesis but he played really well today, carried all 3 games and grew this year so hard as a player. But for godsake just smile a bit more dude. Looks like he is not even happy when they win.

    • Where am I?
      Where am I? Day ago

      Paul NL He’s not happy cause you’re not his fan

    • William Hobbs
      William Hobbs Day ago

      Quite a lot of players are quiet and awkward, they don't express themselves enough!

  • Djordje Jovanovic

    17:16 wtf is this tf dash?

    • Wisteria Berlitz
      Wisteria Berlitz Day ago

      Tfw Ivern sees so little play that people don't know what his ability does

    • Djordje Jovanovic
      Djordje Jovanovic Day ago

      @Angel Castañeda oh didnt know, ty

    • Angel Castañeda
      Angel Castañeda Day ago

      The Ivern Q, when tha ability hit, you can click on the enemy and that happen

  • cer1xo
    cer1xo 2 days ago


  • Kiafozuro
    Kiafozuro 2 days ago

    What was that Tf ad loool

    • DarkFire 511
      DarkFire 511 Day ago

      Are you Iron III?

    • Stratise
      Stratise Day ago

      TF is play ad now, since THE ENTIRE YEAR

    • Mightyant 13577
      Mightyant 13577 Day ago

      Ummmm the meta build for Tf right now? You run klepto and then go triforce>Rapid fire>Infinity edge

  • Baby Panda
    Baby Panda 2 days ago

    Cassiopea hard carry. Insane damage

  • Jacob Summerlin
    Jacob Summerlin 2 days ago

    Didnt even need to watch. Saw that it was a 22min video. Already knew it was a 3-0 FNC win

  • Voduy Bao
    Voduy Bao 2 days ago

    Cassie saved game 1

    KARAKURI KONNECT 2 days ago

    Vizi playing so inconsistently +

    KARAKURI KONNECT 2 days ago


  • OPLOLReplay - Lolesports Highlights

    1:18 Skip To Ban Pick

    • Quatrebaz Smith
      Quatrebaz Smith Day ago

      Man you should put timestaps for every Game too. It will be handy ๏_๏

  • JoeDreemurr
    JoeDreemurr 2 days ago

    QT ta feo guey

  • Yuyu D.
    Yuyu D. 2 days ago

    he shat his pants from getting 3-0ed

  • Aaron Villanueva
    Aaron Villanueva 2 days ago

    How the hell did a Bronze team made it to MSI?

  • Justin Fontaine
    Justin Fontaine 2 days ago

    This is so stupid why do you need to fight for world qualification when u r already 3rd place in playoffs, so does it mean nothing?

    • Zazzelot the Power Itself
      Zazzelot the Power Itself 4 hours ago

      Justin Fontaine because teams can have a bad day too. Gauntlet is the last chance for those. Shalke was third at summer playoffs but, as this series showed, they were not third best team in lec

    • Matěj Bartek
      Matěj Bartek 2 days ago

      Spring split matters too, where splyce and origen had better results, that's why this is fair

  • ZE ZED
    ZE ZED 2 days ago

    Faker es como el vino entre más viejo es más rico

  • psycho sss
    psycho sss 2 days ago

    360 no scope LOLLLLLL

  • macetrolldonia
    macetrolldonia 2 days ago

    pull the trigger Tyler1 is a ...

  • Slayer
    Slayer 2 days ago


  • morti hussaini
    morti hussaini 2 days ago

    Rekkles brooke my heart😭😭😭

  • 송인규
    송인규 2 days ago

    This year will be for EU. LETS go Caps

  • Robert Paraschiv
    Robert Paraschiv 2 days ago

    GG Better jg wins

  • Narga Hunter
    Narga Hunter 2 days ago

    Viziczaczi is not good

  • Cole Hanvey
    Cole Hanvey 2 days ago

    Dude that fight in game 2 from loke and TheShy that ended up in a 1v1 was crazy...

  • roberto villafuerte

    I hope griffin stomp g2 at worlds

  • afarensis
    afarensis 2 days ago

    Why did he play Sylas if he's that bad at the champion

  • Lech Kaczyński
    Lech Kaczyński 2 days ago

    Sylas players XD

  • iSa Zch
    iSa Zch 2 days ago

    Playoffs Round 2: G2 vs FNC.. G2: "I think we Broke Fnc" Playoffs Semi: FNC vs SO4 FNC: "I think we Broke SO4" Gauntlet: Splyce: "Yup, FNC broke S04"

  • It's Laevateinn
    It's Laevateinn 2 days ago

    13:31 its hurt to watch dude 😩

  • Strazziya Bochnov IV

    Norskeren is honestly impressing me less and less the more splyce plays

    LALOCHEZIA 2 days ago

    Trick schalkeyi de sikiyo. Bu amına kodumun amip beyinlisini neden aldılar ki bu takımın jg'sine

  • MooyoungLAN
    MooyoungLAN 2 days ago

    Schalke 0-3

  • Nuttapong Mogkarat
    Nuttapong Mogkarat 2 days ago

    Poor ROGUE didn't get a chance to world

  • Michał Bożek
    Michał Bożek 2 days ago

    10:55 Schalke 04 wins?

  • Admiral Ackbar
    Admiral Ackbar 2 days ago

    A few hours ago I said that we needed to See something more from SPY and they definitely read my comment cuz hell yeah: game 1 won in mid game fights, game 2 won in early game skirmishes and game 3 won in late game classic SPY fashion. We got a 3rd world contender boys

    • VirtuosoKlaus
      VirtuosoKlaus 2 days ago

      @Admiral Ackbar sorry bro Ç_Ç

    • Admiral Ackbar
      Admiral Ackbar 2 days ago


    • VirtuosoKlaus
      VirtuosoKlaus 2 days ago

      @Admiral Ackbar i was joking as well Ç_Ç

    • Admiral Ackbar
      Admiral Ackbar 2 days ago

      @VirtuosoKlaus so sorry

    • VirtuosoKlaus
      VirtuosoKlaus 2 days ago

      @Admiral Ackbar wasn't funny at all

  • MegaStehno
    MegaStehno 2 days ago

    pěkně maro pičo

  • Marko Tomovic
    Marko Tomovic 2 days ago

    09:20 what exacly killed abbedagge? jinx crit??

    • Marko Tomovic
      Marko Tomovic Day ago

      @Caamiell Bourg so much dmg from one auto...

    • Caamiell Bourg
      Caamiell Bourg 2 days ago

      The auto that landed on abbedagge crit, as well as the runaans bolts in rocket form also crit on the nearby minions. Abbedage ate a jinx crit and the splash damage from the ally minions.

    • Caamiell Bourg
      Caamiell Bourg 2 days ago

      It was jinx crit and runaan's hurricane

    • Sefa i
      Sefa i 2 days ago


  • Kaloyan Panev - Android Apps and Games

    I see why Riot wants to nerf Akali

    • Kaloyan Panev - Android Apps and Games
      Kaloyan Panev - Android Apps and Games 2 days ago

      @Mi Les yes the damage is not the problem, not only the shroud but her two gap closers. Just too much utility

    • Mi Les
      Mi Les 2 days ago

      Honestly while the nerds are welcome (she’s way too strong) The shroud is super annoying and has no counterplay. Why doesn’t riot actually fix that concept and then balance, not balance by nerfing

  • 62kreasion
    62kreasion 2 days ago


  • William Hobbs
    William Hobbs 3 days ago

    Vizicsacsi did it!

  • Ugo
    Ugo 3 days ago

    Is Fnatic qualified ?

    • Ugo
      Ugo 2 days ago

      Ty guys

    • I see you
      I see you 2 days ago

      @Tavtav it matters. The 2nd seed will go straight to groups the 3rd is going to play ins

    • Tavtav
      Tavtav 2 days ago

      Yes the match tomorrow is just about who gets seed 2 and 3, (doesnt matter which one you get I think)

    • Exlisity Gaming
      Exlisity Gaming 3 days ago

      Ugo yes. Fnc has a better record than all of these teams. Obviously they’ve qualified.

  • Dabiusi Efzy
    Dabiusi Efzy 3 days ago

    Wait i really didnt expect that

  • OPLOLReplay - Lolesports Highlights

    1:17 Skip To Ban Pick

  • Tim Eisenhuth
    Tim Eisenhuth 3 days ago

    Well, if you make a video about someone, and only show his kills and not his deaths, then it looks like he is unkillable. But when you look at the scores in those games you see he is obviously not unkillable.

    • technicalleon
      technicalleon Day ago

      Have you watched the video until the end? The end showed some of Faker's deaths. He's obviously not unkillable, but he was very hard to kill back in the day. That's why these days getting a solo kill off of Faker is a career achievement. Unkillable Demon King was just a nickname given to him. It doesn't actually mean he was unkillable.

  • A11 JR
    A11 JR 3 days ago

    It’s boring

  • A11 JR
    A11 JR 3 days ago

    U still speaking at the beginning

  • Algene Villanueva
    Algene Villanueva 3 days ago

    Chovy not win to faker solo q

  • Shaw Kingstone
    Shaw Kingstone 3 days ago

    The last one is my favourite one out of all of tyler1...

  • nico
    nico 3 days ago

    I gotta say Faker's got some stage freight issues back then. LMAO

  • Josimário Barros
    Josimário Barros 3 days ago

    Time brasileiro ta ligado nesse jogo .. muito importante e tbm o da fnatic

  • Gina Marie Camat
    Gina Marie Camat 3 days ago

    the legend trys alt +f4 lmao im try that too XD

  • EmJay
    EmJay 3 days ago

    time to unsubscribe! no zed wtf

    • Isaac
      Isaac 3 days ago

      Did u even watch the video?

  • Kusuriuri
    Kusuriuri 3 days ago

    24:40 first time seeing zed getting assassinated by an adc

  • Ulaş Fırat Aydın

    rng is really throwed game 3 xd