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  • Anthony Chaney

    I'm waiting...the meat trucks cold! - Carbone

  • Your Highness
    Your Highness 2 days ago

    Tuko from Breaking Bad

  • and war
    and war 2 days ago

    Ok, everybody here is today's script: FUCK YOU, NO FUCKYOU, NA FUCKYOU, NAH FUCK YOU, YOU FUCK, FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING FUCKER, YOU FUCKING MUTHA FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK....ok that's a wrap guys good job..

  • Abood Mki
    Abood Mki 3 days ago

    How the Mercedes magically moved behind him after he decided to back up?!


    Awesome scene now they got him playing Jesus

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle 4 days ago


  • Eperdomo86
    Eperdomo86 4 days ago

    Deus ex machina like a motherfucker

  • Eckhart V
    Eckhart V 5 days ago

    You fuckin kidding me man

  • Stalin Romero
    Stalin Romero 5 days ago

    I don't know if it was a real phone call or just a distraction to get Sosa inside the house and tell him about "the snitch"

    • John Smith
      John Smith 3 days ago

      Stalin Romero doesn’t matter

  • scar face
    scar face 5 days ago

    Imagine killing a dude in your bathtub and next day taking a shower in there

  • Matt Brad
    Matt Brad 5 days ago


  • Preston McLeotorrey dd

    That was a code of honor, he looked out for his cousin when them 2 crackheads tried to rape her, & Smiley was hired by Alonzo to kill him. In the end it saved Jake's ass & got Alonzo killed.

  • Waqar Baig
    Waqar Baig 6 days ago

    Bald Vato is asking Jake if he's ever had his shit pushed in, funnily enough, few years later he had a Monkey come out his ass by Jim Carrey even crazier than that, Jim Carrey came out of a Rhino's ass before that too 🤯

  • QoQMeMoQoQ
    QoQMeMoQoQ 6 days ago


  • Brian Comisario
    Brian Comisario 7 days ago

    “ Leave the gun , take the PoPtArTs”

  • Nico Reveco
    Nico Reveco 7 days ago

    The fact that they kept the water running this whole scene is stressing me out

  • Ganesha Muharram
    Ganesha Muharram 7 days ago

    this is my favourite scene in this film

  • Kody Jackson
    Kody Jackson 7 days ago

    You know how rich it is to hang a man by helicopter

  • 12 34
    12 34 7 days ago

    “Sweetheart my ass”

  • Master Mayhe
    Master Mayhe 7 days ago

    Dats okay, you tell Frank I keepin this guy on ice for em. 😂 It's as if Tony knew Omar was a dead man

  • William Poole
    William Poole 7 days ago

    Me at Planet Fitness

  • Eddie Williams
    Eddie Williams 7 days ago

    He never had the makings of a varsity shinebox athlete.

  • 12 34
    12 34 8 days ago

    The shoes are off Suarez is dead for sure

  • Zhou Xi
    Zhou Xi 9 days ago

    Better shot than die from radiation poisoning. Alexander Litvinenko’s death was just nasty.

  • ana castaneda
    ana castaneda 9 days ago

    LMAO the dude still pocketed the money from the pink wallet

  • Kenneth Cook
    Kenneth Cook 9 days ago

    Yeah welcome aboard.

  • KL Cassidy
    KL Cassidy 10 days ago

    You don't mess with the Russians, unless you are John Wick.

  • demetrius hill
    demetrius hill 10 days ago


  • Antenna2heaven
    Antenna2heaven 10 days ago

    black people wouldnt react like that to a tattoo. in prison, they dont give a fuck what tattoos you have.

  • Kate Pass
    Kate Pass 10 days ago

    “I think theres someone hanging there umm”

  • Styx Hellmouth
    Styx Hellmouth 10 days ago

    3:52 this guy never remove the glasses

  • Martin S87
    Martin S87 11 days ago

    Die Szene ist hart. Da tat mir Alonso auch schon beinahe leid. Hardcore. Die russische Mafia kennt sogut wie keine Gnade. Zum glück, war es in diesem Fall nur ein Film.

  • Yali Jin
    Yali Jin 11 days ago

    A real man keeps his word. A real man never speaks empty threats. He killed them all. He was a real man.

  • Blué Fontaine
    Blué Fontaine 11 days ago

    Jon Favreau on the Sopranos brought me here gf 1

  • joshua fiddy allen
    joshua fiddy allen 11 days ago

    kia ora for that cliff

  • aliel aliel
    aliel aliel 12 days ago

    And Solieri is here

  • Randy Ayo
    Randy Ayo 12 days ago

    Would be funny if he couldn’t do the!! I need a spot!!

  • darkball31
    darkball31 12 days ago

    why did i get a *barby camper add* for the video?

  • Green eyed Monster
    Green eyed Monster 13 days ago

    Mrs. Hoyt: “Hey, sweetie. How was your first day?” Jake:”...”

  • Jonathan Ferguson
    Jonathan Ferguson 13 days ago

    HELLO CRINGE DEPARTMENT. The acting is terrible and the writing is worse.

  • Roberto Gonzalez
    Roberto Gonzalez 14 days ago

    I don’t think al Pacino knows that you don’t have to eat the limon 😂 it’s a finger bowl to like wash your hands in a way

  • Saxxony Ger
    Saxxony Ger 15 days ago

    Edward Norton rocks in all movies !

  • God: of WRATH & Rainbows!!!

    Hi alphsmale :) thanks!!! HAVE a NICE AFTER LIFE!!! I love you 🙋 Grace God 💋

  • david hutchinson
    david hutchinson 15 days ago

    HAHA look at barzini smiling at a funeral

  • James Benton Ticer
    James Benton Ticer 15 days ago

    In real life...these power tripping guards must get their asses handed to their loved ones on a silver platter right???

  • Michael Tonne
    Michael Tonne 16 days ago

    Greatest gangster movie of all time

  • nicole george
    nicole george 16 days ago

    @2:48 Awww he has such a friendly smile. And they were all so welcoming. Those are the friendship goal's i need in my life! 🙋😬

  • mrsupadupa
    mrsupadupa 16 days ago

    Hands his gun over

  • mrsupadupa
    mrsupadupa 16 days ago

    She like 22 in this movie

  • Five Dancing Israelis

    No more brother wars. We have to stick together.

  • Gene  Patrick Vi
    Gene Patrick Vi 16 days ago

    Next ocean's movei- Willie bank becomes president of the usa. lol

  • Aidil Alif
    Aidil Alif 16 days ago


  • TheGuyWhoIsAustralian

    So prison is just like high school? Dammit

  • Ayks
    Ayks 17 days ago

    Tony such a Boss making Omar sit there and taking over the negotiations

  • K. Olsen
    K. Olsen 17 days ago

    Tuco Salamanca

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 18 days ago

    Hoyt is lucky Denzel is the one that actually saved then. Hoyt just happened to be there, he was scared to even act. Picked up the wallet at the end and saved his life.

  • Lou Santo
    Lou Santo 18 days ago

    And I thought 'Endless Love' was a good movie. 20 years later, this gem is released. Holy S***!

  • JoannaDark KM
    JoannaDark KM 18 days ago


  • Unknown
    Unknown 18 days ago


  • JiZz2Xtreme
    JiZz2Xtreme 18 days ago

    that Hector guy who asks the question is in ALOT of random movies and i don't even now his name.. like he's always the random gangster that talks.. just saw him in Fast n Furious, Malibu's Most Wanted and Bruce Almighty.. doesn't seem to age either..

  • mir bilal
    mir bilal 18 days ago

    Al Pacino is a genius

  • Sean Pultz
    Sean Pultz 18 days ago

    They just went Sonny Corleone on that sonofabitch!

  • underground
    underground 18 days ago

    Incredible, cuban and bolivian talking english besause they like to do that

  • jon kidd
    jon kidd 19 days ago

    Omar should of talked to frank on an overseas phone

  • dailydols
    dailydols 19 days ago

    Is one guy also known from Braking Bad?

  • Larrymcjones
    Larrymcjones 19 days ago

    I've watched plenty of horror movies but for some reason this scene is what keeps me up at night

  • nvan guy
    nvan guy 19 days ago

    How scary lol my little sister could bench more than this clown hahahah What was that 75 pounds🤣🤣

  • Steve Main
    Steve Main 19 days ago

    This is just an movie in prison you stay with your own kind

  • Antonio Martinez
    Antonio Martinez 20 days ago

    Minus the racism, I think it was kind of cool the way those guys just invited him over and welcomed him 2.5

  • Yompy
    Yompy 20 days ago

    Still a good ass movie

  • Michael Corleone
    Michael Corleone 20 days ago

    Michaels hair was all wrong

  • SAŠO Jalovec
    SAŠO Jalovec 20 days ago


  • EaST CoAsT MaCHete
    EaST CoAsT MaCHete 21 day ago

    Never mess with the organized Russian mafia. Anybody can get got.

  • cheapsoot 1981
    cheapsoot 1981 21 day ago

    Tom Hagen .... "Say it ain't so Tessio.!?"

  • christopher russell

    Modern day...Washington’s finest film by some distance...I think

  • Edax Sachorwzky
    Edax Sachorwzky 22 days ago

    What ? He didn’t have a gun to shoot back!?? Sheesh

  • Edax Sachorwzky
    Edax Sachorwzky 23 days ago

    Fine girls, ugly ass guys

  • SuperPussyFinger
    SuperPussyFinger 23 days ago

    You can’t blame Frank for that animal.

  • The Truth
    The Truth 24 days ago

    Just realized that guy was Tuco from Breaking Bad. lol

  • LyesergicBrainwave Thrawthingal Byeblathingal

    1 of my favorite scenes of all time!

  • Lupus Dei
    Lupus Dei 24 days ago

    Did he deathed?

  • Damien Freeman
    Damien Freeman 25 days ago

    Alonzo Harris got what he DESERVED!!!

  • sausepoon
    sausepoon 26 days ago

    me watching live : fuck mexicans are op af!!!

  • Raitis
    Raitis 26 days ago


  • ChrisDutch
    ChrisDutch 26 days ago

    Senator Geary should have been careful taking those pills out and showing them. That’s what lead to his little problem in Fredo’s whorehouse later on.

  • Kenny Michael Alanya

    I'm here because Of Masvidals suit copied Tony Montana on his presser😌

  • Naveen Raj
    Naveen Raj 27 days ago

    Diaz vs masvidal ufc 244

  • Rude_Boi
    Rude_Boi 27 days ago

    0:16 Jake was holding a laugh in, look at his reaction 😂

  • Josh
    Josh 27 days ago

    Jesus loves you.

  • Leo In Wonderland
    Leo In Wonderland 27 days ago

    Lockeddown ...👮‍♂️

  • Sir TroLLington Da 3rd


  • Henk de Tank
    Henk de Tank 28 days ago

    Never realised, "drinks are on the house", was only to get him drunk and to stay in the bar

  • T Brooks
    T Brooks 28 days ago

    Glad nobody was in the Car with Denzel 😂

  • JoeJoeRunya
    JoeJoeRunya 29 days ago

    For the life of me, I couldn’t understand why Connie was so involved in the family business now smh. The first 2 movies showed that women had no clue what was going on.. now Connie is giving orders?

  • Chris
    Chris 29 days ago

    More like watch my badge.

  • Choy Bisnar
    Choy Bisnar Month ago

    This is so Pinochet.

  • J U S T W H Y
    J U S T W H Y Month ago

    His tattoo looks like it's sharpie.

  • kawaii_ _swag
    kawaii_ _swag Month ago

    The mexican robert deniro

  • darrenjohnson 519

    What if they found her wallet after they shot him?

  • Ruisu-214
    Ruisu-214 Month ago

    I guess this Scene was Foreshadowing Tony’s death or how he was going to die, or who was going to kill hi. I mean since it’s the same guy standing behind Tony with them black shades who kills Tony.