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Six Flags Sky Buckets
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Signs Restaurant Toronto
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  • The One and Only Wyatt

    How to hit your head.

  • Grade A Content-o

    How do you get a ride with the lights on

  • john kelso
    john kelso 4 days ago

    Yeah like it better in the dark but even so was interesting.

  • Toaster strudels
    Toaster strudels 4 days ago

    How it feels to not wear sunglasses

  • Gasping Ghastly
    Gasping Ghastly 7 days ago

    Holy shit! Now I'm even more scared than when I rode it. Look at that fucking drop at the beginning, and how high the tracks are raised!! ;-;

  • Seth Burgess
    Seth Burgess 8 days ago

    I just rode it today

  • David Isenberg
    David Isenberg 8 days ago

    Fucking lame ass coaster

  • Michael Exman
    Michael Exman 11 days ago

    whats better Disney land or world a rollercoaster in a tent WTF

  • Jay !
    Jay ! 12 days ago

    that happened to me when i went on it too :/

  • Abram Bernal
    Abram Bernal 12 days ago

    It loses its magic when I rode this for the first time it felt like I was actually flying

  • arisneta_
    arisneta_ 12 days ago

    i cried over this i'm very disappointed in myself

  • Venice 1987
    Venice 1987 12 days ago


  • Sea shadowbanned N.Christopher

    Surprised there weren’t Upside down crosses, rainbow flags and U.N.Agenda stencils...EVERYWHERE!... Disney is Soo bad...So evil...So gay...

  • gohosting
    gohosting 13 days ago

    It's like the crapy version of the flight of fear from king's dominion

  • The black af1 kid
    The black af1 kid 14 days ago

    Me having flashbacks with, but with the lights off

  • AndoSneez
    AndoSneez 14 days ago

    It looks trash with the lights on

  • savage panda3
    savage panda3 14 days ago

    Went to disband about a year ago got stuck so they turned on the lights. Completely ruined the ride forever was low key cool tho

  • Rebekah Wahl
    Rebekah Wahl 15 days ago

    This looks like the coaster 12yr old me designed on roller coaster tycoon

  • Joseph Gall
    Joseph Gall 16 days ago

    Wow should of left it the same with darkness through the ride

  • ``HalaFalls``
    ``HalaFalls`` 16 days ago

    How does this even happen. How do you ride with the lights on.

  • Super Z
    Super Z 16 days ago

    Who’d have thunked it

  • Kaine Leggett
    Kaine Leggett 16 days ago

    Why does it look like a miniature?

  • 5150freakk
    5150freakk 16 days ago

    Damn i always had a feeling this ride was wack compared to the ones at Six Flags: GA

  • inutero10
    inutero10 16 days ago


  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User 16 days ago

    What a f@g. Reported.

  • Colby Hutzell Fishing Videos

    Did anyone see this pop up and thought it was a Ric Flair rollercoaster ride?

  • Peter Piper
    Peter Piper 16 days ago

    I cried Laughing when i read the comments

  • John Vo
    John Vo 17 days ago

    This answered a question I’ve had since the last time I rode it 35 years ago. Thank you. 🚀😊🙌🏼

  • Melissa Fletcher
    Melissa Fletcher 17 days ago

    that was...underwhelming

  • Bill Bailey
    Bill Bailey 17 days ago

    How to ruin a mans one good childhood memory at Disney Land in one video. Lol.

  • Voo Doo1
    Voo Doo1 17 days ago

    Just like and ugly fat girl, better ridden with the lights off

  • Stephen Cogley
    Stephen Cogley 17 days ago

    No been on this ride and it's much better in the dark.

  • john smith
    john smith 17 days ago

    They all sound like c3p0 in star wars...chinese is such an ugly language.

  • tritan74
    tritan74 17 days ago

    This is how atheist view life.

  • LlamaYTx
    LlamaYTx 17 days ago

    This ride is alot slower it seems in the light than when it is In the dark

  • NokoSoot
    NokoSoot 17 days ago

    What a boring ride, I went on space mountain in california it was fun! It was all dark couldnt see a thing at all, you made loops and turns you even went almost upside down!!

  • FG CrYz
    FG CrYz 17 days ago

    I remember i went on the people mover that passes throuvh space mountain and the ride got stuck like at the point you were going up on and all the lights were on

  • Metaphysics
    Metaphysics 17 days ago

    Looks like an Amazon warehouse

  • Aaron Boykin
    Aaron Boykin 17 days ago

    Better in the dark

  • Skyy Strider
    Skyy Strider 17 days ago

    Even with the lights on, Space Mountain in California and also in France is way better than in Florida

  • kossur10
    kossur10 17 days ago

    I remember this having a loop

  • jas right
    jas right 18 days ago

    ........why the hell do i remember it having higher drops and being faster

  • eddiebear60
    eddiebear60 18 days ago

    I heard they slowed the coasters down. Not as fast as it used to be.

  • Andy Monty04
    Andy Monty04 18 days ago

    Ive already seen it like that because on the tour it was going through maintenence

  • Grady Burk
    Grady Burk 18 days ago

    China is communism why

  • No You
    No You 18 days ago

    I've waited 6 hours for this?

  • Mis Naib Zoo
    Mis Naib Zoo 18 days ago

    Stupid! Not worth it!!

  • Thomas Davis
    Thomas Davis 18 days ago

    I nearly lost my ipod touch on that ride. I had forgotten it inside the pocket of my gym shorts, and once we started i happened to reach to my pocket and felt my ipod nearly halfway out my pocket and managed to shove it back in and keep it there. XD fun ride tho

  • Skankhunt 42
    Skankhunt 42 18 days ago

    They left all the lights on when I went through Indiana Jones last time. Got to ride it twice. Yeah!

  • Mister J
    Mister J 18 days ago

    Wow I’m now realizing how bad Cedar Point’s disaster transport ripped off this ride

  • Harry Kuuchi
    Harry Kuuchi 18 days ago

    taxpayer's money for that shite!!!!!!!

  • dennyadkins21
    dennyadkins21 18 days ago

    Most overrated ride of all time

  • Candy Rush AscendedPhoenix888

    This video does not do this ride justice....I rode this years ago and it was fast and supercfun with the strobes in the dark

  • Dev-Deh_13
    Dev-Deh_13 18 days ago

    Reminds me of the airport scene from toy story 2

  • DJ R Superluminal
    DJ R Superluminal 18 days ago

    Went on this in 1976 right after it first opened

  • Bella Duke
    Bella Duke 18 days ago

    but like why though?

  • Oddmolk Gaming
    Oddmolk Gaming 18 days ago

    Who else ducks on this ride thinking their head is gonna hit a metal pole

  • Liam !84488282
    Liam !84488282 18 days ago

    Why am I watching this? Why did RU-clip recommend this?

  • NNinja1255
    NNinja1255 18 days ago

    I think the thing for this ride is that you never expect whats going to happen next, in short, you can't see the track because its so dark. _no, Really?_

  • daceta
    daceta 18 days ago

    At first u thought this was CG

  • allisonlol
    allisonlol 18 days ago

    i used to go on people movers with my dad and look at my sisters on space mountain LOL

  • Mister S
    Mister S 18 days ago

    Still waiting for Disney to put a legit coaster in one of their parks...

  • Matt Skora
    Matt Skora 18 days ago

    If I learned anything from my ex, it’s that sometimes things are just meant to be experienced with the lights off.

  • 45 ACP
    45 ACP 18 days ago

    This is the roller coaster where my gym bag flew off and the cord flew under the wheels (while I was in the front seat) and I nearly died trying to pull it out. RIP that blue Under Armor bag

  • Chris Worthington
    Chris Worthington 18 days ago

    Worst video ever uugghh

  • matthew kühl
    matthew kühl 18 days ago

    _The Thrill Is Gone.mp3_

  • Black Dot
    Black Dot 18 days ago

    This proves fear is all in your mind. You're your own worst enemy

  • Bobby Bobby
    Bobby Bobby 18 days ago

    Sub To Me For A Free One Of A Kind Cookie!

  • OTHAH2x
    OTHAH2x 18 days ago

    looks like one of those coasters at a county fair

  • Tavoo
    Tavoo 18 days ago

    *How it feels to chew 5 gum*

  • Ashwale
    Ashwale 18 days ago

    It’s 4am on a school night, why am I doing this to myself

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob 18 days ago

    Rode through with the lights on twice. Noticed duct tape in un comfortable places.

  • Angela G M
    Angela G M 19 days ago

    No wonder I was so comfort in this ride

  • tiffany curtis
    tiffany curtis 19 days ago

    As A Kid It Scared Me Now Its Like WHAT THE FUCK🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ian Rotten
    Ian Rotten 19 days ago

    I got lucky once. We got stuck and the lights turned on! It was glorious to see!

  • Mal'aMa'Tek
    Mal'aMa'Tek 19 days ago

    Il est nul à chier sérieux... 😅

  • Historical Archive
    Historical Archive 19 days ago

    This shit better be fucking demonetized

  • F M
    F M 19 days ago

    Ride fucking sucks

  • Sam Sturgess
    Sam Sturgess 19 days ago

    i’d like to know the circumstances that got you on with the lights on

    • Paul Esterline
      Paul Esterline 16 days ago

      I was wondering the same thing, however I used to work at a big amusement park in Ohio (Cedar Point). And we didn't have any "dark rides" but employees had to ride and check all the rides beforewe opened to make sure everything was safe. I am guessing, but I bet this is an employee checking the ride in the morning, lights on to see if anything is out of place. There were NOT many people in there and I also worked at Disney for a but and if they could not run this ride the way it is supposed to run, they would just close it until it was fixed. Again I am guessing.

  • ItsEloy
    ItsEloy 19 days ago

    The ride sounds so satisfying

  • Grace
    Grace 19 days ago

    y’all telling me this is why I panicked on this ride when I was 7-

  • Jennifer Sablan
    Jennifer Sablan 19 days ago

    I knew they were holding out on us

  • Steev Adams
    Steev Adams 19 days ago

    What a boring roller coaster !

  • Timbrock1000
    Timbrock1000 19 days ago

    THIS ISNT' A RILLER COASTER. It's the package conveyor system at the local Amazon fulfillment center.

  • Viki Demos
    Viki Demos 19 days ago

    That's it!? I remember this ride two decades ago was fast and fierce. What happened?

    • AA610
      AA610 18 days ago

      Back seat is still plenty aggressive on this.

  • Leonassassin3
    Leonassassin3 19 days ago

    The dream we always wanted but never believed *space mountain with the lights on*

  • MrSoggyRamen
    MrSoggyRamen 19 days ago

    If you noticed all the bars over the track. That’s why I had to duck down while riding this ride. I could hear them whipping above my head, and felt them whenever I’ld try to raise my hands like a normal roller coaster.

  • poopmannelson1
    poopmannelson1 19 days ago

    I feel like I’m gonna her hit in the head every time I get on this ride.

  • Incrediboy
    Incrediboy 19 days ago

    Ok recommended

  • 20alphabet
    20alphabet 19 days ago

    I hate Disneyland.

  • Keylie B.
    Keylie B. 19 days ago

    Honestly this ride feels exactly like it looks with lights on. Underwhelming. Nice to check it off the list though

  • Artistic Tutorials
    Artistic Tutorials 19 days ago

    Wow that really doesn’t go very fast... the dark adds so much extra to it

  • Low Standards
    Low Standards 19 days ago


  • Austy Posty
    Austy Posty 19 days ago

    Always feel like I’m gonna bang my head on something in the dark not gonna lie😂

  • cheeseballs
    cheeseballs 19 days ago

    Me: this looks fun Also me: *AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH*

  • kylie
    kylie 20 days ago

    its so sLOW

  • Anthony M
    Anthony M 20 days ago

    All those years standing in line for an hour or more for childhood memories of space mountain ruined

  • Joseph Linz
    Joseph Linz 20 days ago

    It took me 4 hours to get on this ride when I was there! They seriously need to get more cars for this one

  • mädchen
    mädchen 20 days ago

    I WAITED 1 HOUR JUST TO GET ON THIS RIDE, I was disappointed even if it was in the dark.

  • tritan74
    tritan74 20 days ago

    “Oldest ride longest line wooooooooooo!!!” Ric flair